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This is Why Everyone Should Bet on the NFL

Come on, admit it: there is no better sport in the world than football. There is no better institution in sport than the NFL. If sports are superheroes, the NFL is the Hulk; a bigger, stronger, and greener machine than anything else known to man. Granted, on any given Sunday, any team can beat the other. This just makes it an incredible sport to bet on and one which more and more betting enthusiasts seem to be realizing.

The only surprise here is how long it has taken the NFL to appeal to more fans outside of the U.S. While games are played in cities around the world like Dublin and London, European fans still seem reluctant to accept how great this sport is. While they are slowly beginning to wake up to the magic of America’s heavyweight sport, it seems like this will change in time.

There is certainly enough evidence to believe that betting on the NFL is popular in countries in Europe. This can only mean that the level of international interest in football is taking off. Is it the sport itself or the gambling opportunities that has seen a rise in betting patterns abroad? If it is the latter, then this would surely prove that everyone should be betting on the NFL.

The Supreme Court’s recent decision to allow states to overturn a nationwide ban on sports betting means that there will be more and more opportunities for those in the U.S. to bet on the NFL. No longer will there be restrictions on placing wagers on your favorite teams, or potentially making some nice dough on a careful and quite genius prediction. When it comes down to it, everyone should be betting on the NFL.

The question is why? Well, allow me to explain.

Why the NFL is the Greatest League on Earth

“O say can you see…”

America does it better, and the NFL is the proof of this. Yessir, there is no disputing that football is so far ahead of other sports, given the size, status, bells, whistles, fans, and pure spectacle that the game brings. To those who are yet to worship at the altar that is the NFL, you may be asking why it is so awesome, or what makes it so incredible? There are many reasons why, but here are a few to get you started:

It is Bigger, Faster, Stronger

There are no team-sports athletes on the face of the earth who can match footballers. This is from the swift wide receivers who could outrun cheetahs (OK, not really), to the gargantuan linesmen who could probably spin an Escalade on their little fingers (probably). The game is bigger, faster, and stronger than any out there due to the incredible shape of the players on the field.

From each position, a player brings something different to the well-oiled machine that is an NFL team. Everything needs to work like clockwork. The master tacticians of coaches who direct their players like members of a symphony orchestra all plot against one another from behind the scenes. Fireworks and explosions light up the field, while passionate fans scream at the top of their lungs.

The athletes make it all happen. Footballers are well and truly in a league of their own, and that league, my friends, is the NFL.

The Thrills and Drama of Any Given Sunday

You still need proof? If you have never sat down with your buddies or family to watch an NFL game, then you need to do it as soon as possible. It is a ritual in the homes, lairs, and man caves around the country, for a reason. This game can grab you by the neck, bounce you up and down like a yo-yo, before filling you with an ecstatic joy you won’t find in many other walks of life.

The thrills and drama of the NFL can turn even a casual observer into a football maniac faster than Barney Gumble transferred into his true self after his first beer. Can you really ignore this opportunity to throw yourself, in true partisan fashion, behind your team? Can you resist the temptation to fully immerse yourself in the rollercoaster ride that is the NFL? Can you…Look, just watch a game. Seriously.

The Super Bowl

If the NFL is the greatest sporting institution on Earth, then the championship game is the cherry on top. As a showpiece, it is unrivaled. Hell, there are even viewers of the halftime show in countries around the world who have no interest in the game itself. Now, if that sounds a little crazy, it is because it is crazy. How dare anyone tune in to the Super Bowl without watching the game?

For all the glitz and glamor that the Super Bowl is renowned for, the true entertainment happens on the field. Players dream of the opportunity to win the Super Bowl at the same time as they are playing with Lego. This is the ultimate football showpiece, and there is no doubt that it delivers. Regardless of who wins the game in the end, this is war, only if war was sometimes flashy and pretty.

The world-famous sporting event is the absolute pinnacle of entertainment, blood, sweat, tears, and euphoric joy. This is pure football, played by the greatest athletes on the planet. Simply put, it is the greatest sporting occasion in the world.

The Rivalries

The New England Patriots and the New York Jets. The Cincinnati Bengals and the Pittsburgh Steelers. The New York Giants and the Philadelphia Eagles. The rivalries in the NFL have – and continue to be – incredibly hostile, but always fantastic to see played out. In football, the franchise on top of their game today may not be a few years down the line. New rivalries can be born, too.

If anything, the passion of the NFL can be summed up by watching two teams with such an intense disliking of each other duke it out. From the coaches, down to the players on the pitch, all the way to the fans in the stadium, the feeling is mutual. This is combat, and gaining the upper hand and bragging rights means everything. If any of these rivalries happen to spill over to the Super Bowl, then watch out.

Are the NFL rivalries the most hostile and powerful in sports? They are up there, at very least. Do they make football more exciting? Take that last dollar out of your wallet, as you can bet they do, 100%.

The Fans

Yes, that’s right, the fans. There are no supporters that can be found in any other game with the passion and dedication of football fans. Whether it is following their teams around the U.S., to dining out on the glory and heartbreak like legends, the NFL sure has some great supporters. It is the fans that make the sport what it is, as there would be no NFL without them.

Just tune into to any game – or better yet, attend a game – and you will find out for yourself what passion is. Football fans dedicate themselves to the sport, enveloping their very being into making sure the gladiators on the field have their backup. Compare football supporters to those in any other game or sport and it doesn’t come close, not by a long shot. It just so happens that many of these fans enjoy a bet or two on the NFL, too.

The NFL is the Best to Bet On

Absolutely unquestionable. There isn’t even a debate. If there is, I don’t want to hear it as there is no way you can ever change my mind. The NFL has it all, even when it comes to betting. We all know that one guy who tells the same Al Bundy-esque story about scoring four touchdowns in a single game, reliving the glory of his high school football days. While the NFL career didn’t happen, it’s not too late to get involved.

OK, so there is a blatant difference between throwing the winning pass in the Super Bowl and backing the winning team in the Super Bowl, right? Yes, of course. However, most of us will never get that chance to emulate Tom Brady, but we can (sort of) feel a little part of that glory with our bets, especially if they win us some cold, hard cash in the process.

The NFL is inclusive, and this includes those who are brave enough to put their money down and back their team. Everyone should have a team, and for those that do, there is no better way to show your support than taking a plunge. This may sound a little dramatic, but if that passion feeds through in these words, maybe that should tell you something about betting on this game.

In comparison to other sports, like soccer, the passion and thrills don’t come close. Watching 11 guys or girls kick a leather ball around for 90 minutes can’t touch the excitement of a Sunday afternoon on the NFL field. So, how about them bets?

The Variety of Bets in the NFL

Another thing betting enthusiasts seem to love most about betting on the NFL is the sheer variety of bets available. There are tons of different ways to potentially win some cash, all while watching the greatest sport in the world. If variety is the spice of life, then throw some more down on these chips, eat the ones you can dip, and throw the plastic ones down on the table and win some cash (just wipe the spice off the ones you can’t eat).

It is not just betting experts who love the anticipation of betting on the NFL. Novice gamblers often find this sport very straightforward, from a betting perspective. This mix is what brings in so much money on games, every single week. Even if you have never placed a bet in your life, you won’t struggle to find something that makes sense. Of course, betting experts are made, not born, so you will get better as time goes on.

The Types of Bets You Can Place on the NFL

There are so many bets you can place on the NFL, which makes it a great opportunity for novice and experienced gamblers alike. From the easy bets to those that are more complicated, there is little to stop anyone from having a punt. Betting on the NFL is always more fun when you are backing a team, but it is not mandatory. There are many betting enthusiasts with no particular affiliation to any franchise.

Below, I have outlined a number of the most popular bets there are when placing money on an NFL game. Check them out and take your pick.

Money Lines

This is perhaps the easiest bet there is in sports. When placing a moneyline bet, you are simply choosing a team to win outright. When there are small spreads, this can be the most logical choice for any gambler. The same applies when you might believe that an underdog has a great chance of winning. When there are point spreads which are pretty low, however, a moneyline selection may not be the best bet.

If there are times when the odds aren’t really that appealing, NFL gamblers will more than likely consider a point spread bet.

Point Spreads

There are fewer bets as popular as point spreads. In fact, I would go as far as to say that point spreads are the most popular type of bet when wagering on an NFL game. Bookmakers will typically advertise both teams’ odds at -110, with the stronger team pitted with a minus points differential. The underdogs will come with a “head start,” which means they will start the game with additional points, in theory.

For example: New England Patriots (-3) -110 vs. Pittsburgh Steelers – (+3) +110

Let’s say that you have placed a $110 dollar bet on New England Patriots. In order to win $210 ($100 profit and $110 stake), the Pats’ must win by more than four points. If you placed a $110 dollar bet on Pittsburgh, and they lose the game by two points, you win $210 ($100 profit and $110 stake).

Typically, point spreads in the NFL can range from -1 to +14. This means that there can be a fair opportunity to make some money (if you bet smart).


Over/unders are another bet in the “God Tier” of NFL bets. They are incredibly simple bets to understand and to place, but winning on them can be a completely different story. NFL games will usually range between 35 and 50 points. Depending on the teams playing, you will generally see the totals fluctuate. Think of those numbers in this way: 35 points equates to 5 touchdowns per game, while 50 is 8.

In theory, if two offensively gifted but defensively-lacking teams play, for example, then the range that the bookmaker’s offer will usually be pretty high. From a bettor’s perspective, it is then just a case of taking a punt. So, what will it be?

Prop Bets

There are many prop bets out there to satisfy even the wackiest of gamblers. From the first team to score, the first touchdown scorer, and some left-field bets, this type of wager is very popular, especially in the Super Bowl. Casual gamblers tend to be more attracted to this type of bet, which says a lot. They can be very fun though, coming with pretty high payouts the more out there the bet is.

Of course, there is nothing wrong with selecting numerous prop bets if you want to play like that. It’s all up to you, at the end of the day. If you are having fun and want to go a little wild, who’s to stop you from doing so?


When one selection is not enough, then a parlay might be up your street. This type of bet is pretty simple: make two or more selections and hope that each of your choices wins. Parlay bets are very popular among those who want the big, big wins that making a moneyline or point spread bet just can’t do. Of course, with the higher odds comes a greater chance of losing your wager.

Many parlays fans will bet smaller amounts but make a high number of selections in order to try to hit it lucky. This approach won’t necessarily devour your wallet, and can, if you are very lucky, make you some serious coin for a small risk. Is it worth a shot?

Teasers and Pleasers

Teasers and pleasers are a type of parlay bet, which relies on point spreads. In other words, you can place a teaser by pulling the spread in your favor (for shorter odds) or a pleaser by pushing the point spread in the bookmaker’s favor (for higher odds). These types of bets can suit gamblers who are looking to gain a little control over their wagers. It is up to you how you want to bet. Having an extra say can make all the difference.

If you have noticed that the bookmaker’s odds are a little off, there is a chance for you to make a little extra cash by using a teaser or pleaser bet.

How to Bet on the NFL Like a Boss

Yeah, just like a boss. What is a boss? Someone who doesn’t answer to nobody, so that could be one box ticked. What I mean by “boss” is different. It’s a bettor who does their homework, dots their i’s and crosses their t’s. There is always a right and a wrong way to bet on the NFL, so losing money is very easy to do. Of course, who wants to do that when you could bet the right way and potentially earn some tasty profits?

There are numerous methods to help you bet the right way. The first thing to remember is that betting rarely has foregone conclusions. Well, at least foregone conclusions that pay decent money. In order to make profit, you have to take risks. This means taking measured risks, not placing $5,000 on a bet for Cleveland to win their next ten games because you had a dream that’s what would happen.

Think and Bet Smart

If you want to make serious money betting on the NFL, then you need to know what are the right bets to place. In order to know what the right bets are, you should have as much knowledge about the game as possible. I previously said that betting on the NFL is not difficult for a novice, and that is true. The same goes for amateurs investing small amounts of money, or trading with a modest amount of capital.

At the top of the investing game, traders do their homework. The high levels of money that they invest requires high levels of attention to detail. They will constantly pay attention to the markets, study charts, keep a close eye on the financial news, and any socio-economic factors that could help them make money. If you are serious about making big profits in NFL, then you need a similar level of diligence.

Yes, betting on the NFL is awesome. It is always fun, especially when you are winning. Being the casual bettor who places the occasional wager is fine, granted, but if you have the desire to aim a little higher, you will need to put the work in.

Use NFL Betting Strategies

If you want to take the NFL betting world by storm, you will need a plan. Running around like a headless chicken, placing crazy bets just for the sake of it, will soon see you parted with your money. The shrewder bettors, who disregard the heart and bet with the head, are less likely to see their bankroll depleted. The latter tend to think and bet smart, using betting strategies for the NFL.

There are numerous “systems” out there that promise the sun, moon, and stars, but in reality, there are a few simple tips that can hopefully help you strategize your way to some nice wins.

For example:

Don’t Bet on Hunches

As previously mentioned, that “gut-feeling” you have could likely be nothing more than gas. We all know that gas doesn’t pay the bills (well, not that type of gas, anyway). Instincts can be very helpful in some situations, but not all. Especially when it comes to betting on the NFL. Instead of betting with your heart, bet with your head. Take as much statistical and historical data into the equation while you are at it.

Monitor Shifts in Betting Lines

Betting lines can go up and down, depending on various factors. Those great odds offered today may go down considerably by tomorrow. Conversely, you could see a dramatic increase in betting lines if there are interior or exterior factors that can influence a team’s performance. One of the major reasons why betting lines can change is injuries to star players or a number of players on a team.

Always Consider Injuries

This is why it is always important to consider injuries. It’s pretty simple, really. If a team is missing the players most likely to influence a game, the chances of them winning will be decreased. If this is the case, you will see a change in betting patterns which will affect the odds offered by bookmakers. More than this, if you place bets in advance, there is a chance that injuries can occur in the days leading up to a game.

Study Form

A team’s form can really be helpful to any betting enthusiast looking to make money on the NFL. Studying form can uncover information to you that you may not have previously considered. For example, Team A might have an awful record when playing Team B. Then again, Team B may appear to be weak this season but could be exceptionally strong against Team A when playing away from home.

Home Advantage Can Count

This is why you should also consider the home advantage when placing your bets. Some teams can really pull it out of the bag when playing in front of their fans. Throughout the past few decades, this has certainly been the case for some teams, which makes studying all form – not just how a team plays at home – crucial if you want to improve your chances of winning.

Final Thoughts

So, you’ve made it to the end of this piece, and should now understand why betting on the NFL is simply awesome. Football is an incredible sport and the NFL is where the true magic happens. As a spectacle, it is unrivaled by any other game in the world. This makes the prospect of betting on the United States’ favorite sporting institution so much fun. Make no mistakes, fun is the name of the game.

With the NFL, the spectatorship is taken to whole new levels. There is no other sport in the world that has the flash and flair to compare. The athletes, too, are nothing less than truly remarkable. It is such an easy game to fall in love with and this certainly helps to stimulate betting activity among fans. Placing wagers on a Saturday and sitting down with your buddies on a Sunday to watch a game has become a religion, of sorts.

There are various bets, but there is simply one way to bet, and that is the smart way. Using your head, doing your homework, and ignoring the hunches and superstitions you have can help. Study form, absorb the stats and justify your bets. If you can do this, then you will certainly improve your chances of making a good profit on the fights. Everyone should bet on the NFL at least once. Seriously, give it a try. It might change your life.

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