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Best Germany Betting Sites for 2024

Best Germany Betting Sites
Germany betting sites provide numerous opportunities for citizens that enjoy sports betting online. International sites have the ability to accept German players, so there are many competing operators.

It would be very time-consuming and confusing for someone that is new to sports betting to try to determine which sites they can trust. With this in mind, we have done the research, and you can check out our rankings of the best Germany betting sites below.

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Top Sports for Betting in Germany

The Germany betting sites offer wagering on a wide array of different sporting events. This being stated, people in the country have certain preferences, and the betting websites highlight these sports.

Association Football

In countries throughout Europe, association football is the sport of choice, and Germany is no exception. This is the game that is called soccer in the United States and Canada. People participate from a young age, and the best of the best emerge from the pack to play at the highest levels.

The Bundesliga is the league that the top players aspire to reach. People attend Bundesliga games in droves, and it is the most popular association football league on the planet.

German national teams have carried home the FIFA World Cup on a number of different occasions, and they have also captured multiple UEFA crowns. Clearly, there is rabid interest in the sport, and the Germany betting sites rely heavily on association football wagers.

Ice Hockey

Though it lags far behind association football, ice hockey is also among the top sports for betting in Germany. The Deutsche Eishockey Liga is the league that attracts the most attention domestically, and people are interested in the National Hockey League as well.

Germany betting sites rake in a nice handle on hockey bets, especially during the major tournaments and the Stanley Cup playoffs.


The sport of basketball is inherently American at its core, but it has gone global big time. There are professional basketball leagues in many different countries, including Germany. Of course, the National Basketball Association is the cream of the crop by far.

There have been some fantastic German hoopsters that have made their mark in the NBA, with Dirk Nowitzki leading the charge. The Germany betting websites take wagers on sides, totals, and basketball futures bets.


Handball is played all over the world, but in many countries, it’s not something that fans would bet on. However, it is huge in Germany, so people have the opportunity to bet on the sport at the internet-based books.


If you have followed tennis for any length of time, you are well aware of the fact that some of the best players in the history of the sport have hailed from Germany. Countless men, women, and children enjoy playing tennis, and the select few go on to accomplish great things on the pro level.

Without question, betting on tennis is offered by German betting sites, and the interest is at a fever pitch during the Grand Slam series.


Golf is another sport that is popular for betting online in Germany. There is also a golf Grand Slam sequence that captures the attention of punters that enjoy watching top-level golf tournaments.

Auto Racing

There are few if any countries in the world that have a closer connection to auto racing. After all, German automotive engineering has been a source of pride for more than a century.

Formula 1 racing brings in a lot of money for the Germany betting sites. There is also a tight focus on the Deutsche Tourenwagen (touring car) Masters series.


Europeans love their cycling, with an eye on the Tour de France that takes place every summer for a 23-day period. This event and other major cycling races can be wagered on at the Germany betting websites.


People in Germany have always enjoyed watching people mix it up in the ring. When there are big bouts, especially when they involve homegrown fighters, there are plenty of big bets made on boxing at the online sportsbooks.


There are two different forms of rugby played around the world: rugby union and rugby league. The betting sites accept wagers from rugby enthusiasts, with rugby union being the more popular choice.

American Football

The German Football League was formed out of an interest in American football, and some betting enthusiasts in the country wager liberally on contests that are fought out on the gridiron.

Popular Deposit Methods in Germany

When you want to place wagers on the Germany betting sites, you are going to have to determine the deposit method that’s right for you. Several different options are widely utilized, and you should also look into the currency that is accepted by each respective site.

Credit and Debit Cards

A lot of gamblers would say that the best way to deposit money into an online betting account is to simply use a credit card or debit card. The sites that cater to German players will typically take Visa, Mastercard, and Maestro, which is a debit card that is accepted worldwide.

Bank Transfers

Online sportsbooks love to receive bank transfers from players because it is absolutely safe and secure, and there are no third parties involved. From the players’ perspective, it is not as appealing because there are identification hoops to jump through, and it can take several days for the deposit to appear.

PayPal, Skrill, and Neteller

The PayPal service is one of the leading facilitators of online currency transfers. It’s accepted at many Germany betting websites. Skrill and Neteller are two web wallet payment processors that are owned by the same British company, and these payment methods are widely accepted at online sportsbooks.


Some Germany betting sites support cryptocurrency like Bitcoin. This is very appealing on the one hand because deposits and withdrawals take place almost instantly. On the other hand, its value is in flux, and if you’re only going to use it to make wagers, it is somewhat impractical.

Sofort Banking and Giropay

Giropay is a payment processing service that is specifically designed for people that live in Germany. Sofort Banking can be used by players in Germany along with regional neighbors Switzerland, Belgium, and Austria.

Withdrawal Methods

All of the deposit options mentioned above can potentially be used for withdrawing your winnings. However, the exact policies of each respective sportsbook can vary, so you should definitely get all the facts before you make any final decisions.

Gambling Laws in Germany

From a broad perspective, the gambling laws in Germany are elucidated in a piece of legislation that was adopted in 2012 called the Treaty on Gambling. This was a revised version of an initial measure that was put into place in 2008 that prohibited online gambling in the country.

Provisions contained within this updated law allowed for the issuing of 20 German online gambling licenses across 15 of the 16 states in the country. The other federal state, Schleswig-Holstein, did not enter into this treaty. There were far more than 20 different sports betting companies that wanted to be licensed in Germany. Schleswig-Holstein recognized this, and they offered their own betting licenses. During the first year alone, they issued a total of 48 sports betting licenses and online gaming permits.

The Schleswig-Holstein Treaty was repealed the year after it was enacted, but the licenses that they awarded were good for five years. The licensees paid for these 60-month permits, so they were grandfathered in until the expiration of the licenses in 2017. This limit of 20 online sports betting licenses did not sit well with the rest of the European Union. This shut out the lion’s share of operators that wanted to tap into the German market, which is one of the strongest on the continent.

Officials pressed the matter, and in 2016, a German court ruled that the draconian cap on the sports betting licenses was illegal under the Treaty for European Union. As a result of all of this, sports betting sites that are licensed in European jurisdictions and elsewhere can and do accept players in Germany, but it is an unregulated industry at the time of this writing.

Because there is no inherent governmental oversight, it’s very important to choose one of the Germany betting websites that has proven to be trustworthy over an extended period of time. Our rankings have been created to assist people that are trying to navigate these murky waters.

Getting Started

Once you decide to dive headfirst into the sports gaming world, you have to develop some type of plan of action. We have given you a map that will lead you toward the sites that you can trust, but there are some personal preferences that will enter the picture when you are comparing them.

As we touched upon previously, the exact deposit methods will vary site by site, and when it comes to withdrawals, you should compare processing times. There is also the way that the site feels when you are on it, because aesthetics do matter.

It’s wise to choose a site that appeals to your sensibilities with regard to the look, the functionality, the ease of navigation, and the relative class or lack thereof. You should also poke around the sites to check out the customer service policies. It’s comforting to know that you can initiate a chat or get someone on the phone if you ever need help.

We have covered all of the sports that are most popular to bet on in Germany. All the options that we have listed in that section will be offered at the approved sportsbooks, but they may not get equal shine. If you are going to focus on a particular sport, find a site that puts it front and center.

Money management is something that many new bettors don’t consider, but it is crucial. Experienced punters will set aside a certain amount of money that they consider to be a bankroll that is separate from their other funds. This would be an amount that you feel comfortable losing over a period of time if it comes down to that.

Parlay bets are single wagers that involve multiple teams. These are enticing to new players because you can bet a little and win a lot. That is, if all the teams win, and this is unlikely, especially if you have more than two betting interests.

To provide a simple overview, let’s say that you always play two team parlays. In many cases, you will win one and lose one, and you will collect nothing. On the other hand, if you make two straight bets, you only lose the vigorish, which is the house rake, if you split on the bets.

You can rest assured that this adds up considerably over time. Your bankroll will last much longer, and it will eventually grow if you pick more winners than losers, as long as you stick to straight bets. This is a little bit of food for thought, and we have sport betting guides on this website for every major sport that you can use to gain additional insight.

Germany Betting FAQ

We have covered just about everything imaginable to this point, but we will close with the answers to some frequently asked questions to share a bit more knowledge.

Can you bet any amount at the Germany betting sites?

There are minimum and maximum wagers, and the exact parameters will depend on the site and the nature of the bet. Unless you are an extremely high roller, the maximums will probably be more than enough for you.

I usually use my smartphone. Do the Germany betting websites support mobile devices?

Absolutely. Their designers make sure that the sites adapt well to the mobile devices that are widely used.

What recourse is there if I have a problem with a site that is licensed outside of Germany?

If you stick to the websites that we have included in our rankings, you should have no difficulties at all. These are sites that have established strong reputations over an extended period of time.

They don’t want to lose customers, and they want to maintain their credibility, so they can usually be counted on to make things right if you have a valid case.

Where can I get handicapping information about specific games?

We maintain a sports betting blog on this website, and our expert handicappers give people the skinny on important games that are on the schedule at any given time. Bookmark it and visit the blog regularly, and you will always be fully informed.