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7 New Year’s Resolutions Esports Gamers Should Make for 2019

Looking back on last year, one could make a case that 2018 was the “Year of Esports.”

Popular players like Richard Tyler Blevins, better known as “Ninja” to Esports enthusiasts, became household names. Major corporations like the World Poker Tour (WPT) partnered up with Esports entities like ELC Gaming to host amazing interactive events in America and abroad. And the selection of top-notch titles like Fortnite, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CSGO), Hearthstone, and StarCraft grew by leaps and bounds thanks to tireless game designers.

Thanks to the power of Twitch, a live streaming platform which connects viewers directly to their favorite gamers, Esports became a bona fide phenomenon in 2018. With the New Year now here, however, gamers should expect 2019 to provide another year of momentum and movement within the Esports industry. On that note, why not try to set – and stick to – nine New Year’s resolutions as an Esports gamer in 2019?

Check out the list below for a few of my personal resolutions, and hopefully you’ll be inspired to create a few of your own to follow:

1 – Branch Out and Try Different Games

The beauty of Esports is the industry’s sheer variety, as thousands of unique titles, sequels, and updates are released each and every year.

Despite this steady stream of new products, however, many Esports gamers pigeonhole themselves into playing only a handful of favorites. On some level, this approach certainly makes sense, especially for aspiring pros looking to perfect their skills and go pro. But if you’re more of a casual gamer who simply enjoys Esports for the entertainment value, you’re much better served by trying out a wide selection of games and genres.

If you’re a first-person shooting (FPS) player by trade, get away from the grimness and gore for a little while by trying something lighthearted like Hearthstone. This turn-based strategy card game revolves around the fantasy realm in World of Warcraft, and players must build a deck using various styles and strategies. It’s not exactly lighting up the enemy with headshots from a mile away, but defeating your foe on the Hearthstone battleground by playing a well-timed Mage card is still quite the thrill.

Whatever genres you typically prefer, make a point to get out of your comfort zone in 2019 by trying something new. You never know, you might just discover a new favorite game that you never would’ve expected to enjoy.

2 – Support the Best and Brightest Streamers by Subscribing

One of the major engines driving Esports growth is Twitch streaming, as the platform is perfect for connecting pro gamers and their fans.

But these pros are called that for a reason – they earn a living playing at peak levels for your amusement. Anybody can dial up a Fortnite stream and watch top players make the battle royale look like a cakewalk, but it takes a true fan to pony up $5 for a monthly subscription.

Don’t be a freeloader this year, pay the piper and help support your favorite Esports personalities by subscribing to their stream. In the end, they’ll use your patronage to create a more immersive streaming experience, so everybody wins in the end.

3 – Set up Your Own Twitch Channel and Stream for Yourself

On that note, you could also take the plunge and start your own Twitch stream. This may seem like a bold leap – especially if you’re just entering the world of Esports for the first time – but there’s no shortage of viewers looking for new and interesting streams.

Certain games – CSGO, Fortnite, and Super Smash Bros. just to name a few – lend themselves better to Twitch streaming, so it’s a good idea to stick to the classics at first. But it’s not all about the game by any means, the audiences are there for you. Rather than imitate the established streamers, it’s best to form your own unique voice and style.

It’ll be slow going at first, but if you can harness the power of social media to spread your stream’s message, soon enough you’ll be collecting monthly subscription fees of your own.

4 – Pledge to Avoid Trash Talk in the Chat Box

One problem plaguing the Esports community has always been the incessant exchange of trash talk within in-game chat boxes. Anonymity makes people act out in ways they would never stoop to in the real world, so you’ll inevitably encounter awful people who seem to play out of spite and resentment. That’s all par the course, unfortunately, but you can contribute to changing Esports for the better by resolving to act like an adult in the chat box.

There’s no need to cuss an opponent out after a close loss, or attack a teammate’s character simply because they’re not playing like you would prefer. These antics have infected the world of Esports based on the industry’s youthful target demographic, and to be fair, kids will be kids.

If you’re over the age of 18, however, the time for childhood games has come and gone. In 2019, be the better person and make your in-game chats a place for reasonable discussion and humorous banter – not ban-worthy profanity and angry outbursts.

5 – Invite a Friend or Family Member to Experience Esports for the First Time

Continuing the theme of inclusiveness, it’s a great idea to introduce friends and family to all the joy Esports has to offer. Maybe your Dad would like to learn more about military strategizing by competing in Call of Duty. Or perhaps your little brother could benefit from the puzzle-solving concepts presented in StarCraft.

The best Esports titles have a way of hooking the imagination, giving players from all walks of life something to come back again and again for. The reality is, however, that many people still view Esports through a derisive lens. This year you can help to change that perception by showing your loved ones exactly what you’re so passionate about.

6 – Catch a Tournament at the Esports Arena in Las Vegas

Located within the Luxor casino resort in fabulous Las Vegas, Nevada, the Esports Arena is a state of the art complex built to host Esports tournaments and events.

Stadium seating surrounds a main stage equipped with every gaming console under the sun. And massive HD screens overhead ensure that everybody in attendance can follow every move in real time. Just take a look for yourself with this intro video published by Luxor, then hop on the next flight to Sin City to see it for yourself.

7 – Place Your First Legal Wager on an Esports Event

When in Rome… if you’re already in Las Vegas to catch an Esports tournament, take the plunge and head to the sportsbook to place a legal wager on the outcome.

Sports betting is increasingly incorporating Esports into its domain, and there’s nothing quite like winning a bet on your favorite gamer or team.


The current decade has seen Esports grow by leaps and bounds, and 2019 promises to be the best year yet. Doing your best to stick to a few, and hopefully all, of the New Year’s resolutions listed above will help you take full advantage of every Esports opportunity coming your way throughout the next year. Branching out to explore different genres, setting up your own Twitch stream, and experiencing the Esports Arena in Las Vegas are just a few of the ways you can improve your Esports lifestyle in the year to come.

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