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BetOnline Review

BetOnline initially offered Bookmaking services as BestLineSports and started out as a Costa Rican licensed operator back in 2001. BestLine was best known for its reduced juice betting on its lines at -108. After it moved its outfit to Panama in 2004, it became BetOnline with a new look and strategy.

In 2006, just shortly after its debut, BetOnline was ranked as one of the top 60 sportsbooks regarding traffic and registered players.

Although BetOnline self-promotes as an international bookmaker and does accept players from around the globe, it’s evident that the primary demographic is North American bettors. The sports are geared to the American and Canadian clientele with a few European influences, like cricket and darts, thrown in for good measure.

BetOnline is renowned for early posting of lines (as much as six hours before its direct competitors).

The other aspect of this sportsbook that stands out head and shoulders above many others is the generous bonus program offered to players, not only with its $2,500 capped 50% welcome bonus but through the 25% Lifetime Bonus Guarantee. The site’s premise is to cater to loyal customers by rewarding them in conjunction with each and every deposit. They also offer a Refer a Friend program as well as other bonuses that we’ll get into shortly.

BetOnline may be best known for its attention-getting promotion they staged back in 2009 when they attempted to be the first sportsbook to accept a wager from the peak of Mount Everest. An experienced climber began the ascent, and Facebook and Twitter followers voted on a designated charity to be the recipient of $20,000 for a successful quest.

Unfortunately, the original target was unattained, but an official wager successfully came in from 26,000 feet above sea level at Base Camp 4.

We don’t want to leave you hanging… the bet on the Los Angeles Lakers covering the spread against the Houston Rockets in Game 7 of the NBA Western Conference Semifinals was a winner. Not only that, but BetOnline made good on its $20,000 promise, dividing up the prize amongst the top three favorite charities and also providing themselves with some great PR and media attention.

BetOnline not only offers sports betting but a racebook and online casino including live dealer action.

In 2012, it shifted to the BetOnline.ag address where it can still be found today.

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Sports Betting in Canada and the United States

Canada has some twists and turns in their views and legislation on sports betting. The Canadian government provides an entire system of land-based (as opposed to online) sports betting through sports lotteries; all managed individually within each province. The program is commonly referred to as Sport Select but goes by a few different names depending upon the location.

Online betting in Canada is also legal if the bookmaker is based and licensed in a Canadian province. Sports Interaction is the one large provider that’s located in the country as well as licensed through the Kahnawake Gaming Commission located just outside of Montreal.

An additional twist to the scenario is that parlays, accumulators or multi-game bets are acceptable but single game bets are not. There have been attempts to overturn that stipulation, but they have been unsuccessful so far.

The online betting situation is not left there, though. There are many providers such as BetOnline that do cater to the clientele in Canada. They are offshore operators and, although technically they do violate the policies regarding licensed and acceptable bookmakers, Canadian bettors themselves are still within their rights to use them for personal betting. These alternative sportsbooks do allow for straight bets providing Canadian punters more selections through international bookmakers.

The United States is a much different story, and everything is state-dependent. Nevada is the first state to allow gambling and sports betting fully, but legal sports wagering has recently arrived in Delaware with New Jersey, Oregon, and Montana attempting to follow suit.

Some Nevada-based bookies have launched websites but they are limited to Nevada residents and access is cut off beyond state lines.

Needless to say, sports betting is still big business in the U.S., and offshore providers do cater to these players as well. Similar to the Canadians, Americans can utilize these non-U.S. based sportsbooks as long as the site operates outside of the United States and allows for U.S. registration.

Some of these bookmakers have additional locational guidelines such as open registration except specifically noted omissions like Delaware, Maryland, New Jersey and New York. BetOnline doesn’t list any exclusions. It states that it is an international website and that players are responsible for abiding by their individual governing laws.

The Experience

At first glance, you may not be that impressed with the overall appearance. It’s not extremely flashy and actually, comes across as rather elementary. But, dive in deeper, and you will be pleasantly surprised. It’s quite user-friendly and has a lot of features brought to the forefront for which some sportsbooks would prompt users to search.

The bet slip alone allows for quick selection of Straight Bets, Parlays, and Robins, IF Bets and Reverse, and Teasers and Pleasers. A click of the “+” next to a game and the drop down box provides options for markets and their corresponding odds.

It may be visually rudimentary, but that adds to the simplicity of the actual betting process which, let’s face it, is the heart and soul of any sportsbook.

Although we think the main menu itself is arranged oddly out of order, it does provide the necessary links that players need at their fingertips.

Live Betting and Financials are part of the Sportsbook and should be positioned accordingly, but they are still easily accessed, and it’s handy to have the site broken down into smaller areas.

The Cashier button opens up a neat and organized list of deposit and withdrawal options as well as a “Deposit Now” link accomplishing player account funding.

Customer service is available 24/7 through multiple methods, and BetOnline provides some informational and helpful resources including How to Wager, Bet Types, Wager Terms, a Stats Center, and more. Again, not organized in a user-friendly manner though. To get to those reference materials, you need to go into the FAQ section and then click on “How to Wager, ” and you’ll find another link to these types of materials. Follow our map, and you won’t be disappointed, but try to search for them individually, and it could take you a few minutes.

The sports menu provides enough to placate North American-based bettors, but others may find it to be a bit lacking. We noticed a few omissions within the BetOnline line-up with Cycling, Watersports, and Volleyball typically offered on many of the bigger books. BetOnline does also offer Live In-play betting, though, and that’s a fundamental requirement of experienced bettors these days.

Aside from the few oddities we came across regarding the design, the site is very thorough and should provide for a comfortable betting experience even for first-time players.

A Tip of the Hat

BetOnline is a sportsbook for bettors who like bonuses. Not only does it have a competitive Welcome Bonus that could yield new players up to $2500 in free bets, but the bonuses are never-ending.

There is a Lifetime Bonus Guarantee offered to players and applicable on every single deposit with a 25% match bonus up to $1,000 each time. There are also more bonus and a refer-a-friend program that we’ll detail more in just a bit but, needless to say, the site outshines in its free play opportunities.

BetOnline is also an industry leader in posting odds earlier than many of its competitors. This benefit is well-known and publicized, so they have the edge with players looking for those early lines.

We also applaud the sportsbook for its willingness to listen to its customer base and evolve accordingly. They now offer the Bitcoin option for account funding, have changed Major League Baseball to dime lines, and offer reduced juice on NHL hockey.

What Could They Do Better?

BetOnline has consistently updated their sportsbook throughout the years, but there are a few areas in which they could still do a bit better.

Despite the live, in-play betting that’s offered, the website doesn’t offer its customers any live feeds through streaming video. Some sportsbooks feature this for its active players, and it’s an excellent integration with live wagering.

For Americans and Canadians who opt for this site, it’s more than accommodated with the most popular sporting events. It even offers lacrosse and softball. However, Europeans love their soccer, and markets are more limited for them and maximum payouts much lower in comparison to many other bookmakers with the majority of the site’s spread and Moneyline maximums set at $2,000 and $3,000. Odds on these events may not be as good as some of the other guys as well.

Lastly, BetOnline lists a minimum deposit amount of $100 to officially open a player betting account even though minimum deposits for many of their payment methods are far less. Some players may consider that to be too high, especially those that are just trying out the site for the very first time.

What to Bet on?

As we’ve previously mentioned, the sportsbook caters primarily to North American bettors, and its sports menu is a reflection of their targeted demographic with baseball, basketball, football, and hockey offering the largest markets on national and college games.

When it comes to the distinct bets, BetOnline’s players have good choices regarding teasers, futures, if-wins, and reverses. This sportsbook also has good parlay odds and slightly favorable lines betting the spread.

A quality stats center also gives players a slight edge to those who study the lines as opposed to only betting on their favorites.

BetOnline’s entire sportsbook menu:

Main Sports:

Other Sports:

BetOnline also happens to be a bookmaker who offers non-sporting events as well. They have a comprehensive Financials Betting section with Stocks, Indices, Commodities, and Currencies as well as Trader Insight and other current conditions to study. The Financials area should be appealing to international punters as its extensive and carries global options.

Futures and Propositions are also plentiful:

Betting Limits

Just as we’ve established that BetOnline puts an emphasis on accommodating U.S. and Canadian players, we can easily compare their betting limits to some of the Las Vegas casino sportsbooks. Yes, there are a few like the Mirage and the Golden Nugget that offer higher payouts, BetOnline runs pretty much neck in neck with the others.

Let’s start with NFL (football), the game of choice for Americans:

Point spread – (Monday – Wednesday) – $10,000
Point spread – (Thursday – Sunday) – $25,000
Moneyline – (Monday – Wednesday) – $2,500
Moneyline – (Thursday – Sunday) – $15,000
Totals – (Monday – Wednesday) – $2,500
Totals – (Thursday – Sunday) – $15,000

Other sports break down as follows:

NBA (basketball)
Spread- $10,000
Moneyline – $5,000
Totals – $5,000

NHL (hockey)
Spread – $3,000
Moneyline – $3,000
Totals – $3,000

MLB (baseball)
Run Line – $5,000
Moneyline – $10,000
Totals – $5,000

Spread – $1,000
Moneyline – $2,000
Totals – $1,000

Matchups – $2,000
Futures – $1,000

Canadian Football, MMA, Soccer, NCAA Hockey, WNBA Basketball, WNCAA Basketball, and NASCAR
All wagers – $1,000

NCAA (college) Football
Spread – $15,000
Moneyline – $5,000
Totals – $5,000

NCAA (college) Basketball
Spread – $5,000
Moneyline – $2,000
Totals – $2,000

Will You Like Betting at This Site?

We think that most people will like the interaction offered by BetOnline. It’s a basic looking website, but the ease in which bets can be placed adds a lot to the service. The stats are simple, straightforward, and easy to access.

Players that enjoy a generous bonus program will absolutely enjoy the BetOnline service as it’s bonus and promotions-heavy with non-stop offers that provide free betting money for players who understand the play through and turnover requirements. We’ll be detailing the various offers in the next section, but they will appeal to players looking for excellent promotional value.

A few other reasons players enjoy being a part of BetOnline is that it’s a bookmaker that consistently is amongst the first to post its odds. It also offers Asian Handicaps on most point spreads and totals, has good parlay odds as well as some of the largest markets on baseball, basketball, football, and hockey.

BetOnline also provides a well-rounded gambling experience. Aside from their popular sportsbook, they do have a quality racebook, as well as a casino, live casino, and poker room. Every area comes fully equipped with its individual bonus program that’s just as generous and competitive as the promotions offered on sports betting.

Something is appealing about it for the newbies, experienced players, as well as financial bettors and those looking for live in-play action.

Bonuses and Promotions

Here we go! This area of focus is the big one for BetOnline. They are a bonus-driven sportsbook, and their players are consistently awarded match free play with every deposit they make.

Let’s do a rundown on the bonus programs starting with the Welcome Bonus. BetOnline offers a 50% welcome bonus to its new registered players based on their first deposit. 50%? You may not be blown away by the percentage, but this 50% match on the initial deposit made can be as high as $2,500 in free play.

For anyone unfamiliar with how sportsbook bonuses and promotions work, we highly recommend reviewing the terms and conditions of free play cash before accepting it, as not abiding by the requirements could result in “cash” that is uncashable.

BetOnline’s welcome bonus first requires that the deposit amount is at least $50. Next, there is a ten-time rollover requirement that must be met before any cash out requests can be made. Also, the sportsbook bonus is only good in the sportsbook. It cannot be used in other gaming areas of BetOnline such as the racebook, casino, or poker room. And, finally, withdrawals cannot be requested or made within 30 days of claiming this particular promotion.

As their terms can be changed at BetOnline’s discretion at any time, we do recommend reviewing everything before opting in (or not) to acceptance of this program. There are stringent guidelines in conjunction with free play. For those players well versed in these types of conditions, it’s probably no big deal but could be frustrating for new bettors unaware of all of the stipulations.

So, now that we’ve given a heads up on the ins and outs of betting with bonuses let’s talk about more free play opportunities up for grabs on BetOnline.

Live Betting $25 Free Play – This bonus is only good on the first-ever live betting wager and it must be a minimum $25 stake. If the bet is a winner, no bonus comes into play, and the ticket can just be cashed in. If it’s a loser, an email can be sent by the player, within 24 hours, to freeplay@betonline.ag with a request for a refund. The refund is issued as free play and comes with a six-time rollover requirement and a $25 maximum. If a $35 bet is made and lost the free play refund is still $25.

Mobile Betting $50 Free Play – This is similar to the Live Betting refund program but regarding a player’s first-ever bet made on a tablet or smartphone. Racebook, live betting, and futures are not eligible. The program works the same way as the live betting free play with an email sent in within 24 hours and the refund issued in free play cash with a six-time rollover requirement, but the award is $50 on a $50 bet.

And now the promotion that provides for never-ending deposit bonuses, the 25% Lifetime Bonus Guarantee.

Here’s how it works… Players are eligible for a bonus on every deposit made into their BetOnline player account as long as they are not using Skrill, Neteller, or Book to Book for their transactions. Let us stress that. If you deposit via Skrill, Neteller, or Book to Book, you are automatically ineligible.

Players also need to deposit at least $50 to qualify, but then receive a 25% bonus up to $1,000 for each transaction. Unlike the welcome bonus, this program also has the lower six-time rollover requirement but does have the 30-day delay in withdrawal ability after claiming this bonus each and every time.

All deposit bonuses do require a coupon code that’s available in the promotions area and, once again, we stress that it’s important to read through all of the information to understand the requirements and strategize betting accordingly.

Deposit Options

These days when it comes to transactions in and out of sportsbooks or online casinos, there are a few options that are must-haves on the menu: credit and debit cards, e-wallets, prepaid options, and bank wires. It’s also a plus to have a virtual wallet option like Bitcoin as these new and alternative ways to conduct deposits and payouts provide for safe, affordable and anonymous online transfers.

BetOnline is above average in their available choices for funding player accounts, especially when targeting the North American clientele where options seem to be more limited compared to most of the European and Australian sites.

The Deposit options are listed as follows:

Bitcoin – virtual wallet
Minimum Deposit – $20
Maximum Deposit – $25,000
Turnaround time – usually just a few minutes; could take up to 24 hours depending upon Bitcoin wallet

Litecoin – virtual wallet similar to Bitcoin
Minimum Deposit – $20
Maximum Deposit – $25,000
Turnaround time – usually just a few minutes; could take up to 24 hours depending upon wallet

Visa – debit, credit, and gift card (if allowed for international purchasing)
Minimum Deposit – $50
Maximum Deposit – $5,000
Turnaround time – immediate

Mastercard – debit and credit
Minimum Deposit – $50
Maximum Deposit – $25,000
Turnaround time – immediate

Visa via Person to Person – Visa credit or debit card with the help of BetOnline’s Live Chat agent
Minimum Deposit – $100
Maximum Deposit – $600
Turnaround time – immediate

Person to Person – international money transfers
Minimum Deposit – $100
Maximum Deposit – $600
Turnaround time and info – immediate on up; fees for deposits over $300 or more covered by BetOnline

Money Orders – for U.S. customers only; express shipped to BetOnline
Minimum Deposit – $300
Maximum Deposit – $9,000
Turnaround time and info – can be as little 24-48 hours depending upon express service selected; BetOnline will credit the player’s account with reimbursement for express shipping

Skrill – e-wallet – not available for Canadian residents
Minimum Deposit – $10
Maximum Deposit – no maximum
Turnaround time – immediate

Neteller – e-wallet
Minimum Deposit – $10
Maximum Deposit – no maximum
Turnaround time – immediate

Book to Book – transfer from another sportsbook to BetOnline
Minimum Deposit – $500
Maximum Deposit – no maximum
Turnaround time – should be immediate with assistance from BetOnline’s Customer Service department

Bank Wire Transfer
Minimum Deposit – $1,000
Maximum Deposit – no maximum
Turnaround time – 1-3 business days

Cheque – Cashier’s Check (no personal checks or money orders)
Minimum Deposit – $1,500
Maximum Deposit – $24,900
Turnaround time and info – 2-4 business days using UPS, FedEx, DHL or any other next-day courier service

As you can see, high rollers looking to apply a significant amount to their player account have the choice of Skrill, Neteller, Book to Book, or Bank Wires to avoid any deposit ceilings. Bettors interested in transferring as little as possible can move $10 using an e-wallet service.

Payout Options

It’s not surprising that Visa or Mastercard are not available choices for withdrawals. Many sportsbooks and casinos aren’t able to offer that particular service. However, selecting the bank wire transfer can accomplish the same thing although it takes a few weeks for complete processing.

The payout menu:

Minimum Withdrawal – $20
Maximum Withdrawal – $10,000
Fees – $0 listed
Turnaround time – up to 48 hours

Minimum Withdrawal – $20
Maximum Withdrawal – $10,000
Fees – $0 listed
Turnaround time – up to 48 hours

Person to Person
Minimum Withdrawal – $50
Maximum Withdrawal – $400
Fees – $26 to $101
Turnaround time – within five business days; one transaction allowed per week

Bank Wire Transfer
Minimum Withdrawal – $500
Maximum Withdrawal – $24,900
Fees – $0 listed
Turnaround time – 7-14 business days; $24,900 is maximum weekly amount

Cheque Express
Minimum Withdrawal – $500
Maximum Withdrawal – $2,500
Fees – $50
Turnaround time – seven business days: must be cashed or deposited at bank

Minimum Withdrawal – $25
Maximum Withdrawal – $9,900
Fees – $20
Turnaround time – 36 hours; maximum of 3 payouts a week totaling $9,900; not available for Canadian residents

Minimum Withdrawal – $25
Maximum Withdrawal – $9,900
Fees – $20
Turnaround time – 36 hours; maximum of 3 payouts a week totaling $9,900; must have deposited via Neteller

Book to Book
Minimum Withdrawal – $500
Maximum Withdrawal – $24,900
Fees – fees apply; need to contact live help
Turnaround time – 2-24 hours; maximum of $24,900 weekly

Customer Service

Service is not at the top of the list of BetOnline’s most impressive features. The customer service department is available via the 24 hours a day live chat to registered players only. Anyone who is not a player yet and may just be considering joining is limited to their email or phone service.

As far as the quality of the assistance, it also has a way to go. BetOnline has listened to player requests regarding their actual betting offerings, so we hope that they will also hear the cry for better customer service. Players experience frustration with the quality of their interactions and aren’t always satisfied with the answers resulting in multiple exchanges needed before receiving a correct response.

Of course, customer service is going to vary depending upon the agent involved, but there have been quite a few remarks about miscommunication and confusing replies.

BetOnline’s Customer Service Department:

Email – cs@betonline.ag
Phone – 1-800-977-4717
Live Chat – available 24/7

More Than a Sportsbook

BetOnline is an all-encompassing gambling site that’s divided into different areas:

We’ve already discussed the sportsbook, live betting, and financials but, there’s more.

Their racebook is highly regarded by casual and experienced bettors and offers a nice, neat, straightforward betting experience similar to the sportsbook. It has lines delivered on every major track, and players have access to a plethora of information on how to bet, wagering types, tips, terms, details on the big races, and more.

Whereas live action isn’t available through video streaming in the sportsbook, the racebook is a different story. BetOnline hosts live feeds from their feature tracks providing real-time coverage. Race wagers also come with their own accompanying bonuses and track rebates. Multiple bet types are allowed with Across the Board action allowing for a Win, Place, and Show bet. Exacta, Quinella, Trifecta, Superfecta, Pick three wagering, keying and wheeling horses, boxing horses, and playing partial wheels is all part of the racebook experience.

Moving on over to the casino and live casino, and players have their pick of 150 virtual games including progressive slots.

Smaller 3-reel and 5-reel slot banks are overshadowed by the significant amount of newer and sleeker 3D slots providing a fun, interactive experience. These 3D games have appealing themes such as Gladiator, Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, Heist, Lost, Pinocchio, Mamma Mia!, A Christmas Carol, At the Movies, Mad Scientist, Enchanted and RockStar.

Video Poker is 17 games in total providing a mix of traditional favorites like Jacks or Better, Deuces Wild, and Bonus Poker in addition to some fun variations including Double Jackpot, Aces and Faces, Five Draw, and All American Poker. Multi-hand options on some games increase the size of this game area with 3 to 52 hand game selections.

The Table Game area is divided up again into three smaller areas of Blackjack, Craps and Roulette, and Table Poker. Blackjack such as Pirate 21 and 21 Burn, and Pai Gow, Baccarat, Single Deck High Low Draw, Oasis Poker, and Ride ‘em Poker provide excitement to a relatively small casino area.

There’s also a pretty unique Skill games area with games that can be played for fun or real money wagering. Dominoes, Yahtzee, Gin Rummy, Spades, and Tonk convert some at-home game night favorites to betting opportunities.

The Live Table Game area has multiple tables of six different games including Blackjack HD, Blackjack Early Payout, European and American Roulette, Baccarat, and Super 6. The table designation even features the current dealer providing the real-life game and social interaction as opposed to competition versus the computer.

Casino, Table Games, Live Casino, and there’s also a Poker Room. The poker room is accessed via downloadable software and offers an incredible amount of bonuses, tournaments, freerolls, bad beat jackpots, and other promotions. BetOnline typically provides a minimum of ten of these types of value-adds to their poker players at a time to enhance the experience and put players in the running for additional cash out opportunities.

BetOnline’s various gaming areas combine to make a good, well-rounded online go-to for bettors regardless of their location or game preference.

Should You Choose Another Bookmaker Instead?

Let’s take a look at some of the key areas of comparison:

The sports betting options are primarily American driven. Football, Baseball and Basketball, both professional and collegiate, attract the most attention. There is enough variety amongst the other sports possibilities to appeal to punters in other regions. However, some of the lines for other sports may not be as good as found through bookmakers who appeal more to these bettors from around the globe.

For U.S. players, BetOnline has the edge. For players in other regions, soccer, rugby, cricket, darts, and snooker will have more coverage and/or better lines on competitor sites.

BetOnline is typically one of the first sportsbooks to post their odds, so is the bettor’s choice for those seeking these early lines. It also is competitive in baseball, basketball, and football odds, and offers reduced juice on NHL betting.

Thumbs up to BetOnline for its maximum payout limits, specifically in accommodating its North American players. However, the nod goes to the big guys like bet365 or William Hill for unmatchable $2,000,000 soccer payouts and as high as $500,000 on top-level American sports as opposed to BetOnline’s top tier $25,000.

On the topic of bonuses, BetOnline unquestionably takes the lead. Many sportsbooks offer 100% welcome bonuses but only up to moderate amounts like $30, $50 or even $100. BetOnline’s welcome bonus is only 50%, but players can rack up as much as $2,500 in free play with one matched deposit.

Additionally, the 25% Lifetime Bonus Guarantee favors repeat bettors providing them with the opportunity to receive up to $1,000 in free play betting each and every time they fund their player’s account.

We’ll call it a draw on banking. BetOnline offers deposit and withdrawal options quite similar to other bookmakers, and a payout turnaround of one day to 14 days depending upon the banking method selected, is also reasonably competitive. There are high deposit limits, and the acceptance of e-wallets and Bitcoin satisfies most player requirements.

The advantage in live, in-play betting goes to all of the other sportsbooks which offer live streaming of the events. BetOnline does offer in-play betting action, but players who are seeking to watch the games through their sportsbook will need to go to a competitor’s site, and there are many out there who offer this service for their registered and active bettors. Betfair, 888sport, Intertops, Ladbrokes, Bwin… they all provide video feed service.

BetOnline stands out for their early lines, competitive odds on American sports, good payout limits for North American players, and, of course, for their very generous bonus and promotional program for new and repeat customers.

Final Thoughts

We can best describe BetOnline as a more traditional-type sportsbook with more substance than style. The site is a basic black, white, and red… (What is a newspaper?) The lines are as easy to review as they are plentiful.

As the emphasis is on American and Canadian sports, baseball, football, basketball, and hockey markets are extensive and not only does BetOnline carry the pros (NFL, NBA), but collegiate games as well.

The live betting area does add excitement and is enough to satisfy those who enjoy the in-game action but giving players the opportunity to make BetOnline their one-stop shop with video feeds outside of just the racebook would be a valuable and welcome addition.

Anyone that enjoys betting on financials will also appreciate BetOnline’s line-up. The financials area is significant enough to warrant its own section of the website and does provide for some international markets.

In addition to some good competitive odds and markets that appeal to North American bettors, this sportsbook is a bonus lover’s dream. Welcome bonuses, lifetime bonuses, additional free play for live and mobile betting, BetOnline is betting that its customers will keep coming back for more with all of the added value offered to them.

BetOnline also has a Refer a Friend program with a substantial $100 free play award for each friend who becomes a registered and active player, and BetOnline will even send the invite to him or her for you.

All in all, anyone who enjoys putting down some cash on American sports, in particular, or those who gravitate to the sportsbooks with the highest bonus offers, will enjoy heading over to BetOnline.ag and checking out the latest and greatest.

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