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Book-to-Book Transfers

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What’s This?

A book-to-book transfer, sportsbook transfer, or inter-book transfer, may be one of the least utilized of deposit methods but it provides more discussion than the others. Players in gambling forums discuss the ins and outs of this type of financial transfer and strategize on how to utilize it to increase their bottom line.

A sportsbook transfer involves moving funds from a player’s account with one bookmaker to an account held by another bookmaker established for that same player.

It’s a bit different from an account transfer offered through betting sites like Sports Interaction or Paddy Power where funds are being moved from the dedicated sports betting account to the casino or poker room, and vice versa.

Player account transfers are also unlike book to book. Player account transfers move one player’s betting funds to another player, perhaps a friend of family member. This type of request applies to transactions within the same book and is not widely available and also not to be confused with the transfer type.

So, Getting Back to What It Is and What It Is NOT

Let’s say you have an account set up on BetOnline as well as 5Dimes. On 5Dimes you have a good amount built up in your betting account as you’ve had a few outstanding weeks of winning, but your BetOnline balance is low. However, BetOnline is offering better odds on a game you want action on, and you don’t want to deposit any more money from your bank or credit card as you know you have a sizeable amount to use on 5Dimes.

As BetOnline and 5Dimes both offer the book to book transfer option, you contact the cashier at BetOnline and let he or she know that you’d like to move some money in from 5Dimes. As you’re moving funds into your BetOnline account, rest assured that they’ll help you to get things rolling.

Now, keep in mind, you’re anxious to wager on BetOnline, but this type of transfer could take up to 24 hours or so. Make sure your “sure thing” doesn’t require an immediate wager and that you’ve got time to complete the transaction.

It’s a fundamental concept. Move your money from one bookie to another.

There are a lot of betting sites that don’t publicize that they will participate in book to book transfers, though. More of the sportsbooks that do include them in their financial services main menu are the ones that cater to US players. Books like 5Dimes, BetOnline, Bookmaker, and Sportsbetting.ag all promote this service.

When in doubt, it never hurts to ask. Contact the cashier or customer services department of the bookmaker you’d like to transfer money into rather than out from, and you have a better chance of getting a good thorough answer as they’re excited to accept your money from a competitor.

How to Get Started

We suggest that you do a bit of research first. Some sites will list this option right in their selection of deposit and withdrawal methods, and others may participate but not publicize.

You’ll also be able to review a lot of information from players that have used or are thinking of using the inter-book method as forums host numerous discussions on this topic. We did say that it was highly talked about but not widely available. Players have shared both their positive and negative experiences in using this type of transaction. Their negative views mainly revolving around the high fees that may be involved.

We suggest benefitting from their experience, as you’ll find that most betting sites don’t even publicize the costs involved let alone the other betting websites that participate in the service, so you may pick up some useful tips along the way.

Once you’ve opted to move funds, it’s relatively straightforward as long as you know that both bookies conduct and accept book to book transfers. Request the deposit from the sportsbook that you’re moving the money into, and then they should be able to help you through the process.

Again, it can take up to 24 hours, so if you’re looking for money in the next few minutes, we suggest you use an alternative deposit method.

Are There Fees Involved?

Fees are a bit of a vague subject when it comes to sportsbook transfers. We haven’t seen any definitive information publicly posted regarding charges related to these transactions. The charge is usually somewhere between $50 and $200, but it depends on the operator and the amount of money being moved.

By the way, we’re using US dollars in all of our examples as this transfer type is prevalent for American-servicing betting sites above all others.

How to? How Much? And How Long?

In many cases, the transfer process starts with an email, call, or live chat with customer service through the site for which you want to make the deposit.

A minimum $500 transfer is standard regardless of the sportsbook. It seems to be across the board, so this type of transaction isn’t even possible if you’re looking to move $50 or $100. Some maximum amounts are capped at $5,000, but others go up to $24,900.

Once you’ve initiated the transfer, in some cases, you’ll have the funds available in your account within a few hours. But, keep in mind, there are two parties involved in this transaction. The sportsbook where money is being moved from and the other book that is accepting the funds, so it could take 24 hours or even more if the first book is not quite as cooperative.

Here are a few sportsbooks and their specific information regarding book to book transfers:


Minimum Deposit (transfer in) – $500
Maximum Deposit (transfer in) – no maximum imposed
Deposit Fee – free; the withdrawal fees assessed by the other sportsbook will be refunded by BetOnline if the player specifically requests

Minimum Withdrawal (transfer out) – $500
Maximum Withdrawal (transfer out) – $24,900
Withdrawal Fee – “fees apply”


Minimum Deposit (transfer in) – need to contact
Maximum Deposit (transfer in) – need to contact
Deposit Fee – need to contact

Minimum Withdrawal (transfer out) – need to contact
Maximum Withdrawal (transfer out) – need to contact
Withdrawal Fee – need to contact

Notes regarding Bookmaker: It does offer this service as well as Player to Player, but the information is not even included as an official deposit or withdrawal option. Customers need to contact customer service to receive accurate information regarding their account.

What we do know about Bookmaker’s book to book and player to player services is that they’re only approved if the player has already had two or more payouts from Bookmaker. Additionally, there is a three times rollover on book to book transfers before any cash out request can be made.


Minimum Deposit (transfer in) – $500
Maximum Deposit (transfer in) – need to contact
Deposit Fee – nothing assessed by 5Dimes but they also won’t cover the other book’s fees that it may impose

Minimum Withdrawal (transfer out) – $500
Maximum Withdrawal (transfer out) – need to contact
Withdrawal Fee – no fees

5Dimes posts that sportsbook transfers are usually implemented immediately.


Minimum Deposit (transfer in) – $500
Maximum Deposit (transfer in) – $15,000
Deposit Fee – “fees apply”

Minimum Withdrawal (transfer out) – $500
Maximum Withdrawal (transfer out) – $24,900
Withdrawal Fee – “fees apply”

Sportsbetting posts that it usually takes a few hours for these types of transactions to be finalized and the funds then available in the betting account.

What are the Benefits?

… and the Cons?

  • When fees are applied, they are quite considerable (up to $200).
  • Not for small transfer amounts.
  • Not considered a deposit, so no bonuses or deposit awards are given.
  • Most sportsbooks don’t publicize that they participate – not widely available.
  • Can take up to 24 hours for processing.
  • Players aren’t given any list of participating books.
  • A sportsbook like Bookmaker implements a rollover requirement.
  • Fees and transfer procedure are vague and not publicly posted.

Questions and Answers

What are the restrictions imposed by betting sites for this transaction type?
All sportsbooks impose a $500 minimum for book to book transfers. Additionally, these types of transactions can only be implemented if both bookies allow for them.

If I deposit to a player’s account using this transfer, can I withdraw using another method?
Yes. The usual fallback plan for withdrawals is a bank transfer or cheque.

Why would I use this transfer type?
The main reason why a player would want to use this type of transfer is if they have a sizeable amount of money in one betting account and are interested in some better options through another bookmaker. It eliminates the need to withdraw from one and then redeposit with another. Bank transfers and check payments can take a few weeks to it’s a faster way to move money and keep staking those bets.


You’ve probably already gathered that book to book transfers aren’t for everyone. A $500 minimum is significant especially if you’re a recreational bettor.

These types of transactions are suited more for high rollers, and experienced bettors who do have multiple sportsbook accounts. And, their transfer and the immediacy of their request would need to be sizable enough to offset the downside of the high fees that can be assessed.