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Interwetten Review

Do you want to know more about the Interwetten sportsbook site?

Well, you’ve come to the right place. This full review of the Interwetten site will give you all the details on what this platform provides to you. And in checking it out, we certainly had a fun time experiencing all of its features.

Now, you don’t need to be a genius to figure out that Interwetten has a very distinctively German-sounding name to it. Well, that’s because it was founded in a German-speaking country, that being Austria. But don’t worry; it’s available on a much more international scale now – lucky for us (and you).

Through this review, we want to give you all the hot gossip on the sportsbook and all of its built-in features. We’re going to be digging deep to find out what sports it provides, if it has any promotions to enjoy, what sports you’ll enjoy betting on at Interwetten, and a lot more. By reading this write-up of the site, you’ll be able to learn all about it before you decide on whether or not to join.

Of course, we’ll also be looking at if it has any negative points. We couldn’t consider this to be a fair review if we didn’t. So, be prepared for the good and the bad…and for everything else in between, too. We’re not going to leave any stone unturned in our mission to find out all about the Interwetten sportsbook.

Device Compatibility : iOS Windows Android

The Interwetten Overall Experience

There’s a big blaze of yellow that streaks its way across the top of the Interwetten website. Let’s just say that as far as color schemes go, this one caught our attention. It makes the sportsbook stand out in a big way, for sure.

From our own experience of betting at the sportsbook, we found it to be quite the entertaining and intriguing platform. You can navigate around very easily, using links along the top of the site. Meanwhile, all of the sports are listed down the left-hand side of the page, giving you very easy access to whatever you want to bet on. Truthfully enough, this is a fairly common design for online sportsbooks to use.

Sports on the left, betting slip on the right, possible wagering options down the center. It’s become quite the standard for such sites. It does make it very easy to go from one platform to another, though, we have to admit. At least if you’ve played elsewhere before, you won’t need to spend too much time adapting to the Interwetten layout.

The overall experience that we had while wagering at this sportsbook was mainly positive. The site is well-designed, there’s a ton of sports to select from for betting on, and you also get to access a good range of special offers along the way. So, to put it pretty bluntly, Interwetten is an appealing, high-quality sportsbook.

What We Like About the Site

As avid sports bettors for a number of years now, we’re always going to be excited to bet at a sportsbook that has so much experience. Interwetten firmly falls into this category, and its reputation definitely precedes it. You can clearly see why it has gained such a standing in the sports betting world, too. Everything that the site does is completed with a certain finesse. Simply put, the fact that Interwetten has existed for so many years already makes it a particular priority for us.

Now, we’re not going to say that Interwetten has the biggest selection of sports to bet on, but it’s certainly trying for the championship in this! You’re sure to find everything that you want to wager on at the sportsbook, from popular sports like football and golf through to less-seen options such as netball and ski jumping. We love the fact that Interwetten is so diverse with its range of sports, and we even had a dabble on sporting events that we’d never even heard of before, such as Pesapallo. Fun times to be had by all, we’d say.

Choices, choices, choices – we all love choices. This is true when it comes to depositing funds into our sportsbook accounts. While some online platforms don’t provide more than three or four possibilities for this, Interwetten isn’t about to let anyone down in this area. Instead, the site accepts a number of cards, bank transfer options, e-wallets, and some country-specific options, too. So, you’ll never need to worry about how you can fund your account – unless, of course, you have an issue with making decisions. Then, you may find yourself overwhelmed with the Interwetten choices.

What Could They Do Better?

When we visit online sportsbooks, we’re not specifically seeking out negative parts of them. At Interwetten, there weren’t really any dramatic issues to be discovered. Perhaps our biggest let-down at the site is that it isn’t available to several countries, including the United Kingdom and the United States of America. We know, it’s not something that the platform necessarily needs to be a part of considering how successful it already is. Wouldn’t it be nice if bettors from these countries could enjoy everything that Interwetten has to offer, though?

Other than this, it’s a slight downfall for the sportsbook to only offer up to €100 as part of its welcome bonus. As new players, we like to expect a little bit more. Especially when you consider that some sites out there are providing up to €1,000 and over. Couldn’t Interwetten just tweak this a little bit, even to add an extra €100 on top? That would suit us just fine. Newcomers need to feel welcomed on the highest level, right? We think that an experienced site such as this one would know that already.

Which Sports Is This Site Best Suited For?

If football (soccer) isn’t clearly a focus of the Interwetten site, then we don’t know what is! It’s definitely one of the sports that we advise you to take part in when you sign up. There’s every league imaginable for you to place wagers on – Champions League, Europa League, and other country-specific leagues from Switzerland, Belgium, Sweden, Denmark, and more. You could almost argue that the Interwertten website was originally created to give bettors the chance to wager on football. That’s how prominent it is as this sportsbook.

Something else that we think you’ll find suitable for betting on at Interwetten is tennis. You’ll be able to access options for the French Open, US Open, Australian Open, WTA, ATP, and so much more. You’re able to wager on tournaments taking place this year and next year, with possibilities for singles, doubles, and mixed competitions. Tennis at Interwetten features standard tennis bets as well as special wagering options and the top betting odds that can be found online.

Aside from these two sports, we highly recommend that you involve yourself in betting on basketball at Interwetten. Several European leagues, as well as the US leagues, are available, with German and Filipino leagues making up the remainder. It also features attractive betting odds for you to benefit from. Formula 1 is also a high-priority sport at the site, with top odds for the Grand Prix events. Anyone who enjoys motorsports will certainly get a kick out of the Interrwetten platform for this. Last but not least, one other sport that stands out at Interwetten is golf. Whether it’s the Masters Tournament, the Barbasol Championship, or anything else, this sportsbook has your betting needs covered.

Some of the other top-quality sports on hand at Interwetten sportsbook are:

  • Baseball
  • Cycling
  • Beach Volleyball
  • American Football
  • Boxing
  • Cricket
  • Darts
  • Ice Hockey
  • MMA
  • Rugby
  • Snooker
  • Esports
  • Water Polo

Betting Limits

Unlike some online sportsbooks, Interwetten chooses not to publish specific wagering limits for different sports. Instead, it offers its customers certain minimums for differing bets and then informs them that the maximum differs between the type of bet that you’re placing, too. This means that it’s hard to determine what will or won’t be counted as a possible bet when accessing the sportsbook’s lobby.

In terms of the maximum bet, you will be notified by the system if you try to place a bet that doesn’t fit in with the limitations. In this instance, you’ll just need to lower the amount that you’re wagering. It’s a bit of a long way around of doing things, but if the information isn’t there for knowing about beforehand, there’s little that can be done about it.

The minimum bet that you can place for single and combination wagers stands at €1. On the other hand, the minimum bet per row or bet for a system bet is €0.30, while a total system bet exists at a €3 minimum. If you’re not betting in Euros, then the minimum bet for you will be different. You need to check on your betting slip to see what the minimum amount is for you and your chosen currency.

This can cause a little bit of confusion, it has to be said. Speaking of ourselves, we like to know the maximums that we have to adhere to before going ahead with trying to place a wager. Minimums are fine to know about, but then again, we don’t really ever place sports wagers that are below €1. It’s no good if you try to place a €500 wager on an event, though, only to find out that you can’t place anything higher than €300, for example.

Will You Enjoy Betting at This Site?

Yes, yes, yes! That might sound like an exaggeration, but it’s really how we feel about Interwetten. How could you not have fun at a site with so many sports betting options available? We’d be hard-pressed to find anyone who can load the Interwetten platform up and not be instantly amazed by what’s on offer.

If the longevity of the sportsbook doesn’t claim you, then the fact that it’s so diverse most certainly will. You can’t really not have fun while wagering on its options. If you’re looking for an online sportsbook at the moment, then we’d heavily recommend Interwetten. It’s a great platform with so much to offer.

If there are any slight faults going on with the site, then it more than makes up for these in other ways. Plus, who doesn’t like a yellow and black website design? To put it in a simpler way, it’s almost like Interwetten and enjoyment walk hand in hand – and that’s not something that can be said about many online sportsbooks, believe us!

If you don’t believe us on the basis of the desktop site, then why not try Interwetten betting from your smartphone or tablet? It’s just as fulfilling, if not more so. Why wouldn’t you want to make wagers from any location?

Bonuses and Promotions

You’ll be able to “hit the ground running,” according to what the Interwetten site has to say about its welcome bonus. And while we wouldn’t exactly agree with this wholeheartedly, the welcome offer does give you a nice enough balance boost to begin with. It’s not the only promotion that the Interwetten site has available, although it’s the first one that you’ll come into contact with as a new player. Additionally, promotions follow on after this one for you to claim and benefit from.

Welcome Bonus

After the completion of your sign-up, Interwetten’s welcome offer will be available to claim. The platform offers more than just a sportsbook offering, which we’ll touch on more a little bit later. However, the welcome bonus is able to be used across the entirety of the Interwetten offerings, meaning that you’re not specifically restricted to using it at one section of the site or another. The offer provides you with a bonus of 100% on top of your initial deposit there, which has a maximum value to it of €100. This remains as quite a low welcome bonus when compared with other sportsbooks and gambling sites, so we would have preferred it to be even just a little higher.

0:0 Insurance

The top tie of the month is a promotion that runs for specific games taking place and is usually available on sports that are expected to be thrilling, edge-of-the-seat slobber-knockers! If the event that you’re wagering on ends without any goals being scored, though, you’ll still take home some winnings with a refund of up to €25 of the bet that you place on it.

No-Risk Mobile Bet

Just another reason to take the Interwetten sports lobby with you wherever you go. This no-risk mobile bet for you to claim works on your very first wager placed via a smartphone or tablet. If it’s a losing bet, then you’ll receive up to €25 of the stake that you placed back as a bonus.

Limited-Time Promotions

Sometimes, Interwetten will also allow you to participate in limited-time offers, featuring additional bonuses and other offers like cashback. It’s a good idea to keep a check on the promotions section of the website or on your email inbox to always receive information directly about these.

Deposit Methods

When there’s over 10 payment methods available to use for depositing, you know you’re onto a good platform. Interwetten caught our attention pretty much instantly with this, giving you the chance to really get to grips with the accepted payment methods. You’ll find it difficult to locate a type of method that isn’t accepted at this site, with e-wallets, credit and debit cards, prepaid cards, and more all being readily available to use.
All deposits at the sportsbook are free of charge, meaning that you won’t have to worry about any extra costs showing up. This is certainly a great thing for us to witness, having played at several platforms with additional fees. The only option that is different is the bank wire transfer. You’ll also be able to make a deposit of anything from €10 and upwards. You’re able to use the following methods to fund your Interwetten account:

  • Visa
  • Mastercard
  • Diners Club International
  • VPay
  • EPS
  • Klarna
  • Bank Transfer
  • Maestro
  • Skrill
  • Neteller
  • Interwetten Betting Voucher
  • ecoPayz
  • PayPal
  • Paysafecard

Withdrawal Methods

For withdrawal purposes, we were happy to discover that we could make a single deposit each week free of charge. This is quite okay with us, as generally speaking, we’re not inclined to make more than one withdrawal per week from an online sportsbook. Any other withdrawals within the same week will come with a fee of €5 as standard. The only exception to this rule is for a bank wire transfer, which we’ll explain a little more about below.

Something else that Interwetten does nicely is process the cash-out requests within a 24-hour time period. Keep in mind that this is on working days only – Monday to Friday. Any requests made over the weekend won’t be processed until the following Monday. For security reasons, your very first withdrawal at Interwetten has to be paid to your bank account. Afterwards, you’re able to use alternative banking methods.

  • Bank Wire Transfer
    Min. Withdrawal: €30
    Max. Withdrawal: No Max
    Fee: Differs depending upon amount
    Turnaround Time: Within 2-5 bus. days
  • Visa
    Min. Withdrawal: €30
    Max. Withdrawal: No Max
    Fee: Free
    Turnaround Time: Within 1-3 bus. days
  • Neteller
    Min. Withdrawal: €30
    Max. Withdrawal: No Max
    Fee: Free
    Turnaround Time: Up to 48 hours
  • Skrill
    Min. Withdrawal: €30
    Max. Withdrawal: No Max
    Fee: Free
    Turnaround Time: Up to 48 hours
  • ecoPayz
    Min. Withdrawal: €30
    Max. Withdrawal: No Max
    Fee: Free
    Turnaround Time: Up to 48 hours

Level of Customer Service

The customer service team at Interwetten is very friendly and helpful. They’re available around the clock, meaning that you can always reach out to them for assistance. We’ve done this on a couple of occasions and always found them to be as helpful as possible.

However, one thing to note is that there isn’t any sort of live chat function at Interwetten. So, whenever you want to speak to the support team, you have to reach out to them by email or telephone. The second of these options is quicker, although it would be nicer to see a chat function be incorporated into the website, too.

More Than a Sportsbook

Do you sometimes find yourself getting tired of placing sports bets? Well, we know for sure that we do from time to time. That’s why we enjoy the fact that Interwetten has some other gambling options available to participate in. There’s a casino section at the site first and foremost. So, if you like spinning reels or having cards dealt out to you, go right ahead and get cracking with it. It’s got games from some of the world’s best quality designers, including NetEnt and Pragmatic Play, so you’ll find endless hours of entertainment there.

A live casino section is also present at Interwetten, giving you access to an authentic land-based casino experience from your computer or mobile device. Plus, you’ll get the chance to access a separate section for esports and virtual sports as well. So, if you ever need a break from sports betting, Interwetten has got you completely covered.

Should You Choose Another Sportsbook?

Interwetten stands very high on a list of sportsbooks and really does provide a great service. We were completely satisfied as bettors there from the moment we signed up. For this, we’d say that finding a better sportsbook would be a mission in potential futility. There aren’t many online sportsbooks with such a wide range of sports to bet on. Plus, not a lot of them give you so many banking options to use, either.

The only time we would suggest to you to try another sportsbook is if you don’t reside in one of the accepted countries – for obvious reasons. If you are able to access the site, though, and you really want to indulge in some high-quality sports betting, Interwetten is a great place to take part in it.

Try comparing it with some other online sportsbooks and see if it fails particularly hard in any area. For us, it makes for an ideal location to place bets on your favorite sports. We think it will be the same for many others, too. Why else would it have survived for so many years already?

Final Thoughts

If Interwetten were a potential bride, we’d hook up and marry it!

In all seriousness, though, the site is definitely something to be proud of, and we’re sure that the operator is just that. We love the huge choice of sports. We love the selection of promotions. We love the strong collection of payment methods that can be used. Really, Interwetten is an ideal platform for sports betting.

It is quite a shame that more countries cannot access and sign up to the platform. And there could be a little bit of work done on the site’s welcome offer, too. But these are two minor issues that are easily worked around.

If you’re looking for a sportsbook to become a member of, then we certainly recommend the Interwetten site. You’ll get so much to choose from and have a fun time while betting there. So, why not sign up and start your sports betting journey there today?