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DraftDay Review

Who would have ever thought that betting on fantasy sports would grow to become almost as big as regular sports betting? Well, while it’s not quite there yet, DraftDay is a site that aims to propel it to such heights. Honestly, that’s why we’re such fans of the online sportsbook. It’s kinda cool to be able to choose contests, build teams, and then win money on the matches.

While all of this sounds like an exciting thing to jump into, it’s important to make sure that you know exactly what you’re doing. If you’ve never placed wagers on fantasy sports before, then DraftDay might look like a mind-boggling sportsbook to understand. But if you come with us on this review of the site, you’ll learn all that you need to know about it.

DraftDay actually began operating as an online fantasy sportsbook in 2011, instantly

marking itself as a contender to be one of the best out there. We’ll go on record right now and say that there’s definitely a lot to experience and enjoy at the platform. So, stick around with us to find out more about these features.

On the flip side of the coin, you’ll also be able to understand what needs improving at DraftDay. What good would it be if we only told you about the good parts of the sportsbook? We like to know everything about an online platform, from the truly wonderful right through to the downright abysmal.

Okay, so maybe things aren’t quite that bad. But you get our point.

We enjoyed browsing through everything that DraftDay has to offer up, and that’s why we chose to write this review – so that we could inform you on its built-in features. So, let’s “kick off,” shall we? (See what we did there?)

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The DraftDay Overall Experience

There’s something very appealing about being able to place bets on virtual fantasy sports. It has a bit more of an unpredictability factor about it, which we like. It gives online betting more of an edge, we think. So, if you’re looking for somewhere to experience this kind of thrill, the DraftDay platform will definitely give you that. From the moment that we arrived there, our experience began.

We were instantly hit by how simple the site’s layout and design is. You’re able to see everything that it offers in terms of its fantasy sports right in front of you from the moment that you access the sportsbook. Three simple links exist on the left-hand side of the screen, allowing you to navigate to the Promotions, Box Scores, and Lobby sections. What more could you need?

It’s also very cool to see how the site incorporates the image of a stadium in the background. You can almost imagine a game of soccer or baseball taking place while you’re placing bets on your favorite virtual sports. Plus, if you ever need help, there’s a link for the live chat function right there for you. It’s minimalistic in its design, but we’re all here for it. It’s better than everything being bunched into one area and you having to scan through so many things to find what you want.

What We Like About the Site

It’s never a bad thing when US bettors are welcomed to an online sports betting site – for the bettors themselves and for the online platform. DraftDay is very much on board with inviting American gamblers to sign up and place wagers at its site. Canadian players are welcomed as well. In fact, these are the only two countries that the platform accepts as bettors. So, it has a very North American focus. Yes, this may seem like a bit of a let-down for anyone who doesn’t reside in either country, but honestly, it’s about time the US and Canada had something to themselves in the sports betting world!

To add to the excitement, DraftDay is also accessible from a mobile device. So, with a smartphone or a tablet, you can place wagers on your favorite fantasy sports from anywhere. Just imagine it – you’re out at work, but your lunch break comes up. What could be better than taking a bite of your pizza and then placing a wager on a fantasy NHL game? You could be enjoying the cheesy goodness while watching winnings fill up your DraftDay balance.

Something else that really appeals to us is the welcome offer that DraftDay gives to its players. Newcomers are in for a real treat considering there’s up to $600 on offer. You’ll need to sign up first, and the bonus funds are released in increments as you continue placing your bets. Each time you buy in to a sports event, you’ll be given 4% of the total amount of your bonus funds. It may seem strange to a non-fantasy sports bettor, but for anyone who has participated in such before, it’s a standard procedure.

What Could They Do Better?

Prepare for the negatives. DraftDay doesn’t have a huge number of these, but it’s important for you to know about them. Perhaps the biggest downfall for us is the small selection of payment methods that you can use there. Aside from the PayPal e-wallet, there are just three credit card options for you to use.

Come on, DraftDay; just because we’re depositing to a fantasy sports platform doesn’t mean that we don’t need a good choice of banking methods to use. It’s something that could be improved a lot, even if it’s only by the inclusion of bank transfer options.

Yes, it’s true that DraftDay is solely available for fantasy sports betting. This isn’t a problem – or at least, it wouldn’t really be, if the site had more options available for wagering on. But with just basketball, hockey, baseball, and football possibilities, DraftDay doesn’t really provide a plethora of possibilities, does it? It could do with expanding its collection of these. After all, shouldn’t it be easier to include more fantasy sports options considering that…well, they’re just made-up sports events? We see no reason why DraftDay couldn’t add soccer, MMA, boxing, tennis, and other options into its lobby. It’s not like the site has to wait for such sporting events to actually be taking place in the real world.

Which Sports Is This Site Best Suited For?

With just four fantasy sports on hand for members to bet on, we wouldn’t say that any of them are specifically better than the others. DraftDay does tend to focus on providing a well-rounded service for these. It’s more possible when there are fewer areas to focus on, you see. Your task as a bettor at the site is to draft players each day to make up your fantasy teams. These teams then complete in real-money or free basketball, football, and hockey events, and so on.

It’s ideal to keep in mind that you’re drafting teams for one day of fantasy action. So, when tomorrow arrives, you’ll create an entirely new team for whichever sport(s) you decide to bet on. You’ll then receive points based on the individual performance of each player that you drafted to your team. The points are added up to determine the team’s score, and cash prizes are handed out in response to this.

It’s a whole load of fun being able to draft your own team for the available sports, for sure. We had a great time crafting our fantasy teams, and we’re sure it will prove to be a big draw for you, too. Of course, because the events aren’t physically taking place, things like odds, multiple leagues, and so on aren’t really necessary.

So, whatever you choose to place real money wagers on, be it one or all four of the available sports, you’ll find that the same high-quality experience will be had. So, it’s definitely a perk that football fans, hockey fans, baseball fans, and basketball fans can create their teams and have just as great a time as each other in betting on them.

Betting Limits

Fantasy sports don’t work in the same way as standard sports betting does. It’s actually a lot easier in many respects – which is one of the reasons that we enjoy it so much, we have to admit. Because of this, betting limits aren’t really attached to different bet types, because there aren’t huge masses of these to select from. Moneylines and totals and other options that you would associate with standard sports betting aren’t something that exist at DraftDay.

Instead, what you will find is that the site provides standard betting limits from a minimum to a maximum. DraftDay actually has a wide choice of real money games that you can dive into and enjoy. Buy-ins for these range anywhere from the minimum of $1 and upwards to $200 as a maximum. This does differ significantly from standard sports betting, where wagers of up to $10,000 can often be placed on some events.

Prizes won from these bets will depend on the number of entrants for the event. Should a tie breaker be the result of the event you’re betting on, the prize is divided between the top two (or more) scoring entrants.

So, all you need to do is pick the game that you’d like to wager on, place a bet between $1 and $200, and watch how things turn out. Simple, right? Absolutely!

Will You Enjoy Betting at This Site?

We can honestly say that we were totally excited to involve ourselves in fantasy sports betting again. It’s been a long time since we got to craft our own teams, and it really brings up a sense of involving yourself with your chosen sport.

In fact, we remember when we were younger and wanted to make up our own football teams of our favorite players. DraftDay essentially gives you the chance to be a grown-up kid again – something we’re not ashamed about enjoying.

The site most enjoyably unites our childhood sports team crafting with our current love for online gambling. We couldn’t ask for anything more, and if you’re in the same boat, then you’ll definitely have fun betting at DraftDay.

And don’t forget, you get to do all of this with the inclusion of several special offers, a very easy-to-use website, and rewards dished out along the way. It’s basically like being rewarded for creatively bringing together your favorite team of players.

Haven’t we all at one point or another just wanted to step into a hockey or baseball manager’s shoes and put together our ideal team?

Bonuses and Promotions

As newcomers anywhere, we like to feel valued, right? That’s why it’s normal to expect a welcome offer from an online sportsbook or casino. After all, we need to have some incentive to sign up other than just being able to wager on our favorite sports. Not that we’re greedy, of course. But it’s always good to be welcomed with an offer that is able to provide you with a bit of extra money on top of your standard deposit. Fortunately, there is a welcome offer and more available at GTBets.

Welcome Bonus

Ask yourself a question – do you like getting a little bit extra from your chosen online sportsbook? If the answer is yes, then DraftDay is about to not only make your betting desires come true, but your promotional desires, too. You see, it’s got a good choice of special offers that you can claim as you sign up and continue wagering there. Don’t we all want to feel wanted and loved?

Well, DraftDay will give you the biggest welcome hug it possibly can, and then keep the love coming as you continue on.

Welcome Bonus

Decided to join the DraftDay platform? Great! You’ll be able to claim a 100% welcome bonus as a newcomer at the site. A maximum deposit limit of $1,000 can be made, and the maximum bonus that you can receive from this offer is $600. We spoke a little about this bonus earlier, but it’s released in increments as you continue placing bets at the sportsbook. You’ll receive 4% of the bonus funds every time you buy into a game. Upon receiving the welcome bonus funds, you can use them as you like. This means that you have the ability to instantly withdraw them, if you so wish. Not many sportsbooks can say that!

Perfect Lineup

This special promotion is free to enter. If you think you’ve got what it takes to pick the top-scoring player of each fantasy roster position, then go right ahead. Get it all correct, and you’ll get a reward of $1,000,000. That’s all for choosing “The Perfect Lineup.” What better way could you be rewarded for such a feat?

Deposit Methods

We would have thought that with the increase in popularity of fantasy sports, an increase in depositing methods would have also taken place. Well, either it has and DraftDay hasn’t got the memo, or it just chooses to settle with four payment methods. And when we say four, we mean three credit cards and an e-wallet. Being sports bettors who thrive on choice and diversity, this does leave us feeling a bit underwhelmed. While it’s true that these options do allow you make instant deposits and get straight to business with creating your teams, we would appreciate there being some other methods available, too.

  • Visa
    Min. Deposit: $10
    Max. Deposit: $1,000
    Fee: Free
    Turnaround Time: Instant
  • Mastercard
    Min. Deposit: $10
    Max. Deposit: $1,000
    Fee: Free
    Turnaround Time: Instant
  • American Express
    Min. Deposit: $10
    Max. Deposit: $1,000
    Fee: Free
    Turnaround Time: Instant
  • PayPal
    Min. Deposit: $10
    Max. Deposit: $1,000
    Fee: Free
    Turnaround Time: Instant

Withdrawal Methods

If you thought the depositing methods were few, then prepare yourselves for the limited ways that you can withdraw your winnings. DraftDay has so much potential, but it seems to let itself down considerably in the area of payments. It could benefit so much more from adding a larger range of payment options for both depositing and withdrawing. We’d like to see at least one more e-wallet and possibly some bank transfer options, too.

Needless to say, withdrawing by PayPal is the faster way of doing things, as the only other possibility is to request a withdrawal by check. Fortunately, you’re not so restricted in terms of maximum withdrawal amounts at DraftDay. As long as your withdrawal is at least $20, then you can take out as much as you like from there upwards.

  • PayPal
    Min. Withdrawal: $20
    Max. Deposit: No Max
    Fee: Free
    Turnaround Time: Within 1-2 days
  • Check
    Min. Withdrawal: $20
    Max. Deposit: No Max
    Fee: Free
    Turnaround Time: Within 5-8 bus. days

Level of Customer Service

Have you ever been in the position of needing some help at your chosen online sportsbook and not being able to get it? Well, you don’t have to worry about that as far as DraftDay is concerned. There’s a decent FAQ section on hand to begin with, meaning that you have the option of seeking out your own answers there.

On the other hand, if you want to speak to a customer service agent – which we have done a couple of times – then they’re available through email and live chat. The second of these options is the quickest in terms of getting a response. Even by email, though, the responses that we have gotten have been unexpectedly fast. So, the sportsbook does have some great qualities to take advantage of.

While the speed and friendliness of the team is very admirable, the one issue in this area is that they don’t seem to know how to help or really come across as wanting to help in any huge way. It’s like they will do the bare minimum to inform you on something but won’t go that extra mile for you.

Should You Choose Another Sportsbook?

There really isn’t any comparison that we can make between DraftDay and a standard sports betting site, as they’re completely different. This website is all about fantasy sports betting, which has just as many thrills as standard sports betting. But it’s based entirely on that – fantasy. If you’re looking for something that you can watch on television and place bets on through live betting, then you’re probably going to want to look for something that isn’t fantasy sports.

Now, we know that some online sportsbooks and casinos also include fantasy sports betting among the rest of their services.

But we do find it to be pretty awesome that DraftDay dedicates itself entirely to this. It has a focus on fantasy sports. So, if you’re a fan of this form of betting, then we’d definitely say that DraftDay will provide you with an exciting experience.

Final Thoughts

We have to admit that we’ve never participated in fantasy sports betting on such a high level when compared with standard sports betting. After creating teams and betting on games at DraftDay, though, we’re pretty much set to continue on with it in a much bigger way.

Yes, it’s true that the site could do with including more sports to enjoy. The ability to create a soccer team or a volleyball team, for example, would bring some new and enthralling experiences. For now, though, we’re definitely having fun with putting together football teams and basketball squads. Aside from the inclusion of the gambling part, the creation of teams is probably the best thing about DraftDay.

It needs improving in one or two areas as well, such as the range of payment methods for depositing and withdrawing. We’d also like to see it open up to a wider range of countries, too. Why should the US and Canada have all the fun when DraftDay could be allowing bettors from around the world onto its site?

There’s time for the site to grow, though, and in the meantime, it provides a really cool location for participating in fantasy sports. We’d recommend it to anyone residing in the US and Canada. Nothing says fun like putting together a team of players and sending them off into matches – even if it is only in a fantasy world!

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