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5Dimes Review

5Dimes is a name that is well-known in the sports betting industry and, particularly in the US. Although it accepts players from a great many locations as you can tell by our “allowed players” listing, it primarily caters to American punters.

When people talk about this sportsbook, it isn’t regarding its history or how it all started, or even its affiliation with other sister sites that include ChineseBookie.eu, SportBet.eu, and VietBet.eu. The discussion about this site revolves around the significant volume of business it conducts, the massive amounts of sports and corresponding markets, the reduced juice offerings, big bonuses, and dynamic lines.

The site itself is not exactly the most appealing. In fact, it’s downright basic and reminiscent of the first websites to enter the picture. If you didn’t know about the value and the service that 5Dimes provides, you might not even be apt to look beyond a first glance. They’re like the super warehouse that’s not at all attractive but is chock full of discount items.

As far as the company itself, the bookmaker is part of the 5Dimes Group based in Costa Rica. The group started out 20 years ago with just a casino but expanded through additional holdings including the three sister sites that we outlined above as well as BetAnySports, Island Casino, and NicaBet. The focus of the group is 5Dimes.eu, though, simply for its comprehensive offerings and global reach.

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The Betting Experience

As we’ve already mentioned, we’re not a fan of the look of the website. It is probably the least attractive and most dated of any sportsbook out there, but the outside does not reflect the inside. The product itself is just top-notch. Players can bet on just about any sport out there, and the sports are not only just represented, but augmented by the quantity and diversity of markets for each one.

The other significant thing that makes them stand out in a positive way is the Reduced Juice Reward that’s offered to registered players as a bonus program, and it’s the default bonus program that’s automatically activated unless a player opts for something different.

Your first time to the website, you’ll notice that it has a much different set-up and different feel than other sportsbooks or online gaming sites. Usually, when you pull up a sportsbook, the first thing you see is the left-hand menu listing all of the sports open for betting.

You get a basic overview of their entire site. The home menu is different than the sportsbook menu, and it contains:

All of these areas contain a lot of text. There are pages of information to read through for anyone new to the site. Some like “New to Online Wagering” will, of course, not apply to all players but it is handy info for the newbie to sports betting. Experienced bettors can also read up on why this bookmaker feels it’s the choice for them.

General rules are fairly lengthy and cover a wide variety of topics from deposits to rollovers to rewards so, again; new players are advised to study up, so they have the best experience on 5Dimes.eu. Well elaborate in a bit, but players can’t easily go back and forth from the information section to the sportsbook without logging back in each and every time, so we advise reading through all of the pertinent information before proceeding.

When you click on the Sportsbook link, you’re going to see another menu of options, but still notably absent is that left side menu of sports. In fact, you’re never going to see that menu because the sportsbook categorizes its events by type of bet instead of by sport.

The left side menu:

Dynamic Lines is one area of particular interest to many players who feel that once you use this function, you won’t want to use anything else. Dynamic Lines automatically updates the latest odds without refreshing. Clicking on the area brings up the most popular 20 events. Players can also filter the sports they’re interested in by selecting one or any number of selections including football, basketball, baseball, hockey, soccer, golf, tennis, motor racing, fighting, Olympics, and other sports.

One thing we want to note about the sportsbook, especially for new players, is that it takes a bit of navigation to get to where you need to be.

When you click “sportsbook,” as we said, you don’t get a menu of sports. In fact, the leading sportsbook menu defaults to “Bet the Board.” If you don’t want to use this area, you need to select something on the left like “straight bets” and then you’ll get to some of the available sports betting action.

The sportsbook is a bit confusing until you figure everything out. There’s a “Continue” button above the Bet the Board tally so one would think that it would bypass the tally board and progress on to other betting opportunities, but all it does is loop back to the Bet the Board area.

So, if you are ready to leave the Bet the Board area, you’ll now either go to the dynamic lines area or select from one of the available betting types included in the left side menu. For anyone interested in live, in-play wagering, that is available by going to dynamic lines first and then clicking live betting from the top menu.

Do You Need a Tour Guide for Your First Time Using This Website?

People who are savvy with computers won’t be intimidated but, players who are not comfortable clicking buttons unless they’re certain of what they do will be put off by the set-up in the sportsbook. It’s unlike anything we’ve ever come across.

Another thing we want to mention before moving on is that the sportsbook’s users are advised not to click on the logo located at the top left of the website to get back to a home screen because they’ll be taken all of the way back.

Clicking on that logo on any website would normally bring you to the homepage so you can reselect a menu item, but on this website, you will be completely out of the betting area and logged out of your account.


5Dimes is known primarily for its reduced juice betting and the incredible number of wagering options, so they are first two things on our list, and we’ll keep coming back to them over and over again throughout this review.

Reduced juice offerings are available online for straight wagers and not parlays, if bets, and rolling if bets. The reduced odds are typically released on the day of the event, and new customers are automatically opted into reduced juice unless another promotion, like a deposit bonus, is selected instead. Sharp bettors looking for the best opportunities gravitate to this website to shop for the latest.

The sports menu is substantial, but the sportsbook should be commended more for their market availability especially with teasers, pleasers, if bets, and reverses. The left side menu, featuring the betting breakdown instead of the sports, is handy as there are so many of these opportunities readily available.

Punters also appreciate their Dynamic Lines that have been a mainstay on the website since 2014. There aren’t many bookmakers that offer this feature, so it’s a huge benefit to players who frequently stake their bet here.


In our opinion, they could start out by giving the website a makeover and creating a more appealing and user-friendly website. We understand that it rests on the fact that it does offer one of the best bookmaking services around, both in quality and quantity. But, an easier to navigate website that’s more straightforward in its setup would go a long way in appealing to new players and to also up the level of service for its loyal players.

We especially think they should tweak their system, so players don’t get logged out if they need to access some reference materials. If a player is logged into the sportsbook or any of the gambling areas and then needs to review some terms and conditions or wants to look through bonus options or “how to bet” information, they need to go to their homepage.

Once they make that move, they’re no longer logged in as an active player. It’s as if the website consists of two entirely separate sites. One is the gambling platform, and one is the overall player information, and the two don’t meet. You can’t go back and forth. You need to log-in again and again.

Next, we move into the live, in-play area and for a substantially sized bookie like 5Dimes, in-play is a bit disappointing. There aren’t nearly the live options available through some competitors and, additionally, they don’t offer any live video streaming of events. It’s a limited area and, honestly, a bit difficult to find. No “Live Betting” main menu item links off of the main sportsbook.

Before anyone even gets to submit a bet slip, they need to fund their account, and they don’t have the best menu for deposits and withdrawals. Although they offer a fee-free credit card deposit, it cannot be utilized for withdrawals and most every other cash out options comes with some hefty fees attached. Cashier Checks and Money Orders can subtract up to $80 from the total cash out amount.

We will say that, on the positive side, 5Dimes offers up to a $40 credit for the first withdrawal every 30 days but, if the fee is $80, players are still liable for the $40 balance.

Also, regarding the financial end of things, 5Dimes doesn’t offer any e-wallet or prepaid option. Whereas Skrill, Neteller, and PayPal are standard with many online books, the only alternative funding option is Bitcoin. Bitcoin would be considered the number one method as it’s the only one that provides for totally fee-free transactions except for sportsbook or account to account transfers.

Keep in mind that, even if US players don’t widely utilize Skrill and Neteller due to the limitations placed on them, the sportsbook still accepts international players and they would appreciate a greater variety as they have so many options for financial transactions.

We also need to make a note of a few player-reported issues in this section as they have been publicized and discussed throughout the gambling community, so they bear mention. First, and most recently, early in 2017, there were several reports of fraudulent charges made to its customers’ credit and debit cards. The situation was not a one-off, but affected many accounts and dragged on much longer than it should have. If they haven’t already, the company would be wise in updating their card processing system to give players renewed confidence.

Next, there was an issue with the company’s head linesmaker intimidating players through live chat. One unusual situation involved a player who reports being threatened to pay back $10,000 that he had cashed out from his account. We’re not delving into the ins and outs of the specific situations but the ways in which they were handled leave a lot to be desired.

Having said that, issues with 5Dimes are few and far between. It’s been a part of the online gambling community for nearly two decades and has rightfully earned a lot of respect from customers for providing an overall good service. The player services issues were isolated incidents, but they do need to be disclosed so potential customers can decide for themselves.

What are the Best Sports to Bet on Here?

With the number of reduced juice opportunities, players shouldn’t have a problem finding some good value through this bookmaker – a lot of good value.

The primary focus in on North American sports, but soccer and other international sports are covered as well. MLB, NFL, NHL, and NBA all have a significant number of markets and competitive odds, but US college football provides for some of the best betting action and a half a point better than NFL.

Regardless of the sporting event, teasers and pleasers as well as an abundance of ways to bet are the norm on 5dimes.eu and include:

Bettors will find that the top American sports (NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL) will also typically provide the best value, not only due to competitive odds but through the various bonus programs that 5Dimes offers.

For dedicated parlay or teaser players, they may opt for a different offer like the Super Saver Reward or Point Mover Special instead of the Reduced Juice as they may find more value by honing in on specific discounts depending upon their betting habit.

What’s the Maximum Betting Limit Here?

5Dimes offers up a minimum to maximum betting range that applies to most sports betting instead of varying limits for every sport on every level of play.

One thing to note is that after a player stakes a maximum amount bet, they can wager again on a different slip as the limits are reset within a few minutes of the initial wager.

Minimum bet (straight and exotics) – $0.50 (USD)
Maximum bet – $5,000
Maximum bet – live in-play wagering – $500

There are a few other considerations, though. For example, the maximum payout on a parlay, teaser, If-bet, or RIF chain is $500,000, so betting needs to be adjusted accordingly as a higher bet won’t result in a greater than 500K payout.

Also, wagers on some select smaller market events will also reduce the payouts to as little as $5,000. These will be provided during the betting process if they apply.

Most of the prop bets also provide for a lower top bet of $250 to $500 depending on the event, but could even be capped off as low as $50.

The moral of the story here is check and double-check before you finalize any bets as a new player on 5Dimes. 5Dimes can lower or change limits overall or on a per-player basis, so nothing is set in stone. However, these are the overall basic guidelines that players should find helpful.

How Enjoyable Is This Online Bookmaker?

The answer to this question does depend on individual personal taste. If you’re not a player who is looking for a sleek, stylish online sportsbook that makes it incredibly easy to review the sports and the latest lines, then you will most likely be OK here. Remember that, at first glance, it’s not very appealing, but the sheer volume of the betting opportunities and the value that accompanies that majority of them in comparison to other bookmakers more than makes up for the look.

Also, new customers who are not very comfortable with the online betting experience or even the overall online practice may be slightly confused at first. 5Dimes is not set up like any other sportsbook. It takes a bit of getting used to if you don’t know exactly what you’re looking to find.

We also don’t like the fact that you’re kicked out of your betting account if you need to access some rules or any of the published information that’s only accessible from the homepage.

For example, if you go to the racebook area, you’ll see that there are two types of racebooks. One is a Rebate book, and one is a Plus 10%. Enter either of them, and all you see is a list of tracks. There is nothing available that helps you distinguish the differences or even to assist in the betting process. To get that information, you need to go to the homepage and, once you do, you’re then logged out of the racebook. It’s not very user-friendly.

On the flip side, if you’re someone who enjoys as many wagering possibilities as you can find, then you will be excited to interact with the online sportsbook. It has so much to offer and so many lines at reduced odds that sharp bettors and strategic players will be more than satisfied, especially if they’re fans of dynamic lines.

The rest of the site is equally as jam-packed with gaming opportunities. 5Dimes doesn’t just offer one casino; it provides four different casinos. It also hosts a poker room, live casino, and bingo rooms, and lottery betting. The whole experience is vast and action-packed. That is quite appealing to some players and others may opt for a smaller, more intimate betting provider. It’s all just personal taste… except for those amazing odds that appeal to everyone.

Two Live Betting Options

Before we get into the other bonuses and promotional programs, we wanted to segue from the sports opportunities into the live betting as this area encompasses both the in-play action and the bonus possibility.

We know, it’s a bit confusing, but here’s how their Live Betting program works.

Regular Live In-play wagering is available to all customers. It’s available in football, basketball, baseball, tennis, UFC, and various other events from time to time. The odds are updated during commercial breaks or between rounds, and the in-play betting is fairly standard.

The only thing we want to reiterate is that it’s a bit tricky to locate at first. Players need to log into the sportsbook and then click on “Straight & RIF” from the left side. If it is available, it will be listed under the specific event.

The second option takes in-play betting and adds a rewards element to it. If other rewards offers are selected, reduced juice rewards are eliminated so new players should review all of the options fully before making any decision.

For this particular reward, players will receive a rebate of 2.941% on winning or losing tickets’ precise amount of the wager. This award applies to baseball, basketball, ice hockey, soccer or tennis only, and pushes, ties, and cancellations do not count toward the rebate program.

As a reminder, this reward applies to live betting only and does have some other stipulations so, again, read through and contact customer service with questions before accepting any bonus or reward offer to avoid misuse.

Additionally, they list a third option called Live Betting Extra where it promotes in-game options on most of the day’s games. Live Betting Extra is a particular menu item and is not through a designation on the individual games.

Bonus Offers and Promotions

We’ve already mentioned the Reduced Juice Reward that all new players are opted into as the default new player bonus. Reduced juice caps off wagers at $500 and must be on straight bets but can add up to a much bigger bottom line for players on an on-going basis.

Whereas a typical line is a $110 stake for every $100 desired to win, reduced juice could drop that $110 to $105. That’s a 50% discount on standard -110 odds and is available on several selections on any given day so, unlike a one-time welcome match bet bonus, this promotion is virtually uncapped.

However, some sports bettors really enjoy the more traditional welcome bonuses that include matches on deposits or betting amounts or other available value adds. They do an excellent job of accommodating them as well.

Newly registered players will be automatically awarded the Reduced Juice Bonus but can opt-out of that and into a different program instead.

The 50% Plus New Player Reward

The 50% Plus is a two-tier award with the opportunity to receive more than 50% in free play. If a player’s initial deposit is between $100 and $400, a 50% reward is issued, and if the deposit exceeds $500, the reward is one 50% match and one 20% additionally issued amount.

The awards are not automatically available, though. They are released incrementally depending upon the wagers being placed. So, if a $100 deposit is made and a $100 bet is then staked, 10% of the reward is made available. The next time that $100 is rolled over, another 10% is released, and so on.

Sportsbook Free-Play Rewards

This reward is based on the amount of the reload deposit. It must be manually requested within 24 hours of the deposit transaction so players should hold off on wagers until the reward is in place, as wagers made before confirmation of this reward don’t count.

The deposit amount must be at least $100 and no more than $2,500 to qualify, and the reward is 20% of that total or a flat $40 reward amount for $100 to $249 deposits.

Just like the new player reward, the bonus amount is released in stages. Each one-time rollover equates to 20% of the award’s release.

Cash Back Rewards

Players can request up to 20% cash back on their overall losses through this reward program. Again, reduced juice overrides this promotion so players who prefer this type of value would need to opt out of reduced juice as their welcome bonus.

5Dimes does list a specified formula for calculation of this promotion and players should review all of their depositing and betting activity and then contact customer service for verification.

There are four different cash back options:

1. 20% back on overall losses twice a year – must be requested within the first two weeks of the first pre-season NFL game and within two weeks of the Super Bowl.
2. 15% back on overall losses once every 30 days
3. 10% back on overall losses once per week on Tuesday
4. 5% back on overall losses once per week any other day aside from Tuesday

30% Super Saver Reward

The Super Saver Reward is another way to get the best odds around as it provides for a 30% savings (-107 pricing) on parlays plus expanded payouts.

Again, this is a bonus that must be individually selected just like the other alternatives, so players who find more value from parlay discounts can contact 5Dimes Customer Service to get in on this program instead of others.

It’s not available on all parlays but encompasses select bets on football, basketball, baseball, hockey, boxing/MMA, and tennis. Football, for example, is reward-eligible on parlay wagers for game spreads, moneylines, totals, 1st half spreads, 1st half moneylines, 1st half totals, 2nd half spreads, 2nd half moneylines, 2nd half totals, all quarter spreads, all quarter moneylines, and all quarter totals.

Point Mover Special Reward Program

The Point Mover reward provides players with better pricing on straight wagers, parlays, and teasers. It combines the top teaser payouts with lowest prices for point buying on spreads and totals.

Teasers apply to NFL games only and allow for an extra half point on NFL teasers, thereby offering the same pricing as college and other league play pricing.

Punters can swing basketball and football straight and parlay bets more in their favor by buying points and receiving discounted odds on spreads and totals.

Banking Methods

5Dimes offers a small menu of financial options for its players. For US customers, it’s sufficient enough, as Americans don’t have as many e-wallet and alternative methods available to them. But, for global players, it’s an incredibly limited list.

They list Bitcoin as an e-wallet option, but most sportsbooks consider PayPal, Skrill, and Neteller to be some of the premiere e-wallets that allow for efficient gambling account transactions. Bitcoin is an excellent method to provide as it does the same thing, but a Bitcoin account is not as straightforward to set up as other prepaid, virtual, and e-wallet solutions.


Credit and Debit Cards
Visa, Mastercard, and American Express
Minimum Deposit – $50
Maximum Deposit – $500
Additional Fees – none
Processing Time and Notes – within minutes

Person to Person
Available through select retail locations – by cash only
Minimum Deposit – $100
Maximum Deposit – $750
Additional Fees – vary per transaction
Processing Time and Notes – 6-8 hours after receipt; transactions accepted Monday – Saturday from 9am-10pm Eastern Standard Time and Sundays from 9 am – 8 pm

Money Order
Minimum Deposit – $100 ($1,000 minimum for courier express fees to be waived)
Maximum Deposit – n/a
Additional Fees – courier fees will apply if deposit is less than $1000
Processing Time and Notes – 12 to 24 hours after receipt of money order

Minimum Deposit – $25
Maximum Deposit – $10,000
Additional Fees – none
Processing Time and Notes – within minutes; only accepted from 9 am – 11 pm daily

Sportsbook Transfer
Minimum Deposit – $500
Maximum Deposit – n/a
Additional Fees – none
Processing Time and Notes – funds available within minutes of receipt but overall processing is dependent upon the actual transfer; must be requested via email

Account to Account Transfer
Minimum Deposit – $50
Maximum Deposit – n/a
Additional Fees – none
Processing Time and Notes – needs managerial approval if account was funded with a debit or credit card; processing time varies; request must be submitted via email

Cashing Out

When it comes to withdrawing, the options are slightly different. The best overall way to deposit and withdraw from the account is through Bitcoin as it offers the fastest turnaround time and no fees are attached in either direction.

The other methods used by the Cashier:

Person to Person
Minimum Withdrawal – n/a
Maximum Withdrawal – $350
Additional Fees – $10 – $25
Turnaround Time and Notes – Funds should be available within 48 hours after the initial request is made; hours for pick up are 9 am – 1 pm daily (Eastern Standard Time)

Cashier Check
Minimum Withdrawal – $1,000
Maximum Withdrawal – $7,500 (US maximum; Hawaii, Alaska, Maryland, Oklahoma, and Canada is $3,000)
Additional Fees – $40 for up to $1,000; $60 – $1,001 – $2,000; $80 – $2001 – maximum
Turnaround Time and Notes – processing takes up to 48 hours and checks are sent via Federal Express and can take anywhere from seven to ten days; this method isn’t available for residents of Washington State

Money Order
Minimum Withdrawal – $1,000
Maximum Withdrawal – $9,500
Additional Fees – $80 flat fee
Turnaround Time and Notes – 24-48 hours for processing and then three business days to receive after that

Bank Wire Payouts
Minimum Withdrawal – $1,000
Maximum Withdrawal – $9,500
Additional Fees – $80; the customer’s financial institution may impose additional fees as well
Turnaround Time and Notes – receipt could take four to six business days after initial processing

Sportsbook Transfer
Minimum Withdrawal – $500
Maximum Withdrawal – n/a
Additional Fees – no fees
Turnaround Time and Notes – vary depending upon processing

Account to Account Transfer
Minimum Withdrawal – $50
Maximum Withdrawal – n/a
Additional Fees – no fees
Turnaround Time and Notes – vary depending upon processing; managerial approval needed for accounts that initially funded with credit or debit cards

How They Service Customers

The incredible amount of printed information provided on 5dimes.eu certainly lessens the need for customer service response, but when it is necessary, agents are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

They provide several phone numbers as well as an email option or help via live chat. Most of their customer service specialists are perceived as professional, knowledgeable, and extremely friendly. Of course, there are a few exceptions like in the reported case of the linesmaker who crossed some lines with customers through live chat interaction but, the majority of staff have received high praise from customers.

Contact Details:
Email – info@5dimes.eu
Phone – 866-974-3772; 800-442-0151; 877-800-7529
Live Chat – available 24 hours a day, seven days a week

What Else Can You Do on This Site?

“Much more than a sportsbook” is an understatement. They offer a huge, all-encompassing gambling service that includes five casinos plus a live casino, as well as a poker room, racebook, bingo, and lottery play.

Let’s start with the casino, or “casinos” would be more accurate.

1. The Grand Casino – “The grandest of all.”. This area hosts over 200 games with a focus on table games and Real Series Slots with random jackpots.
2. The Jackpot Casino – An innovative, modern casino that provides cinematic 3D slot games and specialty games.
3. The Bonus Casino – Not as flashy, but the value is greater in the Bonus Casino as the games are about as basic as they get, but the payouts are higher than anywhere else. The Bonus Casino is the favorite casino of their customers.
4. The Match Play Casino – The focus here is on winning and redeeming match play bonuses that are redeemed for free play. For those players that just love having their play extended through value-add offers can enjoy them again and again and again in the Match Play Casino.
5. The Hit Reels Casino – This is a brand new addition to the gambling site with only a dozen games but more fun and ways to hit jackpots with every spin.

There are a lot of games overall and a significant number of bonus opportunities and other ways to strategize play. It would take quite a while to cover everything, and we want to focus on the sportsbook, so here’s a quick glimpse into each casino as each one has a distinctive look and flavor and hosts different games.

The Grand Casino

The Grand Casino offers two different instant play views and a download and play option as well as “play for fun” for those who don’t want to risk anything to try out the different games. The games are detailed with some descriptive information to help newbies get comfortable with the experience. This casino focuses on Table Games and Slots variations.

Outstanding features:

– Over 200 games
– Random jackpot slots
– Download or instant play
– Play for fun option
– Slots are three-reel, five-reel, and Real Series
– 33 Video Poker selections

Three-reel versions:
Bank on it!
High Rollers
Pharoah’s Gold

Five-reel versions:
Cleopatra’s Gold
Regal Riches
Rudolph’s Revenge

Reel Series Slots (RTG):
Caesar’s Empire

Table Games:
Pai Gow Poker
Face Up 21
Match Play 21
Suit ‘em Up Blackjack
Caribbean Draw Poker – progressive jackpot
Let ‘em Ride – progressive jackpot

Video Poker:
Aces and Eights – multi-hand
All American – multi-hand
Mystery Bonus – multi-hand

Specialty Games:
Scratch cards
Roaring Twenties Bingo

The Jackpot Casino

The Jackpot Casino is a state-of-the-art area with 120 games offering the best in graphics and audio. The Jackpot Casino picks up on Roulette whereas the Grand Casino doesn’t offer any Roulette games and Video Poker is one of the bigger areas of this casino.

Outstanding features:

– 120 different games
– 3D slots
– Seven Blackjack variations
– Virtual Racebook 3D
– 64 3D Slots with 53 of them available for mobile play

Weekend in Vegas
Mamma Mia
At the Movies
Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde

Table Games:
Poker3 Heads Up Hold ‘em
Triple Edge Poker
American Roulette
Pirate 21
Draw Hi Low

Video Poker:
Split Way Royal
Five Draw
Tens or Better
Deuces and Joker
Pyramid Poker

Specialty Games:
Klub Keno
Virtual Racebook 3D
Instant Keno

The Bonus Casino

The Bonus Casino, as we mentioned, is the player’s favorite and that’s because it provides more value than anywhere else. This particular casino offers higher payouts, plain and simple. It’s not the most attractive casino, and the games are not especially unique. They don’t come with a lot of bells and whistles, but they do provide more value.

For example, Video Poker, when played at the quarter denomination at a maximum of five coins per hand ($1.25) pays out 4,000 credits or $1,000 for the top prize of a Royal Flush.

In the Bonus Casino, that same Royal Flush with the same $1.25 a hand wager pays out 5,750 credits or $1437.50. That’s a pretty significant difference.

Every game is unique and will vary in its enhanced value, but players like the opportunity to maintain their wager and get it on the higher payout potential.

Outstanding features:

– Basic games with higher comparative payouts
– Bingo option in this casino
– Five different types of enhanced payout Blackjack
– 14 Slots
– Roulette pays out at 36.62 as opposed to the 35 times standard

Arthur’s Realm
Legends of Hercules
Spells and Potions

Table Games – divides up into Poker, Blackjack, and Table & Specialty Games

Let it Ride
Stud Poker
Three Card Poker

Double Exposure Blackjack
Progressive Suited Blackjack
Spanish Blackjack

Table and Specialty:
Video Keno

Video Poker:
Jacks or Better
Aces and Eights
Deuces Wild

The Match Play Casino

There is another distinct theme offered in this Match Play area, and that is bonuses, bonuses, and more bonuses. These are special rewards that are earned in the Match Play Casino and redeemed in the same casino. They can’t be used anywhere else. The bonuses do have rollover stipulations but then any net winnings are transferred into the player’s account and eligible for cash out.

Outstanding features:

– Entire casino available for mobile play
– Some additional games offered as “free play” options only
– Blackjack, Poker, and Video Poker are the only offerings

Blackjack One Deck
Blackjack Six Deck
Spanish 21
Superfun 21
Lucky 7s

Stud Poker
Ride ‘em Poker
Pai Gow

Video Poker
The Wild One
Bonus Diamonds
Double Up
Aces and Jacks

The Hit Reels Casino

The Hit Reels Casino is a brand new addition, and this casino features only slot games. There aren’t any table games or anything else within this casino, but players who enjoy these games don’t seem to need anything more. The slots are high-end, new technology games with a lot of bells and whistles.

Outstanding Features:

– Slot games only
– More chances to win prizes, free spins, and extra bonuses
– A dozen games with various themes

Slot Games
American Muscle
Bright Light Chicago
Cherry Chase
Classic 777 Deluxe
Classic 777 Seven
Crack Back
Dia de los Muertos
Kickoff Party
Latin Love
Racing Sharks
Smooching Santa
Wild Jokers

We detailed five different casinos, but there are six (well, ok, seven) as they also host a Live Casino

The Live Dealer Casino has its own dedicated link and is an entirely separate area. Funds need to be transferred in and out of this area for wagering purposes.

This casino offers the full live experience with dealers and pit bosses, and the cards are dealt in real time. Players are greeted and can ask for assistance during play.

The games offered in this area are:

Live Blackjack
Live Blackjack Early Payout
Live Roulette (including enhanced payout American Roulette)
Live Baccarat

This area also features a Diamond Jackpot, which recently paid a play over $150,000.

Hey, you didn’t think we’d stop there with the Live Casino, did you? They go above and beyond in all areas so, not only is there a Live Dealer Casino, but a Rebate Live Dealer Casino. No. We’re not kidding.

The Rebate Live Dealer area features the same in-person experience but in high definition and with an accompanying bet rebate. The rebate is automated, and players have it posted to their player accounts almost instantly.

The games in this area are:

Blackjack No Hole Card
Blackjack Unlimited
Casino Hold ‘em

Multiple tables are available with different limits offered at each, and everything is accounted for, so players can sit down at a table and enjoy the experience without having to calculate or contact 5Dimes for their rebate. It will be posted after the last hand is played for the day.

The Racebook

Ok, you got us. There are TWO racebooks. You wouldn’t expect anything less by now, right?

The Rebate Racebook provides players with daily cash rebates of up to 9% on all of their horse wagering whether they win or lose.

The Rebate Racebook features thoroughbred racing from:
Arapahoe Park
Arlington Park
Belmont Park
Belterra Park
Canterbury Park
Churchill Downs
Emerald Downs
Finger Lakes
Golden Gate Fields
Gulfstream Park
Lone Star Park
Louisiana Downs
Monmouth Park
Mountaineer Park
Prairie Meadows
Remington Park
Ruidoso Downs
Santa Anita Park

The second racebook is the Plus 10%, and bettors receive track odds plus 10% adding to any winning “win” or “exotic” ticket at major tracks.

The Plus 10% Racebook features, even more, options as well:
Arapahoe Park
Arlington Park
Australia B
Australia A
Belmont Park
Belterra Park
Canterbury Park
Churchill Downs
Emerald Downs
Finger Lakes
Golden Gate Fields
Gulfstream Park
Harrah’s Philadelphia
Harrington Raceway
Lone Star Park
Louisiana Downs
Mohawk Raceway
Monmouth Park
Mountaineer Park
Philadelphia Park
Pocono Downs
Prairie Meadows
Presque Isle Downs
Remington Park
Ruidoso Downs
Santa Anita Park
Saratoga Harness

Simplicity can be a good thing, but the racebooks are a bit too basic. There’s no additional information provided for race bettors in the racebook itself, aside from a list of the tracks.

Poker Room

If poker is more your thing, 5Dimes does have a poker room. Heads up, though. You can’t enter and take a look around without setting up a poker username first.

The poker room features cash games as well as daily and weekly tournaments or freerolls. The tournament offerings include freeze out, rebuy, shoot out, satellite, and sit and go. It even hosts a $550 Prize Penny Tournament with a $0.01 buy-in and a $.25 re-buy.

There are other alternative gaming areas as well:

Bingo – Buy-in at $0.05 to $5.00 per card

Lottery – Players can play any state’s Pick 3 or Pick 4 lotteries and receive an 80% higher payout

Mini Games – Some favorite gaming options in smaller size including Blackjack, Video Poker, Solitaire, Slots, and Baccarat

Are There Better Options?

Let’s look at a few key areas to make a proper comparison. Of course, everything is up to opinion, but there are some standout features that bear repeating, and when compared to some of its rivals, you’ll see the glaring differences.

We’re going to primarily use bookmakers that service players from the United States as they do have an emphasis on American sports and American players.

The sports, lines, limits, etc. – The real volume of sports and available markets makes 5Dimes an overall winner in this category. A site like Intertops is quite conservative in its market options, and 5Dimes is market-heavy. For limits, the site comes in fairly average. BetOnline offers some betting limits more than $10,000 but a site like Bovada caps things off at $2,000 so 5Dimes’ $5,000 maximum is middle of the road.

They also get a thumbs up along with BetOnline for their early posting of lines, especially compared to Bovada that is known for late postings.

Live Betting – Most sportsbooks do offer live, in-play betting now, 5Dimes included, but they have a somewhat conservative in-play menu compared to some. Also, none of the main bookmakers who allow for American punters provide video streaming so this category is a wash.

Financial Options – Unfortunately, Americans are limited in funding possibilities compared to the rest of the world who use Skrill, Neteller, PayPal, iDebit, Paysafecards, and other options that make account funding a slam dunk.

However, 5Dimes comes in behind sportsbooks catering to global clientele as the only alternative possibility it provides for is Bitcoin. We would imagine that players in other countries outside of the US would find it quite limiting as they’re used to extensive lists of payment methods. BetOnline even allows for US players to use Skrill and Neteller if they happen to have an account. It just bars Canadians from using Skrill.

5Dimes also comes in behind regarding their fee structure. Intertops and BetOnline do not impose withdrawal fees, and Bovada promotes one free withdrawal monthly and doesn’t indicate a cap on the amount.

Bonuses – When you compare 5Dimes to the other US-servicing bookies, we think it’s heads and shoulders above all of them regarding bonuses for two main reasons. The first being the default Reduced Juice reward that provides ongoing value through better payouts for individual events. The second reason is they offer some different reward options from which players can select that are also just as valuable depending on a player’s betting habits. There is a deposit match available for anyone who simply just likes those bonuses, but the rebates, the super saver rewards, and the point movers focus on constant value for players who opt-in.

Other sportsbooks do offer some good bonus programs. If you take a site like BetOnline, players are given a lifetime bonus guarantee meaning that they’ll receive free play every time they make a deposit. However, we think there’s more value to the reduced juice above any other promotional opportunity.

Final Conclusion

After reading through everything, you’ve probably come to the same conclusion that we have. 5Dimes is just a massive sports betting entity. The sports, the markets, the opportunities, they’re all plentiful, and that doesn’t even touch the other areas of the website which are also quite substantial.

Where else can you find six different casinos on one website?

The quantity makes this an appealing operator for online gamblers and, compared to global bookmakers, there aren’t many who cater to the American clientele, so they also have that going for them.

The fact that 5Dimes is a one-stop shop makes it an excellent choice for many customers looking for that type of service.

There are others who enjoy a more intimate experience, though. They want easy navigation and a quick route directly to the sports they’re most interested in staking, and that’s not their way. There are a lot of redirects involved, and it does take some getting used to before there’s any comfort level in using the product.

Let’s go ahead and bottom-line this, though. 5Dimes provides great value. Punters will be hard-pressed to find the same types of competitive odds anywhere else especially when they carefully select the rewards program that suits their needs. Overall reduced juice, parlay discounts, teasers? They’re all there for the choosing.

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