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Entertainment: Kylie Jenner Relationship Betting Odds and Prediction

Kylie Jenner is famous for being a self-made billionaire, selling multiple items such as products for women’s lips, face, eyes and even their “kybrows”, along with makeup kits, accessories and others, and being in the Kardashian clan as the daughter of Caitlyn Jenner (né Bruce Jenner; father) and Kris Jenner (mother), and being related to the likes of Kendall Jenner (sister), Kourtney Kardashian (half-sister), Kim Kardashian (half-sister), Khloe Kardashian (half-sister), Rob Kardashian (half-brother), Brandon Jenner (half-brother) and Brody Jenner (half-brother).

But there’s also another thing that Kylie Jenner is very popular for, and what a lot of people like to pay attention to that’s involved with her life: Who she dates. In fact, it’s so big that you can even place a bet on it. But this is 2019, what can’t you bet on anymore?

Last month, Kylie Jenner would break up with rapper Travis Scott, who also happens to be the father of Jenner’s one-year-old daughter, Stormi Webster. So you know what this means: The socialite is officially back on the market. With Jenner being who she is, having the fortune and fame and being an attractive woman, there are sure to be plenty of men lined up right now to be Jenner’s new man and Stormi’s potential stepdad. At the current time, however, Jenner is still single and no rumors seem to be circulating in the media — at least at an aggressive rate. Either that, or she’s keeping everything under wraps right now.

With the chaos from the breakup between Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott, it’s created quite the entertainment value of who Jenner could date next, and it’s became such an interesting discussion that even the sportsbooks have gotten in on it. As far as where people are guessing and placing bets, it looks like that Jenner’s streak of dating rappers (Tyga and Travis Scott) have people eyeing more artists out of the hip hop genre to potentially to be her next boyfriend.

According to online sportsbook Bovada, it appears that Drake and Quavo are the favorites to take Kylie’s hand placed at +200 odds each, while 21 Savage is in third place at +350. Her original boyfriend, Tyga, makes an appearance on the list in the fourth spot at +500, with Lil Baby rounding out the top five at +800 odds. In the No. 6 position, Chris Brown fills that slot at +1000, with Jaden Smith and Luka Sabbat placed at +2000 in a seventh place tie. Rounding out the top 10 in a tie for the ninth spot is Gunna and Post Malone with +3300 odds.

As you see, 100% of the list are rappers, and that’s everyone’s guess of where she will continue her love life. But who exactly is the real question that is on everyone’s mind.

“Cause You’re a Good Girl and You Know It”

One of the favorites to date Kylie Jenner is rapper Drake, who not only has been successful in hip hop, but has crossed into mainstream pop at heavy levels as well. Ultimately what he’s accomplished is full-out superstardom, and as a result, this has opened up a certain world for him in the realm of dating. On top of that, women find him attractive.

And that’s evidence of past females that he’s dated and others that he has been rumored to be involved with. Some of Drake’s past flings include beautiful power women such as Rihanna, Nicki Minaj and Jennifer Lopez. He’s also been linked to Leteysha Grace, Raye, Bella Harris, Malaika Terry, Sophie Brussaux, Hailey Beiber and others. Yeah, it’s one hell of a list. Drake can date countless women, and any stature, so why couldn’t Kylie Jenner be the next notch in his belt? Especially if Jenner wants to continue to date rappers and upgrade in looks/stature in the same breath. Travis Scott is pretty big, but not bigger than Drake.

Here’s the problem with the Drake bet though: He’s not really known for dating women like Kylie Jenner, referring to entrepreneurs and businesswomen outside of the music industry.

He’s more into other music artists, models, and even pornstars, rather than reality television stars. If Drake and Jenner did decide to date, it would throw the entertainment community quite off guard.

Going back to Drake’s starpower though, that could play a problem with Kylie Jenner’s ability to date him. Drake is on the A-list and fully in the mainstream. Jenner appears to go for rappers that aren’t at that level, at least consistently, and just stick with the hip hop mold. Tyga does that. Travis Scott does that. Drake does not. I just don’t see any of this happening.

The Rest of the List Makes Sense

When you look at the other rappers on the list, they make a bit more sense than Drake when it comes to potentially dating Kylie Jenner. Artists such as Quavo, 21 Savage and most definitely Jenner’s ex, Tyga, could realistically date her.

Now at first glance, you may think that Tyga is a good option because of him being an ex of Kylie Jenner and Jenner knowing him as far as a relationship is concerned. With that being said though, I would keep my money away from Tyga. The relationship between those two would occur years ago and it appears that Jenner is just focused on the future rather than going back to the past. You can’t blame her there, so even though he does appear like a realistic option (and he is), I think Kylie just wants to move on with her life with someone new. On top of that, she also has a child with Travis Scott, so she’s surely more than moved on from Tyga.

And then you have this tweet:

So yeah, there’s no Tyga here.

A very realistic option, and someone who is tied atop the oddsboard right now, is one of the members of the rap group Migos in Quavo. He’s pretty famous when it comes to the hip hop community, but as far as the mainstream is concerned, he really isn’t known like that. That’s usually the kind of acts that Kylie Jenner goes for.

As far as 21 Savage is concerned, it fits the mold of a Kylie Jenner-type boyfriend, but his reputation as a “street rapper” may hurt his chances to be apart of the Kardashian clan. Recently, he would also spend time in jail after having issues with his visa, so that obviously doesn’t help either.

Are There Any Profitable Long Shot Picks?

The oddsboard includes some pretty sizeable names, and one of the more interesting rappers on the list is Post Malone. Could Kylie Jenner go for a superstar? We’ve already discussed Drake, what about Post Malone?

If you don’t know, Post Malone is one of the biggest rappers in the game at the moment, and his starpower has him in the discussion for possibly dating Kylie Jenner. With that being said, Jenner is highly unlikely to date Malone. Not only do I think the attraction wouldn’t be there from Kylie towards Post, but I just don’t think Malone’s personality would vibe with Jenner’s either. Malone is more on the free spirit side, while Jenner has more of a serious persona. The two wouldn’t click based off of that alone.

As far as other big names such as Chris Brown and Jaden Smith, I don’t see that happening either. Kylie Jenner prefers to date people with more of a reputation of being tough, and although Brown did get into a case of domestic violence with Rihanna in the past, I’m extraordinarily positive that’s not what Jenner is looking for when I mean tough.

With this bet, there’s only thing that’s 100% for certain (at least according to Kylie Jenner), and that’s the fact that she won’t date an ex, or will she? I understand she may have tweeted this, but I’m not completely sold on her and Travis Scott being completely done just yet.

Out of all of the listed names, you have to side with Quavo to be Kylie Jenner’s new boyfriend, but even though I have him as the favorite, I don’t see that happening either. But if you’re going to place a wager, certainly ride with Quavo.

I Honestly Wouldn’t Count out Travis Scott, Not Just Yet

I understand that Kylie Jenner tweeted that her and Travis Scott are just focused on being friends right now and are just prioritizing their daughter, but I wouldn’t completely count out Scott just yet. And for the sole reason that the two do have a daughter together. With that being said, I’m quite surprised that Scott isn’t listed in the odds, especially considering her other ex, Tyga, is — and listed high at that with a +500 mark.

Even though I’m surprised that Scott isn’t listed in the odds, I do get it. A recent report is saying that both Jenner and Scott fell out of love and that there’s no way that they’ll get back together. That may be true, but that doesn’t mean that they won’t try to reconcile for their daughter.

Another factor is that they’re maintaining a friendship, where most relationships start out at. And also consider this: Travis Scott also stated in a recent interview that he would feel “betrayed” if Kylie Jenner hooked up with Drake. And if he feels that way about Drake, you know he’s going to feel that way about any rapper — hell, probably any man for that matter. I mentioned earlier about a report saying that they “fell out of love”, but did they really? I’m honestly questioning that.

Let’s get even deeper into the news between the two: A lot of reports were saying that Scott and Jenner broke up due to Travis cheating, but according to him in an interview a few weeks ago, he didn’t cheat. Not much longer after that interview, though the two remained just friends, they are reportedly “doing very well”. And though they still only have a friendship, they’re apparently spending a lot more time together now than they were when they were actually dating, so there’s been some interesting developments with this relationship.

It gets even better between Travis Scott and Kylie Jenner as well: Not only are they still friends, not only are they spending more time together, but they’re still living together as well. It appears to be still quite serious between the two as far as a relationship is concerned, and friends and family are even saying that they’ll be back together by the end of this year — even the entire Kardashian clan is rooting for the two to work out.

All of these developments is what concerns me about placing a wager on this bet. Again, Travis Scott isn’t on the oddsboard, so you’ have to place your money on either Drake, Quavo, 21 Savage or the others. As I’ve already said, I have no faith in any of those names. I wish the odds had Travis Scott listed on the board, because I truly feel like there will be a reconciliation between him and Kylie Jenner. A lot of the reports are siding with the couple, and with a child in the picture and how serious Jenner and Scott are in a relationship, I have to side with Travis Scott and Kylie Jenner getting back together.

There have been rumors between Kylie Jenner and Drake, and there’s also been discussions about Jenner and Quavo getting together, but from what I’ve seen, nothing is too serious for any kind of investment to be made into those rappers. I’m taking Travis Scott for my overall guess, but since he’s not on the board, I’ll go ahead and ride with Quavo with my betting prediction.

Betting Odds to Be Kylie Jenner’s Next Boyfriend

  • Drake | +200
  • Quavo | +200
  • 21 Savage | +350
  • Tyga | +500
  • Lil Baby | +800
  • Chris Brown | +1000
  • Jaden Smith | +2000
  • Luka Sabbat | +2000
  • Gunna | +3300
  • Post Malone | +3300

Betting Prediction to Be Kylie Jenner’s Next Boyfriend

  • Quavo (+200)

Betting Long Shot to Be Kylie Jenner’s Next Boyfriend

  • Tyga (+500)

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