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Fast Payout Sports Betting Sites

Fast Payout Sports Betting Sites
You have to identify fast payout betting sites if you want to make sports bets online. Unfortunately, there are some inherent challenges when it comes to fast payouts, especially if you live in the United States. This being stated, the top sports betting sites do everything possible to facilitate fast payouts.

They know that this is what people want, and they try to attract as much business as they can. And of course, they want to retain their customers once they draw them in. We recognized the fact that many of our readers want to identify the fastest paying betting sites, and this is not something that you can easily find through a Google search. It takes research, and we have done the legwork for you.

The list that we have compiled below ranks the fastest paying sports betting sites that you will find on the Internet:

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These are the candidates that have emerged from the pack at the time of this writing. We considered a number of different factors to determine the best sports betting sites for fast payouts.

Online Sports Betting Payment Process

The exact time frame with regard to payouts will vary depending on the website policies and the deposit and withdrawal methods that you utilize. We will get to this later, but there is a general process that all sports betting sites follow in one form or another.

When you understand the different steps that must be taken to get your winnings into your pocket, you can do what you can to accelerate the payment process.


In order to get paid by an online sportsbook, you have to establish your identity. When you first start your account, you will be given the opportunity to go through identity verification steps. If you are like a lot of people, you may ignore this at first because you want to jump in and start betting.

This is understandable, but you won’t get paid until the appropriate information has been uploaded. Every fast payout sports betting website is going to clearly explain the specific steps that you must follow. To get paid quickly after you take down a score, you should jump through all of these hoops in advance. Of course, if you do not provide the information until you request a payout, you should expect a slight delay.

This is something to keep in mind before you get involved in sports betting online. If you do not have the appropriate identification, or if you are unwilling to provide it, online sports gaming may not be for you.

In-House Payout Processing

Another facet that enters the picture when you are looking for fast payout sports betting sites is the processing time. To be blunt, when a company is holding your money, they often want to hang onto it as long as they possibly can. As a result, there will be a “processing” period.

In fairness, there are things that must be done to process a payment. They have to make sure that you have provided all the necessary verification information, and they will look for violations of the terms of service, etc. This being stated, a sports betting website could choose to milk it.

The best way to find out if a site’s processing time is fair is to compare it to other websites. This is one of the determining factors that we applied when we were putting together our list of fast payout betting sites.

Payment Facilitator

After an online sportsbook has freed up the funds to send to you, there is a middleman of some kind involved unless they are sending a paper check. The payment facilitator can be your credit card issuer, an e-wallet, PayPal, or a wire transfer company like MoneyGram or Western Union. The third party companies are going to have processing times as well, so this is another part of the equation that you have to evaluate.

Withdrawal Method

All of the top sports betting sites offer multiple deposit and withdrawal methods. Some of them are more or less universal, but there are variances. If you are prioritizing a fast payout, you should take a long look at the policies with regard to the time frame for each method of withdrawal that is offered.

Use Trustworthy Sports Betting Sites

Every online sports gaming operator is well aware of the fact that players greatly value fast payout sports betting websites. Companies that want to maintain high customer satisfaction rates do everything possible to provide top-notch experiences on every level. This is why certain sites make our list of the best sports betting sites.

Unfortunately, it is very easy to get an online gaming license in a number of different jurisdictions. There is very little oversight, and in some cases, the company does not have to prove sufficient financial solvency. In fact, in some places, like Costa Rica for instance, there is no licensing requirement at all. This is not to say that all sites headquartered in Costa Rica are illegitimate, but this is something to consider.

Clearly, sites that operate without government supervision often drag their feet when it comes to fast payouts. They may deny or delay your request for payment because they contend that you violated the terms of service in some way. This kind of thing would be more likely if you made a major score. Under these circumstances, since there is no regulatory body you can contact that cares at all, you may have to learn an expensive lesson.

Okay, so now you’re thinking this makes sense, but I’m not going to spend a lot of time researching sports betting licensing requirements and site reputations. How do I find out which sites I can trust?

Relax…we have done all that work for you. Our researchers have examined all the pros and cons of every reputable sports betting site that’s out there. You can access our reviews of the top sports betting sites, and you can check back periodically, because we update the list as things change.

Fast Payout Betting Sites for American Players

In Europe and other parts of the world, the laws are relatively liberal when it comes to online gambling and gambling in general. Although attitudes are changing gradually, things are quite different in the United States.

Until 2006, there were no laws on the books that specifically prohibited online gambling in America. Just about all of the sites that existed were more than willing to accept players from the United States, and deposits and payouts were no problem.

Unfortunately, all that changed when a piece of legislation was passed during that year. The Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act of 2006 (UIGEA) did not expressly prohibited gambling per se. However, there is no real gambling without real money, and the law prohibits payment processing.

This is a verbatim quote from the rider that was added to the SAFE Port Act because it could not pass as a stand-alone bill that would ban all online gaming:

“(The UIGEA) prohibits gambling businesses from knowingly accepting payments in connection with the participation of another person in a bet or wager that involves the use of the Internet and that is unlawful under any federal or state law.”

The legislative language specifically excludes daily fantasy sports, but there are certain stipulations. Games that are defined as skill games do not fall under this prohibition, and horse race betting is not mentioned. With regard to the latter, there are websites like DRF Bets, TVG, and TwinSpires that legally accept pari-mutuel wagers on horse races in most states.

Because of the existence of this law, it is challenging for American players to deposit funds into sports betting accounts online. Some of the top sports betting sites do not accept American players for this reason. However, there are a number of them that do, and Bovada is one sports betting website that has a good reputation for its treatment of American players.

Bitcoin has changed the playing field dramatically when it comes to fast paying sites. The Bovada website states that Bitcoin payouts can be received within 15 minutes after processing. On the other hand, you can expect to wait anywhere from 10 to 15 days after approval if you choose the check by courier option.

We are not saying that Bovada is the only option, but they do get good reviews from U.S. based players with regard to reliability and consistency when it comes to payouts.

First Things First

One thing is constant across all fast payout sports betting sites: They do not pay a dime if you can’t pick winners.

A lot of people that have been rabid sports fans all of their lives get to thinking that they would make a killing if they start to apply their knowledge at online sportsbooks. This mentality has helped to fuel the sports gaming industry in Las Vegas and elsewhere for generations.

The truth is, winning consistently is extremely difficult, because the odds even out the perceived differences in talent. On top of this, there is the vigorish to contend with, which is the cut that the house takes off the top of every bet.

There are people that don’t like to play the lottery because it is pure a luck—there’s no skill involved. Some of the same individuals will put $100 down on a game without doing any in-depth research at all. They never consider designating a prescribed bankroll, and they know nothing of money management.

It is somewhat of a commitment to set up an account at one of the best sports betting sites. You have to provide all the necessary identification, make a deposit, and do what it takes to receive payouts when the time comes. If you are going to make this type of move, you should enter into the sports betting fray with a strategy in place.

That is, if you want to give yourself a chance to win over the long haul. People that don’t think about the matchup until they are sitting in the bar ten minutes before the game starts are referred to as “squares” in Vegas.

Don’t be a square and throw your money out the window like a guy laying 11-10 odds on a coin flip. Because of the vigorish, the break even point on sports betting is not 50% winners and 50% losers. You have to win at a clip of 52.4% to break even.

That is quite a high bar to hurdle, and you won’t get over it if you don’t do your homework diligently. In addition to the handicapping that must be done to make intelligent wagers, you have to understand the importance of a gambling bankroll and how to manage it.

If you mix your gambling money in with your general finances, things become muddled, and you can lose sight of your priorities. You should determine how much you can comfortably set aside for sports gambling and consider this to be your dedicated bankroll.

To provide a simple example, let’s say that you establish an initial bankroll of $2000. All of your base bets should be for the same amount, and this should be between 1% and 3% of your total bankroll. As a beginner, you may want to stick to the lower end of this spectrum with a base bet of $20. If you stay consistent with your increments, you can absorb bad streaks. When and if your bankroll grows, and you gain more knowledge, you can up the percentage as you see fit.

These are a few words to the wise, but carefully measured sports betting is not for everyone. There is nothing wrong with throwing darts haphazardly to have some fun. However, if you go that route, you won’t have to worry too much about fast payout sports betting sites; your deposits will be much more frequent than your withdrawals.