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Guide to Betting on NASCAR

Guide to Betting on NASCAR Racing
From the legendary Daytona 500 to the greatest fans in the world, there are fewer sports than encapsulate Americans quite like NASCAR. The world’s most famous stock car racing series is fast, loud, colorful, and fun and this makes it a great sport to bet on. For many gamblers, finding the right mix between excitement and a genuine way to make a profit is not always the easiest thing to achieve. Some sports can be snoozefests.

The party atmosphere and genuine buzz that surrounds major NASCAR events help to keep it among the most fan-friendly sports in the U.S. The unique brand of character and charm also makes it incredibly popular among bettors who hope to make some tasty profits while watching some of the best drivers in the world do their thing. That sounds like a winning combination in anyone’s book!

If you are a fan of NASCAR, you will find lots of useful information, help, hints, and tips, to help you get the most bang from your buck. Even if you have never entertained the idea of betting on the sport, we are confident that our NASCAR betting hub will give you something to think about. There are reasons why NASCAR is one of the most popular sports in America, after all.

NASCAR has been at the forefront of American life for decades, providing fans with an exciting sport that is easy to follow. It is as close to a family sport as you can get and one that is so perfect for betting on, considering it is purely good old fashioned fun and excitement. If you are concerned about not knowing what bets to place, how to place them, how NASCAR works, and how to win, fear not, as we have you covered.

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Why Bet on NASCAR?

The first question you should ask yourself is why not? NASCAR is a sport that is almost made for betting. If you think about other sports, for example, football or soccer, there are so many tangibles and exterior factors that can influence how a game pans out. In NASCAR, the first driver to cross the finish line wins the race. It is that simple. Yes, there are also factors that can influence the driver that wins a race, but for the most part, it’s simple.

Betting should always be a fun and rewarding experience. Even if your bets don’t come in, you should enjoy yourself and feel as though you have received value for your money. When betting on NASCAR, there is no doubt that the sense of occasion, the excitement, and the high-octane nature of the races make it the perfect opportunity to make some money while getting your racing fix. You can’t ask for more than that!

Of course, there is a lot more to the world’s premier stock car racing series than just having a good time.

What we most love about betting on NASCAR is:

The Competition

What is racing without competition? Well, for a start, it wouldn’t be racing. It would be one car driving very fast around a track with no other cars or drivers to challenge them. In NASCAR, the level of competition is always to a high standard and this makes for an incredibly exciting sport. Given that there are 40+ cars on the track in most races, this means that you get to pick your driver and hopefully win some money in the process.

The greatest thing about the level of competition in NASCAR is that it creates an environment where anyone can win. In betting, some drivers will have shorter odds going into a race and others will have higher odds. The choice is yours. However, If you are confident enough to back an outsider (providing you have cause to believe they can win), you could be looking at making some cold, hard cash on your bets!

The Rivalries

Do you like sports rivalries? Who doesn’t? Luckily for fans, NASCAR has seen some incredible rivalries over the years, adding some additional spice to a sport that is far from one that needs it. Nonetheless, these rivalries are a huge part of why fans keep coming back to NASCAR, season after season, for their fix of world-class racing and guaranteed fun and excitement.

Over the years, NASCAR has seen some incredible rivalries. From Richard “The King” Petty and David Pearson, Dale “The Intimidator” Earnhardt and Jeff “Rainbow Warrior” Gordon, the elite drivers have always had rivalries worthy of attention. For many fans, choosing your favorite driver in a rivalry is a difficult prospect. For betting fans, you wager on the man you believe to be the best and hope you are right in the end.

The Fans

NASCAR fans are arguably the greatest in sports. Period. The intensity and passion on the track often spill over into the crowd, with fans in awe of their heroes raucously shouting and cheering in support. On the weekends of any of the major races (we will cover these below), fans make the most of the occasion, with parties and good times all around. This is a sport that can polarize, but yet, it can bring fans together like no other.

There are also NASCAR households, or houses across America that pledge their allegiances to America’s favorite motorsport. Fathers, mothers, sons, and daughters can often have their own favorite drivers. This is a tight knit, family-oriented sport that gets the juices flowing in the most spectacular way. Without the fans, NASCAR would be nothing. They are as important to the sport than any car or driver, that’s for sure.

The Sense of Occasion

From the Daytona 500 (known as the “Super Bowl of NASCAR”) to the Allstate 400, there is always room for the big occasion in NASCAR. This gives the sport that real sense of magic that keeps fans glued to the TV, or turning out in their thousands to watch some of the greatest races in the world. Fans ensure that they have no other plans when the big events come around, other than watching races, drinking beers, and family cookouts.

The most appealing thing about the big occasions is the sense of inclusivity. These days, NASCAR is a family sport that is open to everyone. What better way to celebrate this “for all” sport than to get involved in the action with your bets? If there is any other American sport that does big occasions like NASCAR, we haven’t heard of them. It is truly unique in this sense and continues to put on the big shows for the keenest fans.

You might be wondering what is so special about NASCAR and what major events define the sport. Some races are considered bigger than others, with more prestige, history, and glory associated with them.

The Bets

Naturally, the bets in NASCAR are what make it such an awesome sport to wager on. As with most sports these days, there are a number of different markets for various bets that can be placed on the big events. Variety is important when betting on any sport and it is a sure thing that you will find plenty of options when it comes to betting on NASCAR. After all, having as much choice as possible is what betting is all about these days.

When it comes to betting on any auto racing sport, the most popular type of bets concerns the winner of a race or championship (outright bets). However, there is also the opportunity to wager on pole position, fastest lap, podium finishes and much, much more.

If you want to know the best way to bet on NASCAR, including how to strategize for the big races and much more, you should check out our NASCAR Betting Tips page. You will find detailed explanations of what bets exist in the sport and some helpful information to really take you up to speed!

This is probably the best time to look at the top six NASCAR events on the calendar, so let’s do it!

The Greatest Races in NASCAR

Every sport in the world has its major events. Football has the illustrious Super Bowl, while baseball has the World Series. Soccer has the FIFA World Cup, basketball has the NBA finals and so on. In NASCAR, there are major races that mean a lot to drivers, teams, and fans. These events are the stand out occasions that can define a driver’s season and their all-time legacy and claim to greatness.

There are almost 40 races that make up the Sprint Cup Series in NASCAR and every race counts. However, when it comes down to it, the following prestigious races are the ones that draw the most attention from the racing community. These events are what get drivers behind the wheel, fans into the stands, and everyone else as excited as a young kid on Christmas Eve.

Let’s start by taking a brief look at “The Great American Race,” the Daytona 500:

Daytona 500

Daytona 500 Logo
If NASCAR is more than just a sport, the Daytona 500 is more than just a race. Every February in Florida, the eyes of the racing world are firmly fixed to the weeks leading up to what is known as “Speed Weeks.” The International Speedway at Daytona Beach is the site of a mass pilgrimage of sports fans who wait all year to take part in the world’s most famous auto racing festival.

It starts a lot earlier than some might think, given that many teams will be practicing on the track in January. Then, by the time the 24 Hours of Daytona kicks in (a race contested by sports cars rather than stock cars), things go wild. The following events, including the International Race of Champions and the NASCAR Craftsman Truck Series, help to whet the palate before the big race.

You might be surprised to learn that NASCAR’s “Super Bowl” starts the season rather than ends it. Make no mistake though, this format seems to be working pretty good and there are not many fans out there who would argue with changing it.

Brickyard 400

Brickyard 400 Logo
At the home of the world-famous Indianapolis 500 occurs the Brickyard 400, one of NASCAR’s greatest events. Fans flock to the Indianapolis Speedway in Indiana every Julyto catch a glimpse of their favorite cars, drivers, and teams. NASCAR’s biggest ever crowd, 250,000 strong, attended the first ever Brickyard 400 back in 1994.

What makes the Brickyard 400 so special to drivers is that it is one of the most challenging tracks in NASCAR. The speeds are so high that getting the car to turn and having the right grip is a task in itself. To fans, Indianapolis is a town that lives, breathes, and sleeps racing. If Daytona is the Mecca of NASCAR, then the Speedway is the Kumano Kodo. It is a place where drivers get to prove their true abilities on a demanding track.

The Brickyard 400 has certainly become one of the most important races to drivers and fans in NASCAR over the years. If you are ever lucky to attend this incredible race, don’t forget to “kiss the bricks” while you are there.

Coca-Cola 600

Coca-Cola 600 Logo
The first race to be held at Charlotte Motor Speedway in 1960 was NASCAR’s Coca-Cola 600. The longest race in the sport’s schedule (at 600 miles), this race is very special to fans in America, as it is contested on Memorial Day weekend. To those who are unfamiliar with NASCAR, this race is pretty spectacular for the reason that it starts in the sunny evening and ends in the dark.

NASCAR always does things a little bigger and badder than most other auto racing sports and this race is no different. It has been a permanent fixture in NASCAR for decades and has hosted some pretty awesome races over the years. Some of the sport’s greatest legends won their first race on this track, including David Petty in 1961 and Jeff Gordon in 1994. Make no mistake, the Coca-Cola 600 is a big deal in NASCAR.

The name of the race might have had some changes in the past few decades, but its historic feel and relevance among drivers and fans have remained the same. A firm favorite of fans, this is definitely one of the greatest tracks in NASCAR.

Ford 400

Ford 400 Logo
At Homestead-Miami Speedway, the NASCAR Sprint Cup’s final race, the Ford 400, is contested. This is when all of the hard work and dedication of the preceding months is evident, with the remaining drivers in the reckoning for a shot at the Championship all taking their place in the starting lineup. The pressure, excitement, anticipation, and the sense of calm before the storm all combine to send fans wild.

This is a crucial race for drivers. The fans watching inside the stadium and around the world lock their eyes on the track as NASCAR’s gladiators on wheels make the final push towards glory. This is the final race of The Chase and one that holds a special place in the hearts of everyone involved in NASCAR. The greatest part of it all is witnessing the glory unfold and the champion being crowned at the conclusion of the Ford 400.

If you are looking for genuine excitement and nail-biting finishes, this is the race for you. Fewer events in auto racing as a whole can compete with the Ford 400. It is certainly worth more than the price of admission, that’s for sure.

NASCAR Sprint All-Star Race

NASCAR Sprint All-Star Race Logo
What is a sport without its stars? NASCAR knows the right way to do things and this is perhaps best exemplified by the annual Sprint All-Star Race. At Charlotte Motor Speedway, race winners of the previous season, winners of the current season, and winners of seasons gone by all go head to head for a grand prize of one million dollars. This race is designed for TV and is great for betting on, too.

The opportunity to see the greatest stars of NASCAR duke it out for a shot at the grand prize is something that should never be missed. The race is designed to capture the attention of millions of fans across the world and goes down very popular with auto racing enthusiasts. NASCAR novices or those who are new to betting on the sport can always use this race to get a feel for things, depending on the time of year.

While these epic events are certainly enough to get the lips moving and blood pumping, NASCAR would be nothing without its drivers. We have witnessed some incredible characters in NASCAR over the years, but the legends of the sport take things up another notch.

NASCAR Legends

What does it take to be a legend in NASCAR? Great driving skills are certainly a prerequisite, but there is a whole lot more to the makeup of an outstanding driver than just that. It takes ambition, drive, courage, heart, bravery, vision, and an unrelenting desire to be the first man across the finish line. It means doing everything you can to win and representing the sport like a true ambassador, both on and off the track.

We have seen plenty of drivers over the years who seem to fit that mold. However, there are those who have that little bit extra. The drivers who seem to be able to capture lightning in a bottle, or harness the full extent of their greatness when sat behind the wheel. In the pantheon of all-time greats, these men will forever have their names celebrated and revered for doing the remarkable, time and time again.

Below, you will find four of the greatest NASCAR drivers in history. These men sum up what it means to be a legend of the sport, and are regarded around the world for their individual efforts and achievements in the world’s premier stock car racing series.

Jeff Gordon

Jeff Gordon
Jeff Gordon is one of the greatest drivers in NASCAR history, hands down. With four championships to his name and a 25-year career that was packed with success, the “Rainbow Warrior” sure knew how to win. An incredible driver and prolific winner (93 wins in 805 races), Gordon could have had seven championships if the playoff system was not introduced to NASCAR.

Gordon’s rivalry with Dale Earnhardt was one of the highlights of NASCAR history and occurred during a time when the sport was at the peak of its powers. While Gordon seemingly came out of nowhere to challenge the world’s most popular driver at the time, he would go on to establish a legacy that earns him a place at the table of the greatest to have ever raced in NASCAR.

David Pearson

David Pearson Nascar Driver
David Pearson is another true legend of NASCAR that epitomized what it meant to be a winner. In a career that spanned 28 years, Pearson holds one of the greatest win percentages of any driver. The Spartanville, South Carolina-native also managed to earn himself three championships, despite never taking part in every race in an active season. This alone is an incredible testament to his incredible skills behind the wheel.

As we discussed rivalries a little earlier, perhaps it is a good time to mention one of the greatest rivalries in NASCAR. Pearson and Richard Petty’s rivalry is still regarded as one of the fiercest in sports history. While “The King” (Petty) is regarded as the greatest driver of all time, Petty frequently edged him out when it came to both men battling for first place. An incredible driver and a genuine legend of NASCAR.

Dale Earnhardt

Dale Earnhardt NASCAR Driver
Perhaps the most famous driver of all time, Dale Earnhardt – known by the moniker “The Intimidator” – was partly responsible for bringing NASCAR to a wider audience during his time as a driver. A seven-time world champion, Earnhardt’s style of driving was as aggressive and ferocious as his nickname would suggest. A true pioneer of the sport, Earnhardt was loved by fans of NASCAR all over the world.

There are many who believe Earnhardt to be the greatest of all time and his numbers are certainly impressive enough to further his cause. Before his tragic death at the Daytona 500 in 2001 at the age of 49, Earnhardt’s career brought him considerable success and a number of records. He was the first man to ever win three back to back titles and he did this in just 9 years. An icon of NASCAR, Dale Earnhardt will forever be legendary.

Richard Petty

Richard Petty NASCAR Driver
There are fewer sportsmen who have dominated their profession quite like Richard “The King” Petty. Even the smallest glance over his resume will be enough to see that he owns – or has at one time owned – pretty much every significant record there is in NASCAR. The great driver’s rivalry with David Pearson was a defining era in the sport and helped to popularize NASCAR in a way that was not expected at the time.

An incredibly smart and courageous driver, Petty is a seven-time world champion (joint -highest in history), has seven Daytona 500 wins, 127 poles, and 700 top 10 finishes. He is the epitome of what it means to be a legend and will forever be synonymous with the sport that saw him become a household name in America. Petty is so good that he is seen as the greatest of all time by some stretch, according to many NASCAR enthusiasts.

Want to know more about the greatest drivers in NASCAR history? Do you have a thirst for all-thing NASCAR and fancy yourself as a future historian of the sport? Why not check out our NASCAR Legends page where you will find a piece dedicated to the greatest icons in NASCAR history.

History of NASCAR

The history of NASCAR is often met with surprise by those unaware of its roots. According to racing historians, NASCAR can trace its lineage to the prohibition times, when moonshine deliverers (known as “runners”) would modify their cars to make it easy to escape capture from authorities. It seems almost unthinkable that America’s favorite auto racing sport evolved from such a period, but allegedly, it did.

These runners took to racing one another to prove who was the best driver and who had the fastest vehicle. These casual races would lay down the foundation for NASCAR, a sport which would then become organized in the 1940’s. In February 1948, the first ever race at Daytona (evidently the first-ever NASCAR race) was held. From here, the sport evolved to one of the most popular sports in America.

Over the decades, many drivers have emerged to provide hours and hours of excitement and entertainment. Among them are the legends of the sport, with all four of the men we covered above included. These days, NASCAR is as organized as it gets, yet it still has not lost the beauty, charm, and character from yesteryear.

If you would like to learn more about the history of NASCAR, you should check out our NASCAR History page. We cover the rich and golden history of the sport, from its humble beginnings to the worldwide fame it enjoys today!


There is no doubting the appeal of NASCAR as a spectator sport. When it comes to making a choice as to what sport you will bet on next, there are not many others in the world that will offer you the same level of excitement, fun, and of course, the right betting experience. It is crucial to make sure you choose the right betting site first, however, so make sure you do this before you start your NASCAR betting journey.

Another thing to keep in mind is that your betting experience will always be improved by the level of interest and understanding you have on NASCAR. Remember to familiarize yourself with the rules, what truly matters in the sport, the drivers, and all factors that can influence races before you place your bets!

Other than that, we hope you enjoy the comprehensive betting guides, history, and useful information here in your NASCAR Betting Hub!