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Guide to Soccer Betting

Soccer PlayerWelcome to our soccer hub page! Whether you’re new to soccer betting or consider yourself pretty experienced when it comes to wagering on the pitch, you’re going to find some information on this page that will help you as a soccer bettor or even as a gambler in general.

In addition to lightly covering some important concepts about soccer betting and educating you about the game in general, we’ve also provided links to other areas of our site that dive deeper into each category.

Before you get started, you may want to grab a drink and take a seat, because there’s a lot of valuable info here. All right, ready? It’s time to tackle (get it?) everything you need to know about wagering on the beautiful game.

What Makes a Good Soccer Betting Site?

A lot of people trust our recommendations when it comes to the best betting sites to join, and we take that trust very seriously. That’s why we put a lot of time and effort into analyzing and assessing as many sports betting sites as possible, judging them by a variety of different criteria to make sure they’re the best fit for you.

Here’s a list of just a few things that go into how we determine what the best sites are for soccer betting.


This is by far the most important thing when it comes to recommending the best betting sites. It doesn’t matter how good a site’s odds or customer service or betting selection is if you don’t have confidence that your money is safe. In order to make our list of recommended betting sites, sportsbooks must have a strong and stellar history of paying out their winning customers.


We all lead busy lives, and we need whatever sports betting site we’re using to accommodate us as much as possible. Since the majority of bets these days are placed on mobile devices, we give extra credit to sites who have developed betting apps or have at least made their pages mobile-friendly and responsive. Another key to convenience is the ability to withdraw and deposit money quickly and easily, so sites who offer the most user-friendly banking options will get a leg up in this category.


Gambling laws vary across the world, and not all betting sites are available in every country. Before recommending a betting site to you, we make sure that the site accepts players from where you live and that you won’t be violating any laws by joining them.


Even though soccer is the most popular and heavily-bet sport in the world, some sites don’t quite give soccer as much attention as others. When you join a site specifically to bet on soccer, you want a site that will offer the most variety when it comes to leagues you can bet on as well as the ways you can bet on a game. The more ways to bet on soccer and the more games you can bet on, the higher a site is ranked in our books.


One last big criterion we look at when recommending soccer betting sites is the odds that are offered. Soccer is mostly bet on the moneyline (not a point spread, where -110 odds are standard), and the vigorish (commission) on moneylines can vary greatly from site to site. If you’re not getting the best odds on every bet you make, it’s going to be a lot harder to turn a profit. That is why we focus heavily on ensuring any site we recommend has odds that are as favorable to you, the player, as possible.

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4 GTbets Logo N/A

Why Bet on Soccer?

Even though soccer is known as the beautiful game, a common complaint from casual soccer fans is that matches can be a bit dull at times. In fact, soccer is the only sport we can think of where a scoreless draw isn’t just possible, but it’s actually fairly common.

Those who are passionate about the game realize that there is much more to a soccer match than just goals. The strategy, tactics, skill, finesse, power, and endurance are just some of the things that can fascinate and marvel a soccer lover, regardless of how many goals are scored.

But regardless of whether you are just trying to get into the game or if you’re a diehard soccer fan simply trying to make a match more exciting, betting on soccer is a perfect fit. When you’ve got money riding on the outcome of a soccer game, everything changes. Your heart will leap into your throat whenever the team you bet on crosses midfield, knowing that just one goal could be enough to win you your bet. You’ll jump out of your seat on every scoring opportunity, wince at every yellow card your team receives, and sweat out the final minutes as your team tries to hold onto a late lead.

Besides, there’s a lot more to soccer betting than just predicting who will win the game or how many goals will be scored. All of the top soccer betting sites offer a wide variety of game props, such as how many corner kicks, cards, or fouls there will be. Any of those betting options will help keep you entertained, no matter how dull the match may end up.

We haven’t even gotten to the best part about betting on soccer: you’ve got a chance to win real money! No, it’s not going to be easy, but if you do a bit of research and don’t mind betting on whatever offers the best value (like underdogs and Unders), you can make some cash on the pitch.

Later on in this article, we’ll explain how we can help you do that through the various betting resources that are available on this site.

What Are Soccer’s Biggest Leagues?

Since soccer is played, followed, and adored across the world, it should come as no surprise that there are many huge leagues all over the globe as well. Every major country or region seems to have its own professional league, many of which feature their own distinctive brand and style.

What does this mean for you, the bettor?

First of all, it means there’s a heck of a lot of soccer to bet on. With estimates of as many as 5,000 professional clubs in the world, you can count on hundreds of soccer matches being available on the betting menu each day.

Secondly, it creates some terrific betting opportunities. Since there are so many leagues to worry about, oddsmakers can’t invest as much time as they’d like in each of them. An excellent approach to soccer betting for anyone looking to make some big money is to specialize in one specific league. If you are able to follow one of the major leagues closer than the bookmakers can, you may be able to capitalize on some information, trends, and tendencies before the bookies catch on.

Below is a listing of the best-known leagues in the world:

What Are Soccer’s Biggest Events?

FIFA World Cup

FIFA World Cup 2018 LogoThe FIFA World Cup is the granddaddy of them all when it comes to soccer competition. Held every four years at different locations around the world, the World Cup features 32 of the top soccer nations battling it out for international supremacy. After each club plays three games in group play, the top performers advance to the single-elimination playoffs, heightening the drama all the way to the championship game!

Brazil has won the most championships in World Cup history (five), although 2014 champ Germany and 2006 winner Italy can pull even with Brazil with a victory at the 2018 World Cup in Russia.

UEFA European Championship

UEFA Euro Championship 2020 LogoThe best way to describe the UEFA European Championship is to call it FIFA World Cup Lite. The European Championship (also known as Euros) is essentially the same thing as the World Cup, just on a smaller scale, as 24 European nations form the tournament field.

Euros are held once every four years as well, always taking place in the even-numbered year between World Cups. The close proximity of all the nations involved make the European Championship a very passionate and hotly-contested tournament, and 10 different countries have won Euros in the competition’s 15-event history.

UEFA Champions League

UEFA Champions LeagueThe UEFA Champions League tournament determines the best of the best when it comes to European professional clubs. Unlike the World Cup and European Championship, the Champions League final is held every year and has become the most-watched annual sporting event in the world.

Qualification for the tournament begins in the summer as champions from Europe’s lower leagues try to work their way up the ladder. As the Champions League tournament progresses, champions and top finishers from the more prestigious leagues enter the competition as well. By the end of the tournament, big names such as Real Madrid (12 all-time titles), AC Milan, Bayern Munich, Barcelona, Liverpool, Manchester United, and Juventus are usually the last teams standing.

The FA Cup

The FA Cup LogoThe FA Cup is similar to the UEFA Champions League as a championship tournament for club teams, but it’s only teams from the English football league system. What makes the FA Cup particularly prestigious, however, is that it’s been around since 1871, making it one of the oldest soccer association competitions in the entire world.

The tournament usually attracts more than 700 teams from across England and Wales. Like the Champions League, teams from higher leagues are entered into the tournament as the competition progresses. Clubs from the Premier League and English Football League don’t come into the tournament until after 32 lower-ranked teams have qualified when the 80-team “Competition Proper” begins. In the modern history of the FA Cup, no team below Level 2 in England has ever reached the final.

With so much regional pride at stake, the FA Cup is massively popular in England, making it one of the most-bet events each year in the country. If you want to bet on it as well, be sure to read our FA Cup page for more information and tips.

Europa League

UEFA Europa League 2016 LogoIf the UEFA Champions League is the best of the best club teams in Europe, consider the Europa League the best of the rest.

Even though many consider it to be a second-tier tournament to the Champions League, Europa still features many elite pro squads and is always a popular event. Teams are also extremely incentivized to win the Europa League title since that comes with automatic entry into the Champions League the following year.

Who Are the Biggest Names in Soccer?

Even with the thousands of teams and hundreds of thousands of pro players in the world, a select few stand out for their histories of sustained success and excellence.

Here is a bit of information about the top clubs, international squads, and players in soccer today, along with links to pages on our site where you can find even more info about each of those groups.

Top Club Teams

Top International Teams

Top Players

For more on these icons as well as others who starred on the pitch over the years, visit our page dedicated to soccer legends.

A Brief History of Soccer

The origins of soccer can actually be traced all the way back to the second and third centuries B.C. in China. Back then, a military exercise titled “Tsu’ Chu” required players to kick a leather ball filled with feathers and hair into a small net, all while fending off attacks from opponents.

Other primitive forms of soccer since then include Japanese Kemari (similar to hacky sack, where players pass a ball to each other with their feet, all while trying not to let it hit the ground) and Roman “Harpastum” (played on a rectangular field, with each team’s objective is to get the ball past the opposition’s boundary line).

Soccer, as we know it today, was first founded approximately 150 years ago in England, when football and rugby were divided into two different sports. At that time, it was determined that touching the ball with the hands was strictly forbidden in football. The game quickly took off internationally as British sailors, traders, and soldiers traveled abroad in the 1800s, bringing their love for the sport with them.

Fast forward to today, where soccer is easily the most popular sport in the entire world. In fact, FIFA estimates that roughly 4% of the world’s population is actively involved in soccer, and that doesn’t even account for those who love to watch or bet on the games. Thanks to the simplicity of the game and the minimal equipment that is required, soccer has very few economic barriers, and there is no reason to believe soccer’s massive popularity will be slowing down anytime soon.

Is Betting on Soccer Online Safe?

It’s absolutely safe, but only if you take the necessary precautions of selecting the proper betting sites to use first.

If you just sign up with the first betting site that comes up on Google or the one that is offering the biggest sign-up bonus, you might not be so safe after all. There are a lot of sites out there built with the intent of getting you to sign up and deposit money that then run off with your money.

However, there are also many reputable online betting sites that excel at paying their winning players promptly and courteously, and these are the ones you can trust with your money. Unfortunately, it’s not always easy to quickly tell which sites are legit and which ones are scams, especially if you’re new to betting on soccer online and aren’t sure what to look for.

That’s where we come in. Our team collectively has decades of experience in the casino and sports betting industry, and we’ve taken long, hard, and critical looks at pretty much any betting site out there. At the top of the page are the sites we recommend for being the safest places to bet on soccer online. If not of those suit you have no fear, we’ve reviewed a variety of other online sportsbooks. You can see these reviews below.

Betting Resources

By this point, you’re probably eager to give soccer betting a try. Hopefully, you’ve already looked at some of the sites we recommend for online soccer betting, and maybe you’ve signed up at one or even made a deposit.

Now, the fun starts. Well, sort of. While having wagers on the action will provide you with plenty of entertainment value, the real fun is when you start a lot of your bets and see your betting bankroll start to rise. If you’re relatively new to soccer betting, it might take a little while for you to get to that point. We all learn from our mistakes, so it’s best to start small and see how you do, then start increasing your wager sizes as you gain more knowledge, experience, and confidence.

If you want to hurry up the education process at all (or if you simply want someone else to do all the research and handicapping for you), you’re in luck! In addition to recommending the best places to bet soccer online or explaining the various ways to bet on the game, we also have a section on our site where we post picks (with write-ups), as well as general news in the sport and the industry.

Check it out below, and don’t forget to bookmark the page for quick and easy access. It’s a section of our site that you’re going to want to visit on a daily basis.