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Bovada Review

Bovada was established in 2011 but, technically, has much deeper roots in the online gambling industry. The sportsbook was birthed out of the marriage of the Bodog brand to the Morris Mohawk Gaming Group.

Bodog has been a big player in the industry since 2000 offering regional online betting services to players in Canada, the United Kingdom, Europe, and Asia. In 2006, bodog.com was sold to the Morris Mohawk Gaming Group of Kahnawake Canada and operations in the United States continued for five years.

However, when the MMGG deal expired in 2011, Bodog pulled out of the United States, and MMGG decided to continue operations. Bodog’s American players moved over to the brand new Bovada brand. Even though the labeling was different, the end result was essentially the same.

This site caters specifically to the United States with its bovada.lv domain. Players from Canada can join Bodog.eu.

This bookmaker can best be described as a go-to for recreational players. High rollers and more professional or experienced bettors tend to shy away from the lower payout limits and the delayed posting of lines, but for the casual players, this sportsbook has a lot to offer. From a graphically appealing website to the right odds on the underdogs, they should find a lot of benefits.

Bovada.lv is not just a sportsbook. A racebook and casino round out the gaming options providing some variety for its registered players. They did initially offer a poker room, but it was recently acquired by Ignition Casino and moved to their website.

The site’s first five years proved that the success would continue without the Bodog branding. Over 282 million bets were placed in the sportsbook alone, and a billion rounds of blackjack hands dealt in the casino.

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Bovada is a good example of the blurred lines of the sports betting situation in the United States.

Each state has different laws on the books as well as pending legislation that could alter the status quo.

Only four states, Delaware, Montana, Nevada, and Oregon, were grandfathered in after the passing of PASPA (Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act) back in 1992. However, Nevada and Delaware are the only two locations that offer sports betting on any significant level, and Nevada is the only current state offering its own online sportsbooks.

And speaking of those online sportsbooks like Bovada that is specifically for American sports betting…

There are several bookmakers who cater to players from the U.S. although, technically, it’s not legal for the operators. There isn’t anything to say that Americans can’t place those bets, though so, again, it’s fuzzy.

Many offshore operators still enforce some state-specific exclusions, such as Delaware, Maryland, New Jersey, and Nevada residents deemed unable to register on Bovada.lv.

There are states like New Jersey that have been putting forth new bills attempting to legalize betting, at least on some level, as legislators see the tax benefit potential so we should expect to see some evolution shortly, albeit gradual.

The Website

We are quite impressed with the overall appearance of Bovada.lv. It has a nice mix of high-quality graphics with easily understandable and accessible markets and lines.

Before we delve deeper into Bovada’s offerings, we do need to make a distinction. You may search for “Bovada” and come up with bovadasportsbook.com. Never fear, you’re essentially in the right place. Bovadasportsbook.com is a landing page with some additional news feeds and sports betting information but will take you to bovada.lv with a click of a button.

Bovada.lv is the actual betting site that houses the sportsbook, the casino, and the racebook, as well as customer service.

Bovada.lv branches off into the three top areas of play:

And then Sports will initially show:

What we especially like is the bright and eye-catching graphic depictions of upcoming games. It’s nice to see a sportsbook be a bit more creative in the presentation of their lines. We’ve talked about how Bovada appeals more to the casual recreational player rather than the hardcore punter, so the design makes sense.

Another user-friendly aspect of the website itself is the handy supplemental menu that is placed in line with the sports offerings. New players don’t need to sift and sort through a complex site to find a quick answer to their questions.

Just under the sports, Bovada lists:

The “Getting Started” area is all-encompassing with registration, deposit information, available bonuses, and even an explanation of their American Odds format.

We’ll detail the Refer a Friend program and promotions in just a bit but friend referrals can yield up to $100, and the Bitcoin-specific bonus is worth up to $1,500 in free play. As always, we encourage everyone to read through the terms and conditions, though. There are always play through requirements and other guidelines that must be followed to the letter to reap the potential benefits that bonuses can provide.

The Red Room is Bovada’s VIP Program that rewards players according to the extent of their betting. The Red Room offers weekly deposit bonuses and cash rewards and can eventually provide for even bigger prize opportunities.

Match Previews assist bettors in figuring out what and how they’re going to wager. There’s a plethora of statistics, injury reports, and trends when combined with the Articles section provides a one-stop shop for Bovada’s clientele striving to make educated bets.

The “About” area provides some highlights of Bovada’s first five years after transitioning from Bodog. Bovada boasts a player database in the hundreds of thousands and strives to provide a go-to for bettors regardless of their game(s) of choice.

Lastly, it’s quite obvious that this is a Bitcoin sportsbook with a prominently placed Bitcoin menu link in this main menu area. Bitcoin does provide for fast and affordable player account funding especially in a market where banks make it difficult to use debit or credit cards for gambling transactions.

A Tip of the Hat

Bovada provides the recreational bettor in the states with a quality, informative, and attractive website to quickly stake some money on favorite teams. As it is a sportsbook for Americans, the sports are selected accordingly. Football, Basketball, and Baseball markets are extensive both for professional and collegiate games. That’s not to say there isn’t an extensive sports menu, but American favorites will take top billing.

For players looking for those competitive lines, this sportsbook fits the bill for underdog bettors and outshines many others in this area. Additionally, it outclasses the others in futures bets and typically provides the best odds for them across the board and not just for the underdogs in these markets.

The proposition bet is yet another strong area for this relatively young bookmaker. Hundreds of proposition odds come out weekly for both teams and players.

Sports are covered, competitive odds for select bets are offered, and another thumbs up goes to this site’s mobile betting platform. When their full site was updated in 2015, the mobile site was modified to be a nearly identical mini version. Navigation between sports and use of the betting slip is easy and efficient regardless of the format.

Bovada’s bonuses and promotional programs are also quite competitive. Some standard bonus offerings are in place for new players, but the Red Room VIP program ups the advantages that repeat players have through additional bonuses and free play opportunities. The initial 50% welcome bonus pays up to $250 in free wagers, but a separate Bitcoin welcome bonus option puts $500 in bonus cash up for grabs.

Lastly, despite limited options for payouts, the site has a relatively quick approval process, and we aren’t aware of any major issues reported regarding cash outs.

Could They Do Some Things Better?

Just as Bovada does a lot of stuff right for its recreational bettors, there are areas for improvement regarding bettors who are more experienced and tend to be brand loyal.

First of all, the sportsbook offers two different lines. Odds for the “recreational” bettor tend to be slightly better than for anyone Bovada perceives to be as professional or more educated. So, already, we have some customers who feel that they’re being slighted a bit. Dual pricing may not be apparent to most, but anyone who studies the lines and is an active sports bettor will notice the difference.

Next, the site posts its lines a bit later than most everyone else. The delayed posting is a practice carried over from Bodog and is not a favorable one. Again, this will be more apparent to the more educated punter.

Betting limits comprise another area that could use some improvement, as they are relatively small. We sound like a broken record, but that’s why some of the sharper bettors who tend to bet high to win more are not as satisfied with Bovada. Top payouts for NFL football are $2,000 for spreads and $1,000 for moneylines and half that for NCAA games. Basketball is only $1,000 for spreads, $500 for moneylines and totals for NBA, and $500 across the board for NCAA (collegiate).

There are no complaints about the sporting events offered. Bovada does an excellent job in providing both quality and quantity especially regarding the favorites of U.S. players. Additionally, they do offer live in-play betting that’s easy to access and interact with but does not include any live event feeds. They’ve gone out of their way to provide articles, research, and preview materials for their players but could take it a step further with game feeds to accompany the in-play betting feature.

Regarding customer service, we do want to preface this by saying that their customer service appears to be a cut above many of its competitors. We experienced customer service first hand and received an email reply within 20 minutes. However, we do want to make mention that other sportsbooks do offer a 24/7 Live Chat option for immediate service and this site does not.

Best Sports to Bet On

Some bookmakers are known for better odds in conjunction with individual sports. This sportsbook is a bit different, though. They are distinguished more by the types of odds as opposed to the specific sporting events being comparatively better or worse than others.

For example, we previously mentioned how this is a great site for underdog bettors as the odds offered are better. We also talked about the futures bets and how they propel this website ahead of the pack as this is one of the best sportsbooks for anyone who bets futures.

For those NCAA football punters, this bookie offers one of its highest payout limits for point spread bets placed on Thursday through the game day where the limit is $2,000 as opposed to $1,000 on Tuesday and Wednesday. $2,000 is the highest payout so NCAA or NFL would be preferred for bettors looking for bigger cash out potential.

The e-sports offerings are also plentiful for bettors who enjoy this type of wagering. Moneyline bets can be placed on a huge number of events, especially in comparison to some others that offer just a few options to have something on the board.

Bovada is also known for offering a huge number of prop bets specifically for traditional sporting events. Proposition bets are available on most events except for select NFL games, and we did find some non-sports availability especially in Politics, but not a great quantity. This sportsbook leans toward more traditional sports, games, and matches.

Their Sportsbook Menu

Live Betting heads up the sports list but Live Betting opportunities are also clearly labeled per event.

Some of Bovada’s events do come with some restrictions, and they are also clearly designated. These games may have line limits affected and are restricted from being included in parlays or teasers.

An orange triangle in the left corner indicates a restricted line and the betting limits are reduced. A green triangle in the left corner indicates an enhanced line and the betting limits are increased.

There are also designations for:

The primary wager types encompass the following, and Bovada does offer decimal and fractional odds.

Betting Limits for Their Most Popular Sports

Bovada is a great site for the casual bettor, and minimum bets start out at only $1. But, the betting limits will clearly demonstrate how more experienced punters may be deterred. The maximum payout limits are extremely low in comparison to many other bookies and determine the actual betting cap, usually $500.

Here are some of their various betting limits:

NFL Football
Spreads – $2,000
Moneylines – $1,000
Totals – $1,000
Futures – $500

NCAA Football
Spreads – $2,000 (Thursday – Game Day only)
Moneylines – $500
Totals – $1,000
Futures – $500

NBA Basketball
Spreads – $1,000
Moneylines – $500
Totals – $500
Futures – $500

NCAA Basketball
Spreads – $500
Moneylines – $500
Totals – $500
Futures – $500

MLB Baseball
Spreads – $1,000
Moneylines – $2,000
Totals – $1,000
Futures – $600

NHL Hockey
Spreads – n/a
Moneylines – $1,000
Totals – $500
Futures – $600

Spreads – n/a
Moneylines – $500
Totals – $300
Futures – $500

Spreads – n/a
Moneylines – $1000
Totals – n/a
Futures – n/a

Spreads – n/a
Moneylines – $1000
Totals – n/a
Futures – n/a

Odds to Win – $500
Head-to-Head – $250

Futures – $500
Head-to-Head – $500

Futures – $500
Head-to-Head – $500

Will I Enjoy the Betting Experience?

We think that you’ll enjoy the whole Bovada experience if you’re an American who just wants to get your feet wet a little bit with sports betting or if you like to make the occasional bet on the bigger tournaments or championship games.

If you consider yourself to be more of a professional or you’re looking for high payout potential, then it probably isn’t for you.

Bovada does market itself toward the recreational gambler demographic. It’s a graphically represented sportsbook that makes the betting process easy and fun. There are bonus offers to attract anyone looking to have a fun time and maybe win a little bit here and there with some extra value added. Even brand new players should be taken care of with all kinds of information that hand holds the bettor through the account funding and actual wagering process. The American sporting event offerings are plentiful and then multiply them accordingly by the dozens of ways to place bets on each of them.

Live in-play betting also takes things to a much more fun level. It’s easy to find the live events and just as simple to get in on the action.

So, we think you’ve figured out at this point that we consider Bovada.lv to be a fun experience. It provides a hobby or a way to learn more about sports and experiment with sports betting. That’s not to say that there isn’t money to be made. It’s just four-figure money as opposed to five, six or even seven that may be attainable through some other sportsbooks. Of course, remember that you have to bet big to win big, so there is that.

Let’s Look at Their Bonuses and Promotions

We’ll sum up Bovada’s bonus program by calling it middle of the road. Some sportsbooks only offer bonus cash up to $25 or $50, and there are some that provide a comprehensive program for those who enjoy bonuses and other ways to stretch their betting bucks.

People either love the extra value or would rather not deal with meeting the play through requirements. Bovada’s program provides enough value to make it appealing without going overboard.

So, let’s start with the Welcome Bonus. Scratch that. The TWO Welcome Bonuses

Welcome Bonus number one – 50% Welcome Bonus up to $250

The welcome bonus is a relatively standard type of bonus available on nearly every sportsbook. In fact, we’d be hard-pressed to come up with one that doesn’t feature it prominently. The bonus is applied toward the new player’s very first deposit and provides for a matching amount bonus that corresponds to that sum. For example, if $100 is transferred into the player’s betting account, he or she is eligible for $50 in bonus play money.

The maximum amount that can be received is $250. So, even if a $600 deposit is made, $250 is the bonus.

Now comes our little piece of advice that we always like to mention when we discuss any bonus from any sportsbook…

Read the terms and conditions. Beginning players, such as many of the bettors who gravitate to Bovada, may assume that they make a $100 deposit, receive their bonus, and then have $150 to bet or cash out. Wrong. Bonus play money comes with very specific terms and conditions. For this particular bonus, the biggest stipulation is that the player is subject to a five-time playthrough requirement on both the deposit and the bonus amount.

Using our example of the $100 deposit and the player’s receipt of $50 in bonus cash, he or she now has to comply with a five-time rollover of the $150 total or $750 required to cash out anything. Players should be very careful not to try to withdraw anything until they’re 100% satisfied that all bonus requirements are met. We advise contacting Bovada’s customer service before moving forward with bonus acceptance or any subsequent withdrawals attempts.

OK. Now that we’ve issued our public service announcement let’s get back to the bonuses because there are a lot of bettors who do appreciate the extra value they provide.

Welcome bonus number two – The Bitcoin Welcome Bonus

Pretty self-explanatory, right? The Bitcoin bonus is for new players that use Bitcoin as their method of account funding, and it does have a much higher value potential than the traditional welcome bonus.

Players using Bitcoin need to enter a coupon code provided on the Bovada website to request participation in this particular promotion. This bonus has the same rollover requirements as the traditional welcome bonus, but the match bonus amount limit is $500 as opposed to $250. For players who are using a Bitcoin bonus for casino play, they are eligible to receive up to $1500 in bonus play.

Two welcome bonuses down. Now it’s time to benefit by telling your friends… the Bovada Refer a Friend program.

If you’re an active player and have made at least one previous deposit, you can also receive bonus money based on your referrals. Bovada provides an invitation link that you send to someone (or many people). Your friend(s) click the link to join and then make their initial deposit, and you get $40 in bonus cash deposited into your player account. Again, that annoying rollover bonus does apply and is a five-time requirement in the sportsbook but if you like that extra free play money, spread the word about this sports betting site.

Deposit Options

The difference between sports betting for U.S. players as opposed to the rest of the world is never more apparent than when it comes to financial transactions.

If you’ve been on a sportsbook that caters to the United Kingdom, Australia, or even Canada, you see a broad menu of both deposit and withdrawal options. They feature debit and credit cards which, by the way, are much more apt to be approved for gambling use but they also have numerous other ways to move money in and out of a betting account. Ewallets and virtual wallets are plentiful. Skrill, Neteller, EcoPayz, PayPal, Ukash, Paysafecard, and so many other methods of transferring money provides for safe and efficient transactions.

In the U.S., your gambling begins before you ever put a dollar into a betting account because it’s a total crapshoot as to whether your debit or credit card will be approved or not. U.S. financial institutions do not make it easy and PayPal is also not available for offshore operators to offer to U.S. customers.

So, when we take a look at Bovada’s deposit options, it’s a short story. Players can select from Visa, Mastercard or Bitcoin with Bitcoin being the only option that should be automatically approved. Visa and Mastercard are in the hands of the banks, and it’s up to each one as to whether your transaction request will be approved regardless of whether you have the funds available.

In some cases, if your request is declined, you can contact the bank to see about manual approval but, again, there’s no guarantee.

All right, let’s get a bit more in depth with these three alternatives.

Credit and Debit Cards – Visa and Mastercard

The minimum deposit amount is $20 or is $50 for phone transactions. The maximum is $1,000.

Aside from the uncertainty of these transactions even being approved, there is some good news and some bad news. The good news is that the first deposit made using a credit or debit card is fee free. The bad news is that subsequent transactions have fees assessed and they are 4.9% for Visa and 6.9% for Mastercard. These are pretty substantial costs, and these are just regarding making a deposit.

Some credit cards that do give the go-ahead and process the transfer consider it to be a cash advance and, therefore, assess additional fees on top of Bovada’s.

Bovada does state that Visa Gift Cards have also been accepted, but it’s important to note that they must be cards that are good for international and online purchases for them to work. The gift card may be a good alternative, as the card is not tied to a particular bank account so it’s a safer and easier method.


Bitcoin users can deposit anywhere from $20 to $5,000 at a time into their Bovada betting account.

It’s apparent that Bitcoin may be a preferable method. Bitcoin is quickly approved and allows for safe and anonymous transfers. Bovada does not charge any deposit fees for Bitcoin funding but some wallet providers may. However, if they do charge a fee, it’s nothing substantial like the 4.9 or 6.9% involved in credit and debit card depositing.

Bitcoin does have its advantages, but it can be confusing and challenging for new Bitcoin account holders. It’s not tied to any bank or financial institution so buying and selling Bitcoin is not a straightforward procedure. For anyone familiar with this cryptocurrency, though, you know that it is custom made for online gambling funding.

The Fun Part… Cashing Out from the Player Account

You’re probably not expecting very much here after our introduction to depositing for U.S. based players, and you’d be right.

Just as American players don’t have the luxury of the big financial services menu for funding their player’s account, they’re just as limited in reverse.

One… two… Two cashout options. Take your pick.

Actually, let’s back up a bit and talk about withdrawals in general. Sorry, folks… another good news, bad news scenario.

The good news is that Bovada allows players to make one free withdrawal each calendar month. The bad news is that it’s $50 for each subsequent withdrawal within that period. Let’s add another little twist to this.

“Every calendar month, Bovada will cover the fees for your first withdrawal using an eligible method… Also, there may be some additional fees for some premium withdrawal methods.”

We don’t know about you, but we find this to be a bit confusing and somewhat amusing. With the choice of two withdrawal plans from which to select, what would be considered their “premium” withdrawal methods?

Again, when that little voice in your head tells you to verify something, we would listen.

Back to those two options…


The minimum withdrawal amount is $20, and the maximum is $9,500, and only one Bitcoin cash out is allowed per every five days.

Bitcoin will be, by far, the fastest way to receive those hard-earned winnings. Bitcoin transactions typically take just a few minutes but could take as much as six hours to be received into your wallet. That timeline is after the actual request has been processed, and that could tack on another 48 hours for Bovada to settle your account and initiate the transfer.

Check by Courier

This method replaces the debit and credit card deposit method and allows for a minimum $50 withdrawal and maximum of $3,000 with one check payout allowed every seven days.

It will take anywhere from 10 to 15 business days to receive the check, and that is on top of that 48-hour settlement window that we just mentioned as well.

Customer Service

We take great pleasure in addressing Bovada’s customer service department as we not only have read good things about it but experienced it first hand.

It’s a bit odd because most sportsbooks do offer player services via live chat and Bovada is limited to email and phone service, but their turnaround time is impressive. Phone support is, of course, instantly available but email responses can be received in a matter of minutes.

Not only is the response quick, but it’s also polite and efficient. You’ve heard those rumors of incomplete or inaccurate answers or abrupt agents who rush players or don’t appear to be service-oriented. That doesn’t seem to be the case with Bovada.

Players have reported the same quick response and the same above-average level of service. It’s refreshing to come across a large business that values the importance of good customer service. It will always boil down to the particular service representative but, if you have a manager who places emphasis on excellent service, all agents will be superior.

Bovada’s Customer Service Department:

Customer Services email – service@bovada.lv
Customer Services phone – 888-263-0000
Customer Services Live Chat – not available

Much More Than a Sportsbook

Bovada provides itself on being a trusted source for a wide variety of gaming aside from its sportsbook.

We did already mention that the poker room previously housed on bovada.lv has been acquired by Ignition Casino so players can visit ignitioncasino.eu to join a game in progress, but Bovada still offers a top notch racebook and a Las Vegas-style casino.

If you want to put down some cash on horse racing, the options are wide-ranging with 94 tracks on which to bet. Since Bovada’s launch, the racebook has frequently been visited, and they have paid out over 132,000 winning superfecta tickets. That may not seem like an impressive number, but a superfecta is not just a simple one-horse finisher. A superfecta requires the bettor to accurately pick the top four race finishers in the exact order. Not quite as simple, huh?

The racebook not only promotes the Next 5 Races, Today’s Tracks, and Futures and Propositions, but also:

Additionally, the racebook is now available in mobile format for ease in betting on the go.

If horse racing isn’t your thing or you just want to get a taste of the Vegas experience, Bovada’s casino will fit the bill.

Five years ago, Bovada launched a smaller casino with about 100 slots. But, their players requested more variety, so the slot banks have been expanded to now host 202 different slot types, including some brand new games and some great progressives.

The new additions include:

The progressives are plentiful, and current jackpot amounts are substantial:

Plus, other progressives currently reflecting jackpots anywhere from $1,000 to $5,000 are also listed. We don’t know about you, but we think the Shopping Spree or Super Diamond Mine Jackpot would be awfully nice!

Video Poker is 17-games in total and doesn’t impress with any new varieties but does have some good standard games such as Jacks or Better, Deuces Wild, Joker Poker, Bonus Poker, and Double Double Jackpot Poker.

There is also a Table Games area plus a dedicated Blackjack area. Blackjack is the most popular game amongst Bovada’s Table Game players, and seven different varieties are the reason that over one billion rounds were dealt before Bovada’s 5th anniversary. Classic, European, Zappit and Single Deck are amongst the open tables not to mention Caribbean Stud Poker and Caribbean Hold ‘em Poker each with a currently available $13K jackpot and Let ‘em Ride with an $164K top prize now posted.

Roulette, Baccarat, Craps, Tri-Card Poker and Pai Gow fill in the tables with a good variety of favorite gaming options.

No, we’re not finished as yet. There’s one more area called “Specialty Games, ” and it hosts several Bingo games, Sudoku, Scratch Cards and other miscellaneous games that don’t fit well into other locations, but satisfy different gaming preferences.

All in all, it’s a good-sized casino with some fun and well-liked games.

Should I Choose Some Other Bookmaker Instead?

Let’s start with the actual sporting events. We’ve already established that Bovada is for players from the United States only. Its sports offerings fall in line with those that appeal most to American bettors and, most notably, Baseball, American Football, and Basketball. Comparing the offerings to other sportsbooks that target the U.S., Bovada is consistent and isn’t missing anything. Compared to more globally focused sportsbooks, though, soccer, cricket, and rugby will have fewer markets as well as less competitive odds.

Speaking of odds, Bovada is heads above its competition regarding Futures bets and is a great option for those who opt for underdog bets, but other odds are not as favorable as American-targeted bookies like BetOnline.

Live betting has never been more popular, and Bovada’s in-play action rivals its competitors. However, some of the big guys like William Hill and Bet365 take in-play to the next level with live feeds of the events themselves thereby attracting new players and keeping their current customers online and engaged.

We’re going to have to shift gears here and select most other sportsbooks above Bovada regarding payout limits. Bovada is amongst the lowest with its $2,000 cap on NFL and MLB and $1,000 on NBA games. The biggest sportsbooks provide for seven-figure payouts and even a direct U.S.-focused competitor like BetOnline offers $25,000.

Diving into the banking comparison and we would like to cut Bovada some slack. After all, this is a site that only allows U.S. players to register and participate and U.S. banking restrictions are stringent. Debit and credit cards are hit and miss. Not all banks will approve these types of transactions, so all that’s left is Bitcoin. Bitcoin is a good alternative but very limiting as well. Skrill and Neteller, while not widely utilized yet, are still available to most U.S. residents and provide for the easiest way to get a player account funded without deferring to traditional banks. So, we have to give this one to every other sportsbook as Bovada’s Bitcoin and credit or debit card options aren’t enough to accommodate everyone who may be interested in betting.

Bovada does rank higher in the area of bonus programs though. It’s middle of the road, whereby its bonus programs are more generous than the biggest sportsbooks who cap things off in the $50 range, but there are not enough bonuses publicized to compete with other sites that offer a full menu of on-going bonus and free play promotions. Some even provide for lifetime free play matched on every deposit made into the player account.

Lastly, comparing the full Bovada experience to its competitors provides for a relatively even match. Bovada has a quality Vegas-style casino with slots, video poker, table and specialty games as well as a great racebook with top-notch track options. On the flip side, Bovada does not have a poker room nor does it host any live dealer action table games like many other online providers. We don’t consider those two things to be make or break for Bovada, but they do enhance the overall impression.

And Finally

We started out by saying that this is an excellent choice for the recreational gambler as opposed to the veteran player who studies the lines, wagers high, and has skin in the game for those big payouts. As you’ve read through each section, you are probably in agreement with us.

The payout limits alone would be enough to deter anyone who is seeking to cash out a minimum five-figure ticket.

Bovada does provide a good betting platform for newbies as well as casual players who are primarily in it for fun. They’ll appreciate the enhanced website that’s a lot more visually appealing than rows and rows of numbers. They’ll also enjoy the welcome bonus and all of the little extras provided by Bovada to help them place those bets. Instructions, how to guides and all kinds of tips and suggestions are helpful additions for recreational bettors who may wish to hone their skills.

We like the overall look, the betting options, the bonus programs, and we also appreciate the quality customer service that this company’s team provides. If they posted lines a bit earlier, increased some of its payout limits, and added a few financial funding options, it would have even more loyal players to add to its roster.

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