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Draftboard Review

You could possibly be overwhelmed by how popular the fantasy sports betting world has become. Yet once you’ve visited the Draftboard website, it’s clear to see why this is.

On our first visit to the site, we were blown away by how impressive everything looks there. At this time, we could claim that we were pretty much novices to the area of fantasy sports betting. Of course, we’ve been avid sports betting fans for years. Yet fantasy sports are something quite different.

At Draftboard, you get the chance to essentially draft your own team and consider yourself as their manager. You enter contests with them and see how well they play. The better they do, the more accolades you achieve. And in the process, the more money you accrue. The life and times of a real sports team manager!

So, after we’d finished playing at Draftboard on the first day, we were pretty much hooked on everything that it has to offer. It may only provide access to fantasy sports betting on four different areas, but these still provide you with a thoroughly entertaining experience.

Because of this, we felt compelled to write our very own review of the site. We wanted to share the wonders of what makes Draftboard so intriguing. And that’s what we’re here for now.

Keep in mind that we want you to learn about everything that this site has available. That means both the good and the bad as far as its features go. Yet one thing is sure – you’ll be fully informed on the sportsbook before you sign up, meaning that you’ve got all of the advantages over everyone who hasn’t read this review!

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The Draftboard Overall Experience

If we were to describe our experience of fantasy sports betting at Draftboard, we would probably use the word “innovative.” It has all the same features as a standard fantasy sports betting platform, but then also brings in some unique perks to your gameplay there.

Now, this definitely stands out as something big for us. Having checked out a few similar platforms, it’s all fine and dandy for them to provide fantasy sports betting. However, they do tend to get a little bit same-same after a while. Fortunately, Draftboard aims to adjust this perception by introducing those innovations to its platform.

So, while we had fun with the whole drafting of our fantasy teams and entering them into sports contests, we were also able to benefit from additional enjoyment due to these new features we’d never experienced before. Plus, with the fact that everything is so sleek and polished at the platform, we can honestly say that Draftboard provided us with a new, modern fantasy sports betting experience.

We’re always keen on sportsbooks that take the norm and then improve upon it, and we’re quite happy to report that Draftboard manages to do that very nicely. You can even watch the games unfold in front of your eyes once you enter a contest. So, if you’re looking for an up-to-date fantasy sports experience, Draftboard could very much be the one for you.

What We Like About the Site

The first thing that really stood out to us about the Draftboard platform is how nicely designed it is. It utilizes only high-quality graphics and makes the experience of navigating through everything very easy. This stands out as being quite a visual treat for anyone who is visiting the platform for the first time.

Further to this, we’re also quite happy to see that the sportsbook provides you with a $1 free balance once you complete your registration. From this, you’re able to create a team and enter a contest or two just to see how things work at Draftboard. It’s like a little bit of an insight into how everything operates. We’ll discuss this welcome offer later on in the review.

However, perhaps the biggest two things about Draftboard that we very much enjoy are the Fair Match and Watch Live features. With the former of these, you’ll find that the site provides separate lobbies for Rookie contests with buy-ins between $1 and $5, and Veteran contests with buy-ins between $10 and $50. You can only enter contests in one lobby on any given day.

To add to the fact that you can enter a lobby that suits your betting style and preferences, there’s also the inclusion of Watch Live at Draftboard. This basically allows you to see the fantasy sports unfold in front of your eyes. You can see as your own team participates in its sporting events, whether that be running with a football or shooting a hockey puck. This is all done with dynamic animations that really provide an extra level of entertainment for you.

What Could They Do Better?

While Draftboard does have many good features, it’s also got a small group of let-downs, too. To begin with, when it comes to fantasy sports betting sites, this one has one of the smallest numbers of sports for drafting. This number stands at just four. There is, of course, the chance for Draftboard to expand the amount of these in future, but for now, it’s one of those four or nothing at all.

Furthermore, we’re people who enjoy having choices, right? Well, be prepared to have few of these when it comes to depositing options at Draftboard. If you’re not keen on entering card details into online sites, then you’ll need to use PayPal. Otherwise, again, it’s one of these or nothing at all. Draftboard really could do with expanding its range of accepted payment methods – even if it’s just to include a prepaid card or a bank transfer option.

One other thing to just make a quick mention of is that Draftboard is not available in all US states. As long as you are a resident of Canada or not in one of the following US states – Alabama, Arizona, Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Hawaii, Idaho, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Louisiana, Missouri, Montana, Nevada, New York, Pennsylvania, Texas, Vermont, Virginia, Washington – then you can register and play there.

Which Sports Is This Site Best Suited For?

The fact that you only have four fantasy sports to choose from at Draftboard doesn’t really mean that one of them stands out more than the others. They’re all pretty even across the board for being suitable to bet on at this website. So, you will need to have an interest in wagering on fantasy sports in the form of the NFL, NBA, MLB, and/or NHL.

That’s not to say that these four sports aren’t interesting in their own right, because they are. And perhaps it gives Draftboard more time to focus solely on these options, rather than flooding its site with fantasy sports options. Yet the fact still remains that all of them are suitable for betting on at Draftboard.

For each of these, you will be able to construct your own fantasy teams from masses of players. This is perhaps one of the best and most fun parts of participating in fantasy sports betting – the ability to be the team manager, so to speak. Once you construct that team, they will be ready for being entered into the chosen contest.

To put it simply, Draftboard provides a great location for fantasy sports betting in general. So, you really don’t need to worry about which sport is better for this. Instead, why not try them all out? We did, and we weren’t disappointed by any of them!

Betting Limits

Limits aren’t really something that Draftboard works with, in all honesty. At least, not where its betting is concerned. This is due to the fact that you basically pay a set fee to enter into a contest, which kind of works as your bet, so to speak.

Therefore, each different contest comes with its own set entry fee that you need to pay before you start assembling your team. In this respect, the only limits relate to the cost for this entry, which can be anywhere between $1 in the Rookie Lobby right up to $50 for the Veteran Lobby. So, there’s really no limit that you need to stick to – you simply need to pay the entry fee, and that’s that.

Now, in terms of depositing limits, this is a different scenario. Generally speaking, though, as long as you make a deposit of at least $5, then Draftboard will accept your transaction. Players in Massachusetts and Maryland can only transfer a maximum of $1,000 into their accounts per calendar month. Meanwhile, anyone residing in Tennessee can only deposit a maximum of $2,500 per month.

Finally, one other thing to mention in relation to limits is the fact that when you’re constructing your team, you have a salary cap to stick to. Basically, you can add players to your team, but you can’t spend more on them than the amount that you have. Common sense, really, as in real life, you wouldn’t find managers forking out money that they don’t have to secure players.

Will You Enjoy Betting at This Site?

It’s our opinion that you will enjoy betting at Draftboard. It’s one of those sites where you can have fun from the moment that you sign up right through to depositing, entering a contest or two, creating your team, and then watching how they perform.

In fact, the team creation part is probably one of the biggest thrills about being a member of the Draftboard sportsbook. You basically get to live out the life of a high-quality sports team manager. Any avid sports fan will know exactly what the thrill of that would feel like – being able to choose players to form your own dream team.

That’s why we think you will enjoy betting at this site. It’s an all-around fun gambling platform to begin with, but once you get involved in the actual fantasy sports betting part of it, chances are you’ll be hooked. You’ll want to watch your NFL team score their touchdowns or your put-together hockey team firing pucks into the net. It’s pretty much like being a virtual manager and fan all at the same time. And let’s be honest – who couldn’t get behind something like that?

One thing we have to add in here is that the overall website and interactivity part of the platform is just something else that provides you with an extra thrill. In fact, Draftboard combines together to give you an inviting, entertaining pastime to involve yourself in. Can you say the same about many other online sportsbooks?

Bonuses and Promotions

Something else that we always like to seek out at our chosen online sportsbooks is whether or not they’re able to cater to us in terms of special offers. Don’t we all like to be treated like we’re appreciated? In our case, the answer to that question is a firm yes.

Fantasy sports betting platforms aren’t really known for being forward when it comes to promotional offers. In many cases, it’s simply a case of signing up and getting going with it. Draftboard doesn’t specifically follow such rules itself. Although there isn’t a great mass of rewards for you to claim, it does provide you with one or two extra perks to get your hands on.

Welcome Bonus

If you’re still a little bit unsure as to whether or not you want to join Draftboard, or if you’re not really sure how fantasy sports betting works, then worry not. If you complete your registration at the site, you’ll be given $1 completely free to try things out. This allows you to enter into a contest, put a team together, and really see how everything operates at the sportsbook.

To add to this first buck in your account, if you decide to enter any of the NFL contests that are available, Draftboard will automatically enter you into what is called the Record Breaker promotion. This means that if your team goes on to set a new record for a high score at the platform, you will receive an additional $10,000 on top! Now that’s something worth playing for!

Deposit Methods

Entering a real-money contest at Draftboard requires you to have some money in your account. So, to be able to do this, you need to make a deposit. Draftboard, like many other online fantasy sports platforms, doesn’t accept a huge number of payment methods. It has some of the more popular options to choose from, but if you’re looking for one of the more alternative payment methods, you’ll need to find another site.

As long as you’re depositing a minimum of $5, though, you can make use of any of the banking options that the sportsbook accepts. These exist in the form of PayPal, Visa, or Mastercard credit and debit cards. The good thing with this is that all deposits are instantaneous and free of charge to complete.

  • Visa
    Min. Deposit: $5
    Max. Deposit: No Max
    Fee: Free
    Turnaround Time: Instant
  • Visa
    Min. Deposit: $5
    Max. Deposit: No Max
    Fee: Free
    Turnaround Time: Instant
  • PayPal
    Min. Deposit: $5
    Max. Deposit: No Max
    Fee: Free
    Turnaround Time: Instant


Withdrawal Methods

Now, it’s fairly normal that if you’re winning money from the contests that you enter, you’ll want to withdraw it at some point. It’s always good to leave a little bit in your Draftboard account for future contest entries, but withdrawing part of it to fund your daily lifestyle is also a possibility.

Withdrawing is very easy. All you need to do is return to your Draftboard account and select the “Withdraw” tab at the top of the page. You will find that the only method you’re able to make a withdrawal through is PayPal. Therefore, it’s necessary to possess a PayPal account for withdrawals to take place. The site itself will process your withdrawal within a 48-hour time period.


Level of Customer Service

It’s true to say that we have never really required such a huge level of support while playing at Draftboard, although there is a pretty nice FAQ section for you to browse through. This features information relating to the more common queries asked at the site.

If this isn’t enough to settle your mind, you can reach out to the sportsbook’s customer support team. However, they are only available to speak to through email. This is a bit of a shame, as many people don’t really care to wait around for a response to come through this method. Speaking of ourselves, we would be much happier to see at least a live chat function be available there.

Yet in saying that, email responses have always come to us within short periods of time, and the site does state that it aims to reply within 24 hours. The information we have received through these has always been delivered in a friendly and helpful tone, too. So, all in all, the level of customer service is good; it could just do with being available through a couple of extra options.

Should You Choose Another Sportsbook?

No! Don’t do it! Draftboard is definitely one of the better online fantasy sports betting platforms. Not only does it provide you the chance to create teams for four different leagues, but it also brings some new innovations to the table as well. Why on earth would you ever want to seek out an alternative to it?

The fact that it has the inclusion of the Fair Match perk, giving newcomers and experienced bettors different opportunities, makes it all the more impressive. And with the fact that you get to watch live as your team goes into their matches, it’s almost like the real sports betting options that other sportsbooks provide. This way, you get to see every touchdown, every home run, and more – right as they take place.

We were certainly very nicely surprised by everything that Draftboard provides to its members. Because of this, we had a very entertaining time playing there. It’s not every online sportsbook that can bring a sense of innovation and unique qualities to the surface of their sites. Yet Draftboard does in its own special way. For this, we can only surmise that you will have a great time playing at the platform, too.

Final Thoughts

For us, Draftboard is a very appealing online fantasy sports betting site. It has many features that make it stand out from the crowd, and these also enhance your own sports betting journey there. Plus, you get to involve yourself in betting at a very well-designed platform.

Compiling a team of your favorite players and then sending them off into matches to earn you points is something that is very much exciting. So, why wouldn’t you want to participate in that?

To put it simply, if we ever had any doubts or disinterest in fantasy sports betting before, then Draftboard has certainly swayed our opinion on it. We’re avid sports bettors in general, but perhaps we’ve found our new niche in the fun that can be had with fantasy sports, thanks to Draftboard.

And who knows? Maybe you will find your own new favorite gambling opportunities at this site, too!