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Review of Intertops

To introduce Intertops, we’re going to take you on a bit of a history lesson. This is the first online sportsbook, so it has a bit of a story behind it.

This company is the brainchild of German-born Detlef Train who, back in 1983, offered German customers odds on sports through his bookmaker licensing held in Great Britain. His business, at the time, was called Intertops Sportwetten and it was a phone and mail service.

Train would send bet coupons to Germany each week, and then subsequent wagers were placed by phone or by sending cash via the regular postal service to the UK. This process lasted for several years until the UK legislation put forth a proposal restricting bookmakers from engaging in cross-border trade. Not even opting to wait for anything to be finalized Detlef Train moved his business to Salzburg, Austria in 1992.

It was just four short years later that Detlef Train and Intertops Sportwetten made history by being the first bookmaker to launch an online gambling operation called Intertops.com. The new and successful online venture was not an easy feat as the Internet was still in the pilot stage for many businesses. There were no models for gambling platforms, and even the necessary systems for credit card processing were still being devised.

Despite the incredible challenges, Train managed to launch his vision on January 17, 1996, and took his very first bet that day. The prediction came in from a Finlander who staked $50 (US) on Tottenham vs. Herford football and, subsequently turned a $2 profit. It was the start of a new era, and this website led the pack. Very soon after, other bookmakers followed suit, but Detlef Train paved the way so Intertops can proudly state “Trust the First!”

Today the company is still one of the largest global providers of sports betting and collects more than 4,000 daily sports wagers. Its customer base comes from 180 countries and, regardless of the back and forth nature of accepting (or not) US players, currently the doors are open for Americans.

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Sports Betting in the United States

The legal situation in the US contains a whole lot of gray areas. The US is a puritanical nation when it comes to things like gambling, and it has been over legislated throughout its history. Las Vegas has always been an anomaly and continues to be so in many respects.

There are all kinds of Acts that have been passed throughout the years and are highly referenced regarding gambling. Back in 1992, PASPA, the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act, otherwise known as the Bradley Act, virtually banned land-based sportsbooks (as online hadn’t come into play yet) except for the four grandfathered exempted states of Delaware, Montana, Nevada, and Oregon. Nevada and Delaware are the only two current locations that offer sports betting to any great extent
Next, there’s the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act of 2006. The Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act is the legislation that drove away the online casinos and sportsbooks and made online betting nearly non-existent for several years. This Act was attached to the Safe Port Act and states that businesses cannot process money for betting or gambling payouts. You may note that it actually does not say that US citizens can’t gamble, it holds the sportsbooks accountable stating that it’s illegal for them to accept or issue money in conjunction with gaming.

Lastly, the Federal Wire Act, which in essence started well before, but specifically called out sports betting in 2011 states that a betting business can’t use any form of wire communication to process wagers and bet funding. This Act can only be enforced on United States companies as it is US law.

So where does that leave US players? Obviously, we’re discussing Intertops and its allowance of American betting, so we’re into the loophole area. US players are not prohibited from betting online. US legislation is directed toward the gambling providers and not the players themselves.

Also, things are going to vary slightly depending upon state laws. Nevada and Delaware conduct sports betting, and Oregon, Montana, and New Jersey are all moving forward with new legislation proposals as they recognize the incredible tax benefits that accompany legalized gambling.

Currently, Intertops and some other offshore providers do service US players again after taking a hiatus back in 2006. Americans can wager through these websites as long as they are of gambling age and the bookmaker specifically allows for US registrations.

My Opinion of the Overall Experience

We can’t be too hard on a bookmaker with as much history as this one has, but their online presence is a bit dated. It is not one of the more modern, up to date websites. We can somewhat compare it to 5Dimes with a rudimentary design but, in our option, it still has a much more appealing look than 5Dimes.

You’ll see they proudly display “21 Years Online” designation and, rightfully so.

Taking a look at the homepage of the website itself, there’s one main menu across the top and one main vertical menu on the left side. The top menu displays the other areas of gambling aside from sports betting and includes:

The other menu items are Deposit, the selection of language preference between English or Dutch, and the Sign-up or Login area.

The left side menu is the line-up of sports and includes Special Offers, Halftime Betting, Top Sports, and More Sports.

On the right, there’s a handy listing of the current “Hottest Bets” right above the Bet Slip followed by the Live Betting schedule. Although it’s not the latest and greatest design, the sportsbook is neat and clean and comfortable to use. It’s probably one of the most comparatively user-friendly of all online books.

What the Site Deserves Credit for

First of all, we just really like the story of how everything began and can’t even imagine how Detlef Train was able to launch an entirely unknown product with so few resources. It’s hard enough for some to come up with a landing page these days, and he put together a registration system, interactive betting process, and payment processing all in one.

Looking at the sportbook of today, it is a nice simple website. It’s probably one of the easiest to understand sportsbooks that a player could find. Everything is right up front, the text is big and, providing a standard “markets” menu speeds up the process even more.

We also think the betting site does an excellent job of catering to its US players. Their accommodation goes well beyond the sports as most bookies do offer a lot of American sports, but it involves the financial aspect as well. It’s challenging for US players to deposit to online sportsbooks or casinos as banks are very hesitant to approve these types of transactions. And, yes, we do recognize that many of Intertops own menu items are not open for US player selection. But, Bitcoin and American Express are two options that could make things easier for Americans. The addition of PayPal would be helpful, though.

Also, offering primarily fee-free transactions is an additional benefit as so many bookmakers that cater to US players tack on pretty high fees, and they can be applied to both deposits and withdrawals.

The hottest bets and half time bets areas are also nice additions to the overall service. The prominent and easy to use links are handy for the sports betting newbies.

Lastly, we like the combination of bonuses and promotions offered. While we’re not fans of the welcome bonus rollover requirements, we do like all of the other value-add promotions that, not only are fun but provide cash prizes with no play through mandates. Those are bonuses with real value.

Could the Sportsbook Do Something Better?

Let’s just start out by saying this is an overall basic sportsbook. It has a touch of tradition, and its premise is to keep things straightforward, and there are plenty of people who appreciate that simplicity and find that it enhances their experience.

There are a few things they could do to improve their service and still maintain the down to earth quality that it offers to its regular players.

One thing we’d like to see is some live streaming of events added to the in-play area. Now, the live betting area is not overwhelming so we wouldn’t suggest adding thousands of streaming games, but even a featured one each day would be of benefit to players. Intertops offers live parlays and other in-play promotions so providing some of the in-demand games would definitely up the ante.

Next, payout limit disclosure would be helpful for all players. You have to search even to find out that Intertops has a $100,000 maximum per ticket, so easier to access information regarding betting parameters for each sport would be helpful.

Some punters would also suggest the should raise their $100,000 maximum to expand its scope beyond the recreational bettor. Additionally, even though the limits aren’t comparatively high, Intertops has been known to quickly reduce betting privileges, which doesn’t sit well with loyal players.

Additional and expanded menu items would also cater to some more diverse clientele. We’re about to list off some sports that are omitted from the Intertops menu coming up in our next section here, but there are quite a few that are left out.

Intertops has also reduced its prop bets and its non-sports offering. In fact, the “Nonsporting” area only lists US Powerball lottery games, and the Politics section is also quite sparse.

Top Sports to Bet on Here

If you’re used to looking at some of the UK sportsbooks or the big guys who service an enormous global customer base, you know that the sports menu can be quite lengthy. Intertops doesn’t have nearly the sizable lists of some of its competitors, but it does cover soccer very well and is highly competitive in American sports.

Currently, here is the entire Intertops menu of sports betting opportunities:

More sports:

You may have noted, as we did, some notable omissions such as horse racing, rugby, darts, snooker, e-sports, volleyball, and virtual sports. These are regular opportunities offered by most bookmakers.

Let’s get back to soccer for a minute, though, as we can give you a better illustration of the type of sportsbook that Intertops is by looking closely at these kinds of offerings. Soccer is a global sport and is one of the top ones for betting around the world. So, of course, it would need to be well represented on Intertops.eu.

Top competition soccer is right at the top of list, but individual matches are also listed from Argentina, Australia, Austria, Belgium, Brazil, China, Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Egypt, England, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, “International”, Italy, Japan, Mexico, Netherlands, Norway, Paraguay, Portugal, Romania, Scotland, Singapore, South Korea, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey, and the United States.

It’s quite an impressive list. But, the next thing that punters do, though, is to look at the available market for these games and matches.

Here is the complete Markets menu offered:

The way that the individual markets are listed is a bit different than what can usually be found on other sportsbooks. Intertops provides this main menu and then checks the boxes to indicate that the particular market is being offered in conjunction with the specific game. Some matches will have all 13 markets available, and some have just outright winner betting.

We wanted to offer up this example, though, to demonstrate that bettors will experience good sports coverage, but Intertops is not very creative with its markets and is actually quite limiting when you look at some of its rivals. The Intertops way may be beneficial for some types of punters but is restrictive for others.

Moving into the actual odds posted, players may not find the best lines here. It’s actually pretty close when you compare American sports to the same opportunities on other sportsbooks. Some games match up correctly, some are just slightly under, and some come out just a bit ahead so, averaging out everything, Intertops is definitely in the game.

If you look at the overall sportsbook, though, you are going to find some other bookmakers who will consistently offer similar or even better odds, but that’s just a straight-up line by line assessment. Taking into consideration overall value, players will find some additional benefit to Intertops through its bet boosters and various bonus value-add promotions.

Intertops also offers live multi-game parlays so players can win more through live play action by taking advantage of these special tickets. Value-seeking bettors should also pull up the Intertops sportsbook homepage and peruse the “Hottest Bets” located at the top right to get some accurate, up-to-date numbers on these select games.

Live betting offers some good opportunities for punters that enjoy the in-play excitement. Unfortunately, Intertops does not provide video streaming of the events, but it does offer up a decent in-play betting area that’s easy to understand and easy to interact with even if you’re an absolute beginner.

Wagering Limits

Intertops is a bit vague when it comes to the maximum betting limits that apply to each sport, but it does provide some overall stipulations regarding its top payout amounts across the board.

The minimum bet is published as $1.00 (USD), and the most that any player can win through the wager of one bet (including parlays) is $100,000. If you combine bet slips, there is a total amount of $110,000 allowed for one week’s time. So, the stake needs to be calculated accordingly. Too high of a bet could backfire if the cashout amount exceeds the $100,000 ticket threshold.

Additionally, we want to mention that Intertops also imposes a weekly maximum payout limit of $10,000. If you’re one of the lucky ones who has a $100,000 ticket to collect on, you’ll need to wait ten weeks to receive the full amount as it will be issued to you in increments of $10,000 every seven days.

You can pretty much figure, at this point, that this is a book for recreational bettors. It’s quite restrictive in its payouts so high rolling punters could run into some issues.

Is the Betting Experience Enjoyable?

Recreational bettors should enjoy the “get back to basics” feel of Intertops.eu. It’s a very uncomplicated website that doesn’t crowd out the important stuff with a bunch of graphics, videos and background information. There’s no blog or betting tips area. It’s just a simple, straightforward sportsbook enhanced only by its promotional offerings.

Fans of in-play betting will also appreciate the options that Intertops makes available to them. Again, it’s not a crowded area with so many things to read that you’re not sure what to do next. There’s no intimidation factor. Everything is simplistic and informal.

Now, if you happen to be a sharp bettor and you’re used to online wagering, you may not enjoy what they have to offer as you’ve already seen and experienced more. You won’t find huge payouts or large markets. It may be fun to take advantage of some of its hot bets or parlay promotions, but experienced players will most likely have other accounts aside from Intertops.

What Are Some of Their Bonuses and Promotions?

Well, the good news here is they offer quite a few bonus options. In fact, it offers four different sign-up bonus options alone. The bad news is that its rollover requirements are quite hefty. Its $20 free sign up bet promotion comes with a 16 times sportsbook rollover. But, let’s get into the nitty gritty, and you can decide for yourself.

Three Rookie Sign Up Bonus Options

To claim one of these, a newly registered player needs to make a deposit and wager it one time and then click Live Chat to request one of these three offers:

Rookie50 – This bonus is a 50% match up to $200, and it comes with a four-times rollover requirement at odds of -200 (1.5) or higher. The rollover is applied to the deposit plus the bonus amount combined.

Rookie100 – This bonus has the same odds requirement, but is a 100% bonus good for up to $100. The playthrough for this bonus is six times before a payout can be issued.

Rookie200 – The highest rollover, but a 200% match percentage up to $50 maximum. This bonus has an eight-time playthrough requirement and the same minimum -200 (1.5) odds.

We actually think that a lower rollover requirement makes for a better bonus, but it’s all personal preference and Intertops seems to cover all bases with these three options. Another important thing to note is that these bonuses are only options for customers from the US, Canada, Sweden, the Netherland, Germany, Austria, and Switzerland. Additionally, players using Neteller as their method of deposit are also prohibited from participating.

If those three offers aren’t for you, you have one more. But, this one has that huge 16-time rollover stipulation. This last sign-up bonus is a Free $20 Sign Up Bet and is valid whether the ticket is a winner or loser. For newly registered players to take advantage, an email just needs to be sent to bet@intertops.eu with the subject line: $20 Sign-up Free Bet and then a $20 free bet will be credited and available for play within 24 hours. Again, and we just can’t say this enough, there’s a 16-time sportsbook playthrough mandate. New players may assume that a $20 free bet is just that and, if they win, they cash out, but that’s not the case. The wager plus the free bet needs to be wagered 16 times on sports betting, and then if there’s a subsequent win, it can be withdrawn.

There are some other fun and unique bonus promotions offered to Intertops bettors.

$1K Monthly Parlay Prince
The Parlay Prince is a customer contest whereby the Intertops player who makes the highest net profit from a single parlay bet in a month is awarded a $1000 bonus. And, knowing how we feel about rollover requirements, here is the best part… there are no rollover requirements associated with this award. This parlay game is the best offer so far in our book.

Good Luck Giveaway
Players are rewarded for making a deposit on a Thursday without using a credit card. The way that it works is that any player who has not made a withdrawal in the last 21 days and had a zero balance in his or her betting account can receive a 10% bonus on Thursdays. The bonus is in conjunction with the deposit account for a maximum of $50. That 10% is free extra cash, and we don’t see any rollover requirements attached to it. We weren’t kidding about the credit card, though. A credit card deposit is not eligible for the 10% perk.

$500 Present for our Odds Hunter
Get out your calculators and get in the running for a monthly $500 cash prize by being both clever and lucky. This promotion pays out to the player who stakes a winning parlay at the highest total odds. There’s no minimum bet imposed and no restriction on the sporting event. The Odds Hunter is a straight-up winning ticket with the highest overall odds. For example, Intertops’ last winner won a parlay placed at +78590 or 786.9. This promotion runs monthly from the first to the last day of each calendar month.

Refer A Friend
Current players can make some money off of their friend’s activity as long as the friend deposits at least $200. The bonus is 10% of the friend’s deposit as long as he or she wagers the total stake equaling the deposit. There are a lot of stipulations with this, so we advise reading through all terms and conditions or getting in touch with Intertops’ customer service department first before making the official referral.

The $500 Odds Hunter competition is our favorite, but there are others like the “3 X Cup Final; 3 X $100 Free Bets” and “2 x $50 Parlay Free Bets”. Intertops continues to update their promotions with each season, so there’s plenty of ever-changing opportunities to claim some additional cash out money.

Deposit Options

Intertops has done a good job putting together a diverse line-up of banking options that should accommodate most global players and the US customer who has more of a challenge getting transaction approvals from traditional financial institutions. The deposits are fee-free (except Money Global), and you would think that would go without saying, but some sportsbooks do charge for transactions in both directions.

Credit or Debit Cards – Visa, Mastercard, American Express
Minimum deposit – nothing specifically noted
Maximum deposit – $1,000
Turnaround Time – Immediate

Minimum deposit – nothing specifically noted
Maximum deposit – $5,000
Turnaround Time – Immediate
Notes: cannot be used by players in the US, Canada, France or Spain

Minimum deposit – $20
Maximum deposit – $5,000
Turnaround Time – Immediate
Notes: cannot be used by players in the US or Canada

Minimum deposit – $10
Maximum deposit – $1,000
Turnaround Time – ten minutes

Minimum deposit– €5
Maximum deposit – €5,000
Turnaround Time – Immediate
Notes: can only be used by players in Germany, Austria, Spain, Netherlands, United Kingdom, Italy, Belgium, Switzerland or Poland

Minimum deposit– $10
Maximum deposit – $5,000
Turnaround Time – Immediate
Notes: cannot be used by players in the United States

Bank Wire Transfer
Minimum deposit– nothing specifically noted
Maximum deposit– no limit
Turnaround Time – 2-3 days
Notes: cannot be used by players in the United States

EU SEPA Bank Transfer
Minimum deposit– nothing specifically noted
Maximum deposit – no limit
Turnaround Time – 2-3 days
Notes: can only be used by players in an EU country in Euro only

Money Global
Minimum deposit – $100
Maximum deposit- $490
Turnaround Time – up to 24 hours
Notes: available through retail outlets and costs vary

Minimum deposit – €5
Maximum deposit – €100
Turnaround Time – Immediate
Notes: cannot be used by players in the US or Germany; available through 450,000 outlets; known as Ukash in Europe and South Africa even though its now the same company

Withdrawal Options

There aren’t quite as many options for cashing out as there are for depositing, but these seven should cover players needs quite well as they’re diverse and widely available.

Minimum withdrawal – $100
Maximum withdrawal – $2,500
Turnaround time – 48 hours
Fee – no fee assessed

Minimum withdrawal – $150
Maximum withdrawal – $3,000
Turnaround time – five business days
Fee – $50
Notes – for the US accounts only

Bank Wire Transfer
Minimum withdrawal – $150
Maximum withdrawal – $2,500
Turnaround time – 10-15 days
Fee – $50 plus bank fees
Notes – European banks don’t have the $50 fee applied

Minimum withdrawal – nothing specifically noted
Maximum withdrawal – $2,500
Turnaround time – 48 hours
Fee – two free withdrawals every 28 days then $15 after that
Notes – cannot be used by players from US, Canada, France or Spain

Minimum withdrawal – nothing specifically noted
Maximum withdrawal – no limit
Turnaround time – 48 hours
Fee – no fee assessed
Notes – cannot be used by players in the US or Canada

Minimum withdrawal – nothing specifically noted
Maximum withdrawal – $2,500
Turnaround time – 48 hours
Fee – no fee assessed
Notes – USD, GBP, CND, and EUR are the only currencies allowed

EU SEPA Bank Transfer
Minimum withdrawal –nothing specifically noted
Maximum withdrawal -€50,000
Turnaround time – 2-4 days
Fee – no fee assessed
Notes – Euro only

How Customers Are Treated?

It’s always so much better to provide good feedback regarding customer service than to reiterate complaints expressed by players, so we are happy to report this sportsbook is tops in the customer service it provides.

The staff is knowledgeable and provides up to date and accurate information. Additionally, the representatives are considered to be quite friendly and are easy to access with quick response times. Phone, Email, Live Chat, even Skype calling is offered for player convenience. All in all, Intertops provides some of the best services around.

More Than Sports Betting

Intertops is more than a sportsbook as it provides a Poker Room as well as a Casino. Well, you think it’s a Casino, but it’s actually two casinos.

When you click on the Casino menu item, you’re taken to the Casino Red but, upon close observation, you’ll then see a new menu item appear that lists “Casino Classic.” Red and Classic are two entirely separate casinos with different games and promotions.

We’ll start with Casino Red. You’ll know you’re there because red is the color of choice in their area and keeps things consistent. The casino is set up for instant play or through the download alternative.

Casino Red breaks down as follows:

The slots are 87 games in total, and some of the games may sound familiar. The choices include Food Fight!, The Three Stooges, Tiger Treasures, The Big Bopper, The Elf Wars, Ninja Star, and Jumping Beans.

Video Poker has a decent variety with Sevens Wild, European Slot Poker, Mystery Bonus, Loose Deuces, Seven Stud Poker, Aces and Eights, and Bonus Deuces Wild plus ten more from which to select.

Specialty games are quite limited, but Roulette players will appreciate having both American and European versions, plus there’s a Craps game and Treasure Tree to round out this section of Casino Red.

Progressive games are always in demand as players appreciate the opportunity to be in the running for big-time money. With Aztec’s Millions currently listed at $2.1 million, Jackpot Pinatas at $1.8 million and other substantial top prizes offered through Caribbean Draw, Caribbean Stud Poker, Let ‘Em Ride, and Megasaur, Casino Red players have choices in how to collect those top prizes.

It’s almost a bit of a let down to go from multi-million dollar payout potential to the Table Games area, but 15 different games are not disappointing. Pontoon, Vegas Three Card Rummy, Super 21, Suit ‘em Up, Match Play 21, 21 Face Up, and Baccarat doesn’t even comprise half of this substantial table game area. And, this is all just in the Casino Red area.

Some of the special promotions in the Casino Red are game specific and add to the fun of the regular interaction such as the Purrfect Pets Bonus that provides for deposit bonuses and free spins.

We especially like Intertops Casino Classic, though. It’s gold themed and feels a bit more upscale plus it features, even more, game selections.

The Casino Classic has:

120 Slot games can be a bit overwhelming. Where do you start if you don’t already have a favorite game?

The nice thing about Intertops’ casinos is that the games are described in detail so you can tell the difference between a single pay line and a 25 pay line game and which ones have jackpots attached to them.

The slot games are diverse in themes and structure. The options are all over the board and include some popular ones like:

Triple Flamin’ 7’s- three-reel, single pay line, $40,000 jackpot
Arctic Queen – five-reel, 25 pay line, free games feature
20,000 Leagues – five reel, 25 pay line, $100,000 jackpot
Amazing 7s – five-reel, $500,000 jackpot
Birds of Paradise – five-reel, 25 pay line, free spins bonus, and reel wins of up to 5,000 times
Eastern Dragon – five-reel, 20 pay line
La Fiesta – five-reel, Pinata full of extra prizes

The Casino Classic has its own dedicated Blackjack area for players who appreciate different ways to play for 21. Vegas Strip, Vegas Single Deck, Perfect Pairs, and European Rules are just some of the tables in this section.

Other table games include an exclusive game called Mulligan Poker as well as Craps, Red Dog, Casino Hold ‘em, and more.

23 games are quite impressive for any online casino or sportsbook’s Video Poker area. We like that there are several multi-hand options for popular games like Joker Poker, Jacks or Better, and Deuces Wild. These games can be played at 10, 50 or even 100 hands. Two and four hands All American Poker, Tens or Better, Deuces and Joker, and Aces and Faces are also included in the poker banks.

Roulette is the same as in the Casino Red area with European and American, but Specialty games are more plentiful and include Keno, Bingo Bucks, Poker Slots, Poker Dice, and Dazzling Dice.

Lastly, this casino also has some hot progressive jackpots. They’re not in a million dollar range like in the Casino Red area, but are still substantial and fun to try to claim.

This casino has new player bonuses, bonus spin offers, bonus coupons, and a daily double bonus.

To switch back and forth from the red area to the gold area, players just click on the left side of the top menu. Navigation is very straightforward and easy to recognize.

Casino Red and the Classic Casino, and we’re still not finished.

Intertops also has a Poker Room with all kinds of tournaments to get in on, like the six-handed tournament series. It also offers 25% cash back on deposits and a 200% welcome bonus up to $1,000. Intertops’ affinity for bonus programs carries through to all areas of gaming on intertops.eu.

Better Than the Rest?

Honestly, this is pretty cut and dry. We’ll break it down into two answers:

1. Recreational bettors – This group of new players or more conservative bettors will find great benefit in Intertops. It’s easy to use and has some great promotions that you won’t find anywhere else.

Financially, Bovada provides similar options for US players with debit, credit, and Bitcoin, but Bovada also charges for transactions whereas Intertops does not. Financially for global customers, Intertops has the bases covered with many e-wallet solutions that make things much easier.

Bonus-wise, Intertops provides more value that most of its direct competitors. Players have choices in welcome bonuses, and there are all kinds of other games and contests to participate in that raise the excitement and the winning potential.

Sports could be a deciding factor for recreational bettors as some popular options can’t be found. Sports like Rugby, Volleyball, Darts, Snooker, and even Horse Racing are notably absent. Players who enjoy the new e-sports or virtual sports opportunities will also be disappointed as they are offered through most of the other bookmakers but not on Intertops.eu.

2. Sharp bettors (experienced) – Comparison for the more experienced punters is different than for recreational bettors as they typically look for other things in their go-to betting resource.

For the payout potential alone, high bettors would need to use a bigger competitor like Unibet or Betway. The really big ones are available through bet365, William Hill, and some of the other prominent UK-based bookmakers. Intertops ranks amongst the lowest of all books for its winning potential.

The other deterrent for some bettors will be with the number and extent of the markets that are offered. Intertops is quite conservative in market offerings and players used to having choices will be quite restricted.

Finally, in-play betting is available but is certainly not to the extent of many of the other sportsbooks out there today, and the absence of video streaming could also be a factor as sites like Coral and bet365 have massive schedules of upcoming events that can be viewed right from their site.


We just said it in the previous section. Evaluating the service is cut and dry. It’s a bookmaker that comes with a great story attached to it. Just the fact that it’s the first online gambling platform should prompt some players to count this one amongst their sportsbook accounts.

The online sportsbook attracts a very particular customer, though. It’s not going to appeal to punters looking for more, more, more. The internet has opened up our society as a whole to instant gratification and the constant outdoing of one another. So, customers looking for what’s hot today are not going to appreciate all that this betting site has to offer.

Who would gravitate to their service? Someone who wants to get down to basics and understands an established, conservative bookmaker that puts its emphasis on the ease in staking some bets. Maybe those bettors who always enjoyed holding that piece of paper in their hand and studying the lines, so they come up with the absolute best strategy before placing a bet.

Intertops makes it easy to review the odds without all of the bells and whistles that can accompany them. The markets are constrained to include the most popular choices, and numerous players would find this simplified approach to sports betting very refreshing.

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