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Predicting the Winner of the 2020 United States Presidential Election

President Donald J. Trump is known for his fair share of beef, especially since he’s became President of the United States and has waged a war against the Democratic Party and left-leaning mainstream media.

However, his latest enemy has been someone who isn’t in politics at all. As a matter of fact, it’s been the star of the U.S. Women’s National Soccer team: Megan Rapinoe. The spat between the two on social media (including Rapinoe slamming the president in the press) has taken its own identity, and as a result, we now have betting odds for Rapinoe to take Trump’s job in 2020. Yes, I’m being dead serious.

With that being said though, she’s no actual threat to defeat President Trump and the Republican Party, she’s near the bottom of the odds-board with a whopping +30000 odds.

It’s still funny though, because she’s doing a lot better than Chelsea Clinton, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and Joe Rogan with their +100000 figure, and she’s just behind someone like Jeb Bush and his +20000 odds. Not really understanding why Rapinoe is in the odds to begin with, but hey, I’ll rock with the humor of it.

As far as me personally, I’d like to congratulate the United States Women’s Soccer team for bringing home the World Cup for the second consecutive time. It was truly a dominating display of soccer and deserves kudos for being on the global stage, for sure. But it was definitely tainted.

There were several incidents with the team and politics throughout the tournament, highlighted by Megan Rapinoe’s “I’m not going to the f*cking White House” comment and her other loudmouth antics. You also had the act of dropping the American flag by her teammate Allie Long, and Rapinoe pushing the flag out of the way didn’t help either — especially over the corny celebration that they chose to do. I don’t believe I’ve ever seen a national team represent the United States of America as badly as they did in the 2019 Women’s World Cup. It was a poor excuse of representation and added even more division to an already divided country.

I’d like to also address this “equal pay” narrative that the United States women have been pulling as well. As much as I support equality, I also support it in economics, and when you look at the numbers, the women are actually being overpaid compared to the men. How?

Simple: In the 2015 World Cup in Vancouver, the U.S. Women’s team would bring in a total of $73 million in revenue, where the players would receive 13% of it. For the men, they brought in a whopping $4 billion of revenue in the 2010 World Cup in South Africa, however, even though the men generated a lot more revenue, they only received 9% of a cut. It’s the same way with the Men’s World Cup in Russia, which pulled in over $6 billion in revenue — that compared to this year’s Women’s World Cup which is expected to just pull in $131 million in comparison. Let that sink in: $6 billion vs. $131 million, $4 billion vs. $73 million. The men currently make 7% of their revenue, which is actually less than the previous World Cup, while the women are asking for 400% of their revenue — it’s a bit ridiculous, to say the least. They’re already making 20% of their revenue, which is far more than the men already.

The women bring in far less money and still get paid more than men based on percentages — far more. In economics, that means that the women are actually being overpaid. Point, blank, period. There’s no “gender pay gap” here, it’s really just simple economics, and that’s it. And it’s even worse when you consider this team lost to a bunch of 13 and 14-year-olds in an exhibition game — yes, that actually happened. So give me a break here, people. This is a completely false narrative, and the numbers prove it substantially.


I don’t care if you love the guy or hate him, President Donald J. Trump (currently a heavy favorite at EVEN) has done a magnificent job of completely conquering the Republican Party and adding on to his already loyal base. Speaking of the GOP, his approval rating within the party is a record-breaking 94%. It’s just remarkable what the president has been able to do! Each passing day, we have more controversies swirling from his tweets or just outright attacks from the left-leaning mainstream media, but nothing has worked on Trump at all. And that’s evident of his 47% approval rating, which is the highest of his presidency at this point.

That tends to happen though when you have a record-breaking booming economy with record-low unemployment, especially in the African-American and Hispanic communities. It’s just been a fantastic job that Trump has done, and I find it hard for the American people to vote against what he’s done and their wallets. I pretty much consider President Trump untouchable at this point, and I don’t see any Democrat even coming close to beating him. And to be perfectly frank with you, I see a landslide in 2020 in favor of the Republican president. I mean, after all, not only does he have the numbers, but he also has the funding: Trump is on pace to raise an historic $2 billion total for his re-election campaign, four times the amount that he raised in 2016. Nobody is beating President Donald J. Trump, take it to the bank. He’s a machine.


Sitting as the second favorite in the odds is the senator from California, Kamala Harris, at +400. Not only is she trying to become the first female president, but she would also accomplish being the first female African-American president — which is one of the main reasons why she’s gained this early success, especially after the flaming of Joe Biden in the first Democratic primaries debate. That one part of the debate scored her so many political points, and it was truly a glorious moment for Harris. She’s been carrying steady momentum since then, leading the way for the Democrats.

Harris can add that momentum with the success already had as well, including getting celebrity endorsements such as Ellen DeGeneres and other Hollywood stars due to her being from California. And also representing what Democrats want in the polls: A minority woman. You better believe that Kamala Harris is certainly a candidate that Hollywood and the Democratic base can get behind, and with her record as a prosecutor, it also makes her a favorite of the establishment. And that’s what makes her the favorite to take the Democratic primaries right now, 150 points over former vice president Joe Biden’s +600 odds.

An honorable mention to go alongside Kamala Harris is Elizabeth Warren, who would claim victory the night before in part one of the first Democratic debates. You have to give Warren her kudos, she’s been able to swipe away any form of controversy that’s came her way and has kept her campaign momentum shifting upwards. Harris is the favorite, but watch out for Warren, currently placed fourth in the odds at +800, which puts her third in the Democratic primaries. Don’t look away from Joe Biden either. Like I mentioned in a previous piece about the primaries, the establishment, and Wall Street should keep Biden afloat throughout the entire campaign, but he’ll certainly have thorns in his side such as Kamala Harris and Elizabeth Warren.


Beto O’Rourke started out his campaign great! He was a media darling, being featured on magazine covers, and even being compared to former president Barack Obama. He even raised a lot of money in fundraising when things got kicked off.

Since then, he’s dropped off massively. He’s gotten exposed for immature poems that he wrote years ago, has said ridiculous things and has just been awkward in public appearances, and he’s made himself look weak to a lot of Americans. And on top of that, his policies are absolutely horrendous full of socialism and abortion AFTER the baby is born — umm, that’s not abortion anymore. That’s the murder of a new-born baby. You’re not going to win a general election, let alone the Democratic primaries, with radical policies like that. Even a Democrat would tell Kamala Harris at a rally that ‘Medicare for All’ won’t work, and won’t win the election in 2020. He’s right.

Just look at how far O’Rourke has dropped off in the odds: When the first 2020 presidential election odds were released, he was placed at +600. Now, he’s currently sitting at a whopping +4000. It’s been embarrassing for Beto O’Rourke, to say the least.

Let’s go over the latest reports for the top favorites — President Donald J. Trump, Kamala Harris, Joe Biden, and Elizabeth Warren — to win the 2020 United States Presidential Election, and also the odds for the entire pack.




  • 45th President of the United States (2017-Present)
  • CEO and Chairman, The Trump Organization (1971-2017)


  • The Wharton School (BS)


  • Wounded Warrior Project Award
  • Friends of Zion Award
  • Financial Times Person of the Year
  • Time Person of the Year
  • Marine Corps-Law Enforcement Foundation Commandant’s Leadership Award
  • The Algemeiner Liberty Award
  • Presidential Hero Award
  • Muhammad Ali Entrepreneur Award
  • President’s Medal
  • Humanitarian Award

*There are many more awards than listed that Trump has won.

Ever since President Donald J. Trump announced his re-election campaign last month, he’s been riding high. Well, let’s be honest here, his campaign has been riding way before it’s even gotten started. As I mentioned earlier, this economy has a lot of people happy, including BET founder Robert Johnson who praised Trump, and he’s been riding a lot of momentum for quite some time now. His numbers are showing through his approval rating as well, and even more through fundraising.

After his miraculous July 4th parade and speech that silenced his critics in a complete shutdown, the president would hit his highest approval rating in his presidency, currently sitting at 47% — though I would debate it’s a lot higher than that. And why is that?

Well, with the exception of the left-leaning mainstream media polls that consistently get it wrong, he has received a massive amount of money through fundraising — and the vast majority of them have been small donors. Those small donors have accumulated a historic $2 billion in re-election funds. It’s obvious that Trump has the numbers, in multiple different forms, and there’s no way that the president loses his re-election campaign — at the least the way I’m seeing it. It’s just not happening. Trump is riding high right now, and I don’t see that stopping at all.



  • United States Senator from California (2017-)
  • 32nd Attorney General of California (2011-2017)
  • 27th District Attorney of San Francisco (2004-2011)


  • Howard University (BA)
  • University of California, Hastings (JD)

Kamala Harris is riding a lot of momentum and her campaign is doing well right now, having her placed second in the odds. But there’s a few polls out there that still have her behind Joe Biden, including a recent one from Economist-YouGov that still has Harris five points behind the former vice president. Still, that’s not that bad considering where she came from when the campaign first started, she’s now on the heels of Biden to take the lead in the primaries.

But she’s taking a little heat in the press at the moment, including a piece from Politico that would show how Harris (along with Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez of New York) is rolling out a plan to increase housing assistance for people with criminal records. Though it wasn’t a direct attack by Politico, it will leave most American voters in a general election scratching their heads asking the question of: “But what about the law-abiding taxpayer though?” It’s a fair question. Harris also been called out for having a sincerity problem by The Week Magazine.

And then you have this headline from Courier Journal: “From Kamala Harris and Biden to Nancy Pelosi and AOC, Democratic Party is a mess” — yeah, Harris is going to have to clean that up if she wants to defeat President Trump in a general election. For the most part though, solid momentum at this point in the Democratic primaries.



  • 47th Vice President of the United States (2009-2017)
  • United States Senator from Delaware (1973-2009)
  • Chair of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee (2007-2009, 2001-2003)
  • Chair of the International Narcotic Control Caucus (2007-2009)
  • Chair of the Senate Judiciary Committee (1987-1995)
  • Member of the New Castle County Council (1970-1972)


  • University of Delaware (BA)
  • Syracuse University (JD)


  • Hilal-i-Pakistan (2008)
  • Gold Medal of Freedom (2009)
  • Presidential Medal of Freedom with Distinction (2017)

The former vice president has been declining in both the odds and polls ever since the call out from Kamala Harris on ‘busing’, but he’s made up a bit of ground after his apology to a majority black audience in Sumter, South Carolina. Also, despite the attacks from Harris, he would pick up key endorsements from African-American congressmen James Clyburn (D-SC) and John Lewis (D-GA). On top of that, he would also receive an endorsement from the mayor of Atlanta, Keisha Lance Bottoms.

However, every piece of momentum comes along with its fair share of controversy and heat in the media, and Biden continues to get that as well. The latest attack on Biden has been the fact that he saved a ton of money using tax loopholes and not just any loopholes, but loopholes that President Obama tried to close while he was vice president. Biden has also taken more financial heat, with a piece from Forbes exposing that Biden earned twice as much money as he did the previous 19 years combined — it was also revealed that he raked in $15 million since leaving the White House. And on top of that, you’ve also got Rosie O’Donnell demanding that Biden drop out of the race, saying that “he’s not the future of the Democratic Party.” Okay, on a serious note, that won’t hurt Biden at all, I just found it humorous.

Despite all of the head, the former vice president is still doing his thing in the polls, still having a five-point lead in a newly-released poll from Economist-YouGov. And that’s not all, he continues to make up for lost ground with the African-American community, vowing to cut prison incarceration by “more than” 50%. Biden always seems to have some magic up his sleeves, and always seems to know what to do in these campaign situations — being in politics for 40 years will help you do that, I’m sure. With that being said, you can never count out Joe Biden in these Democratic primaries, especially with backing from the Democratic establishment and Wall Street. Still, a very-well ran campaign by Biden overall.



  • United States Senator from Massachusetts (2013-)
  • Vice Chair of the Senate Democratic Caucus (2017-)
  • Special Advisor for the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (2010-2011)
  • Chair of the Congressional Oversight Panel (2008-2010)


  • George Washington University
  • University of Houston (BS)
  • Rutgers Law School (JD)

Elizabeth Warren has started off her campaign greatly. She’s raised a ton of money in fundraising, has stolen a load of supporters from a declining Bernie Sanders campaign, and she won the first night of debating in the first set of Democratic primaries debates. But like I just mentioned: With every piece of momentum, comes a fair share of criticism. Unfortunately for Warren, her most recent controversy was self-inflicted.

Her most recent piece of heat are the comments that she made about Israel, and how we need to end their “occupation”. Not only is that incorrect and it’s been the Palestinians historically attacking the Israelis (among other Middle Eastern nations), but that can also be looked at as anti-Semitism due to the nature of it being a blatant lie. Warren will have to clean up that rhetoric, because there’s no way that’s winning a general election. However, with the wave of anti-Semtism across the left as of late and the Democratic Party having a hard time disavowing the anti-Jew rhetoric from the likes of Ilhan Omar, Rasheeda Talib, and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, she’ll get away with it in the Democratic primaries — this won’t become an issue for Warren until she’s the nominee if she wins. In the mean time, she just needs to stick with the pay gap narrative, a less controversial subject — though that’s wrong too. Though, that seems to be her policies overall — she is a supporter of socialism, after all.

For right now, Warren has ran a very good campaign so far, at least with modern-Democratic Party standards. It hasn’t been that bad at all, and her fundraising continues to pull in money, including pulling in a whopping $19.1 million in the second quarter of 2019. On top of that, she would shoot up in the polls past Bernie Sanders, who I previously mentioned she’s been stealing a lot of supporters from. And now it’s showing up in the numbers. With the Democratic competition only being between serious contenders of Joe Biden, Kamala Harris, and Elizabeth Warren at this point, you can expect Warren to only continue to go up from here and be among the favorites when we get near the end of the primaries.

As far as it being just a three-horse race in the Democratic primaries, yeah, that’s exactly how I’m seeing it. Pete Buttigieg is doing horrible with the African-American vote with just 0% of the tally, that’s not winning anything. Bernie Sanders campaign is imploding with radicalism and hypocrisy, and after that, nobody ever had a chance to win. It’s a three-horse race, with President Donald J. Trump laughing at all of them on his way to re-election.


  • Pete Buttigieg | Odds: +1000
  • Bernie Sanders | Odds: +1000
  • Andrew Yang | Odds: +2000
  • Beto O’Rourke | Odds: +4000
  • Tulsi Gabbard | Odds: +4000
  • Cory Booker | Odds: +7000
  • Amy Klobuchar | Odds: +8000
  • Mike Pence | Odds: +10000
  • Kirsten Gillibrand | Odds: +10000
  • Nikki Haley | Odds: +10000
  • John Hickenlooper | Odds: +10000
  • John Kasich | Odds: +10000
  • Julian Castro | Odds: +10000
  • Howard Schultz | Odds: +10000
  • Andrew Cuomo | +15000
  • Ted Cruz | Odds: +15000
  • Jeb Bush | Odds: +20000
  • Megan Rapinoe | Odds: +30000
  • Chelsea Clinton | Odds: +100k
  • “The Rock” Johnson | Odds: +100K
  • Joe Rogan | Odds: +100K



  • President Donald J. Trump (EVEN)


  • Elizabeth Warren (+800)

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