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Best Sports Betting Sites

Sports Betting Sites
Online sports betting is extremely popular, and more and more people are discovering this avenue every day. It is very convenient to be able to make bets online, and when you have a smartphone, you have a sportsbook in your pocket at all times. There are countless mobile betting sites to choose from, and some of them are safer and easier to use than others.

As an individual sports better, you are not going to take the time to compare many sites to identify the best online sportsbooks. The good news is that we have done the legwork for you. We have conducted exhaustive research, and we have been able to rank the top sports betting sites for the benefit of our readers.

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How Do We Rank Sports Betting Websites?

There are many different factors to take into consideration when you are evaluating the sports betting sites that are out there. Clearly, safety is at the top of the list, because you are trusting an online sportsbook with your hard-earned money. There are sites that have earned very solid reputations over the years, and we look for reviews from seasoned players when we are rating sites for safety.

Another way to gauge the safety level of online betting sites is to check out the licensing jurisdiction. Countries and territories that issue online gaming licenses may or may not have strict standards that operators must follow. We understand the online gambling laws of countries all over the world, and we use this knowledge to evaluate the trustworthiness of sports gaming websites.

We carefully examine the deposit methods that are offered by all the online sportsbooks that we evaluate. If you can’t get money into your account, you can’t bet, and you may want to make a quick deposit so you can get down on a game that is starting soon. The best sports betting sites will offer multiple options, including credit cards, wiring services like Western Union, and BitCoin.

When we compiled our list of the top sports betting sites, we gave points to the online sportsbooks with the fastest payouts. There are different payment options that players can choose, and the timelines vary depending on the method. Same day payouts can be facilitated through BitCoin transfers, and wire transfers and check payments can typically be processed in a couple of days.

Best Online Betting Sites By Sport

We applied the multi-faceted criteria that we explained above to compile our general rankings. This being stated, you can drill down deeper when you are trying to determine the online sportsbook that is best for your purposes. It is important to choose a sports betting site that places an emphasis on the sports that you are most interested in. This is especially relevant for sports that many people do not wager on.

For example, if you enjoy betting on games of snooker and darts, you should look for a site that highlights these sports. Another factor is the information that is provided by each respective website with regard to the betting options for each sport. This especially relevant if you are new to online sports betting. Even if you have experience, you may need some guidance if you want to start wagering on a particular sport for the first time.

We have made it easy for you to find the top betting sites for the sports you enjoy. The links below point to pages that are chock-full of comprehensive information about all of these different sports. We make online sports betting site recommendations, but that’s not all.

Winning is the name of the game when it comes to sports betting, and we provide strategy guides and handicapping advice for all of these different sports. We also offer money management tips, and we evaluate the pros and cons of each type of bet that is available for every sporting event.

Best Sports Betting Sites By Country

As we have stated, there are online sportsbooks that are centered in countries all around the globe. However, in most cases, they do not solely focus on the country that issued their online sports betting license. Sites in any language can typically be deciphered if you use  your browser’s translation function, but it is not wise to bet on a site that is not specifically targeting your country.

This is not to say that it is unsafe to do so, but a site that is clearly designed to appeal to the betting preferences of people in your country is a far better choice. A primary reason for this is the fact that sports that are most popular in the country that you live in will be highlighted. For example, if you like to bet on NASCAR races as an American, a site that is targeting the European market may not take these wagers.

We have examined a huge number of online sportsbooks in an effort to identify the best sites for each respective country. Simply click on the button below for your country and you can see our recommendations.

Top Sites By Deposit & Withdrawal Methods

There are sports betting sites that get high marks across the board, but some are stronger than others in different areas. Many people prioritize deposit and withdrawal methods and speed, and with good reason.  You can forgive some faults when a site makes it very easy to make deposits and withdrawals.

The deposit and withdrawal factor is tied to the country of focus angle that we looked at in the previous section. It’s not just a matter of timely, safe transactions. You have to be certain that the site that you use can facilitate effective deposits and withdrawals in your country’s currency.

Sports Betting 101

We have provided everything you need to identify the ideal sports betting site for you, but what comes next? If you are just getting started, we have created a resource that will explain everything that you need to know about online sports betting. You should definitely digest this information before you dive in head first if you are a newbie.