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Fantasy CS:GO Guide

You have no doubt heard of fantasy football. Popular among groups of all ages and all backgrounds, this online game is a contest between friends or family. Whoever can draft the best roster of players that garners the most points will win the contest and the prize pool that comes with it.

You probably haven’t heard about fantasy CS:GO, though. While it’s not as popular as its influencer, it still carries many traits that the original has. Fantasy CS:GO contains all of the popular pro gamers in the CS:GO scene, and many concepts from fantasy football carry over.

Just like fantasy football, fantasy CS:GO can be an excellent side-game that lets you stay active in the CS:GO competitive scene with friends and family. And even if you don’t play CS:GO, if you still enjoy watching it, fantasy CS:GO will be perfect for you.

There are two different variations of this game mode. Both are popular, but if you are more traditional, websites like Yahoo offer the ability to draft players in the beginning and watch as the points rack up. The other variation can be found on websites like Skrilla, where you have a set amount of money to spend on players that have a certain value. This guide will cover both variations in terms of strategy in order for you to choose the one you are most comfortable with.

Now, most of you reading this are just getting into the fantasy esports game, and that’s perfectly fine. Fantasy games shouldn’t really be about trying to get the most money. You probably aren’t going to make a ton of money from this, so don’t get too invested. This type of game is more of a casual but competitive activity that lets you have something to share and talk with your friends about.

This game can also be a way to enjoy CS:GO without actually playing, much like fantasy football. It can be a way to talk about your favorite player or learn about upcoming ones. Fantasy CS:GO is about having fun, and you should make the most of it. With that being said, these tips will give you the nudge and maybe even the upper-hand when choosing players.

Tip #1 – Research Games

If you play fantasy CS:GO, you probably should be watching it also. After all, this game is an exciting way to add more fun when cheering for your favorite player or team.

You need to be open-minded, though, when playing Fantasy. If a player that plays on a rival team is a great player, you should consider adding him to the roster even if you don’t particularly like the team.

A great player will earn you a lot of points, and you should acknowledge their ability to rack up kills and win games. I’m sure this is common sense, but make sure to choose the best available player. You want a player that is reliable and can pop off if he needs to. A player that is clutch in the moment and almost always carries the team to victory. You should be able to find good players just by stats alone from previous tournaments and games.

Tip #2 – Look at the News

I’m sure many of y’all know a bit about football and can collectively cringe at those who chose Le’Veon Bell for their fantasy football team. If you haven’t, basically what happened is that Bell, who is a top-tier running back, decided not to play for the Steelers until week 10 because he wasn’t being paid enough.

This probably won’t happen in the CS:GO professional scene anytime soon, but other incidents may arise, like players getting sick, which may affect in-game ability or even cause problems between teammates, which can disrupt a team’s chemistry.

A helpful tip would be to catch up on news one or two times a week and make sure your players are doing fine so that you can decide whether to bench or play them. You don’t need to check up on them 24/7, but make sure to be kept updated habitually on any news concerning their team or them.

Tip #3 – Pick the Best Players

The best players will always be the best players. There’s no debating that. Though players like Ryan Fitzpatrick or Pat Mahomes can pull off insane plays, there are no doubts that the best QB is still Tom Brady. And even though Steph Curry can make ten 3-pointers in a row or Russell Westbrook can get a triple-double almost every game, LeBron James is the best. Never settle for less.

It’s already hard enough trying to predict which players might fall off this time around. Don’t make your life harder trying to pick a player who isn’t already the best. These players include Oleksandr “s1mple” Kostyliev and Freddy “KRiMZ” Johansson. If you see a good player, take him immediately even if the draft cost is high.

Balancing is all about choosing moderate players at a moderate cost. But when you pay top dollar for a GOAT player, you are paying for consistent greatness. You need to choose a great player, and you want to also, especially if you are going to watch them. Worry about budgeting later and focus on the best players in the opening rounds.

Tip #4 – Pick Filler Players

Now that you’ve hopefully picked 2-3 top-tier players, you should be looking for some filler players. If you’ve played your cards right, you should not have that many points left, which will limit the type of players you will get. Do not worry, though; this is perfectly fine. In these last few players, you want to look for volatility.

You want players who can make big plays. They are undoubtedly cheaper because they haven’t proved themselves to be consistently reliable players. But that should be fine. If they fall off one game, your top-tier players will carry them, and if they pop off, even better for you.

You can even find niche players that only do well against certain teams. These players are even more specialized than the volatile players and will require you to stay updated with the matchups so that you can perfectly match these players to the lineup. With this method, try to find players from different teams. This way, you have a higher chance of getting more points on a variety of teams.

With this in mind, never sacrifice the stability that your best players offer. Even if your lower-tier players start performing extremely well, your elite players are far more stable and should be placed before any lower-tier players. Rely on your best players to set the baseline points and your lower-tier players to supplement them. The only time you should ever reconsider replacing a higher-tier player is if there is a high consensus that they are washed up – not just a few games of low performance, but consistently failing to meet the standards that the average player would meet.


Fantasy CS:GO is all about having fun with your friends and family. It’s a great game you can enjoy in your free time when you aren’t already watching the game. The draft is all about making mistakes and finding a strategy to follow.

Once you find a strategy, make sure to stick with it. This is just one strategy that is written out. If you have a strategy that works even better for you, then follow that one instead.

Just remember to use this game to spend more time with friends and family. Don’t be too concerned about winning. Good luck, and have fun!

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