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Expert Rated Austria Betting Sites

Austria Betting Sites
Austria is a mountainous Central European country, and the official language is Austrian German. Many people that enjoy betting online in Austria have thick bankrolls because it is one of the most prosperous countries in the world.

Domestic companies can obtain an Austria sports betting license, and some international operators do business in the country as well. There are many totally legitimate Austria betting websites, and we have listed them for you below.

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Top Sports for Betting in Austria

Because of the cold weather and mountainous terrain, skiing and sledding are very popular pastimes for residents, and hockey is played, as you might imagine. Many active people in the country are also passionate about sports like mountaineering, climbing, snowshoeing, and trekking.

With the exception of hockey, these are not sports that people usually bet on, but that can change when the Olympics roll around. Though there aren’t a lot of sporting events that attract bettors taking place within the country, wagering opportunities abound at the Austria betting sites.

Association Football

All throughout Europe, the game of association football, which is called soccer in America, is the most widely watched sport. It is also the top sport for betting, and Austrians walk in lockstep with the rest of Europe when it comes to their tight focus on association football.

American Football

Association football is huge, but the Austria betting websites offer a couple of other types of American football as well. The National Football League has been making outreach efforts across the drink with games in London. They started this practice in 2007, and there may be international franchises at some point in time.

Their efforts have borne fruit, because interest in the NFL has greatly increased in European countries over recent years. This has resulted in sport betting websites in Austria that do, in fact, take action on NFL contests.

Australian Rules Football

Down under, Australian rules football is the most popular betting sport, and the professional league is the Australian Football League (AFL). Some websites that target Austrian players offer wagering on the sport.

Ice Hockey

We mentioned hockey in the introduction to this section, and this is another sport that you will see listed on Austria betting sites. The Austrian Hockey League is comprised of homegrown teams and squads representing Hungary, the Czech Republic, Italy, and Croatia.

Horse Racing

Thoroughbred horse racing on the turf is one of the grand sporting traditions of Europe, and it draws a great deal of interest across the continent during the peak season. Though Austria is not known for breeding or racing venues, the betting websites take plenty of action on major races that are run around the world.

Other Popular Sports

These are a handful of the top sports for betting in Austria, but sportsbooks take action on other events as well. These would include motorsports, basketball, baseball, cricket, rugby, snooker, darts, boxing, mixed martial arts, golf, and tennis.

Popular Deposit Methods in Austria

When you place sports bets at brick-and-mortar locations, you get instant gratification. You lay down your money, you get a betting slip, and you bring it back to the sportsbook writer to get paid after the game. There’s no need to make any deposits.

Of course, things are very different when you use Austria betting sites. You have to make electronic deposits, so you should definitely evaluate the deposit methods that are being offered when you’re comparing the websites.

The euro is the currency that is widely utilized at Austria betting sites. While there are many different deposit methods available, the exact offerings vary depending on the betting operator.

Visa and Mastercard

For a lot of people, the simplest way to conduct business online is to use a credit or debit card that is accepted internationally like a Visa or Mastercard. You can also receive payouts through the card. This is a preferred option because you have direct recourse through your bank if you have some type of dispute.


Cryptocurrency is becoming very widely utilized, and many would say that Bitcoin is ideal for gambling transactions online. It’s very easy to make deposits, and withdrawals can be facilitated in minutes on most sports gaming websites. Other withdrawal methods typically take a few days at minimum.

The downside is the fact that the value of cryptocurrency is always in flux, and if you don’t deal with it for any other reason, you add a layer of complexity to your life.

Bank Transfers

Some Austria betting sites will accept bank transfers if you want to make deposits in this manner. However, bank wire transfers are more commonly utilized for withdrawals.


Companies like Skrill and Neteller are money transfer services that are often called “e-wallets.” They are omnipresent in countries around the world, and these e-wallets support many forms of currency. You would be hard pressed to find an online sportsbook anywhere on the planet that doesn’t offer e-wallet deposit methods.


Another deposit method that’s offered by some Austria betting sites is PayPal. The rules vary with regard to the ability to take withdrawals through PayPal. In fact, there are some international websites that allow you to accept payouts through PayPal but do not accept this method for deposits.

GiroPay and Sofort

GiroPay is a deposit method that is available to people in Austria and Germany. Sofort is a similar service that serves people in eight countries in the region, including Austria. You must have a bank account to use these deposit methods.


This innovative deposit method actually originated in Austria, and it has grown to be one of the most widely used payment facilitators. In lieu of a plastic card, this company uses a voucher system.

Some sites require players to use the same method for deposits and withdrawals. You may not be able to receive deposits to your Paysafecard on some sites; this is something to ascertain before you commit to this method.

Account Withdrawals at Austria Betting Sites

The whole point of the endeavor is to pad your bankroll when you place wagers on these betting websites. When it comes to withdrawals, as we have stated, Bitcoin is going to be the quickest in most instances. This being stated, most of the deposit methods can also be used to facilitate withdrawals.

Once again, you should do the research to make sure that a given site is compatible with your preferred method on both ends. Some of the sites accept a given method for deposits only, even if it is technically possible to issue payouts through the service.

Gambling Laws in Austria

The Federal Gambling Act spells out the laws with regard to most forms of gambling in Austria. Interestingly enough, throughout Europe, betting on sports is so deeply embedded in the culture that it sits apart from other forms of gaming, so much so that sports wagering is simply called “betting,” and other forms of gaming are called “gambling.”

Austria does issue licenses to domestic-based online sportsbooks. Though they are not allowed to go through the legal licensing process, international operators can do business in Austria as well. They are not blocked by any internet service providers.

These international sites that are licensed in places like Malta and Gibraltar are required to pay taxes, even though they cannot obtain Austria online gambling licenses. This is a major source of controversy.

There are common laws that are shared throughout the European Union with regard to internet gaming. Pressure has been applied on Austria to conform with the regulations that are supposed to be universally applied across the EU. This may change the landscape in the future.

Getting Started

If you are new to sports betting online in Austria, it can be hard to know where to begin. We fully understand this dynamic, and this is why we have spent time and effort developing our list of Austria gaming sites.

You should visit the sites and consider all relevant factors, things like deposit and withdrawal methods, ease of navigation, and an emphasis on the sports that you prioritize. With regard to banking, in addition to the benefits, you should also look at the time frames for the payouts.

Customer service is another consideration. When you’re comparing the Austria betting sites, it’s wise to look at the customer service policies. If you know that you can readily interact with an agent through chat, a phone call, and/or a timely email exchange, you can go forward with a certain level of confidence.

Austria Betting FAQ

In an effort to pare down all of this information so you can come away with the most important points, we will provide the answers to some frequently asked questions as a type of synopsis.

Are there many different Austria betting sites to choose from?

Yes, there are numerous online sportsbooks that are licensed in Austria, and operators that are licensed in other jurisdictions also accept Austrian players.

How do you choose the best one?

The sites that we have listed on this page have emerged from the pack as strong presences that you should certainly consider. Another factor is the bonus structure.

Since there are so many sites that facilitate betting online in Austria, they are in fierce competition. A generous bonus can tip the scales toward a particular online sportsbook.

Is it safe to deposit money in an online sports betting account?

The sites that hold the Austria gambling license are certainly reliable, and you have recourse if you want to make a complaint. This being stated, the overseas websites that we list can also be trusted because they are licensed in reliable jurisdictions.

They are also motivated by the simple fact that they want to maintain their reputations so that they can retain their customers and attract new ones.