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Canada FlagCanada is a sizable and substantial country with Federal, Provincial, and Municipal government. Its 35 million citizens are spread out amongst ten provinces, each possessing some self-governing powers as well as being connected to the larger national system as a whole. Because of the great political power in each individual province, gambling laws have been a bit varied and subject to provincial jurisdiction.

The Canadian Sports Lottery – Presently, it is legal to gamble in Canada both in live casinos and sportsbooks as well as online. However, there are some conditions and exceptions to this general rule so let’s take a step back a few decades to 1976 and the inception of sports lotteries in Canada. Well, actually, in 1971 the sports lottery concept dipped its toe in the gambling water with a trial run in Manitoba that launched and subsequently closed shop shortly thereafter.

That didn’t put an end to sports lotteries, though, and in 1976, the Canadian government regulated the sports lottery concept providing residents with a legal way to place bets on their favorite teams. These lotteries are somewhat subpar to the sportsbooks of today with limited sports availability as well as some “not quite so favorable” odds offered to bettors.

Sports lotteries are currently still a mainstay in the gambling environment in Canada, with Sport Select games offered by the provincial government. Sport Select is basically the group of games that are offered but the program goes by other designations based on the locale.

In Quebec, it’s Pari Sportif, Pro-Line is in Ontario and Atlantic Canada, and Sports Action is the designation in British Columbia. These Sport Select tickets can be purchased at lottery centers across the country so it’s not difficult to find a place to make a sports bet if you’re on board with the odds and requirements that accompany it.

Sport Select players’ main criticism comes from the odds that are provided to them. Whereas the Vig in the U.K. or U.S. generally resides around the 110% mark, Sport Select’s come in anywhere from 130% on up.

So, in order to win $100 in other areas, the bet would be $110. Sport Select’s system would require at least a $130 minimum bet in order to receive a $100 payout and that’s not even taking into consideration the parlay requirement that we’ll discuss next, which then increases the Vig accordingly to 160% on up.

Canada’s Parlay Betting Requirement – Let’s talk a bit about that parlay requirement as it is the one highlighted difference between Canadian legislation as opposed to most other areas. So, we’ve mentioned that sports betting is basically legal in Canada. After all, we’ve also just noted that the Canadian government sanctions its own nationwide sports betting program through Sport Select. However, there is a slight twist. The bets that can legally be placed must be parlay bets. Single game bets cannot be made through Sport Select or through any Canadian authorized sportsbook.

Sports Interaction – Canada’s online sportsbook – We’ll delve a bit deeper into the legal ins and outs of sports betting in Canada in just a bit, but we do need to mention that online sports betting is deemed legal and acceptable through endorsed Canadian licensed online operators such as Sports Interaction (sportsinteraction.com). There are hundreds of other offshore online sportsbooks that do cater to Canadian bettors with transactions in Canadian dollars and French translation for Quebec residents. They have secured a big number of these players, but legally authorized sportsbooks must be Canadian based and Canadian province licensed.

The Kahnawake Gaming Commission – The topic of sports betting in Canada would not be complete without the mention of the Kahnawake Gaming Commission. The Mohawk Territory of Kahnawake is located 20 miles outside of Montreal and is the home of 8,000 Mohawk (North American Indian) individuals.

The Gaming Commission is one of the oldest, established in 1996 and in 1999 commenced licensing and regulating online gaming operations including casinos and sportsbooks. Kahnawake licensing provides for stable gaming operations ensuring fairness and providing safeguards against underage gambling and any money laundering or financial schemes.

The online operators licensed by Kahnawake Gaming are hosted at Mohawk Internet Technologies based within the Mohawk Territory. Sports Interaction is the one large Canadian based online sportsbook that is also licensed by the Kahnawake Gaming Commission and, as such, abides by its governing laws and policies.

So, the most important things to note about sports betting in Canada can be summed up accordingly:

Popular Sports in Canada

It’s probably no surprise that hockey ranks number one with Canadian bettors. Canadians love their hockey and their subsequent betting volume is a reflection of their affinity for the sport. With ten months of activity on which to wager, hockey bettors are continuously active.

A few of the other popular sports may be surprises, though. Curling and Lacrosse attract a great deal of betting attention and many of the American sports are also appealing to Canadian sports bettors.

Online sportsbooks in Canada or websites catering to Canadian bettors tend to offer:

Popular Ways to Bet

Although Canada is not unlike other areas with its typical types of bets such as parlays, teaser, and futures, Canadian bettors do have some alternative types that are specifically utilized for hockey and soccer bets. Scorecast, Wincast, and Goalscorer are just a few of these game-dedicated types of wagers.

Some of the more popular variations of bets in addition to the Parlay (or Combination or Accumulator) include the following:

Teaser Bet:
This is a parlay bet with the requirement that all singular bets need to be won in order for the ticket to be a winner, but the teaser allows for the bettor to move the point spread in either direction for one game amongst their ticket selections.

Futures Bet:
Wagering on games or tournaments that are farther down the road such as betting on the Stanley Cup at the beginning of the NHL season.

Three-Way Bet:
This is a wager including three potential outcomes. This type of bet typically is in reference to win, lose or draw so is made in conjunction to soccer or hockey.

Double Chance Bet:
This type takes a three-way bet and adds another, so it’s basically a wager against one of the three outcomes.

Each Way Bet:
This type of wager allows for the bet to be split between a win and a place outcome and, again, would apply to hockey and soccer primarily.

Goal Scorer Bet:
Pretty self-explanatory and mainly placed in conjunction with soccer matches. However, a few different twists to this bet are allowed such as the Anytime Goalscorer, whereby a player from either side can be selected to score a goal at any time during the game. The First/Last Goalscorer applies to the first or last goal of the match and these bets have a wide range of odds that accompany them.

This combination includes the first goal scorer plus the correct final score outcome and offers fairly high odds for a correct double prediction.

This is slightly easier than the Scorecast in that the final score outcome is changed to the overall winner. So, it’s the first goal scorer plus the winning team.

This eliminates the winner or final score and replaces it with the group of minutes that the goal will be scored within. So, it’s the player that scores first plus the time frame of that result.

As you can see, Canadian sports betting leans heavily on hockey as well as soccer with the types of wagering that are game-specific. Again, the selections will expand and vary depending upon whether a bet is placed within Canada or through an offshore sportsbook provider.

Canadians also utilize three different types of “Odds” formats:

Decimal Odds:
This is the most widely utilized format in Canada and is used amongst bettors of the provincial sports lotteries. It’s a simple mathematical formula and, perhaps, the easiest to understand as it takes the decimal odds multiplied by the amount of the wager to calculate the payout. For example, a money line bet of $10.00 at 1.50 odds = $15.00 payout.

American Odds:
As the name implies, these odds are common in the United States where you’ll see the plus (+) or minus (-) sign in conjunction with the posted odds. A plus sign in front of the odds tells the bettor what they would win if a $100 bet was wagered. So, if the odds read +250, a bet of $100 = $250 payout. The minus sign is the amount that must be wagered in order to win $100. So, if it read -250, the player would need to wager $250 to win the $100 above their betting amount.

Fractional Odds:
This type of odds is used frequently in regard to futures bets. There is a top (or first) number and a bottom (or second) number. The top is the amount the player wins by betting the bottom number. For example, if a game was listed as 3 to 1 in fractional odds, the bettor would win $30 for every $10 wager placed.

How to Move Money Around

Any location that has legalized gambling typically offers easier banking and player funding for online sports bettors.

Canada does have its sports betting operations in actual physical locations but also offers legalized online betting through Sports Interaction as well as some other online casinos and, therefore, has some options tailor-made for its online players.

There are certainly the more universally accepted methods such as credit and debit cards, bank transfers, and some e-wallet solutions as well. But, there are two amongst the full range of options that we’d specifically like to mention, as they are location-specific and primarily cater to the Canadian-based clientele.

They are:

…and they are fairly similar in nature acting as middlemen between a bank and the sportsbook or casino.

Additionally, other funding methods that cater to players throughout Canada include:


iDebit is a way to share information between a player’s bank of record and the sportsbook while still keeping his or her banking credentials safe and private. iDebit is touted as one the fastest and easiest ways to transfer money for Canadian bettors and is also one of the newest.

For anyone familiar with PayPal, it’s a bit like PayPal in that you can transfer funds from your bank account via iDebit or directly from an iDebit balance. The big difference, though, is that players don’t need to sign up for an official iDebit account, they can request a transaction as a guest instead.

iDebit does charge for sports betting player account deposits if the money is being transferred from an online bank account, but the fee is only $2.00. Fees are waived for transfers directly from an iDebit account balance and that also works in reverse with fee-free transactions into an iDebit account.

There are other withdrawal options, though, that can be conducted via iDebit with transfers to the player’s bank account taking up to five business days or checks and money order requests issued and mailed within two business days.

Thumbs up:

Thumbs down:


InstaDebit is almost identical to iDebit except for one notable exception. Whereas iDebit allows for direct transfer of funds from a bank account into a player account, InstaDebit requires that the funds be sent in an out of an InstaDebit account.

So, the structure is basically the same and the fees and timeline very similar except for the additional time that it takes to fund the InstaDebit account. If the player maintains a balance in his or her InstaDebit account, then transfers are instant. If not, it could take up to five business days for funding of the InstaDebit wallet.

Thumbs up:

Thumbs down:


The paysafecard was formerly known as Ukash and is still under that designation in many locations outside of Canada.

A paysafecard is not really a card but rather a voucher that is purchased in person at retail outlets like Esso stations throughout Canada or via the paysafecard website at www.paysafecard.com. The voucher contains a 16-digit code that is then provided to the sportsbook for immediate funding. As this is a prepaid method, the acceptance is immediate and automatic.

Paysafecard does provide an anonymous transaction method. No bank account nor credit or debit card is needed in order to purchase this voucher.

There are specific denominations available with accompanying fees attached that are paid at the time of purchase. The higher the denomination, though, the better percentage rate for the fee applied. A $250 card totals $257.95 with the additional charge.

Technically, there is no online paysafecard account. However, in Canada, if the individual sportsbook allows, a withdrawal can be made back to the paysafecard and then the card can be used for something else.

Thumbs up:

Thumbs down:


An Entropay card is basically a prepaid virtual Visa that is attached to a bank account or credit card. It’s accepted wherever Visa is, including sportsbooks, and provides for easier online approval.

There are actually three different levels of Entropay accounts. Cardholders can move up from the Starter account to Basic by verifying their email and then from the Basic to Premier by turning in some proof of identification. The higher the level of account, the greater the transaction limits and subsequent player account funding availability.

Entropay allows for both depositing and withdrawing but there are fees associated with both. Funding the Entropay card with a debit or credit card will tack on 4.95% in fees for each transfer. Cash outs being applied to the Entropay card from the sportsbook player account will cost an additional 1.95%. However, if there is money already on the card, Entropay does not charge for transferring out of the account.

There is a limit on actually withdrawing from the card, but Entropay offers a bank transfer service that could be used in conjunction with receiving a big cash out from a player account.

Thumbs up:

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Credit and Debit Cards

Just as nearly all e-commerce websites accept credit and debit cards, so do online sportsbooks. These are usually the featured method of deposit as the information that needs to be provided is brief and the transactions are approved or declined immediately.

Approval of these transactions are in the hands of each individual bank or financial institution and, despite a player having the available funds, the transfer could still be declined based upon the individual guidelines. In Canada, there are more Visa approvals than Mastercard but, again, it all depends on the bank.

As far as withdrawals to a credit or debit card, there are some sportsbooks that will allow for them but they are few and far between. Most will recommend that the player requests a bank transfer thereby refunding their credit or debit card in more of a roundabout way with the same end result.

For players that find themselves unable to use a debit or credit card for their player account funding, they may want to consider Entropay as it’s a prepaid Visa that is more widely approved.

Thumbs up:

Thumbs down:


Bitcoin is the most unique and anonymous way to fund a player account. It’s a digital currency not attached to any bank or other financial institution and, when used correctly, provides for near instant approval for both deposits and withdrawals.

Bitcoin has become a popular method of “banking” as it’s very private and is basically a currency developed specifically for internet transactions.

The fees are low for transactions and transfers are accomplished by simply obtaining a wallet address from the sportsbook and/or providing the sportsbook with your wallet address. No additional paperwork or personal information is required.

The list of sportsbooks that accept Bitcoin as a payment method is ever-increasing as this is a great method for secure and private account funding.

Thumbs up:

Thumbs down:

Banking Compared to Other Regions

As far as player transactions for Canadian bettors, there isn’t anything that really stands out as a negative in comparison to other global locations.

On the positive end, Canadians can opt for some nationally offered alternatives such as iDebit and InstaDebit as private, easy, and widely accepted ways of conducting financial transactions. These two methods offer customers a type of middleman service that facilitates their deposits and withdrawals without direct link-up of the bank account to the sportsbook player account.

This type of service is ideal for online bettors as it provides for safe transactions and privacy of personal information. InstaDebit has been around for more than ten years now and has proven its value to both its customers and its sportsbook partners.

As far as other banking methods, credit and debit cards are still subject to the same type of individual banking institution scrutiny that exists in most other locations regardless of the specific legal stipulations. Banks retain the right to approve or decline transactions, and casino and sportsbook transactions are dubious despite the fact that Canadian sports betting is legalized.

Introducing Online Sportsbooks for Canadians

As there is really only one biggie in Canada, we need to start out with a look at Sports Interaction, truly Canada’s own online sportsbook.

Sports Interaction – sportsinteraction.com

We’ve made reference to Sports Interaction several times already as it is Canada’s first online sportsbook and casino that is licensed and regulated in the country. Sports Interaction is overseen by the Kahnawake Gaming Commission and provides Canadian bettors with a lot more gaming options, better odds, and betting aside from parlay wagers, in comparison to the provincial sports lotteries.

Established in 1997, Sports Interaction has evolved with the times offering more sports, more ways to wager, live betting, deposit, and non-deposit bonuses.

Sports Interaction also hosts:

Minimum bets in the sportsbook start out at just $1 and betting limits are dependent upon the actual sporting event that’s being wagered but ranges from $550 for traditional teasers, combination, and futures bets on up to $2200 for NHL, NFL, NBA, and MLB sides, and $880 for NHL, NFL, NBA, and MBL totals. Tennis tops out with a $220 bet limit and Sports Interaction does state that betting limits may double for big-ticket events such as the NHL, MLB, and NBA finals as well as the Super Bowl.

Their main sports betting menu on Sports Interaction includes:

Sports Interaction lists the following types of bets to be available and, again, there may be some variation depending on the sporting event being wagered.

Straight win – The most basic of bets where the bettor predicts the winner and is paid if correct.

Handicap or point spread win
– The selected team or individual needs to win by more than a specified score (or lose by less than a specified score). If the game is tied on the spread, the bet is canceled and the stake is null and void with monies returned to bettors.

Over/under totals – The bettor decides if the total of a game or match is going to be over or under a certain score.

Combination bets – These are also called parlays or accumulators and combines events into one main betting ticket, requiring all individual bets to be winners for the overall ticket to be a resulting winner.

Teasers – These are combination bets on football or basketball with the handicap adjusted in the favor of the bettor. In football (as opposed to soccer), the point spread can be adjusted by either 6, 6.5 or 7 points. In basketball, it’s 4, 4.5 or 5 points.

Although the minimum bet is $1, the minimum deposit is $20 and the minimum age requirement to join and wager on Sports Interaction is 19 years of age.

Deposit and withdrawal options available on sportsinteraction.com

There are actually quite a few options available to Sports Interaction players and we do need to stress that Sports Interaction does primarily cater to Canadian-based bettors, so their banking structure will be in accordance.

They allow for deposits utilizing any of the following:

There are a few that we didn’t specifically mention earlier but want to elaborate on a bit as they are designed especially for online gaming funding and can provide players with fast and easy ways to deposit into a Sports Interaction account.

UseMyFunds – This is a service of usemyservices.com and has been around since 2002 so has built up a good reputation as an easy way to use an existing online bank account to pay for online services without the need for downloading any additional software. It’s now available in 45 countries including the United States and Australia. It allows for real-time transactions that are safe and secure.

EcoCard is licensed and regulated in the United Kingdom and is a good way to conduct online transactions with casinos and sportsbooks. The name is deceiving as it’s not actually a card but an e-wallet service. Canadians can process EFT (electronic funds transfers) and then their funds are available from their EcoCard account for easy use with funding a player account. EFT deposits carry a 4.9% fee and withdrawals bear a flat rate assessed for ten euros or the equivalent in Canadian dollars or any other currency.

Sports Interaction does not have any published fees and does specifically state that no additional fees are charged for credit or debit card deposits.

Sports Interaction withdrawal methods include:

As far as the timeline for receipt of cash outs, Sports Interaction states that processing has a quick turnaround. Requests made prior to 12 am Eastern Time will be processed on the next business day. First-time cash outs for players will take an extra two days as personal information may need to be verified by the security department. Subsequent withdrawals, though, should be released by the next business day and then the only additional time incurred for receipt of funds is dependent upon the individual banking institution or payment processor.

One free withdrawal is available to all players each month. After the first withdrawal, additional cash outs will have various fees involved as follows (all fees are in CAD):

Wire Transfers – $7
Instadebit – $2 (and must have used Instadebit as deposit method)
Instant Echecks – $2 (and must have used Instant Echeck as deposit method)
EcoCard – 3% of the withdrawal amount charged as fee after the first withdrawal of each month

An overall picture of Sports Interaction:

Pinnacle – pinnacle.com

Pinnacle, originally launched as Pinnacle Sports in 1998, is a sportsbook that has broad widespread appeal primarily due to three main factors:

1. First sportsbook to offer reduced juice instead of various bonuses
2. Live Betting with good live betting odds
3. Some of the highest limits of all online sportsbooks as well as good odds across the board

The high limits are actually what attract high rollers from all over the world. Pinnacle’s reputation and those elevated betting options very appealing to experienced sports bettors.

Pinnacle’s registered players come from 100 different countries, but the reason we’re specifically mentioning Pinnacle in regard to Canadian betting is for all of the reasons outlined above plus the fact that they offer great deposit options that cater to its Canadian clientele. The combination equates to a good overall experience for sports bettors from Canada and a great example of an offshore sportsbook that appeals to this market.

The Pinnacle Website is divided up into four major categories:

The sports betting area does encompass live bets and, as we’ve mentioned, Pinnacle offers some of the best live betting odds around.

Although the maximum bets are what makes Pinnacle stand out, minimum bets start out at just $1, so all bets are covered.

As far as those big figure wagers, though, here are a few examples to illustrate the amount of money that players can risk on Pinnacle:

Soccer – EPL, La Liga, Serie A, and Bundesliga Limits:
Handicap – $30,000
1 x 2 – $10,000
Totals – $20,000

The NFL (American – National Football League) Limits:
Handicap – $10,000
1 x 2 – $10,000
Totals – $5,000

Tennis – Grand Slam Finals
Handicap – $30,000
1 x 2 – $30,000
Totals – $30,000

Maximum limits for all players are displayed when they are logged into their Pinnacle player account.

Pinnacle’s main betting menu:

The specials include:

The live in-play area:

Pinnacle has a good “bet type” menu as well with everything spelled out for the beginner player as well as the experienced.

1 x 2 – The three-way bet on soccer matches

Total – A bet on whether the total amount of points or goals will be over or under the posted total

Team Total – This separates out the “total” bet into a total bet in regard to one team or opponent

Live Bet – A wager on the outcome of an event, game or match during play

Accumulator – This is also known as the Parlay where multiple bets are combined on one ticket with the requirement that all bets be won in order for the ticket to be an overall winner

Handicap – This bet comes with points applied or deducted from an opponent or player to even up the sides

Double Handicap – The wager is split into two bets with different handicaps

Teaser – A Parlay with additional points either added to the underdog or subtracted from the favorite

Outright – This is a bet on the winner of an entire competition or league

Matchup – This bet is also known as a Head to Head bet pitting two participants against each other. Using golf, for example, will X golfer have a better first round score than Y golfer?

Deposit and withdrawal options available on Pinnacle.com

This financial area is the primary reason why we wanted to include Pinnacle as one of the more popular alternatives for Canadian sports bettors. Pinnacle has a good overall line-up of banking methods and they are particularly appealing to Canadian bettors as they include some of the favorites such as InstaDebit, iDebit, and Entropay. There is a specific CAD section on the Pinnacle website detailing banking specific to players from Canada.

Pinnacle’s posted deposit methods in Canadian dollars (or Euros) include:

Entropay provides a fee free deposit method with just a minimum of €20 and a maximum of €5,000 per transaction and €50,000 per month, thereby accommodating the high betting limits for which a player may opt.

EcoPayz, Instant Bank, Paysafe, eCheque, Visa, Mastercard, and InstantDebit also provide for fee-free deposits with various minimums and maximums imposed.

Bank Transfers allow for deposits with no ceilings but some fees may apply. Pinnacle will reimburse the player’s account for bank assessed fees associated with the bank transfer as long as the deposit amount is sufficient.

iDebit is a popular choice for Canadian players and the maximum deposit is set at $3,000, but iDebit deposits have a 1.25% fee attached to each and every deposited amount.

Lastly, for the more conservative bettor, selecting InstaDebit for account funding allows a player to deposit as little as $10 into their Pinnacle player’s account to also take advantage of a no fee transaction.

Withdrawal methods are also location-specific and allow Canadian players to select from the following:

Every cash out initiated by a Pinnacle player does have an associated withdrawal fee ranging from €12 for Entropay transactions to $30 for Bank Transfers that are applied to cashouts requested after the first monthly withdrawal, which is always free.

Cash out options and the subsequently linked fee amounts (first withdrawal of each month is free for Pinnacle players):

EcoPayz – $18 fee
Minimum withdrawal – $50
Maximum withdrawal – based on account limits with EcoPayz
Timeline for processing – just a few minutes

Instant Banking – $18 fee
Minimum withdrawal – $50
Maximum withdrawal – $7,500
Timeline for processing – 24 hours

Bank Transfer – $30 fee
Minimum withdrawal – $15
Maximum withdrawal – no maximum
Timeline for processing – can take up to ten business days

eCheque – $15 fee
Minimum withdrawal – $12
Maximum withdrawal – based on account limits with EcoPayz
Timeline for processing – 8-12 business days

Entropay – €12
Minimum withdrawal – €15
Maximum withdrawal – €3,000 but ten transactions in 24 hours
Timeline for processing – just a few minutes; over €7,000 may require additional time for verification

iDebit – $18 fee
Minimum withdrawal – $50
Maximum withdrawal – $20,000
Timeline for processing – just a few minutes; over $7,000 may require additional time for verification

InstaDebit – $18 fee
Minimum withdrawal – $12
Maximum withdrawal – $20,000
Timeline for processing – just a few minutes; over $10,000 may require additional time for verification

An overall picture of Pinnacle:

Despite its offshore status, Pinnacle is extremely popular with Canadian sports bettors. It allows for single game betting and provides some of the best odds around, a departure from the controlled nationwide sports lotteries.

There are a great number of other offshore sportsbooks that are also extremely popular with Canadian bettors. They all offer something just a bit different, but do conduct transactions in Canadian dollars and offer the sports that these bettors are seeking.

Some of the more well-liked websites that are frequently utilized by Canadian bettors include:


In general terms, sports betting is legal throughout Canada. In fact, Canada has maintained its own nationwide sports lottery program since 1976 that actually provides services for sports bettors. Sport Select or Pro-Line are labeled as different entities in the various provinces, but basically, provide the same type of sports betting throughout Canada.

As we’re starting out by mentioning offline betting we do need to reiterate that, although sports betting is legal, it must be parlay-type betting. Single game wagers are prohibited and not offered through the Canadian sports lottery.

Bettors looking for some better odds, more sporting events, and increased diversity in types of wagering, tend to turn to online sportsbooks. Internet wagering is also technically legal for Canadian players and offered through offshore operators as well as Kahwanake-licensed sportsbooks. We said “technically” as there is nothing on the books prohibiting Canadians from betting with these offshore sites, but there is legislation in place that does apply specifically to the actual operators of these sites.

Canadian law states that it is illegal to offer gambling services, including sports betting, to Canadians unless the organization is licensed within its provinces but that has not stopped the offshore betting websites from accepting Canadian players and even marketing to them.

The Kahnawake Gaming Commission, that licenses and regulates Sports Interaction, also licenses several international gaming sites as well.

Canada has not pursued legal action toward these international sports betting organizations with the exception of prosecution in 1999 by British Columbia toward Starnet Communications after proving that one of the company servers was based in Vancouver.

Anyone placing a bet in Canada must be at least 19 years of age or older.


The number of sports bettors in Canada may be slightly lower in comparison to some other regions such as Singapore or Australia, but statistics still show that Canadian adults spend an average of $600 each on gambling activities.

Sports betting throughout Canada is legal with the exception of single game betting which is still restricted, although attempts to legalize it have been made unsuccessfully every few years. In-person betting can easily be conducted through the chain of national sports lottery outlets but online Canadian-based sportsbooks are nearly non-existent with the exception of Sports Interaction. Sportsinteraction.com is one of the original and definitely the most prominent Canadian based website dedicated to sports and other types of betting.

For Canadian players looking for a bit more action through an expanded sports menu and non-parlay type wagers, they turn to Indian Reserve casinos and sportsbooks as well as offshore sportsbooks such as Pinnacle, Bet 365, and Bodog. These three are prominently mentioned but are just a few amongst hundreds of operators that cater to sports bettors in Canada. Although these websites do not comply with Canadian legislation and licensing requirements, it’s not illegal for Canadian residents to place bets through them.

The one challenge that some online bettors face is in regard to funding their sportsbook betting account but, with the alternative e-wallet and virtual prepaid cards that are available to Canadians, they should be able to easily deposit and withdraw funds despite the outlet or imposed banking regulations.

It’s always advisable that anyone interested in betting online do so through a licensed and regulated sportsbook that has established and maintained reputable business practices amongst the gambling community, and Canadians are fortunate to be able to select from numerous viable options.