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Best Super Bowl 53 Betting Odds

The New England Patriots will chalk off their ninth Super Bowl appearance in 18 seasons this Sunday at Mercedes-Benz Stadium in Atlanta. While Tom Brady and co. are eyeing up their sixth title, they will no doubt be aware of the threats posed by Jared Goff and the Los Angeles Rams. This is a game for the ages and one that showcases the best example of when youth and experience go head to head.

New England’s pedigree and experience are certainly part of the reason for their status as favorites heading into Sunday’s big game. The team has been in this position before, and have pulled off some of the most memorable wins in the biggest game in America over the past 18 seasons. The Rams, as it stands, are riding some impressive form into Super Bowl 53, and this makes them as dangerous a team as the Pats have faced in the big game.

As with any Super Bowl, both teams will have diehard fans looking to wager on their team to win the game. This invariably helps players feel a little more passionate about the result, but for those who aren’t necessarily fans of either team, betting on the game can really make a difference. After all, it creates a sense of having something invested in each play and hit, which only makes things more exciting.

The big questions involve the view that the Patriots peaking at the right time, the Rams’ ability to hold their nerve on the biggest stage, and for betting fans across the country and around the world, where are the best odds located?
US Super Bowl Betting Sites

Non-US Super Bowl Betting Sites

Super Bowl 53: The State of Play

The running narrative involving the Pats this season was whether Father Time had finally caught up with them. All in all, New England lost five games this season to teams that didn’t make the playoffs. The difference is, when things came down to the wire, the Patriots stepped up each and every time. They find themselves in the position of further solidifying their legendary status, and Coach Belichick and Tom Brady will be keen to make this one count.

If anything, the Patriots have been steadily improving, especially in their postseason wins over the Chargers and the Chiefs. With Brady at QB, they have thrown for 891 yards. Offensively, they look great. There are no major injuries and they have everything going their way, which is bad news from the perspective of any Rams fan. Are their confidence and potency enough to see them walk the game though?

Sean McVay and Jared Goff will not be willing to agree. The youngest coach ever to appear in a Super Bowl will be aiming to prove to the world that his team’s charge is far from the culmination of good luck and opportunism. The Rams have consistently defied the odds this year. Their offensive and defensive prowess are equally as impressive, while big game players like Ndamukong Suh and Aaron Donald will be key in this game.

There are a number of subplots set to unfold in the biggest NFL game of the year. There is no doubt that this one will come down to the finest of fine margins, with a spectacular ending almost written in the stars. If the big game players show up for both sides, we could witness one of the best Super Bowl Sundays of all time.

So what does that mean for bets?

The Best Super Bowl Odds

There are some excellent lines currently doing the rounds ahead of Sunday’s game. In terms of smart betting, the best thing that any gambler can do is shop around to find the best odds and prices among the best sites out there. As mentioned above, our recommended top sites lead the pack with some of the most competitive odds you can find online.

To be a little more specific, shopping around for the best lines means comparing odds from one bookie against another. There are lots of Super Bowl betting sites that will try to convince you that they have the best prices, but there is no substitute for being proactive and checking these out yourself. After all, getting a good price can really make a difference when you are counting out any potential winnings on Monday morning.

Best Odds on the Moneyline?

The moneyline is by far the easiest market to bet on when it comes to Super Bowl 53, as you are simply betting on one team to win the game. When you bet on a team to outright win the game, there can only be two results: you win your bet or you lose your bet. Of course, there are some drawbacks to betting on the moneyline, with the most obvious being that the odds are short.

The reason for the odds not being as good as you would get on other markets, like betting the spread, is that the difference in strength between both teams is taken into account by the bookmakers. As such, if you are backing the favorites, the odds will be short.

Having looked through some of our recommended sites, I have identified the following bookmakers as having the best odds on the Moneyline:


  • New England Patriots -150
  • Los Angeles Rams +130
  • Odds via Bovada correct as of January 31, 2019


  • New England Patriots -150
  • Los Angeles Rams +125
  • Odds via MyBookie correct as of January 31, 2019


  • New England Patriots -138
  • Los Angeles Rams +118
  • Odds via SportsBetting correct as of January 31, 2019.

These three bookmakers have pretty good odds for anyone looking to bet on the moneyline. I believe Bovada is the pick of the bunch for anyone looking to back the Rams (+130), while those who are swinging towards the Patriots winning will struggle to find better odds than -138 on Tom Brady and co.

Best Odds on the Spread?

There are a high number of betting enthusiasts who will never bet on the moneyline but always bet on the spread. On a personal level, my first bets on football – all those years ago – was on the spread. I remember figuring out that, if I bet on the Patriots with a -2.5 points deficit against the Panthers, I would get better odds than going for the moneyline. So I did. If you can guess the first game I bet on, drinks are on me the next time you see me at your local bar.

You see, bookmakers need to draw the lines as close together for both teams as possible. The only way to do this is to introduce a “handicap” for one team. If there is a real difference in the quality of one team when compared to another, then the only way to even the playing field is to give one team a head start (in points) and the other team a disadvantage. The best way to think about this is to imagine that both teams start out 0-0, but a number of points are taken from the stronger team and “given” to the weaker team.

Following a little bit of digging, I believe the following bookmakers have the best odds on the Point Spread:


  • New England Patriots (-2.5) -120
  • Los Angeles Rams (+2.5) +100
  • Odds via MyBookie correct as of January 31, 2019


  • New England Patriots (-3) -110
  • Los Angeles Rams (+3) +110
  • Odds via Bovada correct as of January 31, 2019


  • New England Patriots (-2.5) -115
  • Los Angeles Rams (+2.5) +105
  • Odds via SportsBetting correct as of January 31, 2019

Let’s break down the odds offered by MyBookie in order to get a better idea of what you can expect if you take their odds. The Patriots (-120) start with a -2.5 disadvantage while the Rams (+100) start with a +2.5 advantage. Backing the Patriots means that you will need them to win by 3 points to cover the spread. If they fail to win – or win by less than 3 points – you will lose. With the Rams, if they win by any score – or lose by 2 points or less – you, my friend, are a winner.

Having compared these odds, I believe that they are all equally worth a shot. What it will come down to, of course, is who you are backing and how tight you believe the game will be. Bovada stands out here, when compared to the other two, as they have set the spread at 3 points, rather than 2.5. In reality, it is difficult to know just how a game will go. As football is a sport of fine margins, however, a little bit of research into previous Super Bowls and games between both teams might help you make the right decision.

Best Odds on Totals?

Totals betting (also commonly known as over/under betting) is just behind betting the spread in terms of popular football bets. It is really easy to get the hang of this style of betting as there is absolutely nothing difficult about how it works. Essentially, the bookie sets a number of the combined points scored in a game by both teams. In the case of the upcoming Super Bowl 53, the total points will refer to how many points both the Patriots and the Rams score in Sunday’s game.

The total points scored will almost always include overtime, but if you are betting on a new site, please ensure that this is the case. Many European bookmakers do not include points or goals scored in various sports, including football, that are not registered in regular play time.

When the bookmaker sets the points, they will offer a market for:

  • Over the number of points specified
  • Under the number of points specified

Your job, as a bettor, is to guess how many points will be scored and select whether it will be over or under the amount set by oddsmakers. For example, if there are 58 points – and you believe the combined scores will be over 60 – you select over 58 points. If your prediction is right, you win. Quite often, a bookie will add .5 of a point to the total points to eliminate a push.

Totals are not always related to the combined scores of both teams, as you can also bet on the total points scored by one team. You can also bet on points scored at the end of a quarter, or a half.

With that in mind, let’s take a look at the best totals markets out there ahead of Super Bowl LIII:


  • New England Patriots vs. Los Angeles Rams
  • Over 0.58 (-110)
  • Under 0.58 (-110)
  • Odds via MyBookie correct as of January 31, 2019


  • New England Patriots vs. Los Angeles Rams
  • Over 0.57 (-110)
  • Under 0.57 (-110)
  • Odds via Bovada correct as of January 31, 2019

I believe that this game is going to be a high scoring encounter. Both teams have exhibited some absolute class and style on the road to the Super Bowl. As such, either MyBookie or Bovada’s odds of over 57/58 points looks to be on the mark. Tom Brady and the Pats know that next year will be even more difficult to get to the big game, and look as though they have peaked at the right time.

On the other hand, the Rams have been electrifying at times this season. They can begin to establish a dynasty of their own with a win on Sunday, and will not want to be heading back to LA without rings. You will see calculated risks, impulsivity, and some smart plays by both sides designed to unlock each other’s defenses.

In truth, everything will go out the window when it comes to the Super Bowl. Every team that has ever partaken in America’s greatest game will likely admit to that.

Prop Bets and More

There are some absolutely incredible bets out there to be wagered on this year, from Donald Trump’s tweets to Super Bowl commercials and Halftime Show betting.

On a personal level, I quite like the range of in-game props that Bovada are currently running. Among the best they have to offer are as follows:

Coin Toss Heads  -105 Tails  -105
National Anthem – How Long Will It Take Gladys Knight To Sing The US National Anthem? Over 1 Minute 47 Seconds -170 Under 1 Minute 47 Seconds +130
Will Gladys Knight be wearing a skirt, dress or Gown to sing the US National Anthem? Yes  -240 No +165
Will Gladys Knight Forget Or Omit A Word From The National Anthem? Yes +300 No -500
Will Any Player Take A Knee During The National Anthem? Yes +300 No -500
Will Any Scoring Drive Take Less Time Than It Takes Gladys Knight To Sing The National Anthem? Yes -145 No +105
Combined Yardage of All Touchdowns Over 87.5 Yards -140 Under 87.5 Yards EVEN
Combined Yardage of Made Successful Field Goals Over 122.5 Yards -115 Under 122.5 Yards -125
Distance of Longest Penalty in The Game? Over 15.5 Yards +115 Under 15.5 Yards -155
How Many LA Rams Players Will Have a Reception? Over 6.5 -105 Under 6.5 -135
How Many LA Rams Players Will Have a Rush Attempt? Over 5 +160 Under 5 -230
How Many New England Patriots Players Will Have a Reception? Over 7 -160 Under 7 +120
How Many New England Patriots Players Will Have a Rushing Attempt? Over 5.5 +115 Under 5.5 -155
How Many Plays Will Tony Romo Correctly Predict Ahead of the Play? Over 7.5 -120 Under 7.5 -120
How Many QB Hits Will Aaron Donald Record? Over 2.5 +105 Under 2.5 -145
How Many Times Will Ted Rath Be Mentioned During the Broadcast? Over 3.5 +170 Under 3.5 -250
How Many Replays Will Be Shown of Ted Holding Sean McVay Back During the Game? Over 1.5 -135 Under 1.5 -105
How Many Times Will CBS Show Pictures of Sean McVay In College? Over 1.5 -200 Under 1.5 +150

Final Thoughts

If you are looking for the best Super Bowl 53 odds, then you have definitely come to the right place. If it is not already apparent, the odds above are among the best you will find online. What makes it better is that that these bookmakers have a hell of a lot more to offer. From other bets and markets to a safe and secure betting experience, there is more to betting on the best game in the world than finding the right prices.

Which brings me to my next thought: have you considered utilizing some of the fantastic Super Bowl welcome bonuses that are currently running? Many of our recommended betting sites come with some absolutely fantastic welcome bonuses and offers that you can use to boost your bankroll ahead of the game on Sunday.

You should check out some of the best Super Bowl LIII free bets and bonuses available to you before you place your bets. Many of these offers can really boost your bets and add a nice few dollars to your final product if you are successful.

Whether you are betting from the U.S. or another part of the world, you could find a nice offer here to help you get a little more bang for your buck.

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