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KSI vs Logan Paul 2 Betting Odds and Prediction

This fight was originally scheduled nine months earlier than what it is now, but you know the old saying: “Better late that never.” The rematch bout between KSI and Logan Paul, two young YouTuber boxers who are craving for the limelight, takes place on November 9 with things going down in Los Angeles this go around at the Staples Center. If you recall, the first square off between the two would result in a draw, so it provides the rematch even more entertainment value.

As if we needed any more interesting elements in this fight, both KSI and Logan Paul were actually amateurs in their first face off, and this time around, they’ll be taking off the headguards and we’ll be having a professional boxing match. They’ll also be using 10 oz. gloves as well, rather than the 12 oz. ones that we’re used to in the first fight. As far as how far the bout will go though, that will remain the same at six rounds at three minutes each. Last, but not least, the first bout was in Manchester, England, the home of KSI. For this fight, it’ll be in Los Angeles, California, the home of Logan Paul — different festivities, different culture, different environment, different flash, different stage, should be interesting to see if that comes to play.

When you’re looking to bet on boxing, we usually have the luxury of it being a match between two fighters who have both had their fair share of bouts. We can go by records, statistics, really study how they box and grasp an idea of what’s most likely going to happen. For this fight, we don’t really have that luxury, so as a result, we literally only have the first match between KSI and Logan Paul to go by.

With that being said, let’s go over the first bout between the two YouTubers and break it down as best as possible for the best outlook for the second edition, and then afterwards, I’ll be handing you my betting prediction for the fight between KSI and Logan Paul: The Rematch. Before that, however, here are the current odds. After you read and get your advice from me, you can then place your bets for KSI vs. Logan Paul 2.

Betting Odds for KSI vs. Logan Paul 2

  • Logan Paul | -120
  • KSI | -110

The Original: KSI vs Logan Paul 1

The first bout between KSI and Logan Paul would take place in Manchester, England on August 25 of last year at Manchester Arena. For Paul, it was his very first fight ever as a boxer, while it was just the second career square off for KSI with his record being 1-0. For the Englishman Olajide William “JJ” Olatunji a.k.a. KSI, he would earn his first career victory after earning a third round TKO against Joe Weller, another YouTuber out of the United Kingdom, back in February 2018.

When KSI and Logan Paul would square off the first time, it wasn’t your typical fight, with both fighters having massive egos and risking embarrassment if they suffered a loss. And it wasn’t just those two either, both have pretty nice-sized fan bases to go along with their talking, and those fan bases had a lot of emotion involved throughout the process. On top of that, 1.6 million people would tune in to view their fight, an amateur fight, and that’s not to mention the other 25 million people that would watch in the weeks after.

KSI vs Logan Paul 1 - Boxing Match

On top of that, with as big as the internet and social media is to these two boxers, a loss would have followed them around for quite some time, if not forever. Fortunately for both, it would end up in a draw after each would show a large quantity of courage in the ring and would give up top-notch competition. When you compare that match to a celebrity fight, it was a pretty decent fight to watch, but that’s as about as far as you can go, because when in comparison to professional boxing, it certainly didn’t meet the par. That’s why this time around will be extraordinarily interesting being a pro fight, expect a lot more quality boxing in this one.

At the Beginning…

During these six rounds, you could say that it was a tale of two different fights. When things got started and both fighters had their complete stamina, Logan Paul had strong control of the fight. From the moment the first bell rang, you could immediately tell that Paul had the size advantage. As a result, the way the bout was going was up to him, including both the pace and where they were located in the ring. On top of that, he would keep hitting KSI with a jab that would force him on the outside.

KSI approached the fight the way he would TKO Joe Weller just a few months earlier, trying to find opportunities to unleash fury punches for a possible knockout. However, when KSI did get those chances, Paul’s size would allow him to counter and KSI would be in the red the majority of times, getting hit by some lethal overhand right punches, as well as power some left hooks that had to leave his ears ringing.

With That Being Said, You Have to Wonder:

If the bigger gloves and headgear wasn’t at play, would Paul’s punches have been enough to earn a knockout against KSI? That’s what makes this second fight so much more intriguing. With that being said, despite Paul having a successful start, he would show us some beginner mistakes. Like an amateur street fighter, he would use his full muscles in order to land punches against KSI, rather than using his hips and legs to keep his body balanced and just triggering punches from there.

Another thing that Paul would expose about himself, like we didn’t already know, is that he’s inspired greatly by emotion. When the crowd was amped and cheering loudly for KSI, you could tell that Paul was trying to shut them up quick by going for the kill, running him down and delivering power punches. Even though they were effective, it was quite visible that Paul was tiring as a result, which would cause consequences later on in the fight.

Despite his energy starting to run low, however, Paul would still take the second round victory. He would also still be in control of the pace of the fight, but instead of delivering the punches, he would instead start to counter KSI. He would do this by dropping his hands and would pretty much bate KSI into coming to him to swing, and when he did, that’s when Paul would land his counter punches.

In the Middle…

When the third round got underway, you could clearly tell that Logan Paul was flat-out tired. As far as Englishman KSI was concerned though, he looked like he still had a full tank left, keeping the same level of energy and movement up as he did in the first two rounds. With this being the case, it would quickly shift the momentum of the bout in the direction of KSI. At first, KSI being smaller than Paul would hurt him, as well as not having the same kind of body build that Logan had in regards to muscle. When we got to the middle rounds, however, it would start to work out for the Brit.

For sure, both the third and fourth round would go to KSI, and in dominating fashion. With Paul, you could tell that the adrenaline that he used in the first two rounds would take a hit to his stamina — he was clearly wore out. At the beginning of the fight, Paul was full of excitement that would come from walking out and getting to business after the opening bell rang, but it would wear off as his energy, too, would decrease. Needless to say, it would end up leaving Paul vulnerable, and when he became vulnerable, it would slow down his counterpunch game.

Instead of hitting him with shots when KSI would try to throw punches, Paul instead would allow KSI to completely get into his zone, jab him multiple times and let him step out without any counters.

Every now and then, Paul would manage to get in a solid blow while the two were tangled up, but as far as the majority of the middle rounds were concerned, KSI had a pretty tight grip Another thing that came into play was KSI’s quickness, and how much more speed that he had than Paul. With the speed in play, as well as KSI’s power and the fact that Paul was extraordinarily tired, the potential was there for KSI to land a blow for a knockout. Obviously, that didn’t happen, but the strong potential was certainly there throughout.

At the End…

Coming into the fifth round of the fight, Logan Paul would surprisingly manage to find a boost of energy and came back into the bout with gas in the tank. When the stamina was back, so was his power and aggression, chasing KSI around the ring and hitting with punch after punch, including a collection of hooks and jabs. As the final rounds progressed, it looked like the fight was about to end as KSI started to stumble and it seemed like he was about to fall off of his feet. With that being said, Paul wouldn’t be able take advantage to be able to land those last few punches to force the referee to ring the bell.

As I brought up earlier in the middle rounds, something that Paul should do from the get-go in the next version of the fight, Paul was forcing KSI to come to him in the later rounds as well, rather than using all of his energy up quickly. When KSI would approach and get into Paul’s zone, that’s when the American would land power punches to counter the Brit. On top of that, Paul also started to counter the quickness and energy that was coming from KSI, and he would do this by laying on the Englishman when he got too close until they were broken up by the referee. It really was a great counter, and would take away a lot of leverage that KSI would grab in the middle rounds.

Going back to Paul’s regained energy though, it wouldn’t last more than one round, showing visible tiredness in the final stretch — that’s when KSI would pounce yet again. Before the final bell rang, KSI would land a magnitude of right punches and would do so on multiple occasions. As a result, the judges would be forced to deliver a draw when it was time to hand in the scorecards. With that being said though, KSI would end up getting the last round victory in the sixth after winning most of the battles.

KSI and Logan Paul 1 - Boxing Match Tie

When the judges would finally show their scorecards, the results would show two of the judges had a 57-57 tie between the two, while the remaining third would have KSI winning in a 58-57 decision. To be fair, when you look at those scores and the number of hits (Paul had 64 to KSI’s 46) that each boxers got in, you have to say that there was a little bit of local bias towards the Englishman. You honestly could make a legitimate argument that the American Logan Paul won this fight, but regardless, each man getting three rounds for a draw is fair, it was a solid fight.

So, Who’s Going to Win the Rematch?

Before I wrote this piece to break down this fight, I decided to sit and watch the original KSI vs. Logan Paul bout at least a dozen times, trying to get a thorough grasp of this match and what we’re looking at here for the rematch. To be honest, the quality of the boxing wasn’t the greatest, but the entertainment value is still extraordinarily high, mainly due to their massive egos and the embarrassment that would follow one of them if they were to lose. This is why there’s so much interest in this fight, and it gets even more interesting now that it’s a real professional boxing match. KSI vs. Logan Paul 2 is the perfect example of why social media and online culture can be so great, but will he have a victor this go around?

Going by my evaluations, you’ve certainly got to give Logan Paul the advantage for the fight in November. And it’s not just me who thinks that, the sportsbooks also concur with that sentiment. With that being said, they just have Paul as a slight favorite at -120 — it should be mentioned that he would come in as an underdog in the first bout between the two.

I understand the current odds are close, but in my opinion, Paul is a pretty obvious choice in this fight. We’ve already gone over the advantages that each boxer has when it comes to physicality, and at a professional level, Paul is going to be able to use his a whole lot more than KSI will be able to. In the early stages of the first bout, Paul’s size would allow him to get the vast majority of punches, landing most of his jabs, hooks, and crosses when the two were tangled up. Literally all Paul has to change in this fight is to not feed off of emotion, stay focused and conserve his energy, and he’ll be good to go. KSI, on the other hand, has a whole lot more tweaks to make and harder ones at that.

For KSI and the skills that he needs to obtain, it’ll take years before he gets close to achieving them. One of the biggest things that he needs to work on is his footwork for his quickness, this will allow him to get into the opposition’s zone much faster, especially against boxers who are larger than him. If he acquires this skill, he’ll be able to get into range without allowing himself to be punished, which will be absolutely lethal. Another thing that KSI could work on is his head movement, particularly while mixing up with the opposing boxer. He also needs to have more straight punches, his are way too curvy. With how wide his hooks are, he wastes both energy and time hitting his opponent. If he can clean that up, he’ll be even more speedy than he already is.

Another thing that benefits Paul greatly is all of the changes with this match with it being professional this time around.

When you take away the headgear and give the boxers smaller gloves, you then give leverage to the fighter with the more power — that’s obviously Logan Paul. Paul would nearly get a knockout in the earlier rounds in the first bout, so without the head protection and bigger gloves, you have to wonder if Paul will be able to get the knockout this time around, especially with full energy and power.

The last thing, but not least, that benefits the American Logan Paul is the fact that he has the home advantage now with the fight being in Los Angeles, California. For the first time in his career, KSI now has to fight away from his country. We’re obviously not sure if he’ll be one of those boxers to thrive on the road or not, but one thing is for certain, it is yet another advantage that belongs to Paul. With all of these advantages that Logan Paul has, how do you not bet on him to win this fight?


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