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An Early Look at Super Bowl LVII Player Prop Bets

Last weekend, the Philadelphia Eagles took advantage of a luckless San Francisco 49ers team to advance to the NFL’s title game with a 31-7 win. In the nightcap, the Kansas City Chiefs bucked a late penalty by the Cincinnati Bengals to win 23-20 and head to the Super Bowl for the third time in four seasons.

The Eagles are currently 2-point favorites over the Chiefs at the BetOnline App. Philly is also listed at -135 at the Moneyline with Kansas City coming back at +115. The over/under for the game has been set at 49.5 with both priced at -110 odds. But like any other NFL game, those are not the only bets you can make for the final NFL game of the season.

With the NFL the biggest betting event in all of sports, there are tons of proposition bets you can wager on. For this article, we will focus our attention on prop bets involving players. Most of these bets are related to player performance during the games, but some are not.

To know what they are, sit back, relax, and read on:

Over/Under Player Prop Bets

NFL Player Prop Bets are available for all NFL games but these prop bets are massive during the Super Bowl, allowing bettors to wager on the performance of just about every player on both teams.

Here are the best player prop bets for Super Bowl LVII:

  • Jalen Hurts under 242.5 passing yards -114 via MyBookie.ag

Hurts is having a fantastic season and based on his last appearance, there isn’t any sign of the shoulder injury that forced him to miss two games last during the regular season. In fact, he is the betting favorite to win the Super Bowl MVP award at +110 odds. But Hurts has passed for less than 200 yards in each of his two playoff games played and he has topped the 250-yard mark just five times this season.

The Eagles ranked 5th in the NFL in rushing yards during the regular season and led the league with 32 rush TDs. 7 out of their 9 touchdowns in the current playoffs have come from the ground. With a preference to run and score with the run. I like the under on this prop bet.

  • Patrick Mahomes over 287.5 passing yards -130 via MyBookie.ag

Mahomes led the league in passing yards with 5,250 this season or an average of 308.8 passing yards per game. He topped the 287-yard mark 11 times in 17 regular season games, including 10 times over the 300-yard mark. The Chiefs QB threw 326 yards against the Bengals in the AFC title game.

This is the guy who needs to play big in order for the Chiefs to win. He knows it. They know it. And they are going with the Mahome machine in the Super Bowl. The Eagles have the league’s top passing defense but they have not played against the Chiefs this season. I like Mahomes to win the matchup and the Chiefs to win the game. Take the over for this prop bet.

  • Isaiah Pacheco over 10.5 rush attempts -114 via MyBookie.ag

Pacheco has emerged for the Chiefs this season as he led the team with 170 rush attempts this season. He has carried the football at least 11 times in 8 out of his last 11 games played. The 23-year-old has recorded double-digit carries in both playoff games this year. With the Eagles’ defense expected to focus on Mahomes, the Chiefs will need Pacheco to open up the football field. Go over with this bet.

  • Travis Kelce over 7.5 catches -115 via Bovada

Kelce to Mahomes is Gronk to Brady. Mahomes’ favorite pass catcher averaged 6.4 catches per game during the regular season. However, in Kansas City’s two playoff games this year, he’s caught a total of 21 passes. In the most important game of the season, Mahomes is going to his best option more often. I like Kelce to go over.

Touchdown Scorer Prop Bets

Aside from Over/Under bets, there are other types of player prop bets. Some of the examples of these are:

First Touchdown Scorer Prop Bet

Last year, Odell Beckham Jr. scored the game’s first TD and he was priced at +900 to do so. One year earlier however, it was Rob Gronkowski who caught Tom Brady’s first TD pass, cashing it at +1800 odds.

This year, it’s Travis Kelce who is the odds-on favorite to score the first TD of the game. Here are the odds per Bovada:

  • Travis Kelce +750
  • Jalen Hurts +800
  • Miles Sanders +850
  • Isiah Pacheco +850
  • J. Brown +1000

No doubt, Kelce has great value at +750. The Chiefs are a scoring machine and they score primarily from their passing game. Kelce is their top receiver. He’s caught the first TD in KC’s first two playoff games and had 14 catches in the Divisional Round. Like Beckham last year and Gronk two years ago, the stars come out to play in the big game. So will Kelce for me.

Prediction: Travis Kelce at +850

Anytime Touchdown Scorer

If there is a first TD scorer prop bet, there is also an anytime-player prop bet. Here, a player doesn’t have to score the first TD. The TD can come from the offense, defense, or even special teams. And here the winning bet can be multiple names as multiple players have different prices. This one’s a little easier to handicap but the odds aren’t as juicy as the first touchdown scorer.

Here are the anytime TD scorer odds for Super Bowl LVII’s top TD scorers, all odds via MyBookie.ag:

  • Travis Kelce -126
  • Jalen Hurts -112
  • Miles Sanders -112
  • Isiah Pacheco +112
  • AJ Brown +120

All these five odds are juicy although, to me, I’d go with Kelce at -126. Again, I think he’s gonna have a big game if the Chiefs are to win. For the Eagles, both Hurts and Sanders are at -112 odds and you can pick both as the Eagles like to score on the ground.

Those three are for me – Kelce, Hurts, and Sanders.

Super Bowl LVII MVP Betting

Of course, the most popular player prop bet in the Super Bowl is the Super Bowl MVP award. These are the latest odds at this particular betting market:

  • Jalen Hurts +110
  • Patrick Mahomes +135
  • Travis Kelce +1000
  • AJ Brown +1600
  • Devonta Smith +2200
  • Miles Sanders +2500
  • Isiah Pacheco +4000
  • Haason Redick +4000
  • Chris Jones +5000
  • Jerick McKinnon +5000

Mahomes opened as the favorite in this betting market. However, after he suffered a high ankle sprain during the Chiefs’ win over the Jacksonville Jaguars in the Divisional Round, Bengals’ QB Joe Burrow took over the top spot. With Burrow out of the equation now, Hurts is the new betting favorite to win the award.

This one’s a tough call right now. However, if you want to narrow down your picks, remember that it was only in 1971 that the Super Bowl MVP award was given to a player on the losing team. That means that you have to pick your winning team first before picking your Super Bowl MVP. Once you do that, the pick is easier to make.

31 Super Bowl MVPs from a total of 56 games played have been quarterbacks, although last year, it was WR Cooper Kupp who won the award and two out of the last four Super Bowl MVPs have been wide receivers. Running backs have won the award only seven times but none since Emmit Smith in 1994.

My pick? I’m going with Kansas City on February 12. I have to go with Patrick Mahomes at +135 via SportsBetting.ag.

Super Bowl MVP Odds by Player Position

If you are brave enough, then you might consider betting on the Super Bowl MVP by position. As we said earlier, 31 of 56 awards have been won by quarterbacks. According to BetOnline, the odds of a quarterback winning the Super Bowl LVII MVP award is at -400 with the other option “other positions” coming back at +250.

That’s a steep price but at a 55.3% historical occurrence and 9/13 or 69.2% over the past 13 Super Bowls, I would go with QB at -400 odds.

The other prop bet for Super Bowl MVP by player position is whether the winner will be from the offense or defense. Historically, only 10 defensive players have won the award, and only 4 since 2000. The odds for the offense are massive at -2000 while the defense is at +700 while kicker/punter is at +3300.

If KC wins, you have to think that the best player of the game will come from offense because the Chiefs are the best offensive team in the NFL. Meanwhile, the Eagles were the best defensive team in the league during the regular season in total yards allowed. However, they don’t have superstar defensive players like Von Miller in 2016 or Ray Lewis in 2001. Philly is also known for their running game so for me, the Eagles’ MVP would either be Hurts, an RB, or top wideout AJ Brown.

I think the Super Bowl LVII MVP will be an offensive player but the price is massive at -2000.

Exotic Prop Bets Involving Players

Exotic prop bets are wagers not related to the outcome of the game or the performance of a player. These bets are also available during regular season games but the most popular ones come during the Super Bowl.

Some of the more popular exotic prop bets include bets related to the singing of the U.S. National Anthem, including the number of seconds to finish the song and if the singer omits or forgets a word. There are also exotic prop bets related to the Halftime Show ranging from which song will be sung first, a wardrobe malfunction, or whether will there be “cleavage exposure” if the performer/s are female.

Perhaps the most popular exotic prop bet is the coin toss prop bet, which is a 50-50 bet. Entering last season, the trend for this prop bet was 29-26 in favor of Tails. Last year, the L.A. Rams called tails but the coins landed on heads. Overall six out of the last 11 Super Bowls have seen the coin land on tails.

Then there are also exotic bets involving players. For Super Bowl 57, we haven’t seen the top NFL sportsbooks post anything yet but given there are probably thousands of bets, these will go up in the coming days. Usually, these bets include:

  • Who will the Super Bowl MVP mention first in his speech? The previous options included teammates, God, City, Family, Coach, Owner, and None of the above.
  • Will a player propose to his girlfriend on the field after the game? Historically, the NO has had a heavy price tag. Last year, the NO went at -650 but Rams free safety Taylor Rapp proposed to his girlfriend after Super Bowl LVI. Of course, she said yes but that’s not part of the bet anyway.
  • Will a player be ejected during the game for fighting? With both teams playing for all the marbles, tensions are always high during the Super Bowl. Interestingly however, Bruce Irvin Jr. was the only player to be ejected from the Super Bowl for fighting at Super Bowl XLVIII in 2015. Last year, the odds for NO were at -500.

There are more and in fact, there are too many to mention. Again, if you want to bet on these exotic player prop bets, check your favorite online betting site every now and then as these could be up as you are reading this article.

Ready to Bet?

By now, you be interested to place a bet or two on the player prop bets that we discussed. Before that, however, here are some tips to consider before writing that betting ticket:

Find the best terms. There are too many sportsbooks to mention. These include BetOnline, SportsBetting.ag, MyBookie.ag, and Bovada. These sportsbooks compare notes and have almost the same odds – almost but not the same. With each of them trying to lure your money, some have better odds than others, depending on which bets. Check the prop bet you want to bet on at the different sites and chances are they don’t have the same odds. Pick the one with the better or best value to maximize your winnings.

Conduct research. Most player prop bets are related to performance. In that case, the internet has plenty of sources for NFL statistics. You can check out these NFL websites and check on the historical stats of the players. Look for trends to back your wagers.

Look for NFL betting sites with bonuses. At this time of the year, sportsbooks are busy trying to outbid each other for your betting account. Sign up with sportsbooks that offer deposit bonuses. There are also those that offer odds boosts so you can win more. These are just little things but when you add them up, they still add up to your account and give you more money to use for other bets.

So what are you waiting for? Check out the player prop bets at the top NFL sportsbooks and start placing your bets.

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