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Guide to Football Betting

Guide to Football Betting
One of the biggest and certainly best sports you can bet on is football. Whether you’re a college football fan or an NFL fan, there are a ton of great betting opportunities for you to turn your knowledge about sports into cold hard cash. If you’re a brand new bettor or an experienced and seasoned pro, we’ve got plenty of great information, resources, and help for you here today. We’re going to show you the best sites to bet football at, the types of bets that are available, a ton of different strategy guides, the most common football betting mistakes, and whether or not betting on football is safe.

If you’re excited and ready to get started betting on football or to take your football betting to the next level, let’s get after it!

The Best Sites to Bet Football

You can’t expect to be a successful football bettor if you don’t have a great place to take your action. While any live sportsbook will do you just fine, there are a lot of perks that come with betting online. You can shop lines like a pro, save money, and protect your profits. But, this is all only true if you’re betting with a trusted and reputable online football betting site.

Finding one of these great sites used to be a challenge, but we’ve gone ahead and made it easy for you. Below, you’ll find our recommendations for the best and most trusted online football betting sites. Any one of these sites will be perfect for you whether you are a beginner, seasoned amateur, or veteran pro sports bettor.

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In case you’re curious about how we came up with these recommendations, we wanted to make sure we showed you. It’s important for any review site to be completely transparent so you know whether you can trust their recommendations or not. So, if you’re curious, please take a minute and check out how we rank sites.

Types of Football Bets Available

One of the coolest things about betting on football is that there is a lot more you can bet on than just which team is going to win the game. While picking a game-winner is a popular and lucrative bet, there are many other options that at a very minimum you should be aware of. Whether you include those in your betting strategy is completely up to you. But, you need to at least know about all of the different types of football bets in case you run into a situation where a different bet is a better and more profitable fit.

In the guide below, we’ve broken down all of the different types of football bets that are available to you. We cover the most popular bets as well as the more unique bets that you may not be aware of. We’ll talk about how they work, how they pay, and how to beat them.

Football Betting Tips and Strategy Guide

For our experienced bettors or those beginners who are driven to be the best, this is the section of the guide you’ve been waiting for. We’ve put together a ton of different football betting guides and tip collections to help you navigate the difficult landscape of football betting. We highly recommend that you spend a significant amount of time in these guides if you’re serious about taking your football betting game to the next level.

Now you’ll notice that we have several guides that are split up in several different ways. We have guides specific to beginners and experts, guides specific to NFL and college football bettors, and guides specific to major football sporting events. Feel free to read as many of the guides as you see fit as there are a lot of great tips that you won’t find in all of the other guides. Take your time, take notes, and take everything you can and integrate it into your football betting strategy.

Top Football Betting Mistakes

You might think that common football betting mistakes are only committed by completely brand new amateur bettors. But, that is certainly not the case…not even close. There are a lot of mistakes that we’ve seen made by beginners and veteran sports bettors that are costing both of them a lot of money.

Typically, you have to learn about these mistakes the hard way. You have to make the mistake yourself, feel silly for doing it, and then teach yourself to never do it again. The problem with this process, though, is that it can get expensive. Usually, when you make a major betting mistake, it results in money left on the table or lost money.

What we’d like to do is save you from having to learn these lessons the expensive way. In the guide below, we will outline the most common and expensive football betting mistakes that we see from beginners and seasoned bettors far too often. Additionally, we’ll show you what you need to do to ensure that you don’t fall victim to making these mistakes as well. Most of them are incredibly simple to avoid, but that’s only if you’re aware of them and take the small effort needed to protect yourself from them.

Is Betting on Football Safe?

The last thing that we want to cover today is whether or not betting on football is safe and whether or not betting on football online is safe. These are two questions that we commend you for asking. Too often, people just jump headfirst into things without considering whether or not they are safe or not.

Here’s the answer. Betting on football and betting on football online are both safe as long as you are approaching them safely. This includes things like only betting at reputable sites, having good bankroll management, never chasing your losses, and a host of other things.

To address these questions properly, we’ve put together a guide with all of the information you need. First, we’ll answer these questions again, but in greater detail. Then, we’ll talk about the things that you should be doing to make sure your football betting experience is one that is safe and continues to be safe whether you are winning or losing.