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A Complete Review of RealBet

Okay, guys, it’s time to get a little bit real here.

And we have to say that we really enjoyed reviewing the RealBet sportsbook. How did we do it? Well, we took the opportunity to sign up to the platform and experience what placing sports wagers there is actually like. In essence, we have become you – and boy, did we have a fun time doing it.

RealBet is one of those platforms that may not look like much from the exterior design, but it brings more to the table than you’re initially led to believe. That’s why once we’d joined, we were pretty happy with everything that we saw there. Sure, it could do with some tweaks here and there, but what online sportsbook couldn’t?

Having signed up, made deposits, placed a few sports wagers, and had withdrawals processed through, we thought that it was only necessary for us to write a complete review of everything that RealBet has to offer up to bettors. And that’s exactly what you’ll be seeing here.

If you’ve ever read through anything we’ve reviewed before, you’ll know that we’re totally honest, meaning that no stone will be left unturned. We’ll be totally honest about what we’ve experienced, so you’ll be informed on the good and the bad parts of RealBet. Make sure that you’re ready to hear about one or two criticisms of the site.

But on the whole, we had fun becoming members of the platform and finding out about all of its quirks. So, let’s see what you think of the site after you’ve gone through this review of it.

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The RealBet Overall Experience

We have to admit that we had never heard of the RealBet platform before we loaded the site up for the first time. Yet having betted at several other online sportsbooks before, we have to say that we weren’t quite as overwhelmed by the site design upon arriving there.

This isn’t to say that the layout is bad in any way. It just doesn’t seem to have as much put into it as some other platforms. However, any minimal doubts about RealBet that we had at this time were quickly knocked away once we accessed the main part of the sportsbook and signed up.

Did we enjoy our sports betting experience there? We’d probably say yes, on the whole, we did. There are certain parts of the website that we would change and expand upon, but for a sportsbook that has only been around for about three
years, RealBet does provide a welcoming and inviting experience. At least, in our opinion.

It’s clear to see that the operator is trying very hard to cater to its bettors. Whether or not you think that it caters to you personally is another question. Yet for what we’ve experienced there, we’d definitely say that it
catered to our interests. Overall, we were satisfied with betting there.

What We Like About the Site

There isn’t a huge number of online sportsbooks that provide their services to the US market. However, RealBet does, meaning that any residents of the United States can sign up and participate in betting on their favorite sporting
events. All of the popular American sports can be found at the site, too, so if you do reside in the US, there’s the potential for you to really be catered to there.

To add to this, what RealBet may lack in terms of a diverse choice of sports to bet on, it does make up for with some intriguing promotions. We all like a good special offer, don’t we? RealBet isn’t about to let this knowledge slip by,
it seems. Instead, it brings forth multiple promotional rewards for both sports bettors and casino players to benefit from.

So, if you really need to enhance your betting experience at the site, you need only check through the promotions that are available at the time of placing your wagers. You never know; you could pick something up that truly gives you a
boost to your balance.

We’d also like to say how pleased we are to see that the site has expanded upon its credit and debit card payment methods to include Bitcoin deposits. Granted, not everyone utilizes this cryptocurrency – or any others, for that matter – but it does mean that bettors aren’t completely restricted to making card deposits at the site. Not everybody is comfortable with inputting their card details at online gambling sites.

What Could They Do Better?

Just touching on the payment methods once again, the RealBet site is still quite limited in terms of the options that it offers. When the sportsbook originally started operating in 2015, it only allowed members to make deposits through Visa or Mastercard options. In more recent times, it has added Bitcoin transactions to its accepted payment methods.

This still means that there are just three payment methods available to utilize, though. Knowing how sports bettors have a strong desire for choices, the platform could do with expanding upon these. What do we do if we don’t possess Bitcoins and we don’t have interest in using a card for transferring money? At the moment, the only available option other than these is to find an alternative sportsbook.

Now, one other thing that we’re really not fans of at RealBet is the fact that when you make a withdrawal, you’ll always be charged a fee for this. If it’s a couple of bucks, then we don’t mind, but a $50 transaction fee? That’s a bit steep, isn’t it? Imagine if you’re withdrawing a total of $100 from your sportsbook account. You’ll be handing half of that over to the site in order to just get your winnings out.

Which Sports Is This Site Best Suited For?

You wouldn’t be able to go far at the RealBet site without noticing something relating to NFL betting. For this reason, it’s clear to see that football has quite a solid standing there. In actuality, it has its own link that is separate from the rest of the sportsbook lobby. If that’s not dedication from the RealBet site for you, then we don’t know what is.

Betting on football will allow you to have an enjoyable time with multiple wagering options. In fact, the NFL isn’t the only league that is available to you. Instead, you can also bet on the NCAA fixtures and the CFL, too. With this being the case, regardless of if you’re rooting for the Seattle Seahawks, the Oakland Raiders, or the Detroit Lions, your team will be there. And each game comes with competitive odds to make sure that you receive the best price possible.

Baseball is also high up on the list of sports that this site is best suited for. The MLB is, of course, the prime league that you get to bet on. When betting on games from this section, you have the chance to enjoy options from the “Odds” section or the “5-Inning.” Baseball is also something that RealBet provides live betting on, meaning that you can even participate in in-the-moment bets as well.

Other sports that you may find to be interesting and well-suited to the RealBet site include basketball, with multiple options for the NBA, NCAA, and even futures on these events. You’ll also be able to wager on multiple golf
options at the site, including the possibility for options on the Ryder Cup, The Northern Trust, and the Masters. Finally, how about enjoying some International Soccer betting? This isn’t quite as extensive as the soccer sections that you’ll
find at some other sites but does allow you the chance to wager on English, German, and other international leagues.

The remaining sports options that exist at RealBet include:

Betting Limits

RealBet ensures that its members know the limits that they need to stick to when it comes to placing sports bets. It’s a good thing in general, although it’s not something that all sites provide information on. Now, it’s common for us as bettors to want to place any kind of bet that we like. However, betting limits need to be stuck to, and if you try going above the maximums or below any minimums, the sportsbook will inform you and disallow the attempted bet. Betting limits at RealBet exist as follows.

  • Football:
    Spread: $1,000
    Moneyline: $1,000
    Totals: $1,000
  • Basketball:
    Spread: $1,000
    Moneyline: $1,000
    Totals: $1,000
  • Baseball:
    Spreads: $1,000
    Moneyline: $1,000
    Totals: $1,000
  • Hockey:
    Spreads: $1,000
    Moneyline: $1,000
    Totals: $1,000
  • Soccer:
    Spreads: $500
    1×2: $500
    Totals: $500

Will You Enjoy Betting at This Site?

We’d say that once you get involved with it, yes, you will enjoy betting at RealBet. If you go into it trying to compare it with other sportsbooks that you’ve placed bets at before, then you may find it difficult to adapt to the new

On the other hand, RealBet does have its own sort of unique welcome to provide to you. If you’re a resident of the United States, then it may look reminiscent of other online sportsbooks that you’ve played at before. This isn’t a bad thing, though. Everything will look a bit more familiar to you, in this instance.

Even though the site doesn’t have a huge mass of sports for betting on like some other platforms, it does have the big four American sports in football, baseball, hockey, and basketball. Of course, it’s not only available for US
citizens to join, so if you have more of a European influence, you’ll get to bet on soccer and tennis and other such options.

The enjoyment factor is definitely there, so you won’t sign up and find yourself bored with what’s available. Quite far from it, actually. Although the site does have a bit more of a focus on providing a good service for US players, it’s also true to say that RealBet welcomes bettors from many other locations. It’s a very diverse and enjoyable site.

Bonuses and Promotions

We will be the first to freely admit that when we seek out a new sportsbook to join, we always consider the type of promotions that it provides. Fortunately, there wasn’t anything negative to worry about in this area where RealBet is concerned. The promotions page is brimming over with intriguing special offers that you can claim.

Furthermore, you’re quite likely to receive emails from the site, which provide you with the latest information surrounding promotions. We’d probably say that you’ll be fortunate to not go without at the sportsbook.

Welcome Bonus

Your time at RealBet begins with a special welcome offer that you can benefit from. Before you can receive this, you need to complete your registration and then proceed with your initial deposit. On top of this deposit, the sportsbook will give you a bonus of 100%, and this has a maximum value to it of $1,000 altogether. There’s no bonus code required for it – the funds are just added to your balance automatically upon the completion of your first deposit.

Daily Reloads

The good thing about being a member of the RealBet site is that whenever you make a reload deposit into your account, you’ll always benefit from additional bonus funds. The platform offers up a 20% bonus on top, which has a maximum
value to it of $200. Just make sure you use the code RELOAD20 when depositing to receive the funds on top at the same time.

Refer a Friend

Wouldn’t you like all of your gambling friends to come and join you at the RealBet sportsbook? After all, if you’re betting there, it must be something good, right? Well, every time you refer a friend to the site, and they go on to sign up and make a deposit, you will receive a 50% bonus of their initial deposit. This comes with a maximum value to it of $500. Sharing is caring, naturally.

Parlay Challenge

If you’re a particularly avid fan of placing sports bets on football, then perhaps the Parlay Challenge at RealBet will be of interest to you. Backing five teams will pay out an extra 20% to you if the parlay is successful. This is definitely one that could get any sports bettor’s interest in football up.

Social Media Bonus

Everyone is a social media fan these days, right? Well, when wagering at RealBet, if you like the sportsbook on Facebook or follow it on Twitter or Instagram, you receive what is known as a “Friendship Prize.” This adds a $10 bonus to your account, which is money that you can utilize however you like – on sports bets, in the casino, it’s entirely your choice.

Deposit Methods

Now, as you’re probably already aware, placing sports bets requires you to have some money in your betting account. Otherwise, how are you going to participate in it? You’ll need to make a money transfer to be able to do this, although RealBet only provides a couple of different options to you for doing this.

Visa and Mastercard credit and debit card deposits are accepted, and so are Bitcoin deposits. This isn’t a huge amount, so if you’re particularly dedicated to online gambling via a specific payment method, then RealBet might not be the one for you.

  • Visa
    Min. Deposit: $50
    Max. Deposit: $1,000 Fee: Free
    Turnaround Time: Instant

  • Mastercard
    Min. Deposit: $50
    Max. Deposit: $1,000 Fee: Free
    Turnaround Time: Instant
  • Bitcoin
    Min. Deposit: $50
    Max. Deposit: $1,000 Fee: Free
    Turnaround Time: Instant

Withdrawal Methods

Unfortunately, when it comes to withdrawing money from the RealBet site, things don’t particularly get much better. You are limited to receiving funds via Bitcoin or a Check by Courier. Plus, with the insane transaction fees relating to the Check option, this stands out as being the biggest let-down of the sportsbook for us.

Additionally, while Bitcoin transactions may be quite swift, the check method is anything but fast. It can take up to 10 days for this to fully process through, and the site itself isn’t especially speedy with approving withdrawals of any kind, either. We’d definitely say that some work could be put into this particular part of the sportsbook.

Level of Customer Service

Something that RealBet can feel quite satisfied about is its customer service. We can’t say that we’ve spent so much time reaching out to the team, but every time that we have, the agents have always been friendly and willing to
provide assistance.

Even before you contact the customer support, you’ll find that an informative FAQ section exists at the site, too. The team is reachable through email only for the time being, although they can also be contacted on social media platforms like Twitter.

It would be nice to see a live chat function integrated into the RealBet site. This is the most effective and speedy way of contacting customer support teams, and it’s a feature that many online sportsbooks include into their websites

More Than a Sportsbook

Now, it’s not only a sportsbook that RealBet can feel proud of, but an online casino section, too. So, if like us, you sometimes want to take a break from sports betting but want to remain gambling, an online casino is the perfect

The RealBet casino features a selection of intriguing games, such as blackjack, 3D slots, video poker, and keno, to name but a few. Betsoft provides a good amount of the games there, although the site utilizes its own proprietary
software as well. Therefore, you do get to access a good mix of well-known and rarer titles while playing there.

Some of the games on offer in the casino lobby include titles like Heaven Cent, Cleopatra’s Bonus, Coral Cash, and Boomanji. As with the sportsbook, the casino at RealBet also comes with its own selection of promotions that will serve to enhance your gameplay there. All in all, it makes for a nice break away from sports betting, in our opinion.

Should You Choose Another Sportsbook?

You could compare this to other online sportsbooks, such as Bovada or BetOnline, for example. Yes, it’s true to say that RealBet does fail in one or two areas where others excel. Although, the reverse is also true in favor of
RealBet. So, we could pretty much say that the sites even themselves out with their built-in features.

It really all depends upon what you’re looking to get out of your chosen online sports betting site. If you want a decent enough selection of sports and a grand collection of promotions to benefit from, then RealBet could very well be the one for you. Of course, you’ll need to have no qualms about a limited number of depositing and withdrawing methods to use.

To put it simply, we do recommend sports bettors to sign up to the RealBet site, as it does have some appealing built-in perks that will no doubt impress you. And with a casino on the side for you to access, too, you’ll be able to really enjoy a wider variety of online gambling when playing at this site.

Final Thoughts

Overall, we think that the RealBet website is a decent enough sportsbook. It caters nicely to sports bettors, especially those based within the United States who don’t have as many options to choose from. The site is well laid out, meaning that you can navigate your way around it easily and place your wagers quite swiftly, too.

Would we like to change anything about it? Certainly. The fact that there are so few payment methods on hand to be able to use is a bit of a downer for us. We like to have more choices than a couple in this department, so certain areas could do with a bit of work. Yet even with these negative parts, RealBet still offers up a welcoming platform to sign up to and enjoy.