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FIFA eWorld Cup 2019 Betting Odds and Prediction

This weekend, the best FIFA 19 players in the world will all gather together at London, England’s O2 Arena to participate in the FIFA eWorld Cup 2019, and this to determine the massively popular esports league’s world champion.

In total, 32 of the best FIFA players will match up against one another in a tournament, and it won’t just be for bragging rights. Altogether, the prize pool is worth $500,000, and the winner gets a smooth $250,000. Oh, and they also get a pretty cool trip to the 2019 Best FIFA Football Awards, all expenses paid.

The event is just a couple of days away from kicking off on Friday, August 2, so let’s go ahead and hop right into it.


You could honestly say that the FIFA eWorld Cup 2019 will be the most competitive edition of this tournament, ever

However, Donovan “Tekkz” Hunt has been incredibly dominant this season, and it hasn’t been close at all with him annihilating Xbox One competition left and right. In tournament play, Tekkz has compiled a total of eight medal finishes, and he’s tallied five wins and pulled in a comfortable $192,750 in winnings. Tekkz’s victories would come in the PGL Masters Bucharest 2019, FUT Champions Cup and FIFA eClub World Cup 2019.

Tekkz has pretty much accomplished everything one could in a FIFA career, well, except for one thing: Winning the FIFA eWorld Cup 2019. Being the victor of this tournament would also put the icing on the cake for a hell of a season — not only would Tekkz win matches, but he would also destroy opposition while at it, and would do so consistently. If he can pull off a victory in the FIFA eWorld Cup 2019, he’ll go down as one of the greatest FIFA players of all time. My only question after all of that is: Can he handle the pressure? There’s a lot at stake here.

According to the best esports betting sites, Tekkz comes in as the favorite to win with a figure of +170. And not only is he the favorite, but this is his event to lose. It’ll be a bit surprising if Tekkz doesn’t come out as your champion.

At the same time though, the talent that follows Tekkz in the odds aren’t too shabby themselves. Tekkz should come out as the winner, but it certainly won’t be as easy as he may think, and that’s why you might have to put Tekkz on upset alert. He knows what’s all at stake though, so he’s aware of how important this tournament is. Still, the competition will be there for him.


Coming in the second spot on the odds-board is Nicolas “nicolas99fc” Villalba, placed at a +350 figure to upset Tekkz to win the FIFA eWorld Cup 2019.

Out of Argentina, the 19-year-old has had a fantastic season with FC Pasel 1893. He enters the tournament as the No. 1 ranked FIFA player on Playstation, and would grab three tournament victories this year. On top of that, nicolas99fc would team up with Tekkz to grab the FIFA eClub World Cup 2019 championship. The biggest win of his season would come in the Playstation FIFA Global Series 2019 Playoffs. There, he would snag a $75,000 payout.

Villalba comes second in the odds for a reason, he’s an elite FIFA player. Him taking out Tekkz for the upset will certainly be a difficult task, but it’s not out of the question for a player of this caliber. If anybody can pull the upset, it’s nicolas99fc, and in fact, it’s quite a real scenario that we could see unfold.

Another realistic option to upset Tekkz is Mossad “Msdossary” Aldossary. Coming into this year’s FIFA eWorld Cup with a +1000 mark, he’s already won this event before and that would be last season. Obviously, he enters this year’s tournament as the defending champion, and he’s looking to be the first repeat winner in the history of the event. Msdossary is on the record telling FIFA that he’s up to the challenge to repeat as champion, so Tekkz will definitely have his work cut out for him with this one.

“I want more and more,” Msdossary would tell the official YouTube page of FIFA. “I really want to go back and win it again this year because no one has done back-to-back world championships. I’m looking forward to it.”

The Xbox One FIFA elite out of Saudi Arabia would pick up a win at the FUT Champions Cup back in April, and here’s the kicker: He would take out Tekkz in order to do it by a score of 6-4. Msdossary would then go on to win the tournament and it’s fresh $50,000 prize, and would take out the FIFA eWorld Cup 2019 third-place favorite, Maestro, to do so. In other words, Msdossary will probably be the biggest thorn in the side of Tekkz, which has been the case for a while in their rivalry between one another.

Another option that you may want to consider to upset Tekkz is Ceretin “Maestro” Thuillier, who we just mentioned, straight out of Team Vitality. The Frenchman would have an inconsistent season, but he would take two wins in the Playstation FIFA Global Series 2019 Playoffs. With that being said, however, he would also suffer an upset defeat in the Round of 16. Still, don’t count him out, but he’s not one of the better options out there. Maestro comes in at +1000 odds.


The FIFA eWorld Cup 2019 will feature a total of 32 players competing against one another, and they’ll be separated into four different groups with eight participants each. They’ll be competing against each other in two-leg matches. From each group, four winners will move onto the next round of the tournament. Afterwards, we then arrive at the quarter-finals with just eight players left, and then we go to four in the semi-finals. When we arrive at the semis, that will then decide who the best Playstation player is, as well as the player of Xbox One. When that’s settled, those two then square of in the championship round of the FIFA eWorld Cup 2019.


Featured in the FIFA eWorld Cup 2019 is the amount of $500,000 in the prize pool, with all players earning at least $750 for being in the tournament. With the $500,000 amount, that’s actually a $100,000 increase from last year’s $400,000 total. Here is how this season’s $500,000 will be split up among the contestants:

  • WINNER: $250,000, invitation to The Best FIFA Football Awards
  • RUNNER-UP: $100,000 (an increase from $50,000 last year)
  • 3RD-4TH PLACE: $25,000 (an increase from $20,000 last year)
  • 5TH-8TH PLACE: $12,000 (an increase from $10,000 last year)
  • 9TH-16TH PLACE: $5,000 (an increase from $2,500 last year)
  • 17TH-32ND PLACE: $750


After completing a multi-year deal with FIFA earlier in the year, Caffeine TV will be broadcasting the entire FIFA eWorld Cup 2019 tournament — Caffeine TV is owned by Fox Sports. As far as the championship round is concerned, you can catch that on the mainstream FS2. And not only that, but the event will also be broadcasted on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Twitch and FIFA.GG. The tournament will also be hosted in six different languages including English, Spanish, German, Portuguese, Chinese and Arabic.


Last year, the FIFA eWorld Cup 2019 delivered massively in the ratings game, pulling in a total of 29 million viewers just online, and would do this in only three days, this according to FIFA.com. The peak concurrent viewership was a total of 322,000 people watching on 12 different platforms across the internet.

Earlier in 2019, FIFA 19’s developer EA Sports would release their ratings, and we would see a record-high in viewership with a total of 61 million views. They would also shoot up 61% in viewing hours, hitting over the 11 million mark. When you calculate the complete sum, EA Sports would see an increase of viewership by 25% in a year.

With this being the case, you can fully expect to see the viewership numbers for this year’s FIFA eWorld Cup to hit a record high, and it’ll make 2018’s numbers look like a CNN broadcast.

Another cool thing about this year’s tournament is that we’ll be able to get a peak into the new version of FIFA that’s coming out on September 27: EA SPORTS FIFA 20. Fans that will be out in London for the FIFA eWorld Cup will be able to get an opportunity to play the latest installment of the game, and with the event being broadcasted the way it is, you can be sure that we’ll see some of the gameplay, so be sure to keep an eye on that.

Let’s go over the favorites to win the FIFA eWorld Cup 2019, the rest of the pack in the odds, and then I’ll give you my official locked-in prediction of who will be your champion, as well as my long-shot pick.


TEKKZ | ODDS: +170

  • NAME: Donovan Hunt
  • TEAM: The F2
  • NATIONALITY: United Kingdom
  • RESIDENCY: Europe

Other than taking a 9-16 finish in the eChampions League 2019 Group Stage, Tekkz has been on point with elite finishes in all of his tournaments. He would start things out with a 3-4 finish in the FUT Champions Cup 2019 April with winnings of $15,000, and then would follow that up with a 5-8 placement in the FIFA eNations World Cup 2019 ($3,000). A month later, that’s when he would take a $10,000 victory at the PGL FIFA 19 Masters Bucharest 2019. Tekkz would then follow that up with his biggest earnings prize, he would pull in $35,000 with a second place finish in the FIFA 19 Global Series Xbox One Playoffs. So, as you can see, even if Tekkz suffers an upset loss in the FIFA eWorld Cup 2019, you can still expect him to put up an elite performance. This is his tournament to lose as a result, and he knows the stakes are extremely high.


  • NAME: Nicolas Villalba
  • COMPETITIVE IDS: nicolas99fc
  • TEAM: FC Basel 1893
  • NATIONALITY: Argentina
  • RESIDENCY: Europe

In three of his tournaments, Nicolas “nicolas99fc” Villalba would put up elite placements, even winning two of those events. However, in his other two appearances, he didn’t exactly do the best. Villalba is surely capable of taking out Tekkz, he’s done it before, but just be wary of the inconsistency. Also be aware that nicolas99fc is coming into this tournament in excellent form, winning his most recent event of the FIFA 19 Global Series PS4 Playoffs with a $75,000 payout. Another win would come in the Gfinity LQE 2019 March, and there he would tally earnings of $8,750. He’d also have an elite second-place finish ($20,000) in the FIFA eNations World Cup 2019. But check out the inconsistency: 9-16 ($3,500) in the FUT Champions Cup 2019 April, and a 17-32 placement in the eChampions League 2019 Group Stage with no payout attached. I personally think nicolas99fc will show up to play in this tournament, but just be wary of that intel for your wagers.


  • NAME: Corentin Thuillier
  • COMPETITIVE IDS: MaestroSquad
  • TEAM: Team Vitality
  • RESIDENCY: Europe

In his most recent performances, Maestro has done excellent, pulling in two wins and an elite second-place finish. But there’s two things that concern me for this event: 1. He won’t be coming in with any appropriate form. And 2. He has two 9-16 placements on his resume. His victories would come in the FIFA eNations World Cup ($40,000) and the e-Ligue 1 2018-19 Finals with a €40,000 payout. His other elite finish would be the No. 2 position in the FUT Champions Cup 2019 April, earning $30,000 in the process. But be wary of what I just mentioned, he has two 9-16 finishes: One in the FIFA 19 Global Series PS4 Playoffs ($3,500), and the other in the eChampions League 2019 Group Stage with no payout. Maestro would be a great choice to make as your winner, but like nicolas99fc, just keep in mind the inconsistency.


  • NAME: Mosaad Aldossary
  • COMPETITIVE IDS: Msdossary7
  • TEAM: Rogue
  • NATIONALITY: Saudi Arabia

Msdossary has some elite finishes on his resume, but there’s just way too much inconsistency there for me to ride with him in a wager — worse inconsistency than nicolas99fc and Maestro. He does have two wins: Coming in the eSaudi Professional League 2019, and he would also grab another win in the eMBS Cup 2019. Afterwards, there wasn’t really much that was special from the Saudi Arabian: He’d place 5-8 ($10,000) in the FIFA 19 Global Series Xbox One Playoffs, 9-16 ($1,100) in the FIFA eNations World Cup 2019, and he would do a bit worse with a 17-32 mark in the eChampions League 2019 Group Stage with no payout. I’d personally keep my money away from Msdossary.


  • NAME: Stefano Pinna
  • COMPETITIVE IDS: StefanoPinna, Pinna97
  • TEAM: N/A
  • NATIONALITY: Belgium
  • RESIDENCY: Europe

Word of advice: Stay away from StefanoPinna. There’s no value here with the Belgian. Other than a victory ($8,750) in the Gfinity FIFA Series 2019 February, he hasn’t really done much that makes me feel comfortable to pick him as a winner. Hell, I wouldn’t even put him among the favorites. Check out his other performances: Granted, it wasn’t bad, but it was nothing special in the FUT Champions Cup 2019 March with a 5-8 ($2,500) placement. His other performances? Nothing but 9-16 tallies in the FUT Champions Cup 2019 February ($750), Gfinity LQE 2019 March and FIFA 19 Global Series PS4 Playoffs ($3,500). As I said, there’s nothing special here. Save your money for somebody else.


  • NAME: Christopher Holly
  • TEAM: New York City
  • NATIONALITY: United States of America
  • RESIDENCY: North America

Yes, I get that NYC Chris had a 33-64 ($500) tally in the FIFA 19 Global Series PS4 Playoffs, and I also get that he had another 33-64 ($500) mark in the FUT Champions Cup 2019 April. I also get that he took a Q mark in the eChampions League 2019 Group Stage. But he would also take a 3-4 ($2,000) placement in the PGL FIFA 19 Masters Bucharest 2019. On top of that, he would also claim victory in the eChampions League 2019 Finals for a $100,000 payout, and would beat out all of the favorites in order to do so. If he did it once, he can do it again. His performance in the eChampions League 2019 Finals is the sole reason why he’s my long shot, and he’s a hell of a long shot at that. And oh man, those +4000 are just absolutely gorgeous with profitability. You’ve got to ride with NYC Chris as your long shot.


  • Lev Vinken | Odds: +1200
  • MegaBit | Odds: +1300
  • Mo Auba | Odds: +1400
  • DaXe | Odds: +1400
  • Stokes | Odds: +1400
  • Ustun | Odds: +1500
  • tuga810 | Odds: +2000
  • Dani | Odds: +2000
  • Nraseck | Odds: +2500
  • Resende | Odds: +2500
  • GoalMachine | Odds: +2500
  • Rafsou | Odds: +4000
  • Joksan | Odds: +4000
  • Janoz | Odds: +6600
  • DrErhano | Odds: +6600



  • Tekkz (+170)


  • NYC Chris (+4000)

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