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TipBet Review

In fact, TipBet reminded us of why we love joining and reviewing sportsbooks. It’s one of those sites that has so much to offer to bettors that it’s hard not to like it from the very start of your time there. This review of the TipBet sportsbook will make sure that you’re fully aware of everything that the site has to provide to you.

We, as gamblers, like to know that we’re getting the best service from our chosen sportsbook. TipBet certainly aims to give you that, and we’re happy to report that it succeeds on so many levels, too. That’s exactly why this review is here – to present you with everything that is so great about the platform.

But we also have to inform you of any downsides as well. What would a fair review be if we spent all of our time hyping up a sportsbook and not mentioning anything about what it could improve on? Yes, it would be nice if there was an online platform that did everything 100% perfectly. Can any of us really say that we’ve found such a website for sports betting, though? We’d probably say that that’s a negative answer.

If you’re looking to find out more about TipBet, then you’ve come to the right place. So, come, take a walk with us through all of its features. It might just turn out to be the sportsbook that you’ve been seeking out!

Device Compatibility : iOS Windows Android

The TipBet Overall Experience

So, can you expect this sportsbook to “tip” you over the edge? Well, yes, possibly so – although only in the best possible way. We became almost instant fans of the platform as soon as we loaded it up. This is mainly due to the fact that it has such a funky and attractive layout. It pretty much appeals to you within a quick second.

Because of the instant liking that we had for it, we were quite happy to navigate around the site and discover all of its features.

That’s why we always place a heavy focus on first impressions.

The construction of an online website isn’t specifically something that’s difficult. But if you can cause someone to get that sense of intrigue from the very first moment, there’s a likelihood that they’ll stick around.

The overall experience of TipBet was like that for us. We came, we saw, and we wanted to know more. We’re sure that the same will be true for you, too. So, having gotten the first impression part down, what else did TipBet impress us with? Well, we’d probably say that it’s easier to write about what we weren’t impressed with because there’s very little in terms of bad things at the site.

Now, we’re not saying that negatives don’t exist – because, like any other sportsbook, they do. The difference is that they don’t stand out in such a huge way as they do at some others. From that, you can probably tell that we’re already ready to start gushing about TipBet.

What We Like About the Site

Even though the homepage of the sportsbook might seem stuffed with different sections, the way that it is designed makes it all easy to understand. That’s what we like about the site first and foremost. We don’t need to spend a lot of our time figuring out what this, that, or the other is for. No, it’s all simple. Sports down the left-hand side. Links across the top. Live betting and highlights in the center. Your betting slip on the right. And, just for good measure, a toggle option for displaying a dark or light theme!

Having been bettors for several years now, we’re always pleased to see a platform that includes more than just a few payment methods for us to use. So, imagine our happiness when we saw that TipBet is more than willing to accommodate in this area. From credit cards and e-wallets through to prepaid cards and bank transfers, TipBet isn’t skimping in this area. The wider the payment methods, the wider the audience you can reach. Right now, we’d say that TipBet has the potential to draw in crowds on this feature alone.

While we were checking the TipBet sportsbook out, we found ourselves needing to head out of the house at certain times. This was of little problem, though, because the platform is easily accessible from mobile devices. So, while we were traveling on the train or just having a break in the park, it was simple to just enter the website’s address into our smartphone’s browser. An optimized version of the sportsbook then shows up, and you can continue placing bets in the same way. With this, we didn’t have to miss out on wagering on our favorite sports.

What Could They Do Better?

For everything that it includes, we find it a bummer that TipBet doesn’t have a standing in the United Kingdom or the United States. Bettors from both of these countries aren’t able to sign up and place bets there. Now, we’re not saying that this is specifically the fault of the sportsbook.

A license from the UK Gambling Commission is not something that the platform holds, so this is what blocks the UK market from playing there. It would be nice to see TipBet expand into these locations, though, as they’re both huge gambling markets to tap into.

Which Sports Is This Site Best Suited For?

We would be lying if we didn’t say that we had a great time betting on soccer at TipBet. The sportsbook allows you to access betting for a huge number of leagues, including games from Turkey, Spain, Holland, Germany, the Europa League, and Champions League. In fact, you can access over 60 different categories, most of which have their own sub-categories as well.

Soccer is huge across many countries, so it’s little wonder that TipBet has taken the initiative to realize that sports bettors love betting on this. So, you’ll always find competitive odds and intriguing possibilities for this sport at TipBet.

Something else that we can recommend for betting on at TipBet is basketball. With options for US leagues, international offerings, and country-specific options from Germany, Turkey, Greece, Australia, and the Philippines, basketball is a prominent figure at this sportsbook.
When accessing the basketball options, we were quite pleased to find so many wagering options. You have the chance to bet on game handicaps, whether overtime will take place, the half-time scores, outcomes of the four quarters, total points scored, and much more. We could say that we weren’t really huge basketball betting fans until we played at TipBet.

Another sport that stands out as being quite suitable for betting on at this sportsbook includes ice hockey, with options for games from multiple countries, including Germany, Sweden, Norway, and the United States.

Football makes for another popular option, offering the chance to wager on the NFL and CFL leagues. Lastly, do you find tennis to be a favorite sport of yours? If so, then TipBet could work well for you. Competitive odds across multiple tournaments are certain to thrill.
Other sports that are available at TipBet include:

  • Handball
  • Cricket
  • Rugby
  • Beach Volleyball
  • Boxing
  • Snooker
  • Table Tennis
  • Darts
  • Baseball
  • Motor Sport

Betting Limits

In reviewing online sportsbooks, it has become fairly common for us to come across platforms that announce different betting limits for the various sports. TipBet doesn’t provide information on this; they just give you a standard set minimum and a standard maximum for you to adhere to when placing bets.

Looking at the minimum, you will be able to open bets from as little as €1. We’d say that this is quite average, actually, as several other sportsbooks offer the same minimum. So, TipBet doesn’t go a different route in terms of its minimums.

Instead, the maximum bet that you can place across all sports is where things turn a little bit more alternative. Even though the site is quite modern and provides a good number of sports to wager on, the maximum you can stake on these is €500. This is quite the difference in comparison to other sportsbooks, considering some of them allow bets of up to €10,000 on single sports.

With this being the case, we’d hazard a guess that TipBet is very much focused on providing a service to recreational bettors more than anything else.

Don’t despair, though, because even with these lower-than-average betting limits, you’ll still find the site and its wagering options to be very appealing.

Will You Enjoy Betting at This Site?

Being betting men, we’d certainly bet on a positive answer to this question. There’s just too much to love and enjoy about TipBet. Not only does it have a good selection of sports to bet on, but it’s also got a great website design. For us, it uses the right amount of highly-popular sports with some of the less-seen options, such as darts and snooker. So, it really tries to give a little something to everyone, and it does a pretty good job of it.

Actually, we encourage everyone to sign up and try betting at TipBet before they go on anywhere else. Mainly because it’s such a fulfilling sportsbook that you’ll be hard-pressed to find another that has as many strengths.

It’s one thing to have access to betting on sports, but it’s definitely another to have fun all the time that you’re participating in it. We can honestly say that from start to finish, betting at TipBet was a real thrill for us.

With the inclusion of live betting and mobile betting, it’s really enjoyable to be able to wager on your chosen sports at any time and from anywhere. Why wouldn’t you enjoy such a well-rounded service from a sportsbook?

Bonuses and Promotions

Special offers are meant to enhance your time at an online gambling site. This doesn’t always mean that they have to be overflowing with bonus funds on such a high level that you don’t know what to do with the funds. TipBet seems to recognize this, choosing to provide players with a little extra in terms of various promotions, rather than flood you with bonus funds initially. You’ve heard the saying “less is more,” right? Well, while the sportsbook doesn’t specifically give you less than anywhere else, it definitely aims to make sure that you’ve got more to play with.

Welcome Bonus

“The Fantastic 100% Welcome Bonus” is how the platform describes its initial promotion. This one is available for newcomers to the sportsbook to claim, so you simply need to fill out your information on the sign-up form and then make your first deposit. This is where the 100% comes into play. As long as this first deposit is of €10 or more, then you’ll receive up to €150 on top to place wagers with. The bonus funds and deposited funds must be wagered at least five times on sports bets with total odds of 1.60.

Extra €15 Welcome Bonus

We all like a little something extra, right? Well, TipBet likes handing out a little something extra, too. €15 extra, in fact. While you’re opening your account there, insert the promotional code of EXTRA15 and make sure that you click on the OPT-IN button, too. You’ll then get a €15 bonus added onto your account balance straight away without you needing to make a deposit first!

Weekly 10% Cashback Bonus

We’re not trying to sound biased, but we’re hella happy with the fact that TipBet provides weekly cashback to bettors. As long as you make a minimum deposit of €100 through Monday to Sunday for a qualifying week, the cashback on your net losses will be credited to your account. This has a maximum value to it of €150 for you to really benefit from and not feel so down about any losses you have experienced.

+50% Super Combi Bonus

For something that goes even further, if you combine at least four selections with minimum odds of 1.5 on your betting slip, you can receive an extra bonus on top. Why not make one of them a live bet, too, and see a higher bonus come your way? You can get up to 50% on top of your wagers.

Deposit Methods

One thing that a lot of online sportsbook suffer from is the inability to hand over a decent collection of payment methods for depositing and withdrawing. This, we’re happy to report, though, is not the case with TipBet. In fact, we were shocked to see so many possibilities were available when we accessed the cashier section of the sportsbook.
Credit cards, e-wallets, bank transfers, and more are all available to use at TipBet, with many country-specific options to cater to people from all around the world, too. Impressed? We were as well! The options available to use are as follows:

  • Visa
  • Mastercard
  • Maestro
  • Skrill
  • Paysafecard
  • Neteller
  • ecoPayz
  • Giropay
  • Sofort
  • Entropay
  • AstroPay
  • Boleto
  • Itau
  • Bradesco
  • Banco do Brasil
  • Caixa
  • Santander

Withdrawal Methods

There are not as many possibilities when it comes to withdrawing funds from your TipBet account. However, you’ll still get a decent choice to pick from. As we’ve found with most sites, the method you use to deposit is the same method you’ll get your funds back through.

TipBet works on the same principle, although if your method isn’t available for withdrawing by, you’ll have funds sent via bank wire transfer. This, and credit card withdrawals, are the only options that aren’t instant. It’s nice to see that all methods are free of charge, though, considering this is not always the case at online sportsbooks. Withdrawal methods are available in the following.

  • Bank Wire Transfer
    Min. Withdrawal: €25
    Max. Withdrawal: No Max
    Fee: Free
    Turnaround Time: Within 3-7 bus. days
  • Visa and Mastercard
    Min. Withdrawal: €10
    Max. Withdrawal: No Max
    Fee: Free
    Turnaround Time: Within 3-5 bus. days
  • Skrill
    Min. Withdrawal: €10
    Max. Withdrawal: €10,000
    Fee: Free
    Turnaround Time: Instant
  • Neteller
    Min. Withdrawal: €10
    Max. Withdrawal: €5,000
    Fee: Free
    Turnaround Time: Instant
  • ecoPayz
    Min. Withdrawal: €10
    Max. Withdrawal: €5,000
    Fee: Free
    Turnaround Time: Instant
  • AstroPay
    Min. Withdrawal: €15
    Max. Withdrawal: No Max
    Fee: Free
    Turnaround Time: Instant

Level of Customer Service

Feeling satisfied about TipBet’s incredible features yet? If not, then perhaps the customer service options will persuade you to sign up. We all know how frustrating it is to have problems with anything, so it’s imperative that we can get the necessary help that we need as quickly as possible.

By using the email form on the TipBet website, we were able to communicate with the support team, and they did respond within the stated 24-hour time period. However, for a swifter service, we have resorted to using the sportsbook’s live chat function.

Agents on the live chat are very responsive. We were startled to find that when we first visited the site, a chat window popped up within 15 seconds, and we were welcomed to the site and told just to ask if we needed any help. The times that we have needed help have always resulted in a pleasant and informative chat with the support team.

More Than a Sportsbook

With all of the great stuff going on at the TipBet sportsbook, you may be stunned to realize that the site is also responsible for providing a stellar selection of other betting options, too. If you’re an esports enthusiast, then you’ll find that there’s an entirely separate section for this at TipBet. There, you can place wagers on games like CS:GO, Dota, and StarCraft II.

In a great addition to this, the TipBet site has an online casino. You’re informed before visiting the casino that this section is licensed by the government of Curaçao, which is a nice touch that we’ve never seen anywhere else. The casino section at TipBet offers up games from developers such as Microgaming, NetEnt, Yggdrasil Gaming, and a whole slew of others.

Keeping this in mind, it shouldn’t come as any surprise to learn that popular slot game titles like Spiñata Grande, Emoji Planet, Greedy Goblins, Silent Run, and Wild Dolphin all exist within the lobby. It’s also the home to a number of table games, live dealer options, video poker, and classic slots. So, should you ever need a break from sports betting, the casino is there waiting for you.

Should You Choose Another Sportsbook?

Absolutely not! We weren’t able to find anything that made us think negatively of the site in such a huge way. It proved to be one of the most exciting sportsbooks that we’ve ever reviewed. You could compare it with some others, but you wouldn’t find anything that says you should definitely stay away from TipBet and go elsewhere.

Yes, it’s not available for US and UK players, but this is simply a technicality for the moment. Bettors from these countries will need to find a different platform. It’s a shame, but that’s life for these players for the time being. Anyone else who has access to the TipBet sportsbook will definitely find it to be an illuminating experience gambling there.

Unless you’re the pickiest of the picky, then we would say you’ll find everything that you need at TipBet. Good choice of sports. Huge range of payment methods. Interesting promotions. Strong alternative betting options. Mobile compatibility. You name it, TipBet’s got it!

Final Thoughts

It’s probably obvious by now that we mark out for the TipBet site. And if you load up the website, it’s clear to see why. The site has thought of just about all possibilities when it comes to a sports betting audience. We like a good choice. We like to be treated as special. We like enjoying ourselves. We like visually-appealing platforms. TipBet has a big green check mark in each of these things.

Granted, its betting limits are a little bit off when you compare it to platforms like BetOnline or 5Dimes, for example. This is of little consequence to recreational bettors, though. You’ll still get the chance to place maximum bets of €500 on your favorite sports. Plus, you’ll get to benefit from special offers of cashback and bonuses, the ability to place bets from anywhere with a smartphone or tablet, and the option of participating in live betting.

On the whole, TipBet gets a great big thumbs up from us!