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XBet.ag Review

For a sports betting platform with a bit of uniqueness, you definitely have to check out the XBet site. But don’t do it on a whim – make sure that you’re fully informed on everything that it has to offer up. If you’re wondering how to do that, look no further than this review. Through it, we aim to make sure that you’re aware of all of the perks, benefits, and intriguing features that this sportsbook has to offer up.

Naturally, this means that you’ll learn all about the good and the bad. After all, you need to know what to expect when you’re signing up to a sportsbook. It’s no good going in there and thinking that you’re entering a platform that’s all rosy. Sportsbooks don’t tend to work like that. But with the help of this review, you’ll be in the know on everything positive, negative, and everything else in between.

It’s our aim to make sure that you know what depositing methods are available, what sports you can bet on, whether the site has competitive enough odds, and more. So, if you’re interested in learning more about this sportsbook, then read on. And let’s be honest – who doesn’t want to find themselves a favorite online platform to place wagers at? Perhaps XBet could be that sportsbook for you!

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The XBet Overall Experience

Even though the XBet sportsbook only started operating in 2013, it’s pleasing to see how many people now turn to it for sports betting purposes. But it’s fairly clear to see why this is when you load the website up. It has a very rich and vibrant site layout, adding some high-quality graphics into its homepage background. The XBet logo itself is also visible in the top-right corner of the screen, bringing a neon green color with it.

Not only that, but the simplicity of everything is very appealing, too. Links run along the top of the website to allow you to move swiftly between sections. Meanwhile, you’ll get to see all of the sports that XBet provides wagering on down the left-hand side of the screen. In short, what we’re saying is that the sportsbook offers up a very appealing interface. And this is all backed up by a visually appealing color scheme, too. XBet doesn’t dull things down, instead choosing to incorporate a plain white background that ensures the blues stand out against it.

One other thing that very much stands out to us – and most likely will to you, too – is the welcome offer. While this in itself isn’t specifically the greatest promotion that we’ve ever seen, the advertisement of it is something that XBet seems to take seriously. On the homepage, every image that you see scrolling features the details of this or one of the other offers that XBet provides.
So, you can at least guarantee from the first moment that you access the sportsbook that you’ll be aware of the promotions!

What We Like About the Site

The first feature of XBet that we like is the overall design of it. And we’re not just talking about the graphics and layout, but about everything that the sportsbook provides in a visual sense.

It stands out as being a modern sportsbook, yet it’s a simple website to navigate around. For anyone who is a newcomer to the platform, this works very much in the favor of XBet. There’s little doubt that signing up and placing sports bets is a process that will be as easy as one, two, three.

It’s also nice to see that the sportsbook provides its players with a bit of a break. How? By offering up an online casino for them to access and play games in. This incorporates a selection of entertaining games, ranging from slots through to table games and even a live dealer section.

We’ll discuss this more a little bit later, but it does ensure that if you ever want to do something a little different from sports betting, XBet can cater to you!

Plus, you have the chance to receive up to $100 when you refer a friend to the platform. So, how about recommending it to all of your friends and receiving a bonus each time you do? There’s no limit to how many friends you can refer to XBet. As soon as they make their first deposit at the sportsbook, you’ll receive a portion of it, up to $100. What could be better than placing bets alongside your friends and being rewarded for bringing them to the XBet platform in the first place?

What Could They Do Better?

We’re generally always fans of receiving a special offer that welcomes us to a sportsbook. But the XBet promotion isn’t quite as lucrative as was expected. That’s not to say that it’s specifically bad – but it doesn’t match up to what can be found at other online platforms. You’ll still be able to attain up to $300 from it, which isn’t a negative thing by far. We just wish that it was somewhat more competitive with what other sportsbooks have to offer up for newbies.

Additionally, it would be nice if customers weren’t given ranks that dictate how much they can deposit. We understand that there’s potentially a need for there to be a VIP ranking system, and this is all fine and dandy for providing enhanced rewards. But allowing someone of gold status to have the option of depositing up to $30,000 per month while others only get the chance to deposit a maximum of $2,000 per month does seem a bit separatist.

Why can’t all players deposit as much they like?

Which Sports Is This Site Best Suited For?

XBet seems to excel in providing appealing soccer betting options. As well as offering up a multitude of bets on the various events, it also makes sure that its odds for such are more than competitive with the overall market. You have the ability to bet on futures with soccer as well. Generally speaking, it’s also available to access via the live betting section, meaning that you can participate in wagering while games are in play.

Golf also sits at the very top of this platform’s most popular offerings, and XBet does provide you with an exciting range of options when it comes to wagering on this sport. For a sport that can sometimes seem a little bit dull, XBet fairly brings it to life. You’ll have several betting options for golf, including who will win the round, if any hole-in-ones will take place, whether a player will hit the ball into the rough, and more.

Other sports that are great for betting on at XBet include tennis, with options for gambling on different tournaments as well as futures, motor sports with a strong selection of NASCAR options on hand, and Major League Baseball (MLB). If you take a look at what baseball possibilities the XBet site has on hand, then you’ll be able to clearly see why it’s a prime sport at this site.

Other sports that XBet provides bettors with the chance to place wagers on include:

  • Boxing and MMA
  • Basketball
  • Football
  • Australian Rules
  • Cricket
  • Esports
  • Wrestling

Betting Limits

Unlike several other online sportsbooks, we have to say that we were quite disappointed with XBet’s decision to not publish betting limits for each of its sports – even for the most popular ones. Instead, you’ll just get to see a standard range for placing bets over the phone and betting via the internet.

This is a little bit odd to us – after all, generally speaking, the bets that you’re able to place on esports don’t generally compare with the bets that you can place on soccer, for example. But if the information isn’t there, we can’t very well report on it.

So, while we can tell you about the standard betting limits, you’ll only be able to find out the minimums and maximums for specific sports if you play at the site.

As an online bettor, you’ll have a good choice of sports to place bets on. According to XBet, you’re able to make minimum wagers of $2 via the online sportsbooks. Yet there is a statement that reads, “The minimum is directly dependable on the odds and lines taken.” So, you can take the $2 minimum for what it’s worth. We can say that it would be very much better if there was something more solid to report on regarding this, but a $2 minimum as a general rule is all that we can inform you on. Further to this, XBet doesn’t provide information on the maximum bets that you can make, so are we just supposed to believe that it’s limitless betting?

As far as betting via the phone, your wagers need to be at least $25 for this. Why it’s so different over the phone than on the internet is beyond our reckoning. Yet, again, there isn’t anything mentioned about maximums for this route, either. It seems as though XBet is trying to keep such information under wraps, for one reason or another!

Will You Enjoy Betting at This Site?

Yes, it’s our opinion that you will enjoy betting at XBet. Fair enough, it has its drawbacks, but doesn’t every online sportsbook? You’ll never find something that’s 100% perfect, as we’ve said before. XBet brings forth a very ultra-modern-looking platform, which is what stands out to us primarily. When you toss in the range of sports betting options that are available, the competitive odds, and the fact that it’s available on mobile devices, it makes for an alluring sportsbook.

If you’re not so concerned with the inability to use e-wallets or multiple other payment methods for depositing and withdrawing, then any other issues with XBet are relatively minor. In this respect, you’ll likely find it a great choice for sports betting.

Additionally, we can very much say that you’ll have no problems with finding your way around the platform. It comes with a simple layout, and everything is clearly marked. One of the worst things about some sportsbooks is that they tend to look way too busy, and everything becomes a bit messy. XBet isn’t like that. Instead, you’ll be able to move around freely and easily, making things much more pleasant on the whole.

Bonuses and Promotions

It’s obvious that XBet doesn’t want to be left behind in terms of special offers. While the site doesn’t have a mass of these, it still provides an extra reason for bettors to sign up. We’re not saying that it’s the worst promotions section we’ve ever seen. Far from it, actually. On the other hand, it could do with a bit more work to put it into contention with other online sportsbooks. But let’s see what exactly the gamblers at XBet can expect.

Welcome Bonus

Sports bettors who choose to join the XBet site will get to benefit from a sign-up bonus. To get it, you just have to complete your registration and then make your first deposit at the cashier page. On top of this amount, you will then be the recipient of a 100% bonus. This has a maximum value to it of $300. Make sure that you use the promotion code of XB100 when you’re at the cashier. This will ensure that the extra funds are added on top of your deposit. You’ll be able to shoot and hopefully score with this welcome!

50% Reload Bonus Up to $250

XBet is also known for having certain limited-time only offers, such as this 50% reload bonus for you to claim. So, if you’re a fan of receiving such bonuses, you’d better get yourself over to the cashier already. While you’re there, you need to make sure that you make a minimum deposit of $50 to qualify for this bonus. Then, you’ll get a 50% bonus on top of this amount, which has a maximum value to it of $250 for you to claim! This will no doubt top up your balance nicely.

Of course, be aware that such promotions will come and go to be replaced by something else. Keep a check on the promotions page of the XBet site to know what’s available at the time you’re looking to deposit.

Deposit Methods

It’s a common downfall of online platforms that cater to the US market that they don’t offer up a great choice of payment methods when it comes to depositing. We’ve noticed that XBet falls into this crevice, only offering up seven different depositing methods to bettors.

And unfortunately, if you’re not a fan of inputting credit card details at online sites or waiting for a form of money transfer to take place, the only other option is Bitcoin. Now, it’s great that XBet caters to users of the cryptocurrency, but it’s still relatively new when it comes to being able to use it at online casinos.

One other thing to remember about XBet is that customers are given different levels which dictate how much money can be deposited per transaction, per day, per week, and per month. It’s a bit of a ludicrous situation, really. But let’s take a look at the options for depositing.

  • Visa
    Min. Deposit: $45
    Max. Deposit: $1,000
    Fee: Free
    Turnaround Time: Instant
  • Mastercard
    Min. Deposit: $45
    Max. Deposit: $1,000
    Fee: Free
    Turnaround Time: Instant
  • ACH Transfer
    Minimum Withdrawal – $100
    Maximum Withdrawal – No Max
    Fees – Free
    Turnaround time – Within 3-5 days
  • Person to Person
    Min. Deposit: $100
    Max. Deposit: $500
    Fee: Free
    Turnaround Time: Within 3-5 days
  • Bitcoin
    Min. Deposit: $2,000
    Max. Deposit: $10,000
    Fee: Free
    Turnaround Time: Instant
  • Bank Wire Transfer
    Min. Deposit: $2,000
    Max. Deposit: No Max
    Fee: Free
    Turnaround Time: Instant
  • Phone Transfer
    Min. Deposit: $45
    Max. Deposit: $1,000
    Fee: Free
    Turnaround Time: Within 2-4 hours

Withdrawal Methods

The withdrawal methods that XBet has available to use are significantly fewer than those available for depositing with. As a regular sports bettor, you’ll realize that a withdrawal usually takes place through the same method that you chose for depositing. If this is not a possibility, then you’ll be sent your funds via a bank wire transfer instead.

All cash-outs at XBet must be a minimum of $100 according to the site, yet upon trying a bank wire transfer withdrawal, a minimum of $3,000 was required, which is a little steep, if you ask us. The withdrawal methods and their relative fees are as follows.

  • Bank Wire Transfer
    Min. Withdrawal: $3,000
    Max. Withdrawal: $5,000
    Fee: Between $68 and $75
    Turnaround Time: Within 5-10 bus. days
  • eCheck
    Min. Withdrawal: $100
    Max. Withdrawal: $3,000
    Fee: Between $20 and $60
    Turnaround Time: Within 7-15 bus. days
  • Bitcoin
    Min. Withdrawal: $50
    Max. Withdrawal: $5,000
    Fee: Free
    Turnaround Time: Within 24 hours

Level of Customer Service

One area that the XBet platform does excel in is their stellar customer support. The team was always friendly and informative when it came to the questions that we asked. This makes up for a lot of the downsides of the sportsbook, because at least the agents are willing and able to provide a high level of support. You’re able to check the site’s selection of FAQs first of all, but if this isn’t enough to answer your questions, then you can move on to contact an agent.

A live chat function is on hand for you to make use of, or if you would prefer to send an email, the website has a form for you to fill in. You’re also able to reach out to someone via telephone. Being mightily impressed by the support that an online sportsbook provides is something that we always look out for. XBet definitely shows that it’s willing to offer up all of the help that you need with a strong, friendly team directing traffic.

More Than a Sportsbook

We can possibly all admit as sports bettors that sometimes we just want to give ourselves a bit of a break from predicting the outcome of sporting events. Which is why XBet is quite impressive with its online casino. This gives you a way out of the sports betting section of the site and allows you to be entertained by a selection of appealing casino games instead. Within this section of the XBet platform, you can claim a welcome bonus of 100% first of all. From there on, you can access various high-quality games.

There’s a strong range of slot offerings, including titles like The Angler, Ogre Empire, Kawaii Kitty, and Sin City Nights. Plus, you’ll have access to a selection of table games, if this is more your cup of tea. They include offerings such as blackjack, roulette, and poker. Meanwhile, for those of you who get a thrill out of interacting with a live dealer, XBet also has its own live casino section. So, you’ll definitely find a lot of excitement in the XBet casino, giving you a bit of time away from the sportsbook.

Should You Choose Another Sportsbook?

It’s easy to pick out the negative parts of the XBet site. It has some work to do in terms of the range of payment methods that it accepts and could do with being a bit more informative when it comes to betting limits. Plus, the range of promotional offers is limited in comparison to many other sportsbooks – just take a look at BetOnline or Bovada, for example. So, if you’re not able to bypass these features, then you may want to find another online sportsbook to bet at.

But in spite of its few let-downs, XBet also brings forth a great choice of sports for you to bet on, all of which generally provide competitive odds for you to benefit from. Plus, if you prefer to access sports at a more modern platform, this one will also cater to your needs. It all comes down to your own personal preference. For us, we did enjoy being able to place bets and search through all of the platform’s features, so we’d say that you should try out the XBet sportsbook, for sure.

Final Thoughts

So, what do we think about XBet? We think that it’s a very well-designed, easy-to-use, and impressive online sportsbook. The range of sports that exists on the platform is great, while the welcome offer – despite not being as appealing as some others – still gives you a warm enough greeting. It’s also great that XBet caters to the mass of Bitcoin users out there, ensuring that deposits and withdrawals can be done for free with it. The site is especially attractive if you have a passion for betting on soccer or golf, for example.

It’s true to say that we think the payment methods could do with being expanded, and the fees relating to making withdrawals from your account should be simplified. Plus, the fact that you’re given a customer level and that this dictates the maximum amount that you can deposit is quite shambolic to us. However, even with these specific flaws, XBet is still an appealing sportsbook for avid gamers to enjoy.

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