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Argentina Betting Sites

Argentina Betting Sites
Argentina gambling laws as they apply to sports betting websites have traditionally been rather nebulous. They are broken up by province, but there have been hit-and-miss attempts at broad regulation of the industry.

However, there have been big changes in 2019 that impact the province of Buenos Aires and the eponymously named federal capital district. We will examine this in detail in the section dedicated to Argentina gambling laws.

The unclear nature of the legal landscape has kept some betting sites out of the country of their own volition. However, all is not lost for people that enjoy betting online in Argentina. There are a number of trustworthy Argentina betting sites, and we have listed them for you below.

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Top Sports for Betting in Argentina

People in this vibrant South American country enjoy a wide range of different sports, but the Argentina betting sites focus on a few in particular. Without question, association football, which is the sport that is called soccer in the United States, is the most popular professional sport for wagering enthusiasts.

Sites that specifically target people that are betting online in Argentina are very proactive about the way that they position their association football offerings. This is one of the reasons why it is important to wager on a site that is specifically designed for people that live in your country.

You really can’t talk about popular sports and betting in Argentina without mentioning horse racing. The Hipódromo Argentino de Palermo is located in Buenos Aires, and it was there that the “Sport of Kings” became established in the country.

The venerable track first opened its doors in 1876, and the inauguration was so anxiously awaited, nearly 10,000 people jammed inside to see the first race. Horse racing has flourished in Argentina since then, and the highlight of the year is the Gran Premio Nacional, which is this country’s version of the Kentucky Derby.

Though the sport was invented and popularized in America, Argentinians have gravitated heavily toward basketball. Their national basketball team consistently competes at a very high level in international tournaments. In fact, the Argentina team was the first international squad to best an American national team with a full roster of players from the National Basketball Association.

Speaking of the NBA, a number of players from Argentina have made names for themselves on the American hardwood. Manu Ginobili is the most accomplished player to come out of the country, and he can certainly be described as a winner. He played on four NBA championship teams, he won an Olympic gold medal, and he was part of a title-winning squad in the EuroLeague.

Basketball is another one of the top sports for betting online in Argentina. Rugby is also widely embraced, along with tennis, boxing, golf, and auto racing. Clearly, people that can access the top Argentina betting sites will have many sports betting options available.

Popular Deposit Methods in Argentina

The deposit methods Argentina betting sites offer to players will vary to some extent depending on the website in question. This being stated, most of them have very similar options available.

Visa and Mastercard

Deposits through universally accepted credit cards like Visa and Mastercard are typically offered by Argentina betting sites. They can be permanently issued bank cards, and they accept prepaid Visa and Mastercard deposits as well.


Many people would contend that PayPal is the most effective and efficient way to transfer money online. This is one of the most widely used deposit methods in Argentina and other countries around the world.


Virtual currency like Bitcoin is ideal for online sports betting transactions. This is a deposit method that is transforming the way that online sportsbooks around the world do business.


Another deposit method Argentina players can utilize at many online sportsbooks is Neteller. This is an e-money transfer service or online wallet that facilitates easy, hassle-free deposits.


Skrill is a widely used virtual wallet that is similar to Neteller. Both of these two transfer services are based in the United Kingdom.

These are some of the different types of deposit methods that are offered by Argentina betting websites, and there are a handful of others.

Withdrawal Methods for Argentina Online Sportsbooks

All of the banks and service providers that facilitate deposits are not necessarily set up to provide withdrawals. This being stated, the deposit methods that we looked at in the previous section also support withdrawals with the exception of PayPal.

In addition to these methods, sites that facilitate betting online in Argentina often offer Automatic Clearing House (ACH) and Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) payout options.

Gambling Laws in Argentina

As we stated in the opening, generally speaking, the gambling laws in Argentina are determined by each individual province. When it comes to brick-and-mortar casinos and gambling on horse races, the laws tend to be very permissive.

Until recently, online gambling was completely unregulated, and there was no Argentina online sports gambling license. However, in most areas, internet-based sportsbooks that were licensed in other jurisdictions were able to operate in a legal gray area if they were intrepid enough to do so.

At the end of 2018, the lawmakers in the province of Buenos Aires approved a legislative measure that would legalize online sports betting, casino, poker, and lottery games. Subsequently, the federal capital district of Buenos Aires, which neighbors the province, did exactly the same thing.

They are going to put strict regulations in place that will prohibit unlicensed operators from doing business in these jurisdictions. All of the details have not been ironed out at the time of this writing.

This does not impact any of the other provinces right now. Nonetheless, it is logical to assume that there will be a domino effect with regard to the evolution of Argentina gambling laws as they apply to betting websites.

Getting Started

Now that you understand the basics when it comes to betting online in Argentina, you may be ready to take the plunge. The first step will be to identify the site that you feel most comfortable with, and this will be easy because we have provided you with a definitive list.

Simply visit our rankings of the top Argentina betting sites  that we discussed above and do some exploring on your own. Different people have different opinions with regard to intuitive interfaces and ease of navigation, so it is a matter of preference.

This being stated, we have carefully evaluated all of these websites that offer online betting in Argentina, and they have our stamp of approval. The user-friendliness is only one part of the equation that you should consider when you are deciding on the right website for you. Online sports betting sites typically offer sign-up bonuses, and you should certainly evaluate the various incentives that are being dangled by the competing sportsbooks.

You want to take a long look at the withdrawal and deposit options to identify the site that is in line with your preferred methods. Along these lines, compare the payout times as well, and this is important for two different reasons.

Obviously, a quicker payout using the same withdrawal method is preferable, but there is another thing to take into consideration. Most sites can process Bitcoin payments in a matter of minutes, but other types of transfers can take days or even weeks. The expected waiting time may influence your choice of deposit method.

Once you know where you want to bet, take some time to absorb the information that we provide in our sports betting guide. Even if you are an experienced punter, you will come away with some expert insight as you build on the knowledge that you have already accumulated.