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Recommended France Betting Sites

France Betting Sites
The French Gambling Act was passed in 2010, and it established a regulatory body for France betting sites. Domestic companies and operators throughout the European Union can obtain online gaming licenses through the Autorité de Régulation des Jeux en Ligne, or ARJEL.

We’ve conducted a great deal of in-depth research to evaluate the pros and cons of France betting websites. The results are in, and you can check out our rankings below.

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Top Sports for Betting in France

People that enjoy betting online in France have a wide variety of options available to them. Of course, the most popular ones are the sports that have a deep history in the country.

Association Football

All across Europe, association football, which is the sport that is called soccer in America, is extremely important. French teams have captured the coveted FIFA World Cup crown on multiple occasions, and this is a great source of pride. As you might imagine, the France betting sites take more action on football than any other sport.


The sport of tennis is hugely popular in France, and it’s played by hundreds of thousands of citizens of all ages. France betting sites take wagers on tennis events, and the French Open at Roland-Garros is the premier event each year.


Rugby comes in third on the list of the top sports in France. There are two different variants: rugby league and rugby union. France betting websites gladly offer wagering on both types of rugby.


Basketball was invented in the United States, and it is such an elegant game that it has spread around the world. People in France enjoy playing and watching basketball, and the country has produced some fine players, including all-time great Tony Parker.

France betting sites are very friendly to people that like to wager on basketball games.

Auto Racing

Auto racing is deeply embedded into the fabric of the French sporting tradition. Many people are passionate about Formula One racing and Formula Two racing, and touring car racing has its fair share of fans. This is another sport that is highlighted by the internet-based sportsbooks that target French players.

Horse Racing

Horse racing, the “Sport of Kings”, has a rich history in France. There are a couple dozen tracks around the country, and there are some huge races, led by the Prix de l’Arc de Triomphe at Longchamp in Paris.

Other Sports

In addition to the top six that we have listed above, there are many other sports that are available for people that enjoy betting online in France.

Popular Deposit Methods in France

Visa and Mastercard

France betting sites accept Visa and Mastercard, which are the most universally utilized credit and debit cards in the world.

Skrill and Neteller

Neteller and Skrill are e-wallet payment facilitators that are very widely accepted at online sportsbooks in France and elsewhere. These deposit methods are very easy to use, and there are usually no additional fees applied when players choose this option.

Bank Transfers

At some sites, it’s possible to transfer money from your bank account into your betting account. That’s the good news, but the bad news is that it can take several days for the deposit to post.


Paysafecard is a payment method that is accepted at some France betting sites. It’s essentially a virtual cash voucher.


Many would say that the most tried-and-true facilitator of online transactions is PayPal. This is one of the deposit methods France sportsbooks offer to their customers.

Additional Options

These are the deposit methods that we have been able to confirm at present. The policies of France betting sites are always evolving, so more possibilities may be added at any time.

Sportsbook Account Withdrawals

All of the deposit methods that we looked at above can also be used to accept payouts from the betting websites, with one exception. Paysafecard is not set up to facilitate sportsbook account withdrawals.

Gambling Laws in France

In a general sense, before the advent of internet gaming, gambling laws in France have always been quite liberal. The French Riviera is an exotic, romantic gaming destination that has attracted gamblers since the 1850s. Casino gambling is legal at licensed facilities, and it is regulated by the Minister of the Interior.

As we have stated, horse racing is an extremely popular pastime, and gambling laws in France allow for on-site and online pari-mutuel wagering on the ponies. Bingo and lotteries are legal, and the Budget Minister and the Ministry of the Interior provide regulatory oversight.

The only types of legal internet-based gambling are poker games, horse race betting, and sports gaming. Online casino games like slots and virtual table games are strictly prohibited under the gambling laws in France.

Unfortunately, the licensing structure is not very favorable because of high taxes which result in relatively poor payouts. For this reason, there are a limited number of France betting sites, and it is illegal to wager on unlicensed websites.

Getting Started

It can definitely be a bit intimidating to enter into the world of online sports gambling if you don’t have any experience. This is fully understandable, and we have created this website to serve as a very helpful guide.

The first step will be to compare the France betting sites that we have listed in our rankings. You may ask why you would settle for anything less than number one, and you should certainly start there. However, the right site for you will depend on your personal preferences. Every site is going to be designed differently, so the functionality and ease of navigation will vary, and people have different tastes. You may find the aesthetics and the navigation functions to be more favorable on one site than another.

As you are going through these approved websites, you should keep your favorite sports in mind. We have looked at all the top sports for betting in France in a previous section, so all those are going to be offered. At the same time, a particular site may place an added focus on your sport of choice. The deposit methods and the expected processing time for payouts should be evaluated as well. Even if multiple sites will accept your preferred deposit method, they may have different waiting times for withdrawals.

After you determine which site is best for you, it’s time to roll up your sleeves and develop a betting strategy. The first order of business will be to determine the amount of the bankroll that you will use exclusively for betting. You should then start to make straight bet wagers that are between 1% and 3% of your total bankroll.

When you place an emphasis on sound money management, you can absorb losing streaks and analyze your long-term winning percentage accurately. On the other hand, if you win seven out of ten €20 bets and decide to bet €100 on the next one, and you lose, guess what? You picked seven out of 11 winners, but you lost money.

We have some practical resources that you can tap into right here on our website to gain additional insight. Our professional researchers have developed a sports betting guide that covers all the top sports that are offered at the best France betting sites.

You can also access our explanation of the different types of sports bets that can be made. Plus, we continually update our  with timely content and breaking news.

France Betting FAQ

We’ve conveyed a great deal of information to this point, and we’ll use this question-and-answer session to fill in the gaps.

Are France betting websites formatted to work properly on mobile devices?

Yes. Since so many people like to make sports bets when they are on the go, the online sportsbooks are designed to be compatible with the mobile devices that are widely utilized.

Can I bet a large amount of money on a single game?

The answer to this question will depend on your definition of a large amount. It’s not uncommon for betting sites to have maximum limits of thousands of euros on some types of bets.

Do the France betting sites provide good customer service?

Approved sites that we have listed in our rankings have different respective customer service policies. It would be a good idea to compare them before you make a final decision if you place a premium on customer service.

Is it definitely safe and legal to wager on these France betting sites?

They are all licensed to operate in the country, and there is a regulatory body in the form of the Autorité de Régulation des Jeux en Ligne, or ARJEL. Thanks to its oversight, you would have recourse if you have any complaints, so yes indeed, they are safe and legal.