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Fortnite Betting Tips for Beginners

You have definitely heard of this game before, but you might not know that you will be able to bet on it, too. Fortnite was created on July 25, 2017, which is fairly new, and its newness is especially impressive when you consider its active monthly player count of 40 million. That is a lot, especially when you put in perspective that League of Legends, the most popular game in the world, had 80 million monthly users at its peak.

The popularity of Fortnite, though, is not the only reason you should keep your betting ears perked and eyes open.

Fortnite recently announced that they will provide 100 million dollars for future tournaments. After spending just $8 million on the Summer Skirmish and pledging a $10 million prize pool for the Fall Skirmish, Fortnite announced that the next tournament will be the World Cup Event coming in 2019.

Betting for Fortnite has not really emerged yet because of the lack of sponsored events, but after this announcement, you can be sure betting will take its place in this industry. Before you get too excited, though, you should learn the basics first.

The Basics

Fortnite is a fast-paced 100-player battle royale that focuses on living the longest in the face of dangers like the storm, other players, and especially fall damage. There are vastly different game modes like Soaring 50v50, Playground, and even the most recent game mode, Getaway. Tournaments, though, focus on the more vanilla aspect of simple solo and duo games.

Tournaments, in general, are composed of very advanced players who specialize in getting high kills and winning the game. Some famous gaming teams like TSM and Team Liquid have even assembled teams to participate in these tournaments, and many have won various tournaments and cash prizes.

The most recent tournament was the 8-week Summer Skirmish Series. Many players qualified for and participated in these games, with well-known players like KingRichard, Nate Hill, and NotVivid winning the weekly standings earning a cool 75 grand. Not all players that won were well known, though. Most of the players actually were unheard of before these tournaments, and many rose to notoriety after winning.

First Tip: Look for Good Traits

The most important aspect of betting on Fortnite is research. Its boom in popularity has led its ratings of players to be scarce. That’s why research is so important – because many sites may not have the statistics to back up knowledge-based bets, and now it is more important to actually see the gameplay first-hand.

Unsurprisingly, now-famous players like Ninja and DrLupo might not be the best players as many propose them to be. Underdog players now can be your best bet, especially if they seem like they are performing well. But they don’t just pop out of nowhere. Many stream on Twitch or YouTube, and these platforms can be a great resource to research the best players who will attend the tournaments.

There are still very consistent players like FaZe Tfue and the aforementioned KingRichard215. Many players like them have been around for some time, and they haven’t fallen off yet. They have adapted well with the meta, and they consistently last until the endgame. Sleeper players like Nate Hill are also very consistent, and they can bring a lot to the table, especially when looking for great traits.

Many would argue that building or good aim are the key components to a well-versed Fortnite player. But I would argue that while both are very important, game IQ and staying calm under pressure is even better. This is because both aiming and building are muscle memory components which can easily be trained through practice. But much like other sports, good players always have good game knowledge. This goes past simple map rotations and picking fights. Predicting enemy movements and outsmarting them at every turn will easily trump aiming and building.

Many examples of this would be pre-firing sniper shots, trapping an opponent through building, and knowing when to play aggressive or passive. Most require an unemotional stance which prevails over the fear of dying and simply playing to win instead of to live.

There is always a finite balance of camping and killing that most players do not understand. But pro players are able to utilize both aspects in order to survive the longest with the most kills.

Other secondary traits would, of course, be building – building not just double-layered stairs or one-by-ones but also strategic pyramids and fast editing. The game has quickly evolved to utilize the most from each type of building, and unfortunately, most players have not caught up to the trend. Most lack a fundamental knowledge of editing despite exceptionally fast building. This will be a great disadvantage, especially against master editors like SypherPK and Tfue, because their reactions will not be quick enough to beat players who utilize editing to its fullest potential.

Pyramids, just like editing, have also become a huge part of the game. Recently discovered as a great tool to deter players’ builds, pyramids have quickly become part of the roster for every elite player. A player that takes advantage of every type of build is a clear indicator of trained skill and a high game IQ.

In conjunction with building would be movement. This is a type of micro play that specializes in small jumps or strafes. These types of movements can incorporate buildings of their own or even of other players.

In this clip, we see FaZe Tfue fighting against TSM Hamlinz. He calmly but quickly counters Hamlinz’s barrage of bullets with his building and turns to counter his attack. Now, as he turns to build onto Hamlinz, you can see that rather than trying to lead into a build fight, he instead sees Hamlinz building a ramp and jumps onto it.

This type of gameplay is only found in very advanced players, and it shows a step above average gameplay. It also shows a level of unpredictability that many pro players lack, but most importantly, it demonstrates the crucial mechanic of movement which, if mastered, can pull off plays like the one shown.

The last but also important trait of a well-rounded player would be the aim. This is most important when a player cannot build anymore or for sniper and scoped assault rifle shots. This skill is limited because of a game mechanic called bloom which is an RNG-based system where shots do not exactly line up with the crosshair. This means that most pro players in terms of aims are relatively the same, and trying to compare the aim of different pro players would be quite difficult.

Second Tip: Find Team Synergy

After finding these traits, now it may be time to find the synergy between different players. Many players already have set pro player teams in which they play with players on the same team like TSM Hamlinz and TSM Myth or FaZe Cloakzy and FaZe Tfue. But some teams may be in different pro organizations or not be in one at all.

It is important to look for signs of a good team like wins in tournaments. Other traits would be communication and basically the ability to know what the player is thinking without them saying it. This comes from playing hundreds of games together as a cohesive and coordinated team.

A good example of this would be Nate Hill and FunkBomb. They recently placed first in Week 6 of the Summer Skirmish. You can just tell by their communication and the way they play with each other that they have some experience and that they have good chemistry. Just like any team in sports, having a good team bond is vital to good team play.

Third Tip: Pick Consistent Players Versus Popular Players

Watching highlights can be great when watching a game in the shortest amount of time. But it can also negatively impact your perception of players. Naturally, we all have a tendency to remember a certain thing if we experience it often. Highlight channels on YouTube tend to focus on big-name streamers like Ninja and TimTheTatman.

While they are excellent content creators, they do not match the skill of other players who definitely spend more time playing scrims and analyzing gameplay rather than entertaining an audience.

Consistency is key when betting, and you need to find a player that you know well enough to know they play expertly in all instances of the game. Examples include FaZe Tfue, NotVivid, Nate Hill, Liquid Poach, Ghost Saf, and many more. It is best if you find the player that matches your own criteria and will be able to play at that level on a game-to-game basis.

Once again, the main facet of this game is that it is relatively new, and there are very few tournaments on a professional level to back up the skill of a player. That is why it is your job as a bettor to watch games and base future bets on the performance of players you believe can succeed on a higher level.

Fourth Tip: Watch Momentum

Momentum is huge in Fortnite. Mentality is everything, and it especially matters when playing against the best on the biggest platform. Those that are playing really well tend to press on, and rarely will they play significantly worse.  Players who do well in the beginning of tournaments are more likely to do well throughout them. Try not to bet on the first game because you need to gauge the competition and see how the competitors perform. This is especially important if there are unknown players who play exceedingly well.

Sometimes you may need to switch who you are betting on. So make sure you backup your bets with the research you will do beforehand.

Fifth Tip: Trust Yourself

There are many opinions out there on the best players. Trust your intuition and base your bets on facts. The best way to bet is cautiously and intelligently. If you put in the effort to find the best player, that player will often play well. Good players play well in certain circumstances. Great players play well in all circumstances. Find a player with good traits and momentum that will be guaranteed to do superbly.


Fortnite betting requires dedication and hard work. Take everyone’s opinions with a grain of salt and always dig deeper. The popular players are not always the best or the most consistent. Players with good traits and momentum will play better than most will think. Always trust your intuition.

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