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Guide to Betting on Formula 1 Racing

Formula 1 Racing Betting Guide
Welcome to your Formula 1 betting hub, where you will find everything you need to prepare for betting on the world’s foremost auto racing sport. On this page, we will cover everything there is to know about Formula 1 betting and give you an insight into what makes F1 one of the most popular sports in the world. From the U.S. to Canada, Ireland to France, and as far as the Pacific Islands and China, Formula is a big deal.

Since man has had the automobile, man has felt the urge to race the automobile. This need for speed and high-octane adrenalin rushes is part of what makes F1 so popular. The cars are the pinnacle of the human race’s mechanical design ability, the drivers are tremendously skilled, and the prestige, history, and honor of Formula 1 all combine to make a global phenomenon of a sport.

When it comes to betting on F1, things get even more interesting. As the sport is so fast-paced, competitive, and exciting, it just seems to fit so well with betting. If you prefer to bet on slow team sports, or things like chess and badminton, you are in for a treat when it comes to betting on F1. There is nothing like watching a Grand Prix when you have your bets on. You will certainly notice a difference, that’s for sure.

Almost all of the reasons we choose to bet can be found in F1. It is exciting, intriguing, and competitive; it gets the heart racing, the juices flowing and is just plain, old-fashioned fun. Now that you have found your Formula 1 Betting Hub, you will have access to betting tips, strategies, and a wealth of knowledge to further enhance your abilities when wagering on the sport.

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Why Bet on Formula 1?

There is no doubt that Formula 1 is one of the most underappreciated sports when it comes to betting. Not only has the quality of odds gone down in recent years with many other major sports (we’re looking at you, soccer), but it seems that most betting sites only want to concentrate on a handful of these sports. This leaves Formula 1 in pole position when it comes to finding quality odds and really interesting markets.

To many betting enthusiasts in the U.S., F1 is not top of the agenda when it comes to sports betting. This is a major shame. It is an incredible sport to watch and even better to bet on, meaning that many gamblers out there are really missing out on some top-notch action and opportunities for winning money. There are two things that anyone betting on sports should demand, and these are fun and a real chance to make money.

When betting on F1, you will certainly have fun. With the success of NASCAR and IndyCar in North America, Europe’s premier racing sport doesn’t always get the love it truly deserves. However, as those in the know will surely tell you, there is nothing more exciting and fulfilling than betting on Formula 1.

You are probably asking yourself why you should consider betting on F1. Allow us to give you some food for thought:

The Competition

In F1, there are fierce rivalries that have spanned decades. From elite drivers vying for glory to constructors, designers, and even countries, the level of competitiveness in the sport is unparalleled. You can read the history books and study for hours about the ins and outs of the big players in the sport, but the nature of F1 is that these rivalries play out in front of our eyes in each and every Grand Prix.

Formula 1 is that type of sport. The passion, power, and the glory are what keeps fans tuning in, year after year, as enthusiastically as the previous season. The smallest margins matter in F1, and this makes betting on the sport so much fun. There are so many parallels between F1 racing and betting that it can often seem like the perfect sport to wager on. Competition is what keeps us coming back for more.

The Speed and Technology

F1 is simply faster and more advanced than any other motorsport on the planet. What is better than placing your bets on a car with a turbo supercharger racking up the types of speeds that are only seen in Formula 1? You may think that speed is all that matters in this sport, but that is simply not true. Much like when you are placing your bets, there are a number of factors that determine success in F1.

Technology evolves rapidly in the world’s most popular racing series. This means that designers and constructors have to work around the clock to stay on the grid, so to speak. From the efficiency of an engine to the controllability of the car itself, every single little detail must be perfected, over and over again, to be a champion in F1. This makes it one of the most interesting sports on earth and that can only mean great things for bettors.

The Big Occasions

Football fans have the Super Bowl, soccer fans have the World Cup, baseball fans have the World Series, and F1 fans have a major event on a weekly or bi-weekly basis during a season. Formula 1 is a sport of big occasions. Every single race counts. If the spectacular sense of occasion is what many sports betting fans seek out, then it is really a no-brainer to bet on F1.

From the classy and exclusive streets of Monaco to the visually fulfilling sights of Abu Dhabi, Formula 1 takes us to places around the world that we have never been. It blends the beauty with the grindingly competitive to produce a spectacle that is worthy of any betting enthusiast’s wager. It is a sport that almost seems perfectly designed to appeal to bettors, which makes it a little confusing to meet betting fans who aren’t hooked on it.

The Glamour and Prestige

When it comes to glamour in sports, the F1 arguably comes first. From the finest cars on the planet to some of the highest paid sports stars in history, Formula 1 is all about flash and prestige. Then, of course, there are the beautifully designed race tracks, the illustrious podium, and the air of exclusivity that comes with the biggest races in the world.

This makes F1 far more than just a sport, but a spectacle, too. This means that you can really get into the sport for more than just the racing and feel a part of the ceremonial aspect of what makes it great. When it comes to your bets, you can be certain that you won’t be falling asleep waiting for to see if you have won (unless there is an exceptional time zone conflict between your house and the Grand Prix, and you have run out of coffee).

The History

There is so much history in Formula 1. In fact, the history of how F1 came to prominence goes back over 100 years. We have taken the privilege of providing you with an in-depth and comprehensive walk through the origins of the world’s most popular racing series below. We cover everything there is to know about the history of F1, which is really saying something.

Over the years we have seen ingenious creations, elite drivers, the evolution of cars, and drama on a high scale. History is a huge part of what keeps this sport so reverent and relevant today. When you bet on Formula 1, you are betting on what might one day be written into the history books. that’s pretty exciting, right? You bet it is.

The Bets

And finally, if all of the above have not whetted the appetite, then talking about the bets surely will. Betting on F1 has to be one of the most rewarding experiences for any betting enthusiast, given the thrill of each race, the spectacle, and the downright fun there is to be had. Making money on your bets is simply the icing on the cake. Knowing the right bets to place will, of course, help you get there faster and enhance the fun.

From bets on drivers to win the F1 Championship, to podium finish bets on any Grand Prix, there are so many bets to be wagered on Formula 1.

Check out our Formula 1 Betting Strategy page, where you can everything you need to get your engine running when betting on the sport. You will find a wealth of information, from hints and tips to understanding how outside factors and other variables affect a race.

Top Formula 1 Events

Formula 1 is full of exciting, enchanting, and highly-anticipated events. As the sport evolves, it has still maintained most of its historical charm while embracing modern advancements. This is easily seen in any of the major Grand Prix events throughout a season.

Below, you will find a number of the major events on the F1 season schedule. These are:

Monaco Grand Prix

The most prestigious and colossal of all Formula 1 Grand Prix races, it is perhaps surprising to learn that Monaco itself is anything but giant. In fact, New York’s Central Park is bigger than the principality (which stretches less than one square mile). Despite its modest size, Monaco is one of the most illustrious places on the planet, with Monte Carlo considered the playground of the rich.

When the Monaco Grand Prix comes around, royals, celebrities, and the cream of the world’s wealthiest businessmen converge to watch the race. Competed on public roads, the track is the most famous in the history of F1 and one that is considered an important part of the sport.

United States Grand Prix

F1 fans in the U.S. will be more than aware of the importance of the United States Grand Prix. The race has traditionally been an on/off feature of Formula 1 racing but is now considered a staple of the season. The U.S. Grand Prix has been held at Circuit of the Americas in Elroy, Texas, for many seasons. It appears that Elroy is now the permanent home of the U.S. Grand Prix.

This is great news for fans of F1 in the U.S. The purpose-built circuit is one of the most comprehensive and challenging in the sport. With the historic ties between auto racing in Europe and in the U.S., it seems perfectly fitting that we celebrate the United States Grand Prix every year.

Italian Grand Prix

With the rich, deep history of Italian influence on Formula 1 (and auto racing as a whole), perhaps it not surprising that the Italian Grand Prix ranks so highly among fans. As one of only two F1 Grand Prix races that have run consecutively since 1950 (the other being the British GP), the annual race at Monza is as good as it gets. There are fewer sights quite like watching Ferrari win at Italy’s home of auto racing.

The occasion of the Italian Grand Prix comes with prestige and honor. Monza is simply one of the most celebrated races in the F1 calendar, and Italian fans are proud to be regarded as arguably the most passionate spectators in the sport.

British Grand Prix

Silverstone Circuit (located near Northamptonshire in England) is another of the most historic tracks in F1. When British fans think of Silverstone, memories of great drivers such as Jim Clark in the 1960’s, Nigel Mansell in the 80’s and 90’s, and more recently, Lewis Hamilton, come to mind. These British drivers are a source of pride to the racing-crazy fans who adore the sport.

Silverstone itself is a pretty challenging track, too. Over the past few decades, we have witnessed various upgrades (such as the removal of the Woodcote chicane and the arrival of the left-right chicane on Farm Straight). Despite the evolution of the circuit, Silverstone still retains its rich history.

Australian Grand Prix

The Australian Grand Prix is another race with a surprisingly deep history. However, in recent years, the race is more important to fans for another reason: it serves as the season opener in F1. The first race of the calendar is so highly anticipated for this reason, and this adds a sense of excitement to the race itself. Following months of speculation, news, rumors, and excruciating wait, fans are treated to F1 once again.

Unlike many other Grand Prix races, the Australian event has taken place in numerous different places across the country over the years. Despite the lack of a static home, it is still, nonetheless, one of the greatest Grand Prix races in the world.

Formula 1 Legends (Drivers)

In the history of Formula 1, legends have been born. Since the 1950’s, we have seen the greatest drivers on the planet enter the pantheon of F1 legends with spectacular performances, superhuman feats, and the type of success that is only afforded to few. Ranking these great drivers is an incredibly difficult task, given the caliber of talent on show in Formula 1.

Discounting drivers of the modern era, here are 5 of the greatest legends in Formula 1 history (in no particular order):

Aryton Senna (Brazil)

Aryton Senna (Brazil) F1 Driver
There are fewer drivers in Formula 1 history held in such reverence as the late, great Ayrton Senna. An incredibly gifted driver, Senna was also notoriously self-motivated and capable of unbelievable feats. His talents set him out as the most feared driver on the grid for a number of years. Senna’s heated rivalry with Alain Prost was commonly believed to have helped F1 attain even more popularity in the 1980’s and 1990’s.

Senna set a number of records and enjoyed considerable success before his tragic death in at the San Marino Grand Prix in 1994. Aside from winning three Formula 1 Championships in 1988, 1990, and 1991, Senna holds such F1 records as Most Wins Leading Throughout a Grand Prix, Most Consecutive Pole Positions, and Most Consecutive Front Row Starts.

Michael Schumacher (Germany)

Michael Schumacher (Germany) F1 Driver
No one driver has stood out over the past couple of decades quite like Michael Schumacher. The German came to prominence as the man who would challenge Ayrton Senna’s spell of dominance in the early 1990’s. Schumacher would go on to win seven Formula One Championships, which included five in a row, throughout an incredibly successful career. Many believe Schumacher to be the greatest driver in history.

The former Ferrari driver had an incredible self-discipline that underpinned his professionalism. Schumacher had numerous rivalries with other drivers throughout his career, too, with many observers more than aware of his competitive streak. Unfortunately, Schumacher suffered a tragic accident that left him with a traumatic brain injury that rendered him paralyzed.

Juan Manuel Fangio (Argentina)

Juan Manuel Fangio (Argentina)
Argentinian legend Juan Manuel Fangio is believed by many to be the greatest driver in the history of F1. Fangio won five championships in the first ten years of Formula 1, dominating the sport in its early days. Fangio held (or still holds) a number of records, which includes the highest winning percentage in F1 history, at 46.15%. His pioneering skillset and determination to succeed are legendary, and the stats show this.

Despite often being the oldest driver in many F1 races (he began racing in Formula 1 in his 40’s), he was known to be an exceptionally brave and sharp-minded driver. In his heyday, cars did not have the level of mechanical and electrical enhancements as they do now. This makes Fangio’s achievements even more impressive, considering that F1 was, at the time, still in its infancy.

Alain Prost (France)

Alain Prost (France) F1 Driver
When discussing the greatest drivers in Formula 1 history, there is always room for Alain Prost. Long considered one of the true legends of F1, has four championships to his name (and this could have been more). Prost’s heated rivalry with Ayrton Senna is widely believed to be the greatest in the history of auto racing. Both men were pushed to their absolute limits by the other and this lead to some incredible races.

Prost was one of the smoothest and classiest drivers in the history of the sport. He had a way of controlling his car and the road that helps him stand out above many other drivers that have come before or after him. Often seen as the thinking man’s driver, there is little doubt that the mark Alain Prost made on Formula 1 will be visible for a long, long time.

Jim Clark (Scotland)

Jim Clark (Scotland) F1 Driver
Jim Clark was an incredibly gifted driver who won two Formula 1 Championships (in 1963 and 1965). With a deep understanding of racing, Clark found success outside of F1, also winning the Indianapolis 500 in 1965. However, to race fans, it is his accomplishments in F1 that made him stand out as one of the truly greatest drivers of all-time (and the best of his era).

Before his tragic death at 32, Clark had more Grand Prix wins and pole positions than any other driver. His ability to race in any condition saw him quickly establish himself as a man capable of the impossible. At the Belgian Grand Prix in 1963, Clark started in 8th position and – despite the terrible weather – lapped all but one driver (Jack Brabham), who finished five minutes later. A genius of a driver who deserves his place on this list.
If you enjoyed reading about the legends of F1, check out our Formula 1 Legends page for more information on the great drivers in the history of the sport.

History of Formula 1 Racing

From the early days of Formula 1, there was always something very special about this sport. Born from the European Grand Prix Motor Racing Championships, in 1950, rules were codified for all drivers entering into the new F1 championship to meet. From 1950 onwards, the emergence of faster, stronger, and more refined cars and technology saw a rapid development of auto racing that continues to improve to this day.

The rich and sensational history of Formula 1 cannot be summed up in just a few paragraphs. As such, we have written up an insightful and comprehensive history of the world’s most popular auto racing sport, that you can read by clicking on the link below:


It is no secret that Formula 1 is one of the most watched sports in the world. The historic relevance, highly-competitive action, and superfast cars make for a spectacle that is simply unmatched in the world of sports. What is surprising, on the other hand, is that some betting enthusiasts have completely overlooked F1 when it comes to placing bets. There are fewer sports that can offer bettors what F1 can.

Unlike other sports, Formula 1 – and especially the major Grand Prix races – are always major events. The glitz, glamor, and exclusivity can be captivating, but it is the great rivalries and competition between drivers and constructors that keeps hardcore fans coming back for more. To say that this presents gambling enthusiasts with a myriad of betting opportunities would be an understatement.

While the great drivers and constructors in F1’s history are venerated by fans, this is a sport that rapidly evolves. As such, new history is always being written, at every Grand Prix. Placing bets on F1 gives betting enthusiasts the unique opportunity to get in on the action and feel a part of the glory and history, as it is being attained and written. The chance to make money in the process is simply the cherry on top of the sweetest cake.