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BetVictor Review

BetVictor and its sportsbook proved to us one thing over everything else – it’s able to offer something that’s a cut above the rest. At least, that was our first impression when we arrived at the site.

And just to prove that we’re highly impressed with the sportsbook, we wanted to write this review for you to understand more about it, too. This way, maybe even your first impression of the platform will be a great one.

In this review, we’re going to be taking a look through all of the site’s features and finding out what pops, what doesn’t work so well, what we’re thoroughly entertained by, and what we expect you to also find appealing. BetVictor is sure to bring plenty of surprises your way, so make sure that you check out everything we’ve got to say about it in this review.

There will also be some downsides to point out. After all, nothing out there is perfect. Isn’t it important that you know the negatives as well as the positives, though? We sure think so. We’d like to know exactly what we’re letting ourselves in for.

Fortunately enough, though, BetVictor provided us with a really fun sportsbook to discover and review. So, we hope that you will also find it to be a thoroughly appealing platform. Let’s find out exactly what the sportsbook contains, shall we? Are you ready to be the victor of your bets?

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The BetVictor Sportsbook Overall Experience

If you don’t get an instant impression of professionalism from BetVictor, then you’re obviously looking at the wrong website. Everything is very crisp and sharply designed at the site. It’s almost like the crème de la crème of sportsbooks when it comes to the layout.

With this being the case, the overall experience at BetVictor starts from the moment that you access the sportsbook. What better way could you expect to enjoy your time at an online platform? That’s exactly how it should be. You load a sportsbook up, and from beginning to end, you’re having a great experience.

We can’t say that this is possible with a huge number of sportsbooks, but BetVictor very nicely slips in to that category. You’ve also got a site that’s very easy to navigate your way around. Simple, bold links and a visually pleasing color scheme are on display as well.

Then, when you get into placing your wagers at the site, things get even better. If you’re looking to take a step up in life (at least, for the duration of your time betting at this sportsbook), BetVictor is certainly the way to go. If there was a class system for sportsbooks, BetVictor would be a first-class passenger, for sure!

What We Like About the Site

If we haven’t harped on about the overall site design enough already, then we’re going to do it a little bit more. What we love about this site is the first impression that it gives you. Slick. Clean. Professional. Clear. The worst thing for us is a website that is completely clogged up with advertisements, masses of words, and unexplainable links.

BetVictor doesn’t have any of that. Instead, it provides one of the clearest and best-designed websites for you to browse through and easily find your way around. Sports are found down the left-hand side, with “Featured Links” taking you to the sportsbook’s most popular offerings. Your bet slip is on the right-hand side along with the site’s popular bets, and everything else shows up in the middle. Easy.

We’re also happy with the fact that BetVictor isn’t about to let its bettors down in terms of the number of sports it provides betting on. From popular options like horse racing, football, and tennis through to a few less-seen sports such as badminton, bowls, and hurling, BetVictor is really catering to a wide audience. For that reason, we think it’s a really attractive platform, and it’s one of the best features of the site. A sportsbook should be awash with sports, if you ask us.

Also, if you’re an online gambling site that got its start back at the turn of the new millennium, then chances are, you’re doing something very right to still be around today. It’s obvious that BetVictor is here to stay, and online bettors like some longevity behind the sites that they place wagers at. Wouldn’t you prefer a sportsbook with some history and experience behind it, rather than one that just opened its doors and is still finding its feet?

What Could They Do Better?

Promotions. Need we say more?

It’s quite a common thing for many sportsbooks to not provide bettors with a particularly stellar choice of special offers. While we’re not saying that what BetVictor provides is specifically bad, for such an experienced gambling platform, we think that it could do better. A welcome offer does exist, which incorporates bonuses for both the casino and the sportsbook. We’ll get to that a little bit later. However, the special offers at this site could do with being a little less…basic.

Something else that’s a little bit unfortunate about BetVictor is that it is closed off to many countries, the United States of America included. Such a grandiose and professional sportsbook would definitely appeal to a bigger audience, we think. Which is why it’s a shame that even countries like Australia, France, Denmark, Hong Kong, and Monaco cannot sign up and enjoy all that it has to offer.

Which Sports Is This Site Best Suited For?

It’s clear to see that football sits head and shoulders above any other sport at this platform. And why wouldn’t it? For the countries that can access BetVictor and place wagers there, football (or soccer) is extremely popular. Various leagues and matches from this sport can be found on the “Featured Links” section, simply because BetVictor knows that these are the games that a mass of its users want to bet on.

Should you also decide to access the football section at this site, you’ll find that the odds for this particular sport are very, very competitive within the market. It’s true to say that the earlier you place your bets at this sportsbook, the better your wagering experience will be. That being said, BetVictor gives you a mass of different football leagues from around the world to bet on.

Another sport that you’ll find to be appealing at this site is tennis. Both it and football have their own specific links running across the top of the BetVictor website. So, with this in mind, they stand out as being specifically popular. With tennis, you’ll be able to place wagers all the way up to a match taking place, as well as in live betting mode. So, you can follow the action as it unfolds and make bets accordingly. The excitement factor really goes up a level with in-play betting.

Some of the other options that are available at BetVictor and that the site is really suitable for betting on include horse racing, which also has its own link running along the top of the website. The same can be said about greyhound racing, with both being big sports in the UK and Ireland. These, along with tennis and football, stand as the most popular options at the platform. So, you can expect to receive very competitive odds on them all when betting at this sportsbook.
Other sports that BetVictor provides wagering on include:

  • American Football
  • Badminton
  • Baseball
  • Basketball
  • Beach Volleyball
  • Bowls
  • Boxing
  • Cricket
  • Formula 1
  • Golf
  • Handball
  • Ice Hockey
  • Motor Racing
  • Netball
  • Rugby League
  • Rugby Union
  • Virtual Sports

Betting Limits

While it’s true that some online sportsbooks opt to publish betting limits for each of the sports that they provide betting options on, BetVictor is not one of these. While it does have a minimum bet for anything of £0.05, maximums aren’t readily produced for all the different sports and types of bets.

The £0.05 minimum does make it quite user-friendly for any novices wanting to start out their sports betting journey. Again, this is what helps BetVictor to cater to a much wider audience. One thing that is clear is that the earning limit for individual bets stands at £500,000. However, don’t forget that your payout is also restricted, as there are maximum payouts for each sport, too.

Now, the betting limits for full-service events is something that we can provide information on, although solely for greyhound and horse racing. For Great Britain and Ireland, these two sports can have a maximum wager of £500 placed on them. If it’s a Sky Sports-covered greyhound event, then you’re able to bet a maximum of £50,000. Finally, for horse racing events that other nations can bet on, there’s a maximum limit of £50,000.

Turning our attention to non-full-service-covered events, residents of Great Britain and Ireland have a maximum horse racing wager possibility of £50,000. Other nations can place a maximum bet of £10,000. For greyhound racing, the maximum is also £10,000, if your selection is not labeled as full service.

Will You Enjoy Betting at This Site?

Oh, yes! Absolutely! How could you not enjoy betting at the BetVictor site? It’s got everything that you need to have an enjoyable time from the moment that you load up the site.

That is, if you’re able to load up the site. Anyone who resides in a restricted country won’t be able to get access to the sportsbook at all. But for those of you who can, BetVictor will provide you with an amazing treat. From its range of sports to the competitive odds and the overall website design, there’s very little to turn you away from betting there.

Of course, these are some of the standard features of BetVictor. It also houses some intriguing additions that will only serve to further enhance your experience there. Would we lie to you on something like this? Not at all. We’re here to serve you details of the good and the bad.

It’s our honest opinion that you’ll find a great deal of good things at the BetVictor site and very little on the negative side. If that doesn’t get you hightailing your behinds over to the site, then we don’t know what will. In our search for the perfect sportsbook, we can say that BetVictor comes very close to being exactly that.

Bonuses and Promotions

So, from all the hype, there has to be a bit of a downside, right? Well, for BetVictor, this comes in the form of the special offers that it provides to its users. It’s true to say that the vast majority of promotions that the platform has available are for casino gamers. However, one or two do exist for sports bettors to take advantage of, too. But they’re not quite as generous as what you can find at several other online sportsbooks. They will enhance your betting experience at the site a little bit, but don’t expect to receive masses of bonus funds from the platform.

Welcome Bonus

So, in a bid to get you to experience both its sportsbook and casino, the welcome offer that BetVictor provides to its newcomers gives you bonuses for both. You’ll need to create your account at the site first and then proceed with your first deposit. After this, place a first bet of at least £10 on odds of evens 2.00 or greater. Then, you’ll receive £60 in free bets on top of this.

The £60 worth of free bets is separated into six £10 offers, one of which is for you to utilize in the online casino that BetVictor provides. The other five are for free bets on virtual sports, any sports, in-play events, 3 folds and greater, and 5 folds and greater. So, it does give you the chance to experience various betting possibilities, which is quite a unique welcome offer for a sportsbook, we have to say.

Run for Your Money

If you’re a fan of horse racing, then this one will appeal to you. Basically, you need to make any kind of bet on UK and Irish racing. Then, BetVictor will refund all losing bets, in cash, on horses that fail to give punters “a run for their money” and refuse or whip around at the start, fail to come out, or lose all chance at the stall. So, if your horse loses all chance at the start of a race, you get a full cash refund!

Acca Insurance

To add to the horse racing-specific promotion, here’s one for the football crowd. Just place a pre-event football acca with five or more legs which can only contain match betting or both teams to score selections. If just one of the selections lets you down in the acca, you will have your stake refunded by up to £10 to be able to place another.

Deposit Methods

Now, the question here is, does BetVictor give us enough choice on depositing methods for funding our accounts with? Well, there’s a very swift answer for that. Yes!

BetVictor may not be so exceptional in its special offers, but it does manage to make up for this with an impressive enough set of payment methods to utilize for depositing money into your account. From credit and debit cards through to bank transfers and e-wallets, BetVictor isn’t about to let its members down in this area. Furthermore, all deposits are free of charge, and most of them are instant, too. So, how does that sound to you? Wouldn’t we all just like to make a deposit and be able to start placing wagers straight away?

The payment methods that you can use at this sportsbook are the following:

  • Laser
  • Maestro
  • Mastercard
  • Neteller
  • PayPal
  • Skrill
  • Paysafecard
  • Visa
  • Switch
  • Entropay
  • Western Union

Withdrawal Methods

While the list of payment methods for making a deposit with is fairly strong, this is significantly diminished when it comes to withdrawing money from your account. Several of the card options disappear, while just a couple of the e-wallets remain as possibilities, too.

But don’t worry, because like the deposits, all withdrawals are free of charge at BetVictor. For us, there’s nothing worse than finding a sportsbook that charges extra amounts for withdrawing money that you’ve won. That’s why BetVictor stands out as an appealing site to us – because there aren’t any hidden or unexpected additional fees.

Normally, if it’s possible, the method by which you deposit is also the method by which you will receive your withdrawal. However, if this is not possible, you’ll have your money sent to you by a bank wire transfer.

  • Visa, Mastercard
    Min. Withdrawal: £10
    Max. Withdrawal: £50,000
    Fee: Free
    Turnaround Time: Within 3-6 bus. days
  • Skrill
    Min. Withdrawal: £5
    Max. Withdrawal: £25,000
    Fee: Free
    Turnaround Time: Within 1-3 bus. days
  • PayPal
    Min. Withdrawal: £10
    Max. Withdrawal: £5,500
    Fee: Free
    Turnaround Time: Within 1-3 bus. days
  • Neteller
    Min. Withdrawal: £5
    Max. Withdrawal: £50,000
    Fee: Free
    Turnaround Time: Within 1-3 bus. days
  • Bank Wire Transfer
    Min. Withdrawal: £10
    Max. Withdrawal: No Max
    Fee: Free
    Turnaround Time: Within 3-5 bus. days

Level of Customer Service

The customer service that is available at BetVictor is what we like to call stunning. If you don’t find all of the necessary information that you need by browsing through the site’s FAQ section, then you’ll definitely get all that you need from the support team.

The customer support agents are available to contact on a 24/7 basis and are perhaps the friendliest and most knowledgeable support team that we’ve ever spoken with. They can be contacted through the site’s live chat function, which can be found on every single page. Otherwise, there’s also an email address and telephone support on hand. The phone number is if you would like to send a text message through to them. Other than this, you can request a callback.

Whatever decision you make on this, you’ll always be met with a truly informative team who is willing to help at any time. That’s what we like to see from an online customer support team.

More Than a Sportsbook

The name of BetVictor may sound familiar to you – but that’s because it’s existed for many years as an online casino. Actually, it started out its life as a land-based betting business, known as Victor Chandler. The online site became operational in the year 2000, and it wasn’t long before it changed its name to the one we know it as today.

The online casino has remained as a popular location for avid gamers to seek out a place to play their favorite titles. It hosts games from several of the world’s best developers, including NetEnt, Microgaming, and Thunderkick. With this being the case, you’ll be able to pass the time and entertain yourself on games like Gonzo’s Quest, Wolf Run, Cleopatra, and Hall of Gods, to name just a few.

Not only that, but the casino section also plays host to a set of live dealer games. The majority of these come from the Evolution Gaming developer, and they allow you to play titles such as roulette, blackjack, baccarat, and more, with live dealers on hand to interact with.

Should You Choose Another Sportsbook?

No, absolutely not. Well, only if you so desperately want to. But why would you when you’re informed of everything that BetVictor has on offer? The site and everything it features just about screams out to you about being totally adept at providing sports betting.

We’d say that you’d be better off signing up to the BetVictor site and experiencing everything that it has to offer. You can’t go wrong with a platform that has been online for a mass of years and that even existed as an offline company for multiple decades before that. Plus, where else are you going to find a sportsbook with so many intriguing credentials?

A great choice of sports isn’t the only thing that BetVictor has to provide to you. It also has a great site design, a great customer support team, free deposits and withdrawals, a great choice of payment methods, a casino for you to enjoy, and so much more. Are you feeling convinced yet?

Final Thoughts

If you were to gather every single sportsbook that is available online and lump them all together, BetVictor would stand out as being quite superior to many of the others. Why? Well, check out everything that we spoke of above. You don’t need to be a genius to see that there’s a reason why the platform has existed for such a long time. Or rather, several reasons.

If it’s a high-quality experience that you want, then BetVictor is very much able to give you that. But you’ll also have fun along the way, too. Whether you’re betting on football or enjoying wagering on darts, you’ll always be able to find the best of the best at BetVictor. Yes, it could improve on its promotions a little bit, but when you put this minor snaggle to the side, can you really pick out anything so drastically negative about it? We’d say not. So, how about signing up and giving BetVictor a go?